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									     FAN                                 letter
                                  the newsletter of the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State University

                                 State of IllInoIS approveS
                                 $54 mIllIon fIne artS
                                                                                                            Fall/Winter 2009/10

                                                                                                     “The Fine Arts Complex
                                                                                                rehabilitation would allow the
                                                                                                  programs currently located in
                                 project                                                          nine different buildings to be
                                 Earlier this year, the state legislature approved               consolidated into one location.
                                 and Governor Quinn signed, a massive capital                   The project calls for demolition
                                 construction bill that includes funding for the Fine              of Centennial West and the
                                 Arts Complex at Illinois State University.                      Center for the Visual Arts and
                                 This doesn’t mean that we can break ground today,              replacement with a new facility
IN THIS ISSUE                    but we can start confidently working toward it.                  and significant remodeling of
                                                                                                        Centennial East.”
                                 As President Bowman noted:
2 Comments from the Dean
                                        “Governor Quinn’s capital construction
3 Around the College                    announcement is encouraging for Illinois State University, with news that the
                                        project includes $54 million for rehabilitation of the Fine Arts Complex… [T]he
4-5 Big Red Marching Machine            renovation has been a top state capital priority for more than half a decade, and
                                        the faculty, staff members, students and visitors who utilize the complex certainly
6-7 Upcoming Events                     deserve and need the critical upgrade.”
                                 The College has already undertaken preliminary planning efforts.
8-11 Donor Honor Roll            Once funds are released, it is anticipated that the design process
                                 will take approximately two years, with another two years for
12 Keeping in Touch              construction.

Illinois State University
College of Fine Arts
                                 plannIng Underway for
Campus Box 5600                  40th annIverSary celebratIon
Normal, IL 61790-5600
                                 The 2010-2011 school year will mark the 40th anniversary of the College of Fine
                                 Arts and the School of Theatre. Of course, the fine arts have always been an integral
                                 component of Illinois State University, but this marks the anniversary of the
                                 official establishment of these separate units, and gives us a chance to celebrate the   accomplishments of our alumni. Plan now to visit campus and participate in some of
                                 these special events.
                                 September 21-26, 2010: Join us for the opening of a major alumni art exhibit in
                                 University Galleries, coinciding with a symposium arranged by the School of Art.
                                 October 11-17, 2010: Homecoming week will focus on the College of Fine Arts,
                                 including a spectacular gala event following the game, special music and theatre
                                 performances all week, and the unveiling of the College of Fine Arts Alumni Hall of
                                 Fame — an interactive display in the Center for the Performing Arts lobby with an
                                 enclosure designed by Randy Reid.
      Happy Holidays!
                                 More special events, featuring College of Fine Arts students, faculty and alums, will be
                                 scheduled throughout the year.
    welcome from the dean

    The College of Fine Arts’
    mission is to educate                                          Dear College of Fine Arts Alumni and Friends:
    developing artists,
                                                                   This is an exciting time in the College of Fine Arts.
    performers, scholars,
    teachers, and therapists.                                      Given the serious problems with the economy affecting all of our
    We believe in                                                  budgets, we are very fortunate to be part of the State of Illinois’ 2009
    advancement of the arts                                        Capital Budget, with $54 million approved for the Fine Arts Complex
    within a diverse intellectual                                  rehabilitation.
    and social environment
    through collaboration in                                       An opportunity like this comes along once in a lifetime. Future
    learning and artistic practice.                                generations of artists will learn in the spaces we create now.

                                                                   Sculptors need studio spaces with proper ventilation and safety
    Underlying all our work is the                                 features, musicians need rehearsal spaces with excellent acoustics and
    commitment to the arts                                         soundproofing, actors and dancers need large open classrooms with
    as a vital and fundamental                                     sprung floors and height for movement—all areas need the equipment
    cultural force necessary                                       to facilitate learning.
    to the functioning of a
    democratic society and to the                                  $54 million provides an excellent start. Over the next couple of years,
    education of its citizens.                                     we’ll be looking to add to that number and really take advantage of
                                                                   this marvelous opportunity. Gifts given now will make the difference
                                                                   between facilities that allow instruction and facilities that enhance
    FAN letter, the newsletter of the College of Fine Arts
    at Illinois State University                                   instruction.

    Fall/Winter 2009/10           Illinois State University        I’m very pleased to have Brian Gawor joining us to help with this project
    Published biannually          College of Fine Arts
                                  Campus Box 5600                  (you’ll meet him on the next page). These new facilities offer fantastic
                                  Normal, IL 61790-5600            naming opportunities and the chance to partner with us to achieve some
                                                                   real dreams.

    Newsletter layout/design/editing                               If you’d like to know more about our plans, and how you can be part of
    by Pete Guither, Assistant to the Dean                         our dream, please give Brian or myself a call.
    with editorial thanks to Marc Lebovitz


                                                                                        James Major, Dean

                                                                                        College of Fine Arts

art workS
Design Streak is a student organization providing
professional experience for graphic design students in the
School of Art. The students work with small businesses,
organizations and institutions throughout central Illinois to
develop posters, logos, and a wide variety of identity materials.

Now they can add a police car to the list.

In Dec. 2008, University Police decided to update the squad
car design. Desiring a unique look that would set it apart
from other area police agencies, officers formed a committee
and approached Illinois State Associate Professor of Art and
Design Streak Studio advisor Julie Johnson about having a                of Naperville selected as the winner. Grady continued to
student create the new design.                                           meet with the committee to work out the final details and in
                                                                         September, the last decals were applied on the new squad car
The Design Streak team met with the officers for their input and         by Super Sign of Bloomington.
suggestions. In April, the group submitted its proposed designs
and police department employees voted on their favorites, with           For more information about Design Streak, visit their
the design by Illinois State senior graphic design major Sean Grady      website at

                                     theSIS competItIon wInner
                                     School of Theatre graduate student Neal Ryan Shaw was named overall winner of Illinois State
                                     University’s prestigious James L. Fisher Outstanding Thesis Award Competition, and was
                                     honored in a special ceremony on November 30 in the Bone Student Center Old Main Room.

                                     His thesis, “The Boy Who Watched TV: Multimedia and the Media in the Solo Performance
                                     of Dan Kwong” will be submitted to the regional Distinguished Masters’ Thesis Award
                                     Competition sponsored by the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools.

                                     Ann Haugo and Alan Sikes, Neal Shaw’s thesis committee, helped guide his thesis work.

meet brIan gawor
Brian Gawor is excited to help support the Arts at Illinois State        “I’m thrilled to be here working for the College of
University in his new role as Director of Development for the            Fine Arts. Our College is a place of excitement and
College of Fine Arts. Brian spent the last ten years at Knox College,    with our coming construction project, a place of
most recently as Associate Director of the Knox Fund. He is a            great forward momentum. This is a special time,”
lifetime supporter of the arts—his father is an artist, and he is        says Brian.
married to Susannah, who was a Music major, for 11 years. They
have two children, Emma and Kennedy, and live in Morton.                 He’s already had a chance to meet alumni during
                                                                         Homecoming. “What I heard is that our alumni
                                                                         love the College and their programs. They describe
                                                                         their relationships with faculty and their Illinois
                                                                         State education as a life-changing experience. I look forward
                                                                         to helping encourage our alumni and friends to translate this
                                                                         passion to even greater support of the College in the coming
                                                                         years. I know we will do great things.”

                                                                         You can reach Brian at, or
                                                                         (309) 438-7735.

    The Big Red Marching Machine has long been one of the gems of the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State
    University, but this year has been particularly exciting. It started with a visual change to match their dynamic
    sound, with new uniforms designed by Broadway-TV-Las Vegas designer Michael Cesario.

    According to marching band director Dan Belongia, the new uniforms are a revision and upgrade from the
    previous uniforms, which the band had worn for 11 years. Members of the color guard and Redline Express
    Dancers also sported new uniforms when the entire band made its season debut at the Bloomington Labor
    Day Parade.

                                        Michael Cesario’s work has been published in several design texts and he is
                                        the exclusive uniform designer for Fred J. Miller Inc. Cesario’s designs are
                                        worn by some of the world’s most prominent band and drum corps, and he
                                        is a member of the distinguished Drum Corps International Hall of Fame.

The Big Red Marching Machine and its new
look were seen at all home football games this
year, but also showed up in some special places
on the road.

On September 12, the band played at Memorial
Stadium in Urbana-Champaign, for the game
between the Illini and the Redbirds (see pictures
on opposite page).

Then on September 20, the entire band loaded
up in six busses for a special trip to Chicago.

First stop was downtown on a beautiful day for
an outdoor performance for alums and families
in front of Navy Pier with the Chicago skyline in
the background (above and right).

Then it was on to Soldier Field (below) for
halftime of the Chicago Bears-Pittsburgh
Steelers game.

                                        Jazz Ensembles I, II, III. February 10 at 8 pm
                                        Charles W. Bolen Faculty Recital: Tuyen Tonnu, piano. February 11 at 8 pm
                                        Choral Showcase. February 14 at 3 pm
                                        Jazz Valentine’s Day Dance. February 14 at 7 pm (New Lafayette Club)
                                        Charles W. Bolen Faculty Recital: Faculty Showcase. February 16 at 8 pm
                                           (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Chamber Orchestra & Choir Concert. February 18 at 8 pm
                                        Gold Series: Wind Symphony. February 21 at 3 pm
                                        Chamber Winds. February 22 at 8 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
    Ticket Office Music-Theatre-Dance
        309.438.2535                    Charles W. Bolen Faculty Recital: Judith Dicker, oboe & Michael Dicker,
                                           bassoon. February 23 at 7:30 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
        Mon-Fri 11:00-5:00              Symphonic Winds. February 28 at 3 pm
    or buy online at                    Charles W. Bolen Faculty Recital: Faculty Jazz. March 2 at 8 pm (Kemp                   Recital Hall)
                                        Symphonic Band. March 3 at 8 pm
                                        Concerto Aria. March 4 at 8 pm
                                        Gold Series: Jazz Festival Concerts. March 19, 20 at 8 pm
    University Galleries
       309.438.5487                     Madrigal & Belle Voix Concert. March 21 at 3 pm
    Hours:                              New Music Festival. March 22-25 (Kemp Recital Hall)
       Saturday-Monday 12:00-4:00       Men & Women’s Glee Club Concert. March 28 at 3 pm
       Tuesday 9:30-7:00
       Wednesday-Friday 9:30-4:30       Guitar Ensemble. March 31 at 7:30 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Charles W. Bolen Faculty Recital: Faculty Showcase.
                                           February 16 at 8 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Viola Day Recital. April 11 at 4:00 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
    College of Fine Arts Online         Percussion Ensemble Concert. April 11 at 7 pm
                                        Jazz Combos. April 12 at 8 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Composition Studio Recital. April 13 at 8 pm (Kemp
                                          Recital Hall)
                                        Piano Project. April 14 at 8 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Charles W. Bolen Faculty Recital: Kate Lewis, viola. April
                                           15 at 7:30 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Jazz Ensembles I, II, III. April 16 at 8 pm
                                        Symphonic Winds. April 18 at 3 pm
                                        Chamber Winds. April 18 at 7 pm (Kemp Recital Hall)
                                        Chamber Orchestra. April 20 at 8 pm
                                        Symphonic Band & University Band. April 22 at 8 pm
                                        Wind Symphony. April 25 at 3 pm
                                        Gold Series: Choral Collage. April 25 at 7 pm

                                             Center for the Performing Arts Concert Hall unless otherwise indicated

UnIverSIty gallerIeS                                          Beggars and Choosers—
                                                                  Exhibition of photographs, co-organized by
                                                                  Women’s and Gender Studies, Department of
Faculty Biennial—                                                 History, and the Visual Culture Program.
   Work by current studio and graphic design faculty.             January 12 through February 11
   Now through January 31                                     Oliver Herring TASK —
                                                                  February 16 through March 28
                                                              Shinique Smith —
                                                                  February 16 through March 28
                                                              Julia Fish—
                                                                  April 6 through May 9
                                                              2010 Student Annual—
                                                                  Open to all Illinois State University students,
                                                                  the Student Annual provides a forum for
                                                                  students to submit their work for review by
                                                                  professional artists, critics, and curators.\
                                                                  April 6 through May 9

                                                              PostCard Art—
                                                                 Returning for its third
                                                                 year, this very special event
                                                                 for scholarships provides
                                                                 everyone who attends their
                                                                 own work of art. It’s a social
theatre and dance                                                event, an art auction, an
                                                                 evening of entertainment, a chance to help future
Don Juan Comes Back From the War by Ödön von Horvath             artists, and a whole lot of fun.
February 17, 18, 19, 20 at 7:30 pm; February 20, 21 at 2 pm
Westhoff Theatre
                                                              New York Theatre Trip — June 7 - 14, 2010
A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams                  This annual trip is a favorite in the community.
February 18-20, 24-27 at 7:30 pm; February 20 at 2 pm           One low price provides all transportation to and
Center for the Performing Arts Theatre                          from New York, seven nights lodging at The
                                                                Edison Hotel in Times Square, orchestra seats for
Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco                                    six Broadway or off-Broadway shows, optional
March 24-27 at 7:30 pm; March 27, 28 at 2 pm                    walking tours each day, and background on the
Center for the Performing Arts Theatre                          shows provided by College of Fine Arts guides.
                                                                Call the College office at 309-438-8321 in
Candide by Leonard Bernstein                                    January or February.
(in conjunction with the School of Music)
April 1-3, 7-10 at 7:30 pm; April 11 at 2 pm                  Illinois Shakespeare Festival 2010
Center for the Performing Arts Theatre                        June 24 - August 8 at the Theatre at Ewing

Macbeth by William Shakespeare                                The Tempest by William Shakespeare
April 14-17 at 7:30 pm; April 18 at 2 pm                         June 24, 27; July 1, 3, 9, 18, 23, 28; August 5, 8
Westhoff Theatre                                              Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare
                                                                 July 16, 24, 27, 30; August 1, 4, 7
                                                              The Three Musketeers — world premiere! A new
Spring Ballet & Modern                                           adaptation of the classic story by award-winning
   Dance Concert                                                 playwright Robert Kauzlaric
April 30, May 1, 2 at 7:30 pm; May 2 at 2 pm                     June 25, 26, 29, 30; July 2, 8, 10, 11, 17, 22, 25,
Center for the Performing Arts Theatre                           29, 31; August 3, 6
   Illinois State Dance Theatre’s resident
   choreographers and guest artists present this              Call (309) 438-2141 for information
   spring concert of ballet and modern dance.                    about Shakespeare Alive!
                                                                 summer camps for youth.

    college of fIne artS donor roll
    jUly 1, 2008 — jUne 30, 2009                                                                    $250 - $499
                                                                                                    Anonymous (2)
                                                                                                    Cecilia Allen and Roger Blakely
                                                       $1,000 - $2,499
                                                                                                    Brian and Aimee Beam
                                                       Anonymous                                    Janet and Russell Bedford
                                                       John and Sharon Amdall                       Patricia and John Berge
                                                       Jerry Antonini                               Barbara and E. David Bertsche
                                                       Margaret Bellock                             Becky Blaine
                                                       Rex and Christine Benson                     Charles Blines
                                                       Judie Bey                                    Richard and Penny Boser
                                                       Barry Blinderman                             Janice and Peter Brandt
                                                       Harold Boyd                                  James Brazelton and Cassidy Browning
                                                       Martin Cain                                  James and Kathleen Butler
                                                       Ann Durand                                   Maureen Byron
                                                       Christine and Lawrence Eggan                 Beth Campbell
                                                       Kathleen Gentes                              Gary Campbell
                                                       Paul and Sandra Harmon                       John Capasso
                                                                                                    Craig and Jill Colledge
                                                       Laura and Richard Havran
                                                                                                    Joseph Court
                                                       Jack and Marjorie Hobbs
                                                                                                    James Crowley
                                                       Keith and Nita Kattner                       Barbara Dallinger and Micki Langellier
                                                       Kathleen and James Kerns                     Jacob DeGeal
                                                       Margaret J. Bellock Revocable Trust          Sylvia and Bruce DeGooyer
                                                       Elizabeth McGrail and James Nolan            Paul Dennhardt
                           Much Ado About Nothing by   Frank and Gigi Miles                         Fred and Jamie Drake
                             William Shakespeare       Lois Mills                                   Tim and Wendy Duffy
                                                       Jerry and Alberta Newman                     Nancy and John Eller
                                                       Sondra Newman                                Charles and Patricia Erickson
                                                       Sally and James Pancrazio                    Pablo and Virginia Eves
                                                       John Poole                                   Richard and Diana Finch
    $5,000+                                            Jerry and Carole Ringer                      John Finley
    COUNTRY Financial                                  Georganne Rundblad and Curtis White          First Edition Inc
                                                       Nancy Stevens                                Susan and John Freed
    Colleen Farlee                                                                                  Friends of Dan Brady
                                                       Craig Sutter
                                                                                                    Linda and Terry Garbe
    State Farm Foundation                              Dr. & Mrs. David B. Williams
                                                                                                    Deborah and David Gentry
                                                       Judy and Ruel Wright
    Jake and Deborah Traskell                                                                       Golden Lyre Foundation
                                                                                                    Linda and Robert Goodall
                                                       $500 - $999
                                                                                                    John and Dev Gordon
    $2,500 - $4,999                                                                                 Peter Guither
                                                       Alex Altmann
                                                                                                    Alan Hallene
    Paul Berg                                          Linda Ash
                                                                                                    Brian Herriott
                                                       Maxine and Charles Bolen
    Carol and Gerry Chrisman                                                                        Linda Hinds and Judith Judy
                                                       Paul Borg
                                                                                                    Steve and Liz Horton
    Amy Gilreath and James Major                       BP America Inc.-The Fabric of America Fund
                                                                                                    Joy Hutchcraft
                                                       Brad Brenneman and Shelley Carter
    Harold and Marlene Gregor                                                                       John T Phipps Law Office
                                                       Anita and Russell Carney
                                                                                                    David Katz and Eileen Katman
    Harold Gregor Studio                               Jill Cordle and Ira Mont
                                                                                                    Cynthia and Michael Kerber
                                                       Rhondalon Crawford
                                                                                                    Qazi and Karen Khusro
    Illinois Prairie Community Foundation              Roger and Elaine Cushman
                                                                                                    John and Margaret Kirk
                                                       Mark and Kimberly Drake
    Ray Johnson                                        Rhea Edge
                                                                                                    Marc Lebovitz and M. Lynette Jackson-Lebovitz
                                                                                                    Paul and Jane Leder
    Midwest Contemporary Glass Art Group               James and Suzanne Edmondson
                                                                                                    Rebecca Lysohir
                                                       Myra and George Gordon
    Harriet and Phares O’Daffer                                                                     Joanne and John Maitland
                                                       James Graff
                                                                                                    Marcia L. Sabesin-Attorney at Law
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program              John and Patricia Groves
                                                                                                    Marilyn Cohen Trust
                                                       Libby and Burton Hoffman
                                                                                                    Darrell and Priscilla Matthews
                                                       Paul and Jillene Hoffman
                                                                                                    Gladys and David Mercier
                                                       Gary Hoover
                                                                                                    Christopher and Nancy Murtaugh
                                                       ISU Annuitants Association
                                                                                                    Clifford and Cecilia Myers
                                                       Judith and Donald LaCasse
                                                                                                    Robert Neuleib
                                                       Gayle and Jerome Landy
                                                                                                    Sheri Noren Everts and Jay Noren
                                                       Christie Lau
                                                                                                    Arden Nowers
                                                       August Lorenzini
                                                                                                    Corynne Nuckols
                                                       Miller Urogynecoology S.C.
                                                                                                    Bradley and Janice Ochiltree
                                                       Paula Pomerenke
                                                                                                    James and Catherine Palmer
                                                       John and Susan Ramsey
                                                                                                    Thomas and Susan Parrent
                                                       Clyde and Sharon Reynolds
                                                                                                    Paul Leder-Farm Account
                                                       Jonathan and Lisa Rosenthal
                                                                                                    Jo Porter and Bruce Bergethon
                                                       Diane and Gary Schnurrpusch
                                                                                                    Joy Ralston
                                                       Susan Silvey
                                                                                                    Meda Rives
                                                       State Farm Companies Foundation
                                                                                                    Veda Rives
                                                       Jeanne and James Swanson
                                                                                                    Betty Robertson
                                                       Michael and Joan Wagner
                                                                                                    Ronald and Jan Rubenacker
                                                       Lita and Marshall Weinstein
                                                                                                    Markus and Susan Schaufele
                                John and April Wilson
                                                                                                    Sarah Smelser
                                                       Carolyn and Duane Yockey

Todd and Angela Stalter              Tonya and Timothy Fredstrom
Linda and Dennis Steele              Lisa and Ronald Friedrich
Stephen W Snyder                     Mr. & Mrs. William E. Froelich Jr.
Joan and Irving Tick                 Jeff Garland
Deborah and Steven Wannemacher       Kathy Gentry
Fred Wassell                         Kathleen Gerber
Donna Willett                        Susan Gesell
Wendy and Kurt Zimmer                Brett and Nancy Gibbs
Drake Zimmerman and Jan Elfline      Mary Lou Gold
                                     Stephen and Mary Goodwin
$100 - $249                          D. William and Mary Griffin
Anonymous (2)                        Lynn and Nathan Gross
Lori Adams and John Stark            Fred and Sandra Groves
Alamo II                             Suan Guess-Hanson and Richard
Barbara Allsup                          Hanson
Karen Ament                          Amy Hajdas
James and Mary Anderson              H. Wayne and Kay Hammer
Matthew and Terri Anderson           Charles and Victoria Harris
Gregory and Marilyn Anthony          Linda and Matthew Harris
Dennis Aulenbacher                   C. F. Hartt
Debra Austin                         Robert and Barbara Hathway
Albert and Brenda Azinger            Thomas Haynes
B. McLean Arnold-Attorney at Law     Janice and Kenneth Holder
Babbitt’s Books                      Ralph and Rosemary Holloway
Susan Bandy                          James and Nancy Holm
Bruce and Carol Barry                David Huchthausen
Barry & Donna Rice TTEE              Ann and Jack Ingold
Alan Bedell and Deanna Frautschi     J & K Studio
                                                                            In the Blood by Suzan-Lori Parks — a Crossroads Theatre Production
John and Brenda Benepe               Bryant Jackson
Dr. Laura Berk                       Katherine and Roger Janssen
Bonnie Bernardi                      Donald and Sharon Jeanes             Nancy Froelich Trust                   Erin and Roland Spies
Michael and C. Dianne Bielfeldt      David and Pearle Jeffries            Caroline and Robert Neff               Marilyn Stark
Thomas and Lora Bingham              Sara Jenkins                         David Newby                            Ruth Steele
Linda and John Blossom               Dave and Ruth Johnson                Normal Euphonium Tuba Society          Charles and Joanne Steen
Kurt and Carol Bock                  Michael and Susan Johnson            James and Carol O’Donnell              Laurette and Chris Stiles
Mary and David Bower                 Julie and Eric Junkel                Paul and Donna Offenbecher             Matthew and Teresa Storti
Anne and Brian Boyden                *Harriet Kaftanic                    Kimberly and Bruce Padan               Carol Straka
Judith Boyer                         James Kappel                         Susan and Larry Park                   Trudy and David Strand
Herman and Frances Brandau           Kemp Foundation                      Walter and Renee Parks                 Jan and Gary Sudano
Erich Brandt                         Michael and Cynthia Kerber           Alison Perona                          William and Susan Sulaski
Thomas and Nancy Brokaw              Ronald and Betty Kinser              William Petit                          Janet Sullivan
Cynthia and Dean Brown               Roberta and Dennis Kmiec             Thomas Powers                          Laura Sullivan
DeLores Brown                        Linda and Jon Knecht                 Catherine Pratt and David Templeton    Bill and Jane Swafford
Cole Burgess                         Mark Knight                          John and Katherine Presley             Timothy and Sara Sweeney
Brandon and Kendra Burling           Thomas and Mary Krall                Calvin Pritner and Evamarii Johnson    John and Sharon Tarvin
Todd and Rachel Calhoun              Susan and George Krass               Jennifer and William Quinn             Lynn and James Tatman
Kathryn Campbell                     Michael and Linda Krueger            Adriana and Eric Ransom                Anthony and Gabriella Tedesco
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cardwell          Mary Kurka                           Bill Rau                               Lisa Tekmetarovic and Patrick
Nanette Carli                        Susan and Robert Lakin               Randall and Veronika Reid                 Frendreis
Karyl Carlson                        Diane and Charles Lamb               Gerard and Elizabeth Rickert           Janice and Marvin Temple
Trisha Cassidy and Andrew Wycislak   Steven Lammle                        Margaret Rieff Glasscock and Michael   Susan Tinges
Ann Champion                         Micki Langellier                        Glasscock                           Janet and John Tulley
Clare House of Hospitality           Cheryl and Harvey Lapin              Mark Riordan                           Timothy Tyler
Susan Clark                          Tiffany and Brian Larson             Charles and Irene Roberts              Tammy Van Egtern
Terence and Patricia Clark           Martha Lehr                          John and Carole Ruby                   Joan and Charles Vanden Eynden
Marilyn Claydon                      Sean Les                             Ruth Steele Trust                      Guy Vieg
Copy Shop                            Debbie and Terry Lindberg            Russell and Margaret Rutter            Sally and K. Herb Vinyard
Kendrick and Mary Cowdery            Debra Link                           Robert Sanders                         Janet Vitt
Sarah Curtis and Charles Schlenker   Kathryn and Chris Lippelt            Stephen and Sandra Schaller            Adrian and Jennifer Vulpas
Mark and Mary Dal Pozzo              Mr. & Mrs.Edgar Lundeen              Kit and Carol Scheidenhelm             Melinda and John Walker
Kathleen Davis                       Cynthia Lynch                        Margaret Schmuckal and Paul Brume      Dennis and Margaret Watson
William Deeters                      Barbara Lysohir                      Ann and Dave Schneider                 Judith Webster
Nancy Dodson                         Rebecca and Calvin MacLean           Teresa and Ira Schoenwald              Kathleen Weir
Jennifer and David Dreyfuss          Lynne and Graig Mann                 Daniel Schuessler                      Karla and Robert Weldon
William Dunbar                       Michelle and Kirk Martin             Barney and Joan Schultz                Nancy Welsh
Gayle Dustman                        Patricia and Edward Matesevac        Faye and Thomas Shaffer                John and Joan Weter
E B Enterprises                      Dawn McKay                           Kathleen and Mark Sherman              Charles and Lois White
Orlyn and Jana Edge                  J. Byron McKinstry                   Patsy Sherrard                         Naoma and Fred Wilhelmi
George and Carol Eovaldi             MDK Knight Inc.                      James and Linda Shirk                  Linda Willis-Fisher and Robert Fisher
Robert Erickson and Susan Brewer     Clifford and Celia Meyers            Brian Simpson and Catherine Sutliff    Thomas and Kay Wilson
Kathryn Ervin                        Norman and Barbara Miller            Christine Sipula and Robert Sampson    Rita and James Wise
Theodore and Lisa Ewing              Helen and David Moose                Raymond and Barbara Slanker            Jared Wittenmyer
Victoria Fitzgerald                  Glenn and Sally Morrison             Gary and Becky Slettum                 Philip and Cindi Witzig
Gina and John Fleming                David and Marjorie Mosier            Erskine and Evelyn Smith               B. Gregory and Diane Yount
Susan and David Foecking             Robert and Virginia Moske            Marcus Smith                           Gwendolyn and Charles Yurieci
Roger Fredenhagen                    Charles and Mary Munsell             Debra Smitley

     $1 - $99                         Kathleen Burke
     Anonymous (4)                    Burkeline
     Lynn and Jerry Abner             Elsie and Jean Cadieux
     Doris and Richard Alderman       Barbara Campbell
     Linda Allison and John Benitez   Joan and Jack Capodice
     Becky and David Altic            Merry Carey
     J. G. and Sylvia Anderson        Anne and Dan Carson
     Kathryn and Michael Anderson     Lisa Carson
     Laura and Eric Anderson          Donald and Shirley Castle
     Sheryl and Michael Anderson      Robert and Margaret Castle
     Mary Andrews                     Theodore Century
     Todd and Hillary Andrlik         Jessica and Jason Chambers
     Susan Appel                      Charles A. Schweighauser Trust
     Elizabeth and Randall Bailey     Kendall Childs
     Stuart and Priscilla Bailey      Stephanie Cho
     Allison Baker                    Beth Christensen and Wendell
     David and Janet Baker               Arneson
     Barbara E. Quinn Dec of Trust    Mary and Ron Chrzanowski
     Mary and William Barker          Brenda and Matthew Cinkovich
     Jeanette Barnes                  Shirley Clark
     Mary and David Barr              Laura and Kingery Clingenpeel
     Kathryn Bartel                   Mark Cochran
     David and Palla Baxter           Ruth and Roger Cohn
     Eunice and William Bean          William and Regina Colvin
     Maryrose and Ted Beerman         Judith and Robert Compton
     Lucile Beich                     William Conger
     Amy Belice                       Michael Connolly
     Lois and Allan Bell              William and Una Copas
     Sylvia and Glen Bellows          *Roque and Elizabeth Cordero
     Christopher and Julie Bennett    Vincent and Sue Cosmano
     Kathryn and Andrew Bennett       Carla Covelli
     Stephanie and Richard Bennett    Rebecca and Coley Cowan
     David Bentlin                    Richard Coyne                                         Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim
     Michael and Joyce Benton         Mary and John Cralley
     Wallace and Karen Bergmann       Mary Crippen                     Jeanne and W. H. Earley               Eugene and Holly Gregoire
     Laurie and Raymond Bergner       Lea Dalldorf                     Norma and Merlin Eash                 Pamela Grove and G. Stephen
     Teresa Berner                    Michelle Daniel                  Harris Economou                          Johnstonbaugh
     Susan and Donald Berry           Alice and Harold Darby           Christina Eisbach                     Nancy Grygiel
     Steven and Wendy Bertsche        Arleen and Lester Davis          Judy and Thomas Elston                Rebecca and Troy Hale
     Laura and Michael Billimack      John Davis                       Pamela Emmett                         Bette and Jack Hallier
     Glenn and Nancy Block            Susan Deason                     Helen Engelsman                       Yvonne and Robert Ham
     Gary and Patricia Blomgren       Douglas and Dianne DeLong        Stephanie Epp                         Lisa Hamerlinck
     Andrew and Heather Blumhardt     Paolo and Patricia DeMaria       Julie and Lars Erickson               Jennifer and Darrell Hampsten
     Joy and Rusty Boostrom           Mary Deneen                      Richard Etter                         Dean and Nancy Hansen
     Scott and Pamela Breuning        Rachel and John Disco            Susan Evenhouse                       Larry Hansen
     Gary and Jody Brubaker           John and Judy Donovan            Gayle Eyre                            Tristan Hansen
     Harold and Bonnie Brueseke       Robin Dorfman                    Jeffrey Farinosi                      Beatrice Hanson
     Kathleen Brumbaugh               Cinda Dorgan                     Roger and Janet Farney                Martin and Dacia Hanson
     Esther Bruns                     Gordon and Carol Dremann         Audrey Ferrell                        Scott and Michele Hanson
     Deanne and Gerald Bryant         Hector Duarte                    Teri and Warren Fink                  Thomas R. and Mary Hanson
     Carl and Karen Buehler           Diane Dubois                     Kristine Finn                         Shirley and E. Edward Harbeck
     Cristina Bueno                   Dorothy Duguid                   Kristine Fishler                      Sharon Hardey
                                                                       Becky and C. Francis Fitzgerald       Valerie and Allen Harlacher
                                                                       Shawn and Angela Flaherty             Harry E Riddle
                                                                       William and Elaine Fleming            Marianne Hart
                                                                       Gitana and Dean Folkes                Nathaniel Haywood
                                                                       Diane Forbes                          Leslie and Jeffrey Hecht
                                                                       Holly Foy and John Hruschka           Gayle and Michael Heimer
                                                                       Juli Fraher                           Allan and Judith Hemp
                                                                       David Frank                           Dwight and Joan Hershberger
                                                                       Carol and Peter Frantz                Marilyn Hertel
                                                                       Jean and Kenneth Freeburn             William and Patricia Herzberg
                                                                       John and Marilyn Freese               Betty and Darwin Hinthorn
                                                                       Dan Frega                             Joy Hippensteele
                                                                       Mark and Ann Frels                    Nancy and James Hocker
                                                                       Stephen and Ruth Ann Friedberg        Antoinette Hodor
                                                                       Doreen and Robert Fritz               Ernest and Janis Hoffman
                                                                       John and Jennifer Funkhouser          Jamie and Brian Hogan
                                                                       Guy and Ann Gardner                   Mary and George Houska
                                                                       Chris Genge                           Stephen and Eileen Huber
                                                                       Elaine George                         Brittney Hudgins
                                                                       Michelle and Dan Ginavan              Johari Huggins
                                                                       Charlene and Joseph Gleason           Geoffrey and Judith Hughes
                                                                       John and Helen Goldrick               Ginger Hundgen
                                                                       Spencer and Ann Gore                  Brian and Angie Huonker
                                                                       Mark and June Greenleaf               Carly Hux

                                                                             Stephen Parsons                     Paula and John Spaniol
                                                                             Audrey and Carey Pearcy             Joanna and Allan Spence
                                                                             Gregory and Susan Peck              Richard Stalling
                                                                             John and Sylvia Perry               Karen and Robert Starckovich
                                                                             Margaret and Kenneth Peryam         Chris Starkey
                                                                             David and Denise Peters             Robert Starko
                                                                             Michele and Bernhard Peterson       Mary Statzer and Gene Kadish
                                                                             Michele Petri                       C. Louis and Joan Steinburg
                                                                             Lynn and John Phillips              J. B. and Joni Stevens
                                                                             Donald and Eva Pierce               Stevens Design Inc
                                                                             Philip and Lana Piercy              Geri and Bryan Stites
                                                                             Grace and Morris Pike               Luann Stoskopf
                                                                             Carrie Pinasco                      Frank and Beverly Studnick
                                                                             Janet and Robert Pioli              Donald and Elizabeth Sukala
                                                                             John Porter                         Catherine and Kevin Swan
                                                                             Betty Potts                         Jane and Thomas Sweeney
                                                                             Florence and Andrew Powdermaker     James and Pat Tatum
                                                                             Jeffrey Powell                      Alyce and Charles Taylor
                                                                             Prairie Flowers Studios             Jason Taylor
Harold Gregor and President Al Bowman at the University Galleries exhibit:   Kelly Pratl                         Jason Taylor
  ‘“Radiant Plains: Recent Paintings and Watercolors” by Harold Gregor       Suzanne Probst                      Jolyn Taylor
                                                                             Sandra and Robert Purcell           Marcia Taylor
    Craig and Lindy Iben                  Carol Mack                         Philip and Ronda Queen              Meredith Taylor
    Illinois Lincoln Series Inc.          Jason Mack                         Barbara Quinn                       Patricia and John Teeter
    Carol Jalowiec                        Mack Glass Group                   Linda and Larry Ragel               Harold and Marie Theerman
    Thomas and Norma Jenkins              Kevin and Alison MacLean           Amy Ragland                         Hans Thoegersen and Christine
    Eleanor Jensen                        Jennifer Mandernach                Nancy and Scott Reed                   Thogersen
    Kenneth and Sandra Jesse              Thomas and Marianne Manley         Nancy Reinke                        Carmen and Lowell Thompson
    Gregory Johnson and Jane Laughridge   Robert Marcy                       Clarence Richardson                 Laurie Thompson-Merriman and
    Marcia and David Johnson              Jeffrey and Candy Margolin         *Harry Riddle                          Gregory Merriman
    Melissa Johnson                       Sandra and Carl Markowitz          Patricia and Stephen Rinkenberger   Beth Topping
    Jill and Robert Jones                 Marykellie Marquez                 Judy Ripsch                         Marilyn Townley
    Patricia Kaisner                      Gary and Diane Marsh               Joseph Ritacco                      Stephen and Megan Trutter
    Michael and Alexis Kalish             Daniel Maslowski                   Mary Ellen and David Rix            John and Janet Tucker
    Kathleen Karl and Paul Meier          Anne and Stephen Matter            Robert Roarty                       J. Aaron and Mary Turner
    Kenneth and Carol Kashian             Miller and Georgia McCalmon        Don and Sandra Robinson             Bruce and Jennifer Underwood
    Sharon and Edmund Kazmierski          Mary and J. Robert McCauley        Mike Robinson                       Joseph Van Riper
    Ardeth and Gerald Keck                Michael and Amy McClure            James and Vera Roderick             Randy Vick
    Lisa and Lloyd Kemnetz                Ryan and Roxie McCullar            Julie Rotharmel                     Ann Vogel
    Betty Keough                          Dorothy and Mark McGrath           Matthew Ryan                        Donna and Tim Voll
    Newell and Mary Kessinger             William McGuffin                   Jack Saltzman                       John and Vicki Wakefield
    Michael Kinnavy                       *Marcella McIntire                 Nicholas Satinover                  Marilyn Walach
    Karen Kitzes                          Patti and Richard McNaught         Madeline Sauerbier                  Clark and Mary Waldmier
    Holly Klass                           Noah Medina                        David and Janice Saunders           Linda and Timothy Walker
    Gary and Jane Knapp                   Delmar and Linda Meester           Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie and Alan     Richard Walsh
    Gary and Nancy Koets                  Brenda Mendoza                        Klispie                          Beverly Jean and Lee Walton
    Linda Kohler-Ross                     James Meyer                        Barbara and Roar Schaad             Patrick Warren
    Madhu Kondepudi                       Patti Meyer                        Dean and Mary Schallhorn            Judith-Ann and Gary Watts
    Dean Kosson                           Michael and Hedy Milgrom           Peggy Schickedanz                   Patricia and D. Lynn Webber
    Ann Kozeliski                         Becky Miller and Peter Franz       Emily Schlenker                     Kris Weidenbenner
    Matthew and Christine Kubiak          Karla Miller                       Joyce Schmitt                       Martha and Richard Weston
    Cynthia Kukla                         William and Martha Miller          Joan and Peter Schuetz              Lori and John Whalen
    Carolyn and Gerald Kukuck             Barbara Milne                      Charles Schweighauser               Peter Whitmer
    Dave Kuntz                            Michael and Gayle Mirande          Gerri and Leonard Sciarra           Wendy and Kenneth Wilber
    Doris Kuppersmith                     Kathy and Steven Misewicz          Peggy Scott                         Roy and Marilyn Wilken
    Angela and William Kvasnica           Diane and Richard Mishler          Teresa and Gary Sedlacko            Michael and Jillian Wille
    Marie Labonville                      James and Eliz Moran               Candice Seffroad                    Deborah Wilson
    Rebecca and Alan Lamb                 Thomas Morey and Michael Jameson   Kathleen and Robert Seligmann       Janet and Glenn Wilson
    Scott and Janice Lampert              John Murphy                        Mary Selk                           Kate and Dennis Wilson
    Rebecca Landau                        Telia Murphy                       Brian Selke                         Margaret Wolf
    *Lynn Landes                          Diana Neatrour                     William Semlak                      Christine and Dana Woodall
    Judy Larkin                           Nebraska Book Co                   Belinda and Mark Sexton             Mary and Richard Worthen
    Carey Lawless                         Gail and Lynn Nelson               Sexton’s Landscape Concepts Inc.    Debra Wozniak
    Hiep Le                               Melissa Nelson                     Deborah Shaw                        Garrison and Julie Wright
    Elizabeth and Robert Lee              Michael Neri                       Sol Shulman                         Eddy Ymeri
    Denise LeFever                        Robert Nerius                      Robert Sicklesteel                  Ann Yoder
    Richard Lenahan                       Janice Neuleib                     Patricia Simmons                    Linda Yoder
    Connie Ley                            Barbara Newlin                     Doris and Steven Simon              Rita and Lawrence Zajac
    Jeannine and Christopher Leyden       Matthew Nitsch                     Merlin and *Patricia Simundson      Sharon Sue Zeck
    Stephen Linksvayer                    Laura Noonan                       Diane and Randel Singler            Jeanne Zemaitis
    Carol Little                          Christina Nordholm                 Claire Singleton                    Sandra Zielinski
    Tyler Lotz and Erin Furimsky          Mike O’Donnell                     William Skinker                     Scott and Tammy Zimmerman
    Lucile H Beich Trustee                Jari Lynn Oncken                   Nancy Slonaker
    Albert and Sharon Lundy               Kendra Paitz                       Joan Smit
    John and Cathy Lust                   Charles and Melody Palm            Wendi Smith and Patrick Thompson    *deceased
    Sally Mace                            James Parr                         Mary and Dennis Sorensen

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                                                      Campus Box 5600                                                                     Illinois State
                                                      Normal, IL 61790-5600

     keepIng In toUch

                                                               Those of you who are alums            sing in your church choir, or
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                                                               Illinois State University are very    creative talents in an entirely
                                                               important to us.                      different field, we’d love to hear
                                                                                                     what you are doing.
                                                               You are our inspiration, a critical
                                                               resource for our future students,     Visit
                                                               and ambassadors for our arts          to update your information or
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                                                                                                     to let us know what’s happening.
                                                               Many of you help identify and         The College of Fine Arts is also
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                                                               help our programs excel. Others
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                                                               with our current students.            Also, plan now to come home
                                                                                                     and visit next year for the 40th
        Dean James Major recently visited with                 Whether you have become a             Anniversary (more about this
     Barbara Benway (class of ’50) and other alumni            movie star with multiple pages        on the front page).
          in Kansas City and Springfield, MO                   of credits on, or you


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