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					Holy Spirit Primary School Nicholls ACT, Joint Campus with Gold Creek School, companion school to Good Shepherd, Amaroo, supporting and being supported by Holy Spirit Parish, Gungahlin

Newsletter 9 3 April, 2008

Dear Parents and Carers, Our “Learning in Action” day was a great success and the activities were enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to our Year 5 and 6 students who looked after the younger children so well. The day was organised by Mrs Kelly with activities ranging from English, Maths, Sport and Rock and Water, with children from Kinder to Year 6 in each group. It was a wonderful learning experience for everyone. Thank you to all our staff for making our celebration of Catholic Schools Week such an enjoyable one. We all had fun forming the mosaic and listening to the choir in the very windy conditions on the concrete. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents join us for lunch at the conclusion. From time to time it is necessary to remind everyone that care and respect needs to be shown in the car parks of an afternoon. Teachers supervise both the top and bottom car parks to ensure that children are seen safely into the cars. Occasionally there are hold ups and we have seen some quite unacceptable behaviour lately. This is both a poor example for our children and shows a lack of respect for our teachers! I ask that everyone remain patient and courteous at all times when at school. Congratulations to our students who are receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation this week. We remember them in our prayers as they continue their journey in our faith tradition. This week we enjoyed a visit from Mrs Moira Najdecki, Director of Catholic Education. Mrs Najdecki visits every school in the Archdiocese each year and these visits are much appreciated as they give us an opportunity to share some of our successes and concerns with her. Our Gardening group have been very busy this week planting out our vegetable gardens near the Year 1 block. We look forward to seeing the vegetables grow! Yours sincerely,
Notes sent home this week.

Playground Survey Catholic Voice School Photos

Elizabeth Moroney Principal
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Soccer Carnival @ Mawson



Focus Assembly Year 6


Last day of Term 1



First Day of Term 2 ANZAC Celebration 9.30






Telephone: 6241 8640

Kelleway Avenue, NICHOLLS ACT 2913 Email: office@holyspirit.cg.catholic.edu.au www.holyspirit.cg.catholic.edu.au

Fax: 6242 9879

Our Spirit

Our Focus Assembly this week was presented by our beautiful Kindergarten children. Our community is very blessed to have these children and their teachers at our school. This was the first Focus presentation experience for the children and they did a marvellous job. I felt very proud to witness how reverently the youngest children in our school shared the message of Jesus with us all. They touched many hearts yesterday and were able to bring our community together in a very special way. As I looked around the hall I could see children from Year 6 right through to Year 1 joining in the actions and songs. There was a great sense of joyfulness in our hall. The theme for Week 9 was ‘Community’. We celebrated Catholic Schools Week across the dioceses. At Holy Spirit everyone participated in a range of learning activities, with children from Year 6 right through to Kindergarten making up the groups. Fun was had by all. The teachers were very impressed with the children in Years 5 and 6 who looked after the younger children as groups moved around the 4 rotational activities. This week our Year 2 children made their first Reconciliation. We had a ceremony on Monday and Tuesday night. Good Shepherd children had their ceremonies on Wednesday night and have one tonight. The last ceremony will be held on Saturday morning. Please pray for the children and their families at this special time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parish Team, Sr Genny and Fr Bernie for their ongoing support and dedication. They show great care and compassion for us all. Thank you to those families who participated in the 5c Mission Money Project. If you still have any money at home could it please be sent to school tomorrow as we would like to finalise the amount and send the cheque off to Caritas so it can be put to good use helping needy families. The total so far is an amazing $2100. Our 5c pieces have added up to a healthy amount. Well done everybody!

Thank you! Take good care of each other. God Bless Liana White Religious Education Coordinator

Death Cap Mushrooms are deadly.
ACT Health is reminding children and their families to steer clear of the world’s most deadly mushroom the Death Cap. This mushroom is commonly found in the ACT in autumn, growing near established oak trees and possibly some other trees. It can be found in public places, such as parks, as well as in backyards. All parts of the mushroom are poisonous, and eating just one mushroom can be fatal. The fully-grown Death Cap Mushroom cap is silky smooth, and its colour varies from white to greenishbrown. The gills are white – unlike the pink or brown gills of the common field mushroom. The stem is white to pale yellow-green. High on the stem is a skirt-like white ring, which is sometimes missing. The bottom of the stem emerges from a white cup, which is partly buried in the soil. The small button Death Cap can be difficult to distinguish from an edible mushroom. People should not eat any white-gilled mushroom, and should not eat any mushroom unless they can be absolutely certain that it is not poisonous. Anyone who suspects that they might have eaten a Death Cap Mushroom should seek urgent medical attention, preferably at a hospital. For more information, please contact the Health Protection Service on 6205 1700. An information sheet on Death Cap Mushroom is available on the ACT Health website and can be accessed at www.health.act.gov.au/publications under the title ‘Death Cap Mushrooms’.

Our Spirit

P&F News
The P&F meets twice a term on a Monday for around 1 hour. As well as helping to organise the Netball Carnival we hope to have a few small fundraising events starting with the Chocolate Drive next week and a Mothers Day Stall early next term. We will hold some very interesting information sessions on a range of topics at the meetings, so keep an eye out for more information about these. If you have any suggestions for topics come along to the next meeting on Monday 12 May and have a say. The P&F is for all parents at Holy Spirit whether your child is in Kindy or Year 6 and you don’t need to be a committee member to attend meetings. Please feel free to join us for a cuppa at the next meeting. Yours Sincerely Angela Kelley, P&F President

Uniform Shop Opening Hours During School Holidays

Information Regarding The Mothers Day Stall Next term we will be holding a Mother’s Day Stall—Each child is asked to bring in a gift for the stall (around $2.00 value, no sharp objects please). On Stall Day children who have supplied a gift will be taken to the stall by their teachers to buy a gift for $2.00.

Wednesday 16/4- 9am—1pm Thursday 17/4—9am—1pm Friday 18/4—9am—1pm

The Uniform Shop is now stocking New and Second Hand Winter Uniforms.

Please consider participating in this great fundraising activity—the children enjoy doing the shopping themselves. More details will be given shortly. shortly


The Fundraising Committee have been busily preparing for our first fundraiser for the year. Chocolates will be sent home with the eldest child in each family next week. If you are unable to sell a box of chocolates and/or would prefer to make a donation, please complete the slip below and return it to school by Monday 6 April. Chocolates will arrive at the school tomorrow, Friday 3 April. Sorting, labelling and packing chocolates for each family in our school is an extremely big job and our fundraising team are seeking volunteers to help. If you are available to help for any small amount of time,(1/2hr-1hr will help us in a very big way), please come to the Multipurpose Room after school tomorrow. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I am unable to sell chocolates. I have included a donation.

Child’s Name: _______________________________________________Child’s Class:


Our Spirit

Canteen Roster Please call Tanya on 6242 5215 if you are available to help at any time.
Friday 4/4
Deb D 9-2 Rima E 9-2 Olivia M 9-11 Jackie E 9-11 Help Needed Help Needed

The Easiest Fundraiser …..ever

Tuesday Wednesday

8/4 9/4

Our school will receive $5.00 for every old mobile phone it collects. Simply send in to the school office your unwanted mobile phone, no matter its age or condition. This not only helps the school but the planet too. It is estimated that there are 16 million old mobile phones just lying around in office and home drawers in Australia alone. These phones contain toxins that must not find their way into landfill sites. We can recycle all phones to the highest standards in accordance with the international standards organisation ISO14001. So dig out those old phones and send them to school. Parents could also arrange a collection at work.

Anita L 9-2 Jan 9-2 Melissa D 11-2 Jo H 9-2 Louise G 9-11 Danielle M 9-11



Message from ACT Department of Education In accordance with the Education Act 2004, students between the ages of six and 15 years of age are required to be enrolled in a school or registered for home education. Parents requiring information about home education can contact the Manager, Non-government Education Section (NGSE) on 6205 9301 or email det.ngso@act.gov.au.

Thank You Thank you to Mrs Justine Brasnett, Mrs Bridgette McCann, Ms Molly Shea, Miss Justine Nicholson, Mr Ryan Spencer and Mrs Liana White for all their wonderful work with the children as they prepared for Reconciliation.

Playground Survey
With the newsletter today you will receive a playground survey. Responses to this survey will help us as a joint campus to continue to develop a positive playground environment for all children. Surveys will also be completed by each child and by all teachers and staff members. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey and return it to school by Thursday 10th April.

Confirmation Reminder
Year 6 children please remember to attend your second Ministry Mass this weekend. 6.00PM SATURDAY OR 9.30AM or 5.30PM on SUNDAY Please fill in your seating allocation and return your note by the Monday 7 April. Thank You Sr Genny and Mrs White

Holy Spirit Parish Weekend Mass
Saturday 5 April & Sunday 6 April

Altar Servers

8am Katie G, Damien G 9.30am Isaac M 5.30pm Zac P, Dainere A 8am Alana C 5.30pm Pauline L

Presentation of Gifts

Church Cleaning

Anne M, Michael M, Nicole M

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