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					Volume II. Issue 7

July , 2003

A Forum for Christian School Leaders A Forum for Christian School Leaders A service of Family Financial Needs Assessment -

Special Interest
Marketing is….
• a process not an event • orientation toward the consumer rather than toward the school.
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Who is Your Best Customer ? … The One You Have
Too often we spend all our time and a large percentage of our resources to attract new families to our schools. There is nothing wrong with planning for new student recruitment. However, we often overlook our best customer... the one we already have. Schools should plan and promote student retention. One hundred percent retention rate is almost impossible in this transit society and in this economy, but schools should work for a 91 to 95 percent retention rate. Setting retention goals for each class and establishing a retention strategy are vital to a good marketing plan for the school. A retention strategy involves communication of your school’s strengths throughout the year, not just at reenrollment time. Schools need to realize that today’s parents make a decision each year whether they will continue to pay tuition from year to year. I often thought of our school as a ministry, but when I finally realized that our school was an educational service that our parents were purchasing I began to see the school in a different light. I realized that the parents were looking for a good value for the tuition they were paying. I began to pay attention to what parents valued and made sure that our school had those values and that we were communicating those values to parents from time to time. Over the past twenty years I have discovered that parents value the following: Find out what you parents value and make sure every employee understands that customer satisfaction is the responsibility of everyone.

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Creative extended care to meet family needs. Reinforced moral values that are taught at home. Strong academic program. Strong music, drama and arts program. Competitive sports program. Safe haven for children

Marketing Your School

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Christian Education
is not just a ministry ... it is an educational service that parents purchase.
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Parental participation in the education of their children.

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Constantly evaluate your program in light of these parental values and communicate your Good parent/school/ commitment to these values to teacher communications. your current parents as well as Smaller classes in order to to prospective parents. provide individual attention. Read Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles

Steps Necessary to Develop a Marketing Plan
Develop a Mission Statement. Can you quote your mission statement? If not, how can you deliver your mission if you can’t even quote it? Have your faculty and staff learn & quote the mission statement. Define your market niche. Determine and define your target market group. Determine the programs, services, facilities, and staff necessary to serve the niche. Determine criteria of success. Develop strategies to achieve objectives. Prioritize each item. Determine the cost of each item. Set timeline for accomplishment. Develop a plan and work the plan!


TREK Travel Programs

Travel Resources Enhancing Knowledge


Dobson Bowden Shares A service of Family Financial Needs His Vision For a Travel Assessment - Service With Biblical World-View
Fasten your seatbelts! The 2003 - 2004 school year is about to take off! What an exciting time of year as administrators, faculty, and most importantly students, return to campus to begin another season of growth and development. It is a very busy time of year as the culmination of planning, revamping, budgeting, hiring, meeting, improving, praying and much more takes place! It is also the time to think about incorporating travel programs to enhance the learning experience for your students. We all know that learning is enhanced by adding as many senses as possible to the learning experience. By seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting, learning can make a lasting impression. I remember my high school senior class trip to Washington, D.C. I had read and heard about Washington for years, but I EXPERIENCED Washington on that senior trip! I could fully appreciate the Capitol Building after standing in the Rotunda and sitting in the Supreme Court Chambers. I could better understand the White House after walking its hallowed halls and hearing “Hail to the Chief”. I realized the gravity of our government after exploring P.O. Box 488 Hernando, MS 38632-0488 Phone: 662-429-3473 Fax: 662-429-8500 Email:

Dobson Bowdon is a graduate of ECS, in Memphis Tennessee. He is a great example of a young man who has graduated from one of our Christian schools with a Biblical world and life view. He now has entered the business world and has established a company based on those principles that he learned. I encourage you to support his efforts! Paul E. Young

the National Archives, the U.S. Treasury, the Library of Congress and the museums of the Smithsonian Institute. I certainly understood the sacrifice of many for my freedom after seeing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Vietnam and Marine Memorials. Personal experience can be one of the strongest catalysts for learning. TREK Travel Programs is designed to help schools provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of what is taught in the classroom. This program will help students to realize that what their teacher is doing in the classroom goes far beyond notes, quizzes and tests. Customized trips (or, TREKs) can aid in extending the learning process and promoting appreciation for instructors as well as curriculum. By involving all the senses, learning is enhanced. TREK Travel Programs can provide a comprehensive plan of travel experiences that builds from elementary through secondary education. The program can be customized to broaden any grade level activity to maximize the learning experience. Our mission is to assist schools in equipping our young people for reality.

TREK Travel Programs - Travel Resources Enhancing Knowledge Our Vision: “Integrating a school’s curriculum and world view with comprehensive travel programs designed to enhance and apply the classroom learning experience.” Let us develop a TREK Travel Program for your students offering hassle free, quality experiences that reflect the integrity and commitment of your school. For more information, please contact: Dobson Bowdon, Founder - TREK Travel Programs TEL 601.259.9219 - FAX 601.956.0048 Contact us via the Internet: E-mail us at

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