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Big Country Electric Cooperative would like to announce the winners of the annual Government-In-Action Youth Tour Speech Contest. The contest was held February 21, 2008 at the Roby High School auditorium. The two winners are Cassidy Rhea Cantu of Roby High School and Scott Bearden of Stamford High School The two winners will join approximately 1500 other teens across the country for a 9-day all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. in June. Along with the trip to D.C., the students will each receive a $1000 scholarship. Laurin Spraberry of Anson High School will also receive a $1000 scholarship and will serve as alternate in the event one of the students is Laurin Spraberry, Cassidy Rhea Cantu and Scott Bearden. unable to go on the trip. The purpose of this tour is to provide an opportunity for youth to visit monuments, government buildings and cooperative related organizations in order to become familiar with the historical and political environment of our nation’s capital. They will enjoy the best of Washington, D.C. Tour the Smithsonian Institute, Ford’s Theatre, the FBI Building, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, Mount Vernon and countless others. They will experience the sight of Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Memorial, and the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They will visit their Congressman’s office and find out face to face what’s going on in national government. Congressmen will meet with students from their districts and answer questions about current governmental issues. Big Country Electric Cooperative is proud to offer our area youth a chance for such an experience. We were extremely pleased with the presentations. We are proud to have Cassidy Cantu and Scott Bearden representing our area on this year’s Youth Tour to Washington, D.C. Other contestants were Jordan Arnold, Kajsa Pearson, Tara Myers, and Kyler Templeton.
Big Country Electric Cooperative P.O. Box 518 Roby, Texas 79543

April 2008


9th Annual Meeting
of the member-owners of Big Country Electric Cooperative will be held at the Hamlin High School at 250 SW Ave. F in Hamlin, Texas on



April 26, 2008.

Registration will begin at 5:00 p.m., along with a catered bar-b-que meal for member-owners and their guests.
BUSINESS MEETING The business meeting will convene at 6 p.m. at the Hamlin High School auditorium. The election of board members of Districts 4, 5 and 6 will take place. In District 4, incumbent Carl Thompson and Chris Estes, in District 5, incumbent Roger Blackwelder and Reid Cave, and in District 6, incumbent Todd Coker has no opponent.
There will be booths available with information on various types of energy saving ideas and also coloring books for the kids.

4th Day Gospel group from Sweetwater will be our featured entertainment this year. Band members are John Alden, Vicki Soust, Jeremy Dodd, Davis Wilson, Mike Reeser Jason Browning, Randy Wilks and John McPherson. Sound techs are Ray Doak and John Spaulding. They have performed at the Sweetwater Municipal Auditorium, Fisher County Wild Hog Fest, Emmaus Walks and numerous church events. Door prizes will be awarded to those member-owners in attendance. The grand prize for this year will be a $500.00 energy credit. Energy credits of $100.00, $200.00 and $300.00 will also be awarded to lucky winners that evening. Kids Bouncy Balloon will be available for those with children.

Member-owners of Big Country Electric are encouraged to attend this important meeting in order to have a voice in the business of their cooperative.

Roby: (325) 776-2244 Snyder: (325) 573-3161 Stamford: (325) 773-3684

Big Country Electric Co-op Receives Rural Electrification Safety Award Program Certificate

RESAP's mission is to improve safety to protect employees, margins, members and the systems. The program is designed to preserve life and to prevent injury, to establish highest quality safety and loss control standards and promote concepts that enhance system operation, to inform and educate management about these safety and loss control concepts and t recognize accredited systems and management that meet these standards. The accreditations include building a culture of safety, facility inspections, documentation audits and follow up visits. Score:Big Country scored a 94 on their Accreditation on-site observation and a 92 on their safety accreditation application. The RESAP accreditation was completed September 13, 2007.

Finance Manager Cliff Stegemoeller began his career at Big Country Electric on March 1, 2000. Cliff is the single parent of two active young sons Brannon 11 and Bailey 9. When not at his job crunching numbers and creating spreadsheets he is on the go with his two boys who participate in basketball, baseball, CLIFF soccer, Boy Scouts and even find time to take STEGEMOELLER piano lessons. Cliff says his life revolves around his two boys. Cliff loves to hunt dove, enjoys reading a good book and working in his woodshop when he finds the time. He and his boys attend Our Savior Lutheran Church in Abilene where he teaches Sunday school class and also helps out in the choir. Cliff enjoys networking with fellow employees and looks forward to the every day challenges of being a Dad his boys can count on.

BCEC to Retire Additional Capital Credits in May

If you have ever received a capital credit check, you may have noticed the phrase on the check, “Capital credit refunds represent the unique nonprofit, cooperative concept of providing electric service. It pays to be coop member!” This is true for our members and it is true for us as a cooperative. We purchase our power from Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. and we receive capital credit allocations for our purchases just as our members do from us. This year, Golden Spread was able to refund a substantial amount of capital credits to us and its other distribution cooperatives. We in turn will pass that refund along to our members in a special retirement in May 2008. The amount to be refunded is approximately $ 667, 000 and it will be refunded using our traditional FIFO method, which means “First In-First Out.” This means that the oldest years are retired first. We will be able to retire all of 1979, 1980, 1981, and about 60% of 1982. If you were a member of this cooperative during any of those years and your portion of the retirement is over the $ 5.00 minimum, you will receive a capital credit check in mid May. It really does pay to be a co-op member!

Eddy McIlwain has been an employee of Big Country Electric Coop for 8 years. Eddy and his wife Sabrina live in Haskell and have two children, Cedar 11 and Cequin 8. Eddy is a First Class Lineman. He raises cattle and horses in Haskell County in his spare time. Eddy enjoys his relationship with fellow employees and his desire to see that a job is EDDY done right is what makes him a great McILWAIN employee.


Big Country Electric Cooperative is a non-profit organization committed to providing its member-owners with reliable service at a competitive cost while positively impacting our local communities.

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