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The ‘Essentials’ course introduces some of the          Using Quick Mask mode
techniques used in Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4          Selecting with Color Range
for photo-retouching, image editing, colour painting    Saving selections
and montage. Included is a brief session on utilising
Adobe Bridge.
PrErEquISITE: students should have a strong
                                                        Understanding layers
working knowledge of either Mac or Windows and
                                                        Creating layers
preferably other design program experience such as
Illustrator or InDesign.                                Working in the Layers panel
                                                        Locking layers
Students can choose to combine the 2 day Essentials
course as part of the 4 day Photoshop Course which      Working with multiple layers
includes special effects — see Advanced outline.        Merging and flattening layers

Following is the Essentials course outline:             Adding a shape layer
                                                        Basic layer masking
                                                        Using layer blend modes and opacity
                                                        Photo Manipulation
The Interface                                           Cropping
Touring the interface                                   Straightening
Tabbed documents                                        Transforming
Tools                                                   Working with Smart Objects
Arranging panels                                        Using Content-Aware Scaling
Keyboard shortcuts
Saving a workspace                                      Photo Adjustments
Screen modes                                            Using adjustment layers and the Adjustment panel
                                                        Limiting adjustments with layer masks
Basics                                                  Using masks in the new Masks panel
Setting preferences                                     Adjusting with Levels
Zooming and panning                                     Adjusting with Exposure
Resizing and image resolution                           Adjusting with Shadow/Highlight
Adding to the canvas                                    Adjusting with Hue/Saturation
Rotating the canvas                                     Adjusting with Vibrance
Choosing color                                          Removing a color cast
Sizing a brush                                          Using the Black & White adjustment layer
Undoing and the History panel                           Using the Dodge, Burn, and Sponge tools
Saving and file formats                                 Adding and Reducing noise
Making selections
                                                        Continued next page
Modifying selections
Combining selections
Using the Quick Selection tool
Refining selection edges
DAY 2                                   Automation
                                        Creating an action
Retouching                              Batch processing with an action
Using the Spot Healing Brush tool       Using the Image Processor
Using the Healing Brush tool
Using the Patch tool                    Output
Using the Clone Stamp tool              Printing
Enhancing eyes                          Making a contact sheet from Bridge
Fixing wrinkles                         Creating a web gallery from Bridge
Softening skin                          Preparing photos for the web

Adobe Camera Raw
What’s a raw image?                            Upcoming Dates
Touring the Camera Raw interface          For the latest dates, please visit:
Working in the Basic panel      
Working in the HSL panels                       training-calendar.html

Other Camera Raw panels
Using the Adjustment Brush tool
                                           Cost: $895 Special $795
Working with multiple files
                                                   Contact Details
                                                    (02) 9516 1715
Using the Brushes panel
Filling with color
Replacing color
Using gradients

Working with point type
Working with paragraph type
Warping text

Special Effects
Adding a layer style
Customizing a layer style
Copying a layer style
Creating a new style
Using Smart Objects and Smart Filters

Combining Images
Creating Photomerge panoramas
Combining group photos
Auto align and auto blend
                           ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS4
                         “ ADVANCED TECHNIquES”
                                              BY NEIL OLIVER

The two day class is ideal for those who have           Advanced layers
completed the 2 Day Essentials class or for those       Review layer blending modes
who have a strong knowledge of Photoshop CS
                                                        Benefits of adjustment layers in imaging
or later, such as manipulating Layers, making
Selections, understanding the Image Adjust              Adjustment layers for tonal correction (Brightness/
functions, Masks, basic filters, Feathering etc.          Contrast)
                                                        Adjustment layers & black/white for contrast
These functions will then be built upon as part of
the class structure, to generate special effects. A     Adjustment layers and new curves box
brief prerequisite test must be completed to attend     Setting up Smart Filters
this class, unless you have atttended the Essentials.   Turning on and filter layer order
Following is the Advanced course outline:               Filters and effects
                                                        Working with complex filters
                                                        Sharpen filters – as edge detection

Combining Bridge with Photoshop                         Layer styles and effects
                                                        Using layer effects
Bridge 2.0 – benefits in workflow
                                                        Shadows and glows
Batch processing files
                                                        Creating patterns and overlays
Ratings, keywords & date etc
                                                        Bevel and embossing
Advanced Tools & the Options Bar                        Making a Style, Preset Styles
Improved selections using Quick Selection Tool          Using Layer masks
  and Refine Edge                                       Understanding use of layer masks
Background and magic eraser tools                       Creating and editing masking layers
History Brush tool                                      Gradient & Vector masking layers
Ruler & measurement tools
                                                        Continued next page
Sharpening & blurring
Smart sharpen & unsharp mask
Lens, Motion blurs
Smart sharpen filter
Day 2                                              Understanding colour management
                                                   Understanding colour-managed workflow
Using vectors & paths                              Profiling your digital printer
Channels (colour & selections) as storage          Getting consistent colour
The paths panel                                    Profiles & soft proofing
Loading and saving selections in channels          Creating and applying profiles
Alpha channels                                     Synchronising in Bridge
Greyscale channels (all colour channels)           Print command (without print preview)
The work path
Loading and saving selections as paths
Stroking and filling paths                                 Upcoming Dates
The pen tool to create vectors (anchors & path;      For the latest dates, please visit:
  curved & straight paths)
Actions & Automation
Using Actions – loading and saving                             Cost: $995
Automation of actions
Pdf presentations & contact sheets                          Contact Details
Building a digital portfolio as an image gallery              (02) 9516 1715
Improved Photomerge                                 
Improving workflow
Using shortcuts
Loading and saving styles, presets and brushes
Working tool presets
Using layer comps for InDesign & Illustrator
Using the preset manager

Camera Raw 4.0
Benefits of Raw
New sliders in the Adjust tab.
New tonal curve
Hue/Saturation/Luminance (HSL)
Greyscale adjustments