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                              Science Professional Development

 The Oklahoma State Department of Education’s professional development is research based and high quality.
 It is sustained, intensive, and classroom focused in order to have a positive and lasting impact on classroom

                            All curriculum directors are trained to present the following:
                                  • Building Academic Vocabulary
                                  • Windows on Curriculum
                                  • Curriculum Mapping

                           Science professional development also includes:
                                • Implementation of Science Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS)
                                • Understanding the Oklahoma assessments and strategies for success:
                                       • Grade 5 Criterion-Referenced Tests
                                       • Grade 8 Criterion-Reference Tests
                                       • Biology I End-of-Instruction Assessment
                                • Videoconferences
                                • Science vertical alignment
                                • Inquiry in the science classroom
                                • Science curriculum integration

Oklahoma State Department of Education              July 2008                 Office of Standards and Curriculum
                       Mathematics and Science Partnership Program

                     Purpose                                                     Participants
 To improve student mastery of the Priority Academic           Pre-K through Grade 12 teachers from partnering
 Student Skills (PASS) in mathematics and science by           districts
 providing intensive content knowledge development
 for teachers

 In January 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 became law. Title II, Part B, of this legislation authorizes
 a Mathematics and Science Partnership competitive grant program. The intent of this program is to encourage
 institutions of higher education, local school districts, elementary schools, and secondary schools to participate in
 professional development activities that increase the subject matter knowledge and teaching skills of mathematics
 and science teachers. Professional development strategies must be sustained, intensive, classroom focused, and
 aligned with the national and state standards. These strategies must result in a demonstrable and measurable
 improvement in K-12 student academic achievement in mathematics and science.

 Since the beginning of the program, the Oklahoma State
 Department of Education has partnered with 122 school districts
 and 13 institutions of higher education through 24 projects.
 Each project consists of 10-20 days of intensive professional
 development institutes with additional follow-up days during
 the school year highlighting in-depth study of science and
 mathematics content. The purpose of each project is to provide
 high-quality professional development by increasing teacher
 content knowledge in the subjects they teach as well as other
 closely related subjects in the fields of mathematics, science,
 and technology. More than 1,000 teachers have participated in
 the Mathematics and Science Partnership Institutes since their
 inception. Through the funding provided by the United States Department of Education, the Oklahoma State
 Department of Education has been able to provide $4.637 million since the program began.

Oklahoma State Department of Education                July 2008                  Office of Standards and Curriculum
                                   National Youth Science Camp

                     Purpose                                                   Participants
 The National Youth Science Camp is a summer                            Oklahoma public school students
 science program that honors high-achieving science
 students and provides opportunities for students to
 interact with leading national science researchers.

 The National Youth Science Camp is a free, four-week residential experience in West Virginia for two high-achieving
 high school science students from each state in the nation. The science camp was initiated by the governor of West
 Virginia to provide science students with an opportunity to exchange research work and ideas with scientists and
 other professionals from academic and corporate worlds. Students participate in hands-on science activities, visit
 area science research facilities, and join in discussion with experts in the various science fields.

 The selection process is conducted by the Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science at the state meet held each year
 in Ada, Oklahoma, the last weekend of March. Students selected to attend must be seniors and must place in the
 Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science competition. The judges at the state meet select outstanding senior students
 to serve as delegates from the state of Oklahoma.

 Information on the Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science competition is available at <
 /OJAS/index.html> under the “meetings” tab. Information on the National Youth Science Camp is available at

Oklahoma State Department of Education               July 2008                 Office of Standards and Curriculum
   Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

                     Purpose                                                     Participants
 To recognize and honor mathematics and science                 Application is open to any K-12 Oklahoma mathematics
 teachers who provide high-quality instruction to their         or science teacher with five years teaching experience.
 students on a daily basis                                      Application information is available at <http://www

                                                   The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and
                                                   Science Teaching is the nation’s highest honor for teachers of
                                                   mathematics and science. The Awards recognize exemplary
                                                   K-12 teachers for their contributions in the classroom and
                                                   to their profession. Excellent teachers perform miracles
                                                   everyday with little or no recognition. The Presidential
                                                   Awards demonstrate the value and appreciation the nation
                                                   has for the teaching profession.

                                                                      Approximately 80 nominations are submitted
                                                                      each year by teachers, administrators, parents,
 Presidential Awardees provide leadership in Oklahoma                 and even students to recognize an excellent
 mathematics and science education by serving as mentors              mathematics or science teacher in their
 to new teachers, making presentations at state conferences,          district. Upon receipt of applications from
 offering intensive professional development workshops,               those nominees, three mathematics teachers
 advocating for education in the public arena, and diligently         and three science teachers are selected as
 teaching each student the value of mathematics and science           Oklahoma state finalists. A national committee
 in the world.                                                        may select one mathematics and one science
                                                                      awardee from Oklahoma as our Presidential
                                                                      Awardees for the year. Since 1983, Oklahoma
                                                                      has had 74 awardees.

Oklahoma State Department of Education                July 2008                  Office of Standards and Curriculum
                                      Robotics Program Grants

                    Purpose                                                  Participants
 The Oklahoma Robotics Grants were established by               Oklahoma public school teachers and students
 the Oklahoma State Legislature to provide funding
 for public schools to establish competitive remote-
 controlled robot teams.

 The Oklahoma Robotics Grants provide funds to public schools in Oklahoma to assist in establishing a competitive
 team to enter robotics competitions.

 Funds may be used for:
     • Competition registration.
     • Materials to build robot and related expenses.
     • Travel to state or national competitions.

 Applicants must demonstrate:
      • Commitment to the development of
          student teams.
      • Recruitment of volunteer mentors.
      • Designing and building of remote-
          controlled robots.
      • Entering competitions.

Oklahoma State Department of Education              July 2008                 Office of Standards and Curriculum

                     Purpose                                                    Participants
 ScienceFest is designed to provide students and              All Oklahoma fourth- and fifth-grade students and
 teachers with a fun-filled day of environmental               teachers
 education activities and experiences.

                                                                              ScienceFest is designed to foster
                                                                              scientific literacy while educating
                                                                              children about protecting the
                                                                              environment, conserving natural
                                                                              resources, and using alternative
                                                                              fuels and technologies. Educators
                                                                              plan a day packed with exciting
                                                                              exhibits, presentations, and hands-
                                                                              on demonstrations developed to
                                                                              show the importance of scientific
                                                                              applications in the environment.
                                                                              The hands-on demonstrations use
                                                                              basic geology, biology, physical
                                                                              science, health, and environmental
                                                                              sciences to teach the children how
                                                                              science impacts everyday life.

 Fourth- and fifth-grade students statewide are invited to participate in this annual event. Each year the event draws
 over 4,500 students. ScienceFest provides a positive contribution to the environmental education of Oklahoma’s
 students by exposing them to the arena of environmental science. ScienceFest not only enhances their awareness
 of science and stimulates some to pursue careers in science; it also helps them be better citizens and stewards of
 the environment. This event is held at the Oklahoma City Zoological Park and Botanical Garden. There is no fee to
 participate in ScienceFest, but registration in advance is required. More information is available at <http://www>.

Oklahoma State Department of Education                July 2008                 Office of Standards and Curriculum
                        State Superintendent’s Science Inquiry Institute

                      Purpose                                                   Participants
  The Science Institute for Inquiry is designed to                        All Oklahoma science teachers
  provide teachers with high quality, research-based
  professional development in the practice of science
  inquiry. It is sustained, intensive and classroom
  focused in order to have a positive and lasting impact
  on classroom instruction.

  Using hands-on experiences and focused reflection, the Science Institute for Inquiry provides the opportunity for
  teachers to explore the process of inquiry. Participants will examine different ways of teaching hands-on science,
  explore the process skills as designated in the Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS), engage in a full
  scientific inquiry, and consider ways to include inquiry in the science classroom.

                                                              Based on the inquiry materials from the Exploratorium
                                                              Science Museum, this workshop allows teachers
                                                              to collaborate to develop inquiry methods to be
                                                              incorporated into current classroom curriculum.

  Modules include:
      • Comparing approaches to hands-on science
      • Process skills
      • Raising questions
      • Stream table inquiry
      • Subtle shifts: Adapting activities for inquiry

Oklahoma State Department of Education                July 2008                Office of Standards and Curriculum
                                  Surveys of Enacted Curriculum

                     Purpose                                                Participants
 The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum help educators
 see alignment of classroom practice, state standards,      Oklahoma public school classroom teachers, along
 and state assessments. It aids educators by using          with district and school leaders
 data to guide professional development. The use of
 anonymous teacher data can start a powerful school
 discussion about teacher/student needs. Ultimately,
 the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum are a data tool to
 enable high student achievement.

 The Oklahoma State Department of Education facilitates the implementation of the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
 (SEC), a tool developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Wisconsin Center for Education

 Survey topics include:
      • Subject content in science, language arts, and math (linked to standards)
      • Subject-specific classroom instructional practices
      • Teacher professional development and subject preparation
      • Influences on curriculum and instruction
      • Use of materials, texts, and technology
      • School conditions for teaching

 Oklahoma State Department of Education Curriculum Directors in Mathematics and Science provide professional
 development on the administration of the surveys and the interpretation of the data.

Oklahoma State Department of Education               July 2008              Office of Standards and Curriculum

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