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									Lowest Buying Price for Silver in Months, Lloyds
Asset Management Predicts Upturn
Silver Predictions for Next 120 Days on the Wire

- New Mark May Go Well above $17.40

February 10, 2010 12:12 PM Eastern Time  

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--The following is a statement from Lloyds Asset

There’s been a great deal of pressure on silver lately, sinking it down to near $14, the lowest it has been in months.
Interestingly however, silver predictions on the wire for the next 120 days remain remarkably optimistic and Lloyds
Asset Management, known for its on-the-mark predictions in silver and other precious metals, has joined in the
optimism and predicts silver will trade above $17.40 by the first of May.


CEO James Burbage III sees a new support for silver forming as an opportunity for short-term chipping and putting
during the market consolidation. “It looks to me that this information on the dollar rally shows a new support line that
has been placed for silver,” Burbage said. “We see an opportunity not only for some short term chipping and putting
as the market consolidates between $21 and $16 but also the possibility for the shorts to shake out the weaker
positions; the small retail clients.” 

Large short traders have capitalized on the market downturn as many stop loss-orders were automatically executed,
and smaller investors sold entire positions. “With the consolidation behind us now, the market can be witnessed
making a healthy correction that may test the recent high from March, 2008,” claimed Burbage.


This would be approximately 4 to 5 dollars of market movement for bull investors to try and capitalize on in 2010.
With nothing historic happening in the market; no new banks going out of business, and the dollar holding strong on
the index, it would appear the recent decline is simply the result of a market testing its own resistance levels – which
all markets do. Lloyds Asset Management believes a several dollar increase to be a fairly conservative prediction of
where silver could be trading in the next 120 days.

Burbage believes that silver will be back above $17.40 by May this year. “If our May expectations are met, watch
for silver to take another run at historical levels of almost $22 per ounce,” Burbage stated. “If $22 is breached in
2010, watch out! I could see silver trading as high as $28 to $30 within just days of a historical high price breach.” 

Lloyds Asset Management
David Love, 561-515-3250

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