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February 2008

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Welcome to the ADR MIC! Thank you all for your interest in this group. I am excited for the education that we will bring forth this year, and in years to follow! To get us started, I have outlined some ideas that were discussed in Clearwater in regards to moving forward on education and programs. My hope is that each of you will find at least one box below that you are interested in researching further, so that we can divide and conquer to accomplish a lot of good work! Please email me with your interest(s). I would love for us to each choose something we would like to contribute to, creating the potential to present a variety of educational opportunities to all of ASJA!

Our Group Members:
Liza Nascembeni ADR MIC Chair David Karp Jennifer Schrage Greg Merritt Stacy Vander Velde Akilah Jones Marcia Boniferro Daniel Kast Gina Bata Lenny Chan Pete Meagher Molly Shea Michael Gilmer Gina Firth

Know someone who might be interested in joining our group and contributing to our good work? Please send along their contact info or have them email me.

“The Training of the Century!” This discussion included developing a conflict resolution training that would provide enough education and practice to allow attendees to return to campus and create or develop/improve a conflict resolution program. Possibly 2-3 days long? Separate event from Gehring/ASJA to make more affordable? Extend an ASJA pre-conference? Result in certification and/or “Train the Trainer” capabilities? Focus on Restorative Justice? Who will lead? I would love for us to offer this in Fall 2008, which means planning begins now! “Part Deux” This discussion focused on addressing the needs for institutions who already have a conflict resolution/Restorative Justice model. Offer a “best practices” workshop? Include a veterans workshop in the above training? Offer a Restorative Justice Part 2 in Clearwater in 2009?

“Extra, Extra! Read All About It!” This discussion pertained to getting information out to the membership in forms other than training. After above training(s), can we put all materials on ASJA webpage? Can we develop a conflict resolution webpage on the ASJA site? Can we collaborate on Restorative Justice documents? What data do we have to share?

“Transforming Our Practice in the Future” The theme for the ASJA 2009 conference. One of our most important roles as a MIC is to solicit programs related to our topic for the yearly conference. Although our work may rise above and beyond this task (i.e. all of the above) what workshop(s) would we recommend to take place in 2009?

“Your Ideas Here!” Thought of other great initiatives you would like the group to consider regarding conflict resolution? Please email me so we can add your thoughts to our discussions!

Eric Norman Chris Loschiavo, MIC Co-Chair

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance for your contributions! ~ Liza Nascembeni

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