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                                                                         August 2007
Welcome to the August edition of Blues News!

The Harriers annual presentation evening this year will be on Wednesday 12th
September in the club hall.
The presentations for the juniors will start at 7.30pm followed by a break for
refreshments (please bring a plate of food to share).

The junior section has a healthy membership and they have had many successes in
track and field and cross country. This evening will give all members the chance to
celebrate these achievements and to thank the coaches who work hard with the junior

The Senior presentations will start at approximately 9pm.
Harriers who took part in this year’s handicap series can collect their prizes and
This should be a good evening for all our members to enjoy I look forward to seeing
you there.
Stephanie Jenkins.


A huge Thank You to Doug Jenkin for bringing the club bang up to date by getting
our new website up and running! It looks fantastic and is a credit to the club!
Log on at for details of the club, the quarterly newsletter,
upcoming events and photographs.
You can also contact the club at or join our google group
'bluesviews' to keep up to date with the latest happenings.

If you are not running in this race and feel that you would like to help in any way,
please contact Karen Curry on 01237 459790. We need your help to make this
event a success!

From 18th August – 16th September there is an exhibition being held in the Burton
Art Gallery with photographs and memorabilia from Bideford AAC and Bideford
ARC to celebrate rowing.

In 2009 it is hoped to have a bigger exhibition in the larger gallery, which would involve
the ‘Blues’ and the ‘Reds’ rowing section with a ‘gig’ and training boat. We also hope
to include the Blues harriers section, seniors and juniors.
Pam Paddon
e-mail address:

Please come and support Prize Bingo on Friday 7th September, eyes down at

Congratulations to Jane Utting and Andy Watts on the birth of their
baby daughter on Friday, 17th August.


John Ward     32-01     Mark Jenkin 32-34     Peter Hockin 32-56
Simon Edney 35-59       Craig Bellew36-22     Steve Heard 37-00
David Braunton 37-05    Mark Sussex37-22      Steve Gallienne 37-41
Hollie Knight 37-43     Chris Stone38-44      Martin Colwill 39-12
Barrie Huxtable 39-13   Maurice Cockwill 39-28 Mark Gilbert 39-55
Stuart Philps 39-57     Andy Jewell 40-02     Jimmy Murray 40-30
Andy Glover 40-42       Gary Suggate41-09     Robert Horrell 41-20
Steven Humphries 41-21 Rob Pullen 41-23       Bill Siviter   41-28
Alan Cox      41-40     Shaun Wilson42-37     Neil Marke     42-45
Dan Mapp      42-56     Paul Watson 43-13     Colin Lane     43-20
Sam Wilson-Hammond      43-46 Annette Murray 44-10     Paul Wilson    44-12
Stewart Snetzler 44-17 Rob Floyd 44-22        Stuart Wilson-Hammond 44-26
Erica Woolgar 45-34     Alan Heard 45-35      Simon Lacey 45-36
Ian Mansford 46-09      Chris Stone 46-13     Jo Bedler      46-14
Paul Strutt   46-41     Andrew Oke46-42       Jan Behnke 46-44
Jane Jackson 47-04      Sue Pennington 47-15 Jack Oliver     47-19
Alison Sussex 47-20     Tara Horrell47-23     Dave Cloak 47-25
Neil Pennington 47-32   Tony Andrews 47-38 Andy Walter 49-27
Lyn Billington 49-55    Caroline Ellis50-37   Kaye Allen     50-47
David Mellor 51-39      Glen Martin 52-12     Linda Eastmond 53-00
Chris Cann    54-10     Paul Cloke 54-19      Alice Lake     54-53
Lois Vickers 54-54      Rachel Williams 55-00 Liz Warner     55-14
Roger Edwards 55-46     Matthew Colwill 55-46 Jenny Cockwill 55-48
Sue Oliver    55-53     Andrea Brend 56-39    Karen Wilson 57-09
Kate Vine     57-13     David Dark 57-56      Andy Watts 57-58
Vicki Gordon 59-02      Natalie Hammond 1-00-15Elizabeth Roberts      1-00-
Alan Davies 1-01-06     Karen Behnke 1-02-09 Anna Lacey 1-02-09
Eric Hubber1-04-01      Angela Davies 1-06-15 Adele Owens 1-09-21
Anne Colling 1-11-51

Mark Sussex4-55-04

Wayne Stephens 34-04      Maurice Cockwill 39-09    Alan Heard 45-57
Glen Martin 49-59         Karen Curry 50-21         Lois Vickers 53-29
Jenny Cockwill 54-05

Peter Hockin 34-27        Simon Edney 36-39         Steven Gallienne 37-37
Jimmy Murray 41-58        Colin Lane       43-06    Alec McLaren 43-58
Alan Heard    47-29       Glen Martin 50-47         Karen Curry52-19
Rachel Williams 54-07     Lois Vickers 56-24        Kate Vine 1-01-07
Liz Roberts 1-02-04       Liz Oke      1-07-44      Adele Owens 1-16-58
Anne Conling 1-17-00

Peter Hockin 1-16-15 (1st) Wayne Stephens 1-18-09 (2nd)

Martin Colwill 42-13      Mark Sussex 42-55

Kevin Heywood 31-42 (1st) Mark Jenkin 32-35 (3rd)   Andy Glover 41-21

Kevin Heywood 1-12-31 (2nd)      Steve Heard        1-25-36Martin Colwill
Mark Sussex1-29-22        Jimmy Murray 1-36-03      Andy Glover 1-38-17
Andrea Chance 2-06-36     Kay Eastwood 2-20-46

Neil Marke 1-11-57        Liz Roberts 1-45-46

Simon Edney 36-37

Mark Sussex 49-07

Maurice Colwill 45-24

Well done to Dan Mapp for winning this race.

                                      RACE DIARY
Langport 10K          Sunday 26 August          Bideford 10 mile race Sunday 2nd
Grizzly (20 miles)    Sunday 9th September      Torrington ‘Back in Five’
                      Sunday 9 September
Newton Abbott Ladies Race                       Sunday 16th September
                      Doone Run (11.4 miles)    Sunday 16th September
North Devon 10K Sunday 7th October              Tavy 7              Sunday 11th

                              Message from Karen Curry
                       IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
Dear Member,

Please read this and act upon it should you need to do so:
As you may be aware, the Harriers section of BAAC is affiliated to UK Athletics
and, as part of this, England Athletics. Our affiliation enables us to put on our own
races which are approved by UK Athletics and also enables our members to
participate in events run under UK Athletics rules at cheaper rates than runners who
are not attached to an affiliated club.

In the past the section has paid a single annual fee for our affiliation. Starting this
year, England Athletics have set up a registration scheme for individual members of
affiliated clubs, asking for a registration fee of £3 per active member over and above
the club affiliation fee.

When the new Harriers Committee received information about the registration
scheme it was already too late to add the registration fee to members’ annual
subscriptions as most people had already paid for their membership. The Committee
decided that for this year the section would pay the registration fees for individual
active members and would subsequently consult with members to decide what to do
about next year.

We sent a list of active members (i.e. members who take part in events run under UK
Athletics rules such as road races, cross country league races and track and filed
meetings) to UK Athletics along with the appropriate £3 per person, hoping this
would be all the information they would need.

England Athletics are now asking us to send them the contact details, i.e. a home
address, for each active member as they need to send out registration cards. We do
not want not want to send members’ contact details without the permission of
members, so we are asking you to let us know if you are an active member and do not
wish to have your address sent off to England Athletics. To do this, speak to either
to Karen Curry or Steph Jenkins or ring Karen on 01237 459790 or 07854
352423. Karen will be away between 26th July and 12th August but you can leave a
message on either of the two numbers. You need to let us know by Friday 24th
August as we need to send off the addresses before the end of the month.

If you decide that you do not want to register with England Athletics, then you will
not be eligible to take part in league cross country or track and field events and in
order to enter UK Athletics road races you will need to enter as an unattached

We have been informed that next year the registration fee will increase to £5 per
active member. We intend to hold an extraordinary meeting later in the year to give
members a chance to discuss the options and decide what we should do as a section in
the future.

Hope this all makes sense – if not please talk to us!

This year I entered the London Marathon. The race started and immediately I was

the last of the runners. It was embarrassing. The lady who was in front of me, second

to last, was making fun of me. She said, "Hey, how does it feel to be last?" I replied:

"Do you want to know?" and I dropped out. ………

Club Pub Run

On August 16th, a group of the Thursday night runners are planning a 5 mile circular

route run from the Westleigh Inn. We are meeting at 6:15 in the pub car park and

after the run, having a bar meal/drink at the pub. A map will be available. If you’d like

to join us, we’d love to see you!

Boost the nutritional quality of your diet - as well as your running performance - with
these easy food swaps.
                            SWAP: Apple FOR: Orange
 Oranges contain nine times more immune-boosting vitamin C than apples - each has
   more than 100 per cent of the recommended daily amount. They can also lower

    cholesterol, protect your eyesight, and help fight cancer thanks to the potent
antioxidant hesperidin. Oranges are also rich in folic acid, fibre and essential minerals.
                     SWAP: Potatoes FOR: Sweet potatoes
Potatoes have a high glycaemic index (GI), which means their carbohydrates are fast-
  releasing. But sweet potatoes break down and release their carbohydrates more
 slowly, to provide longer-lasting energy. They are also rich in omega-3 oils (0.9g per
   100g), vitamin A (as beta-carotene), vitamin C, iron, potassium and manganese.
                      SWAP: Sultanas FOR: Dried apricots
 Sultanas are high in sugar and handy for boosting blood sugar levels during a long
  run. However, you'll get more sustained energy pre- or post-run if you have dried
apricots instead. They have a low GI (30, versus 56 for sultanas) and contain about
half the sugar of sultanas. They are also packed with the potent, free radical-fighting
antioxidant beta-carotene. Five dried apricots (100g) supply 6.3g of fibre (one third
 of your daily needs, and three times more than the same weight of sultanas) and also
provide a quarter of your daily requirement of iron as well as potassium and folic acid.
                         SWAP: Lettuce FOR: Watercress
 Apart from water and a little potassium, there's not much going for round or iceberg
lettuce. Upgrade your salad by choosing a dark-green salad vegetable like watercress
instead. An average portion (80g) provides 42 per cent of your daily vitamin A needs
(in the form of beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A), 100 per cent of
  your daily vitamin C and 13 per cent of your iron. It also has high amounts of the
  compound phenylethyl isothiocyanate (which gives watercress its unique peppery
                flavour) that has been shown to protect against cancer.
                 SWAP: Bagels FOR: Wholemeal hot cross buns
Despite their healthy image, bagels are no better for you than plain white rolls. For a
 high-octane snack, swap for a wholemeal hot cross bun, which provides significantly
more insoluble fibre, iron, zinc, vitamin E and selenium. Whole-grain foods promote a
healthy gut and also lower your risk of heart disease and stroke. Just four servings a
 day gives the same blood cholesterol-lowering benefits as statin drugs. They'll also
             cut your colon cancer risk due to their content of phytic acid.
                       SWAP: Herbal teas FOR: Black tea
You might feel virtuous having a herbal fruit tea but most have no nutritional value and
they can be bad for your teeth. Black tea is full of antioxidants called flavanols and is

just as good as water for rehydrating you. Scientists have shown that blood levels of
protective antioxidants rise significantly within 30 minutes of drinking tea. A study at
   Kings College, London found that drinking three or four cups a day can cut the
               chances of heart attacks and may protect against cancer.
                   SWAP: Apple juice FOR: Pommegranate juice
   A study by the University of California discovered that drinking a daily glass of
pomegranate juice can cut the risk of prostate cancer. Pomegranates contain cancer-
   fighting polyphenols, immune-boosting tannins, and anthocyanins, which reduce
 inflammation and protect blood vessels. They are also rich in vitamins A, C and E
 and iron. Research in Israel also found that a glass a day can reduce the buildup of
      arterial plaque by 35 per cent, protecting against heart disease and stroke.

                                     Junior Harriers


After nearly 12 months of extremely hard work, the harriers’ section have now been
awarded Clubmark status.
Clubmark is a cross-sport quality accreditation for clubs with junior sections, which
recognises standards of child protection, coaching, equity and good management.

The coaches and helpers have been attending meetings, training events and
workshops, and Lorna Turner has been busy collating a massive file of evidence to
demonstrate that we meet all the Clubmark criteria – thanks Lorna.
We also now have official links with Bideford College to promote athletics in the

Devon Open Series Track & Field

Junior athletes and some of the coaches have competed in the Devon Open Series
events this summer, travelling to Plymouth, Braunton and Exeter. Out of 12 clubs,
we are currently in 3rd place in the overall league table. The final meeting will take
place at Plymouth on Sunday 19 August 07.

Shine Award scheme

The Shine Award scheme provides opportunities for children to try athletics

through fun physical challenges and rewards them for their efforts. It promotes an

incentive to learn and to develop individual athletic skills. Whilst training at Moreton

Park, records of achievement have been logged, and certificates and medals will be

awarded to athletes at the club presentation evening in September.

Dates for your Diary

We will be having a 2-week break from training at the end of the school summer
holidays. The final training session at Moreton Park will be on Thursday 16 August
07 – this will be a fun night when athletes and their families can take part in a variety of
races etc. 6 – 7.30 p.m.

Winter training will resume on Thursday 6 September 07 meeting at the Clubhouse
for road running from 6 p.m – 7 p.m (ages 9 + only) and on Tuesday 11 September
07 at Bideford College Sports Hall 6 p.m – 7 p.m for ages 8 +.

                      ROWING SECTION

Boat Christening, Club Races & Rowing Presentation Evening
On Friday 14th September events will start with the Christening of a
new boat for the junior rowing section this will take place at approximately 7.00pm, this
will be followed by the club races, and the evening will conclude with presentations for
the rowing section.

                              ROWING RESULTS

Wimbleball Regatta, Saturday 30th June.
After the disappointing results at the previous week’s regatta at Totnes, the Club
along with the rest of WEARA, made the journey to Exmoor and Wimbleball Lake
for the third regatta of the season.

A wet and blustery day greeted everyone and the first crew from the club to take to
the water where the Men’s Senior C four of Dave Byrnes, Adam Kelly, Shaun
Wilson and Matt Colwill with Chris Daniel as coxswain in his first regatta.

Unfortunately, not long into the race they experienced boat problems and were
forced to stop rowing, eventually crossing the line in fifth place.

Next on the water were the crew of Sarah-Jane Lee, Jessica Lee, Rebecca Jeffery
and Hayley Wilson, with Sophie Pearce coxswaining, in the Ladies Senior C fours
but they could not keep up with the older and more experienced crews from South
Devon and Cornwall.

The Men’s Novice fours crew of Nick Blight, Adam Kelly, Shaun Wilson and Matt
Colwill, with Chris Daniel again coxswaining managed a creditable third place, but
this was bettered by the Men’s Senior B four of Adam Bright, Jon Hare, Chris
Davis and Andrew Wilson, with Hannah Wilson as coxswain, who took second place.

Dave Byrnes again took to the water, but this time in a sculling boat, in the Men’s
Novice single scull, and along with Colin Pennington sculling in the same category,
both qualified for the final of that event but neither of them were able to secure a
points finish.

But it was different in the Men’s Veteran fours, where Dave - in his fourth event of
the afternoon, in his first regatta - and Colin, along with Neil Pennington and Nigel
Cann were beaten by just a few feet into second place.

The men and women joined together in the Mixed Senior C fours and the crew of
Jessica Lee, Adam Bright, Shaun Wilson and Sarah-Jane Lee - Hannah Wilson,
cox – came third just two feet in the front of the other club crew of Vicki Bushby,
Adam Kelly, Nick Blight and Hayley Wilson, with Sophie Pearce as cox.

The Ladies Junior Under 18 crew of Hayley Wilson, Rebecca Jeffery, Jessica
Lee and Vicki Bushby, Sophie Pearce again as coxswain, picked up a third place in
their category.

Exeter Regatta, Saturday 14th July, 2007.
After days of rain, everyone packed for a wet day for the short-sprint regatta on the
River Exe at Exeter on Saturday for the fourth of this season’s West of England
ARA regattas.
But wet-weather gear was not required as a dry, hot day ensured ideal conditions for

In a tough day of racing with 96 events of heats and finals it was going to be a long
day, and this time the younger rowers put the older, more senior rowers in the shade.

The Blues Ladies Junior Under 18 crew of Vicki Bushby, Jessica Lee, Rebecca
Jeffery and Hayley Wilson, with Sophie Pearce as cox, took first place in their
category with a win over local rivals the Reds.

                                       Pictured here are the winning Ladies Junior 18
                                       crew with their trophies.
                                       Left to right: Hayley Wilson, Sophie Pearce
                                       (cox), Rebecca Jeffery, Vicki Bushby and
                                       Jessica Lee.
                                       Not content with that Hayley and Rebecca
                                       combined with Nick Blight and Adam Kelly to
                                       win a very good race by a length to win the
Mixed Novice fours as well.

Pictured, again with their trophies, are the
winning Mixed Novice crew of (left to right)
Adam Kelly, Nick Blight, Hayley Wilson,
Sophie Pearce (cox) and Rebecca Jeffery.

As for the seniors that were competing on the
day, several missing because of holiday
commitments, the Men’s Senior B crew of
Adam Bright, Jon Hare, Chris Davis and Andrew Wilson, with Hannah Wilson as
cox, took a very good second place against strong opposition.

The pictures were taken outside the Exeter Watersports Centre after the
presentation of prizes, the back drop to which is the Exeter Canal Basin which used
to be the Exeter Maritime Museum.

   We still want more input into the newsletter from all club members, so if you have
  something to say and share, maybe a race revue, something you’d like to advertise,
  running tips……….please let Karen or Liz know or go onto the Blues Web Forum.


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