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									WSCS Newsletter

July 2008

July 2008

God’s Instructions For Living Principal’s Message Our chapel theme for this year is “God’s Instructions for Christian Living”. As a Christian school, we unapologetically believe that “All Scripture (the Bible) is God-breathed and is useful…that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (II Timothy 3:16, 17). The Bible gives us instructions that come directly from the mouth of God, and these instructions are practical and good. In an era when absolute values are disappearing from our society, it is important that we make sure our children are instructed in these absolute principles. We have the opportunity to not only teach the actual instructions given by God in the Bible, but at West Sayville Christian School we have the freedom and privilege of discussing why God’s commands are both good for us as individuals and for society as a whole. Please continue to pray for our school as we begin another year of helping Christian families in the training up of their children in the Lord. Please also pray that God would lead additional families to see the benefits of our Bible-based education and that they would enroll their children here. We are continuing to enroll students at the school through the summer months. If you know of any Christian families with children in kindergarten through grade eight, please consider encouraging them to call the school and visit so they can see for themselves the difference a Christian school can make in the life of their children.
September October November December January February March April May June Love God (Matthew 22:37-38) Use Words Wisely (Ephesians 4:29) Honor Your Parents (Ephesians 6:1-3) Love One Another (John 13:34-35) Do All to the Glory of God (Colossians 3:23-24) Study God’s Word (II Timothy 2:15) Respect Authority (I Thessalonians 5:12-13) Nourish Your Mind (Philippians 4:8) Don’t Worry—Pray (Philippians 4:6-7) Tell the World—Jesus Is Lord (Mark 16:15)

Clothing Drive Last year the student council conducted a used clothing drive. The clothing was sent overseas to people with limited resources. We collected 2757 pounds of clothing. This year our student council is doing another ongoing clothing drive. It will be on going throughout the whole year. Starting with this summer and fall please consider dropping off any of the following items at the school for the students to sort and process: wearable and usable clothing (men’s, woman’s and children’s), shoes, belts, purses, linens, stuffed animals. Auction Committee Report & Update: God blessed the WSCS 12th Annual Live and Silent Auction held in March with an abundance of generous donors, attendees, and contributors. While building on last year’s foundation of a new venue and keeping in the tradition of year’s past, this year’s auction was a wonderful evening of fellowship and successful fundraising. The Auction Committee is proud to report that with over 140 attendees at the gala event, the evening surpassed our expectations. Just as importantly, we received overwhelming support from our extended WSCS family of Christians as well as those who simply support a Christian education. Approximately $26,000 was raised solely from this year’s event. One of the Auction Committee goals for the coming year is to broaden our base of supporters. With the help of our school families and friends, and the expansion of our Online Auction, this is a very attainable goal. The Online Auction allows out-of-town supporters an opportunity to be involved by bidding online. School families can pass on the website to their extended friends and family for further support, and exciting Bidding online is fun and exciting too, as anyone who has tried eBay can tell you. In addition, we will periodically be sending out “Auction News” emails. The next newsletter will have online sign-up instructions so you will get the latest information such as the date of next year’s auction, beginning and ending dates for the online auction, new items being offered at the auction, auction sponsorship


WSCS Newsletter

July 2008

Graduation news: Class of 2008: Kaitlin Anderson – Patchogue Medford H.S. David Garrett – Sayville H.S. Iwa Capobianco – home school, LILEAH Alexa Gavney – Sachem H.S. Luke Cimmino - Center Moriches H.S. Luke Modzelewki – Babylon H.S. Michael Slager – Sayville H.S. Class of 2004: Allison Barry Noelle Bernard graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy and will attend Drew U, NJ Tom Ciulla graduated from Smithtown Christian and will attend Liberty College, VA Phillip DeVeau graduated from International Christian School and will attend Suffolk CC Rachel Donahue graduated from LILEAH. Jared Ellis graduated from Smithtown Christian and will attend Christ for the Nations U., TX Joshua Feldman graduated from Sayville H.S. Alexandra Kempf graduated from Sayville H.S. Chrissy Massaro graduated from Connetquot H.S. and will attend Eastern Christian U., PA Kate McLary graduated from Connetquot H.S. and will attend Eastern Christian U., PA Dominique Parker graduated from Connetquot H.S. Nick Raab graduated from LILEAH and is an apprentice at Sonrise Service, Islip Marcello Sepulveda graduated from New Field H.S. and will attend Suffolk CC Colleen Young graduated from Sayville H.S. and will attend Eastern Christian U., PA Class of 2008: Laurie Garrett graduated from SUNY Stony Brook in December and married Guy Hlavac in May 2008. Zach Gebel graduated from Pratt Institute in June in graphic design. Rehndell Masi will return to SUNY Stony Brook. Candice Raab graduated from Davis College in January and is assistant director of a daycare center in Binghamton. Brooke Ruggiero will return to SUNY Stony Brook. Andrew Van Essendelft graduated from Calvin College in business, married Amanda de Vries in June and is working in Michigan. Class of 1999: Sam Rodriguez graduated from SUNY Stony Brook in archeology. Births in the Class of 1991: Lindsey Miller Heuker and her husband had a new baby boy Jonathan Alan in April. Frank and Denise Schrage welcomed Sophia Hope on May 29... Retirements: Audrey Bernard, WSCS school board member in the 1990’s, is retiring after 21 years with BOCES, eleven years as principal at the Sayville Learning Center. She is the mother of Javier and Noelle, graduates of WSCS. Joy Van Essendelft and Genie Rose (again) are retiring from WSCS. Marriages: Joshua Peters (1995) married Melissa on June 29, 2008, in Florida where he is a policeman. His brother David (1989), a policeman in Southampton, attended as did his mother who taught kindergarten at WSCS for many years. Karen Doino (K – 5, ’83 – ‘89) married Jarett Saul on June 14, 2008. Missionaries: Jenn Martin (1988) is in Hungry with the Pioneer organization working with children and planting churches.


WSCS Newsletter

July 2008

It is with great sorrow that we note the passing of Jacob D. Klaassen, 1923 – April 2, 2008, after a long battle with kidney and heart problems. Jake’s strong stand for the Lord and for Christian education has long encouraged those at the West Sayville Christian School and at the West Sayville Reformed Bible Church, where he served on the Consistory for many years. Jake and Betty’s three children graduated from WSCS in the 60’s and six of their subsequent grandchildren have as well. Two of their grandchildren are presently in the school. Over the years, at Corporation Meetings, Jake always insisted on the proper use of Robert’s Rules of Order and, more importantly, insisted on basing every decision on the Word of God. Jake’s influence at WSCS is ongoing. We miss him and look forward to meeting him in heaven.

GRADUATION 2008 The class of 2008 at West Sayville Christian School had its graduation ceremony on June 12. Pictured is this year’s graduating class. Seated from L to R are: Luke Modzelewski, Michael Slager, David Garrett, and Luke Cimmino. Standing are homeroom teacher Deb Puma, Kaitlin Anderson, Iwalani Capobianco, Alexis Gavney, and Principal Joseph Klass. Since 1946 West Sayville Christian School has been providing families in Suffolk County with a quality, values-based education for children in grades K-8.

In June, the 3rd grade conducted a formal poetry reading for the elementary school classes. Below are some samples of the poems that students wrote and read:
Quest For Hope by Emily Vaeth Uganda by Samantha Mazzone They have hope But people sometimes tease We are faithful They are grateful Their faces have joy Even though they don’t have a toy They are so poor They don’t have a door I saw hope Because they got a goat They have fear But you can feed them for a year They come from Uganda where they eat worms But their roof was not that firm You can give them money Its not that funny My Lord by Justin Cimmino Jesus Son, Godly Teach, pray, die Riding on a donkey Messiah 3 Children of Uganda by Lexie Modzelewski

WSCS Newsletter
Children die everyday I sent $2 so a kid could eat today I feel happiness inside Because they can survive If I don’t buy my dog a new collar A child can eat for two and a half dollars In Uganda I see smiles That last for miles That is the end of my story World Vision is filled with glory Uganda by Johnny Martin Children had smiles That lasted for miles They are poor And don’t even have a door

July 2008

Otter Water by Jon Puma That horrible water Seemed like it came from the smile of a rabid otter That otter water was carried from morning till night They wished their water was bright People came and gave them a well From then on they were doing swell

They have joy Even though they have a broken barrel for a toy Now they have a well And even have a school bell

Palm Sunday by Sophia DiMaio happy, riding waving, yelling, fanning waving palms for Jesus Holy Day

Washington DC Summary—Luke Cimmino In May 2008 the 8th grade class went on a trip to Washington D.C. It was raining upon our arrival. After checking into our hotel, we visited the Holocaust Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The most moving and disturbing part of the day was the Holocaust Museum. Words cannot describe the emotions we experienced viewing the horrific displays of genocide caused by one man. Tuesday was filled with many more amazing sites but the thing that stood out the most was our tour of the White House which was really cool. We even saw the President’s dog being walked in the Rose Garden! Our eyes were also kept open for secret rooms which may or may have not been real…… The Lincoln Memorial was a sight to behold; especially at night, which is when we were there. When you look across to the Washington Monument you can see its' reflection in the Reflecting Pool. It was beautiful. The walk up the giant staircase to the big Lincoln was an incredible feeling.  On Wednesday, our third and final day, we went to the National Cathedral. It was almost like something out of a Tim Burton movie because of its gothic style, but unfortunately we didn't get to see all of it (or the Darth Vader gargoyle for that matter) but we did get a tour of the main worship area and a couple of other areas. The whole place was somewhat eerie and majestic at the same time, but it was amazing how much history and detail they put into the place. I wish I could write about everything that we did but that would take up a good 30 pages at least. If you don't believe me, go to our Nation’s great capitol and find out for yourself!

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