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4:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 18, 2007
(Members: Penny Clark, Donald Dass, Tony Dierckins, Heather Rand, Robert Hewitt, Maryanne Norton, Carolyn Sundquist Staff: Lynn Ann Hollatz, Planner

Agenda (Revised)
1. 2. CALL TO ORDER (President: Penny Clark) ROLL CALLS OR DETERMINATION OF QUORUM ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGENDA – ADDITIONS/CORRECTIONS INTRODUCTION OF GUEST: Jon Niemi - demolition of the Silberstein Bondy building in Historic Downtown district (New Bus.) CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES: Aug.21, 2007 COMMUNICATIONS REPORT OF FINAL DISPOSITION OF MATTER PREVIOUSLY BEFORE THE COMMISSION A. COA Request: Former Central High School Signs. (Dierckins and Dass) B. Discussion of ordinance for COA and design review before application. 6. REPORTS OF STAFF, OFFICERS, AND COMMITTEES A. Planning Staff (Hollatz) B. East End Residential Historical District Survey – Larson and Fisher, Inc. - Update (Hollatz). C. NHS Historic Loan Program (Hewitt) D. Duluth Preservation Alliance – (Hewitt) E. Duluth Planning Commission - (Rand) F. St. Louis County Historical Society - (Clark) G. National Preservation Conference in St. Paul - Oct. 2-6, 2007 (Sundquist) 7. NEW BUSINESS/OTHER BUSINESS A. Request by administration to amend by-laws to require written consent for local designation by property owner, acknowledging benefits and limitations, and that the designation runs with the property and binds future owners. Bob Bruce would present proposed language changes to the bylaws (Bruce) B. Annual Report of the DHPC - revisions Organization of task force to coordinate updating the 1984 Survey. Priority was public education to the community. Updating the Survey would follow. (Dierckins, Clark and Norton). C. Organization of task force to develop resource kit and educational materials for each objective determined at the DHPC Retreat. D First Presbyterian Church, 300 E 2

3. 4. 5.

Discuss ways to help promote program within the community

St: – potential for Local Landmark (Sundquist)

E. Minnesota State Historic Tax Credits – 2007 Legislative session (Sundquist)

F. Schedule meeting with Dan Green to review list of city owned structures for historic significance (Sundquist/Hollatz) G. Heritage Preservation Landmark” brass plaques (Dierckins and Clark) H. New DHPC commissioner to replace Hewitt whose term has expired. I. J. Proposed demolition of the Silbertstein Bondy building in Historic Downtown district (Jon Neimi) London Road Study (Sundquist)

K. National Trust's request to support preservation of the existing Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Hollatz) 8. Other Business. 1. Tree ordinance discussion revisited 2. Discussion regarding potential properties for national and local nomination, particularly city and school owned properties 3. Local designation of John A. Astor Park (Clark, Norton and Hollatz) ADJOURNMENT Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 21, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. - Mayor's Reception Rm. November Meeting: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. - Mayor's Reception Rm. December Meeting: Annual Meeting. Date, time and place to be determined.


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