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II. Directions: Read each sentence below. In each blank space, write a word or phrase that means the same or nearly the same as the italicized word. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The audience will disperse (______________________) as soon as the final curtain goes down. The storm was severe enough to disrupt (______________________) electrical service. The students are going to dissect (______________________) earthworms in the biology lab. In the 1960’s, there was much dissent (______________________) on campuses across the country. Our German Shepherd looks fierce but is actually quite docile (______________________). 6. 7. 8. 9. Drastic (______________________) measures are needed to curb inflation. Blue jeans are made of tough, durable (______________________) denim. Our hopes for victory began to dwindle (______________________) when our star quarterback had to leave the game. The Cathedral of Notre Dame is a famous edifice (______________________) in Paris. 10. The mayor read an elegy (______________________) at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. III . Directions: Find the word from the following list that answers each question below. Write this word on the line provided at the left of each question. disperse dissect docile durable edifice

VOCAB 9 P – LESSON ELEVEN I. Directions: Match the each word with its correct definition by writing the letter of the definition in the space provided. ____1. ____2. ____3. ____4. ____5. ____6. ____7. ____8. ____9. disperse disrupt dissect dissent docile drastic durable dwindle edifice A. easy to manage or teach; obedient B. long lasting; able to resist wear or decay; enduring C. to spread or distribute widely; to scatter; to dispel D. a sad or mournful poem, usually about someone who is dead E. to become less and less; to decrease; to shrink F. n. disagreement; refusal to conform to authority; v. to differ in belief G. a building or structure, especially an imposing or elaborate one H. to disturb or interfere with the order or progress of; to break apart; to split up I. severe; extreme; harsh J. to cut apart for study; to analyze closely 1

____10. elegy

________________________1. What is another word for “scatter”?
__________________________2. What do you call a large, imposing building? __________________________3. Which word describes something that lasts a long time? __________________________4. What do you do to something that you closely analyze? __________________________5. Which word describes an obedient animal? disrupt dissent drastic dwindle elegy


The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to ______________________.


The police ordered the crowd that had gathered around the accident to ______________________.

6. 7. 8. 9.

Anna read John Milton’s famous ______________________ “Lycidas” to the assembly. My cat tries to ______________________ my studying by knocking papers off the desk. That rabbit is a very ______________________ animal. My confidence began to ______________________ when I saw how well my opponent played.

__________________________6. Which word describes a severe or harsh measure? __________________________7. As your pocket money decreases, what does it do? __________________________8. What do you call a poem written to mourn the death of someone? __________________________9. What do you do if you interrupt a meeting? __________________________10. What is another word for “disagreement”? IV. Directions: Each sentence below needs one of your vocabulary words to complete its meaning. Find the missing word and write it in the space provided. 1. 2. 3. The Taj Mahal is an impressive ______________________. The teacher showed us how to ______________________ a frog. Oak is a hard, ______________________ wood.

10. The community demanded that ______________________ measures be taken to keep the school open. V. Directions: Many words have closely related companion forms that are used as other parts of speech. Each verb listed below has a closely related noun form. Complete each sentence below using the nun form of the verb at the left. Use a dictionary if you need help.



The police chief ordered the
______________________ of the mob.

2. 3.

disrupt dissect

The dog caused a ______________________ in our classroom. Today in biology class we will do a ______________________.



Martin Luther King, Jr., advocated non-violent ______________________.


Adjectives can usually be made into adverbs by adding –ly to the root word. Complete each sentence below using the adverb form of the adjective on the left. Use a dictionary if you need help. 1. docile 2. drastic The dog walked ______________________ up to his trainer. The use of small pox vaccine has ______________________ reduced outbreaks of the disease. Write the present participle of each of the following verbs in the space provided. The present participle is formed by adding –ing to the root word. Use a dictionary if you need help. 1. disperse 2. dwindle ______________________ ______________________


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