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        Acne is a common condition that affects almost everyone at some point in life. Acne also affects over 20
      percent of all adults. Acne Rosacea is form of acne usually affects people over 30. Causes red rashes on the
                                          cheeks, the forehead, nose and chin.
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                              Causes of Acne and Pimples -What Causes Acne Breakouts
                                                             By Erick Christopher

  What causes acne breakouts?, Worldwide, is estimated that 60 million people suffer from acne.
Acne is a major skin problem that affects people all over the world. Please keep reading to learn more
about causes of acne and pimples. I did some research and here are the answer that I came up with.

Common Causes Of Acne and Pimples

 1) Food We Eat -Some people are likely to have acne outbreak with some diets like carbohydrates
and sugars. Consuming a diet high in oils, fats and sugars can interfere with your hormonal balance.
These types of foods are known to cause acne breakouts. A good diet for your skin should include
fruits, vegetables, skim milk, cottage cheese and lean meats. Oily foods are also what causes acne

 2) Androgen Body Hormones -These are sex hormones and research shows that they rank to be the
top of what causes acne breakouts. These hormones begin during puberty and this is the reason why
most individuals who are affected by acne are young people or teens. During menstruation or
pregnancy, women tend to have more of these Androgen hormones and this explains why pregnant
women or a woman who is on her menstrual cycle is more likely to have pimples on her face or
sometimes called facial acne outbreaks.

 3) Personal Stress Is What Causes Acne Breakouts -Yes stress causes acne outbreaks. Stress is
related to production hormones like cortisol which has been known to cause acne. When a person is
stressed out, their body develops different hormone levels. With these hormone changes, the body
starts to produce more oil to the skin. White heads, black heads and pimples types of acnes are
caused by these oils on the skin.

 4) Heavy Makeups, Oily Makeups/Cosmetics -Heavy makeups are not good for your skin. They cause
clogging of pores and adds more oil to your skin. Is even more worse when someone put heavy
makeups on their oily existing skin! Moisturizers or cosmetics contains more than one chemical like
vegetable oils, alcohol, petrolatum and acids which contribute to causes of acne and pimples.

 5) Steroids and Specific Medications -It is wise to stop overusing vitamins. Vitamins are essential to
our skin but overusing them can cause acne. Examples of such vitamins are B1, B6 and B12. Abuse or

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inappropriate use of steroids, especially anabolic steroids can lead to acne breakouts because they
stimulate sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands present in the skin secrete a substance called sebum
into hair follicles and most of the skin.

 6) Doing Harsh and Rough Cleansing -Avoid harsh and rough cleansing to your skin especially on the
face. The facial skin is extremely sensitive to rough cleansing, it can easily be damaged. This kind of
cleansing can damage the skin layers and spread infections. When cleansing your skin, use lukewarm
water. Water that is too hot can dehydrate your skin and too cold can dry your skin. This is also what
causes acne breakouts, Take it easy when doing skin cleansing.

 7) Picking and squeezing of the skin plus squeezing and Environmental issues -High humidity causes
the skin to swell and pollution of the environment can cause clogging of your pores. Avoid picking and
squeezing pimples or acne outbreaks as this can send infections deeper into the skin and cause

 8) Hereditary Factors Is What Causes Acne Breakouts-As I said earlier some causes of acne are
inevitable. This is a good example of a cause of acne that we can't avoid. Acne can be inherited and
some serious acne causes such as Cystic acne do come from heredity like through family members
such as our parents and grandparents.

 9) Extra Sebum in the Follicle -When androgens stimulates sebaceous gland, it produces extra sebum
which mixes with dead skin cells and skin bacteria. This is a normal process but excess sebum in the
follicle increases the chances of clogging and acne. There are things that can lead to production of
excess sebum like anabolic steroids.

 Causes of acne and pimples both include external and Internal factors. There are many other causes
of acne and pimples but these are just the major reasons. The best way to deal with what causes acne
breakouts is skin hygiene and a good diet. Medications that you take also must be watched out in case
of sudden acne breakouts. If you have serious acne problems, I highly recommend that you see a
dermatologist. So these are the major causes of acne and pimples. Remember that prevention is better
than cure and if you have to treat your acne, Don't forget to prevent it from coming back.

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                                        Choosing the Right Acne Treatment for You
                                                               By John Nolan

 We may try to cover them up, but once we get a pimple it is never completely possible to hide it no
matter how hard we try. Even when we take care of our skin, washing our face every day, it is
inevitable for some of us that we will still wake up with a face covered in acne pimples. The only way to
cure this problem, and prevent it happening again, is to choose carefully the products we use on our

When choosing the best acne treatment it is important to realize that one treatment does not work for
everybody. They each contain a unique mixture of ingredients meaning they all work a little differently.
Instead of going to the store and picking the first treatment you see, take a little time to decide which
product is right for you.

Preventing Breakouts in the Future

To stop breakouts from happening in the future the best treatment will contain Salicylic acid, which is
found in a number of acne treatments at about 0.5%- 2% concentrations. This acid helps to keep your
follicles and pores clear of dead skin cells. This prevents bacteria from building up and this prevents
future breakouts.

To Clear Up Current Breakouts

Whilst it is good to look for a long term solution, the truth is that when we have a breakout we want to
get rid of our pimples as soon as possible. To cure any pimples that you already have the best acne
treatment is to choose a product containing Benzoyl peroxide, a special ingredient that goes straight to
the inside of the pimple killing its bacteria. This will clear up any pimples you currently have, and is a
different treatment required for preventing breakouts in the future.

Herbal Acne Treatments

Using harsh chemicals as a way of treating acne is not the most attractive option for many, and the
good news is that there are herbal alternatives. Tea Tree oil is one example of an anti-bacterial product
that will help you fight acne naturally. Products like this can either be used alone or alongside Benzoyl
peroxide or Salicylic acid to increase the effectiveness.

Following Instructions

You may feel at first as though these products are not having much of an effect, but it is important to
realize that they are working below our skin to get rid of bacteria and our pimples. Whichever product
you may use it is extremely important to follow the guidelines properly. If you feel that the product isn't
working, this does not mean you should apply more.

Benzoyl products or Tea Tree oil can take a few days to show results, and Salicylic acid can even take
weeks or months. All kinds of acne treatment should in fact be used for 2 months or more to confirm
whether they works or not, and changing the product you use will only prevent you from achieving clear

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As you can see, there are many different acne treatments available so do your research before
choosing any type of treatment to try. Make sure that you are patient and that you follow the exact
instructions, and you may just be amazed when your skin really starts to respond to a regular treatment

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