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									                                 THE ESL PARROT
                                Issue 8                                                                               Fall 2006

     Interviewing Professor John Hess, English Dept.
Professor Hess, how did         to experience lots of cul-      year we have to work really
you decide to be part of        tures.                          hard to bring new people            You don't get to choose
The International Student                                       into the club.                      how you're going to die, or
Club?                           What do you like the most
                                                                                                    when. You can decide how
                                about working with interna-     How would students benefit
I have always had an inter-     tional students?                by becoming members of              you're going to live now.
est in the world, and people                                    the International Club?
of the world. People have       Energy, fun, different per-                                                             Baez, Joan
different cultures, different   spectives, all the different    Students benefit from mem-
languages; it was                                                   bership in the club by
always an interest for                                              practicing English lan-
me, so it seemed like                                               guage skills, meeting
it would be an obvi-                                                people and making
ous place to get to                                                 friends from other cul-
know people from                                                    tures, participating in
around world by join-                                               fun events, and being
ing the International                                               able to list a club affilia-
Club. So I started                                                  tion on college applica-
with first going to the                                             tions.                            American River College
meetings about 10                                                                                     4700 College Oak Drive
years ago, and then                                                 Do you have any future            Sacramento, CA 95841
became the faculty                                                  projects for international            (916) 484-8011
advisor here 6 years                                                students?
                                                                     We do want to get in-
What kind of activities                                             volved in a charity this
                                                                                                   Davies Hall 378. Interested
does the International                                              year. We are planning
                                                                                                   students could also join us
Student Club have?                                                  on raising money for
                                                                                                   for our meetings Thursdays
                                                                    Heifer International. We
                                                                                                   from 11-12:00 in the Library
We go to different                                                  want to raise enough
restaurants to have                                                 money to buy a water
different food from different   students. Meeting students      buffalo and a flock of ducks.
                                                                                                   Do you have any advice for
places. We go on camping        every year — that’s what I
                                                                                                   international students?
trips to Santa Cruz . We        like most about it.             How can students join the
have done that in May the                                       International Students
                                                                                                   Yes, make as many friends
last 2 years. Probably we       What kind of difficulties do    Club?
                                                                                                   as you can with people of
are going to go this year       you have while working with
                                                                                                   cultures other than your
also. We try to meet at club    international students?          Students who want to join
                                                                                                   own so you can speak Eng-
members’ houses to watch                                        the ARC International Club
                                                                                                   lish as much as possible.
movies. Ah! ... Sometimes       Turnover every 2 years.         can call John Hess at 484-
                                                                                                   Speaking as an English
we go bowling on “game          Students leave, new stu-        8627 or drop by his office,
                                                                                                   professor, that way you can
night” or we play interna-      dents come, and some-
                                                                                                   speak more English and
tional games. We also do        times it is so hard to be
                                                                                                   become acquainted with
fashion shows where peo-        consistent with the same
                                                                                                   other cultures, not just
ple dress up in clothes from    students every year. Get-
                                                                                                   American culture.
different countries. We do      ting students interested in
                                                                                                                Alyn Davutoglu
lots of different things just   becoming members of the                                            International student from Turkey
to try to make it a fun way     club is also difficult. Every
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                                              A Mistake Of Childhood
      My sister Angelina and I look like each other. The       I am glad to see you. I have something to tell you about this little
only difference between our appearances is our characters      girl.” Without wasting any time, she told my mother that I had
are different, and she is lighter than me. This kind of        gone to her house just to steal oranges. My mother’s reaction was
similarity caused confusion in people who didn’t know us       to spank me in front of the lady. My mother spanked me so hard
well. When I was living in Mexico at the age of ten years,     that I started crying badly. At that moment, I told my mother that it
my sister Angelina, who was a couple of years older than       wasn’t me who stole the oranges. Neither my mother nor the lady
me, stole oranges from an old lady’s tree. It was me who       believed me. Without waiting for my mother, I just decided to
faced the consequences. All the confusion started when         walk back home by myself.
the old lady confused me with my sister Angelina.                    My sister Angelina was getting ready to go out with her
       My sister Angelina liked oranges a lot. She was         friend. When she saw me coming home crying, she asked me what
kind of picky about them. She liked big and juicy oranges      was going on. I told her what had happened, and she got angry at
only. In Cotija, a little village where we grew up, just a     the lady. Right after I told her what happened, she walked to the
few people had orange trees. The                                             lady’s house and told the truth to my mother, who was
good orange trees were about 10                                              still at the old lady’s house. After my sister confessed
miles from our village by walking,                                           the truth, my mother spanked her, too. While my
in Villa de Oro, at the old and deaf                                         mother was spanking my sister, the old lady had sym-
lady’s house. My sister liked the                                            pathy for us and apologized for the confusion. She
oranges from the lady’s tree so much                                         said she really didn’t know which of us stole the or-
that one day at noon she decided to                                          anges; all she knew was that one of my mother’s
go to the lady’s house and politely                                          daughters stole the oranges. At that time, I didn’t care
ask her for oranges. The lady was a                                          about the lady’s apology. I felt so bad that I wanted to
greedy person and she didn’t give                                            be rude to the lady. My sister’s reaction was to yell at
oranges to my sister. Her excuse was that the oranges          the lady and call her “greedy lady”. Between the confession and
weren’t good to eat, which was a lie. My sister didn’t         the apologies, the lady offered oranges to my sister and me. Plus
want to go home without oranges, since her purpose was         she told us that we were welcome to go to her house any time we
to come home with oranges from the lady. Angelina hid          wanted and cut oranges whenever we wanted. However, we didn’t
behind the lady’s house and waited for the lady to go in-      care about the lady’s apology and we just stayed home. My sister
side the house, so that she could steal oranges from the       and I didn’t go back to the lady’s house until our anger against the
tree, which in fact, my sister did. While my sister was cut-   lady went away.
ting oranges from the tree, the lady came and caught my               A few days after the confusion, the lady came to our house
sister! My sister started running away from the lady, who      and apologized again for what she’d told my mother. She told us
was cursing and throwing rocks at her. A good thing is         that she made a big mistake by telling my mother instead of talk-
that she didn’t hurt my sister.                                ing to us in a good way first. She added that she learned not to be a
       I always liked to go with my mother everywhere she      “drama queen” for simple things that have less value than a rela-
used to go. One day, about a month after my sister went to     tionship between people. She promised to us that an accident like
the lady’s house, my mother asked me to go to Villa de         that would never occur again. Despite that, my sister and I didn’t
Oro with her. My mother and the old lady used to be            believe her. All we did was pretend that everything was forgiven.
friends when they were children. So, on our way back, my       However, my sister and I learned that it is no good to steal, not
mother decided to stop by the old lady’s just to say hi to     even a fruit, because any kind of stealing can cause bad conse-
her. Once we got into the house , without greeting my          quences and mistakes among people.
mother and me , the lady just said to my mother, “Teresa,                                                  Dora De Rios – ESL W50
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                                              Parrot Warblings
             ESL WEB LINKS                                            Seven Secrets to Learn English                                          Secret #6: 30 MINUTES A DAY BETTER
 These web pages provide ESL students a variety of resources
                                                                         THAN 3.5 HOURS A WEEK
 to help them improve their English skills

                                                                 In fact, 30 minutes of English study once a
                    Speak Like a Parrot                          day is better than 5 *hours* once a week!
                                                                 Study regularly! Study often!
             How to Improve Your Pronunciation

Pronouncing every word correctly leads to poor pronunciation!
Good pronunciation comes from stressing the right words - this          LITTLE + OFTEN is better than
is because English is a time-stressed language.                             LOT + SOMETIMES.

    • Remember that non-stressed words and syllables are
                                                                 It's easier, too. You can easily find 30 minutes
        often "swallowed" in English.                            each day. How? You can get up 30 minutes ear-
    • Always focus on pronouncing stressed words well,           lier. Or have a shorter lunch break. Fix a par-
        non-stressed words can be glided over.                   ticular time every day - and keep it!
    • Don't focus on pronouncing each word. Focus on the
        stressed words in each sentence.

REMEMBER: Fluency in English is accuracy with good pronuncia-
                    tion - not speed.

                               Grappling with Grammar : Mass and Count Nouns
                             Count Nouns                                   Mass Nouns
                  Count nouns are nouns that can be      Mass nouns are uncountable by a number. Mass
                  quantified or counted with a num-        nouns are quantified by a word that signifies
                                   ber.                                       amount.
                 A few examples:                       A few examples:
  *Names of persons, animals, plants, insects,
  and their parts: a boy, a kitten, a rose, an ear,      *Materials, food, metals, and natural quali-
  three boys, seven kittens, twelve roses, two ears      ties: bread, cotton, wood, lightness, adolescence
  *Objects with a definite shape: a building, a          *Names of liquids, gases, and substances
  balloon, a house, an octopus, four buildings, six      made of many small particles: cappuccino, oil,
  balloons, four houses, two octopi                      smoke, oxygen, rice, sugar, salt, cement, gravel
  *Units of measurement and words of classifi-           *Names of languages: English, Spanish,
  cation: a gram, a pound, a piece, a lump, an           French, Latin, Sanskrit, Chinese
  item, a bit, a family, a state, a language, a phrase   *Most gerunds: looking, listening, swimming,
  a word                                                 running, anticipating
  *Some abstract words: a hindrance, a scheme,
  an idea, a plan, a taboo, a rest                     Tests for Mass Nouns:
                                                       -Mass nouns are quantified by an amount rather
Tests for Count Nouns:                                 than a number.
- Count nouns can be quantified by a number.           -They have only one form (singular).
- They have singular and plural forms.                 -They cannot have "a," "an," or "one" before them
- They can use a, an, or one as a modifier.            as modifiers.
- They can use "many" as a modifier.                   -They can use "much" as a modifier
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                                                                  Out of the Cage
                                                                      ARC Music Department Benefit Concert

                                                                    The American River College Music Depart-
                           Transfer Day
                                                                    ment sponsors a benefit concert featuring the
                                                                    Kairos Quartet's new CD release "Riverrun."
  An opportunity for ARC students to meet with over                 The Kairos Quartet consists of Steve Lishman-
  60 representatives from CSU, UC, private and out-of-              saxophones, Dyne Eifertsen-trombone/
                                                                    didjeridu, Matt Robinson-bass, and Alex Jen-
  state colleges. Representatives will explain their pro-
  grams and services and have handouts available to
  pick up.                                                                         All profits will benefit the ARC
                                                                                   music department. The concert
  Location: Libary Quad.                                                           will be held on Sunday, Octo-
  Date: October 10 from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm                                          ber 15 at 3:00 pm in room 512
                                                                                   of the ARC Music Dept. port-
                                                                                   ables. Admission for the con-
                                                                                   cert is $20-General and $18-
    Interview Information &
                                                                                   Student/Senior and includes a
          Techniques                  Questions / Comments?
                                      Please let us know what         Call Dyne Eifertsen at 484-8676 for more in-
 This workshop includes: Re-
                                        we can do to improve                           formation.
 searching the organization; re-
 viewing the anticipated ques-           “The ESL Parrot”.
 tions; making a professional         We appreciate any and          Thursday September 7, 2006 during the College Hour, I
 presentation; and body lan-            all feedback you are       went to an event called the “Ukrainian Ensemble of Clas-
 guage and presentation. Regis-                                    sical Music.” It was sponsored by the American River
                                         willing to give us.       College Chamber Orchestra and the Center of Teaching
 ter for this one-hour workshop
                                      Send us an e-mail, call ,    and Learning. I was amazed how beautiful this singing
 is offered by ARC’s Career
                                       or just drop by Profes-     sounded. Being of Eastern European heritage myself, I
 Center, located in the Student                                    was expecting typical Ukrainian music. However, it was
 Services building, by calling           sor Bracco’s office       classical music interpreted by a Ukrainian ensemble,
 484-8492. Workshops are free.          D387 (at Davis Hall)       which was amazing. Some of the instruments that were
                                  used during the performance were bandura, flute, violin,
 Date: October 10, from 12:30                                      viola and cello. The ensemble originally started as a
 pm to 1:30 pm                             (916) 484-8988          church ensemble and later they started performing for the
                                                                   audiences. Aleksandra Sokolov, one of the performers,
                                                                   mentioned that they had even performed concerts in Chi-
                                                                   cago. A major contributor to this event happening was
          Sexual Assault Prevention Workshop                       Mr. Oliynyk, whose wife plays the bandura in the ensem-
                                                                   ble. The bandura, according to Mr. Oliynyk, is an old,
                                                                   traditional Ukrainian instrument. Its sound, in combina-
        Learn simple techniques to help keep yourself
                                                                   tion with other instruments, creates a very beautiful mu-
        safe.                                                      sic. I really enjoyed listening to this wonderful music. If
                                                                   someone is interested in purchasing the CD or inviting
        Location: Raef Hall, Room 160                              them for an event, you may do so by contacting Lesia at
         Date: October 10, from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm                  (916) 812-2258.
                                                                                                               Aliona Burcatoia
                                                                                                                 Parrot Bulldog
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                              Word Search
                            Confusing Words
                                                                 Dear Granny Noetal,                             Dear “Testy”,

                                                                  Sometimes my                                         I’ve got lots of
                                                                 teacher (he/she will                             ideas but let’s take
                                                                 remain nameless)                                   it to the students.
                                                                 postpones our tests at                            OK, students, not
                                                                 the last minute be-                               all of you, do you
                                                                 cause he/she runs out                                agree with your
                                                                 of time. Some stu-                               professor postpon-
                                                                 dents like this, but I                             ing the test at the
                                                                 don’t because I’ve                                       last minute?
                                                                 studied for the test
                                                                 and am ready. What                                           Granny
                                                                 do you think about this?

                                                                 Testy Student


     Advice           Chose                   Loss
     Advise           Clothes                 Quite
     Except           Cloths                  Quiet
     Accept           Desert                  There
     Affect           Dessert                 Their
     Effect            Later                  Where
     Certain           Latter                 Were
     Curtain          Loose                   Wear
     Choose            Lose

                   Wear one's heart on one's sleeve

                 Show emotions or feelings openly.
                 If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you openly
                 express your feelings or emotions to others.                    Across
                                                                                  2 having little thickness form one side of a sur-
                 Example:                                                            face to the other.
                 A: How did the interview go? Did he tell you what                3 to practice a sport or make music with an in-
                    problems he has?                                                 strument.
                 B: No, it was very difficult to make him open his heart          5 to put, bring, fasten or connect together.
                    and tell me his true feelings.                               Down
                    He's not a kind of guy who wears his heart on his            1 to be victorious in a competition.
                    sleeve.                                                      2 a natural ability or aptitude.
                                                                                 4 academic year.
                    Be careful when you talk to her. Never wear your             6 to carry on one’s person as a covering or orna-
                    heart on your sleeve.                                           ment.
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         Memories of the Chernobyl Catastophe Twenty Years Ago
“For five days we didn’t know about this accident. But   every citizen receives extra money that people call
some people guessed something happened because           “groboviye”, which means money for your coffin or
they felt very tired and sick. Some people asked ques-   grave.”
tions at a TV station. They asked what happened. But                                   Olga Gavryush ESL 320
there were no answers. After a few days, Polish TV
said, ‘The Chernobyl reactor exploded.’ After that,      “Because I was a child at the time of that awful event,
people didn’t believe any information. People knew       I was unable to fully comprehend the extent and the
no one would say the truth.”                             nature of the Chernobyl plant explosion. I only re-
                                                         member the fear that comes from not knowing what
                                        Lyudmila Lubko to expect and what to do. Many people in my
                                                     W50 neighborhood were trying to keep dust to a minimum
                                                         by wetting things down; the streets in downtown
“We lived in Estonia when the accident at Chernobyl      were washed by big water trucks. My parents told
occurred. It was spring and our best friend Victor was me that water would help keep the radiation levels
working in his garden. Victor was a strong and wise      down. For days I was told to cover my head so that
man. He was only 47 years old. The day was sunny.        radiation wouldn’t “fall” on my head. I just remem-
Suddenly, the weather changed. It started to rain.       ber standing in my front yard looking up in the sky
Victor came home. He had a headache. Victor died         and waiting for that big black cloud—but it never
after six months. The doctors said, “He died because     came. I did not realize it at the time, but the cloud
of the Chernobyl catastrophe.”                           had already come and was invisible. I was terrified
                                                         of not knowing what will happen next but my parents
                                   Valentina Pellya W50 told us that everything would be fine and God would
                                                         always take care of us. They were right! I am glad to
                 Chernobyl , April 1986…                 be where I am now, because many people living in
                                                         areas surrounding Chernobyl had a much tougher ex-
         “My adult life had just begun when it hap-      perience.”
pened. At the end of April 1986, my husband and I                                               Liliya Dorofeyev
celebrated our first wedding anniversary far away                                         Humanities Area Clerk
from that place. Then the whole country celebrated the
May holidays. The TV showed the May Day Parade in “I was a student at a German university at the time of
the Main Squares of the Soviet Union. In my recollec- the Chernobyl disaster. I remember well a campus
tion, only in the middle of May some information         gathering in which an expert alerted the student
about the Chernobyl tragedy was released to the pub-     crowd as to what a dangerous cloud from the east
lic. It was simply awful not to say anything to people, could mean for Western Europe. He cautioned us as
not to warn people about the danger, about the high      to what we should or should not do with regard to
level of radiation that spread not only in Pripyat’, but daily routines. For some reason, what stands out in
also in big surrounding territories. This tragedy has    my mind is the sight of a young, long-haired student
touched my heart deeply and left unpleasant recollec- in glasses asking how much of a cup of yogurt he
tions. I felt fear and pain. We were worried about our   could eat each day, this after being warned about the
relatives. They lived in those places which were poi-    ingestion of dairy products. It drew a few hoots from
soned. A few months after that, we visited them. Out- the crowd, maybe because he was so zeroed in on his
wardly, there was nothing changed. Only a big moni-      yogurt, the small picture, and not on far greater impli-
tor appeared on the main building of my hometown         cations.”
that showed the level of radiation. I also remember                                                   Paul Bracco
that our presents for our parents were small devices                                              Professor, ESL
for measuring radiation. Until today, in my hometown
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                                            Tail Feathers
                                                                                                    Silly Vasiliy’s Chuckle
                      Brief History of Sweetest day

    Observed the 3rd          express gratitude for           local theater.
Saturday in the month         their service to the pub-           Primarily a
of October, Sweetest          lic.                            regional obser-
Day observance origi-              Another popular            vance cele-
nated in Cleveland in         movie star, Theda Bara,         brated in the
1922. Herbert Birch           distributed 10,000              Great Lakes
Kingston, a philan-                                               region and
thropist and candy                                                the North-
company employee                                                  east,         “You’re on a high-protein diet, so I decided
wanted to bring                                                   Sweetest      you’d be the person most qualified to beef up
                                                                                our marketing program, cut out the pork from
happiness into the                                                Day is        our budget, and keep track of fishy activities in
lives of orphans,                                                 gradually     the office.”
shut-ins, and others                                              spreading
who were forgotten.                                               to other areas of the           Over the years,
With the help of                                                  country. People tend Sweetest Day has
friends, he began to                                              to take the Sweetest evolved into a time to
distribute candy                                                  Day tradition with          express romantic love
and small gifts to                                                them when they              and also to show appre-
the underprivileged.                                              move. Ohio is the           ciation to friends.
    On the first                                                  top state for Sweet-
Sweetest Day, movie           boxes of candy to peo-          est Day sales, followed
star Ann Pennington           ple in Cleveland hospi-         by Michigan and Illinois.
presented 2,200 Cleve-        tals and also gave              Texas, California and
land newspaper boys           candy to all who came           Florida are among the  
with boxes of candy to        to watch her film in a          top 10 states in sales.                         sweetestday.htm

                                         More Student Chirpings
                                                   Constitution Day

    Thursday, September 14, 2006,        rule ourselves.                            the Depression and abandoned the
during College Hour, there was a              Professor Bethel used a sports        laissez faire philosophy. In addition,
gathering for the commemoration of       analogy and the idea that as rules of      the idea of who should have more
the constitution of the United States    a sport change, politics and the laws      power, the individual or the govern-
of America on so-called “Constitution    change as well. It is the idea that the    ment, was discussed during the
Day.” The event was sponsored by         rules are changed by demand and            presentation. After some questions,
the Political Science Department and     what people want. Also mentioned           it was concluded that the laws have
by the Center of Teaching and            was the historical recognition of          both a conceptual and applied basis,
Learning. The speakers were politi-      women as a minority having the right       and it is important for the govern-
cal science professor Tabares and        to vote. Another concept that was          ment to find a balance when apply-
history professor Bethel. They went      mentioned was the idea of limited          ing power over individuals. Finally,
over five concepts of the Constitution   government and an earlier philoso-         the distribution of power among lo-
of the United States. First was the      phy, that “government is the best          cal, state, and national levels and the
concept of delegation of powers and      which governs least”, which was            importance this makes during elec-
how we, in theory, as voters dele-       used before the Great Depression           tions was addressed.
gate power to congress. The next         influenced economic policy-making.                                    Aliona Burcatoia
concept was the idea of popular sov-     It was mentioned how the policy-                                        Parrot Bulldog
ereignty, in other words, the right to   makers changed their decisions after

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