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					                                   Gum Paste Flowers
                     Tulips, Pansies, Cherry Blossoms and Dogwood
                                        Diane Gibbs, Instructor

                                            Class Supply List

Gum Paste (commercially purchased or recipe below)
Tulip, Pansy, Dogwood and small 5-petal blossom cutters
Egg-shaped clear plastic candy molds (approx. 4”)
Silicone veiners (optional)
Gum paste modeling tools (Includes ball tool) Bring any tools that you like to use with your gum paste
Small rolling pin
Foam Pad for rolling and shaping flowers
Non-stick board for rolling gum paste
Wire -#20, #22 and #24 gauge, cloth-covered (straight pieces not a roll of wire)
Green and brown floral tape
Paste Food coloring – black and red
Artificial Stamens – small yellow
Gum glue – water or egg white will do
Fine Artist brush plus have a several clean, dry, soft brushes to use for dusting colors.
Block of Styrofoam – at least 2” thick – used for drying flowers
Waxed paper
Plastic Flower Formers
Small wire cutters and Small needle nose pliers
Exacto Knife (craft knife) and Tweezers and Small scissors
Small angled spatula
Small amount of solid shortening and cornstarch (about ¼ cup each)
Box or container to carry flowers home

Gum paste Recipe:

  1 recipe of Royal Icing – made according to directions on package or container of meringue powder
  4 level teaspoons of Tylose
  Combine ingredients for royal icing and beat for 10 minutes. You do not want a dry, stiff royal icing, as
this will make your gum paste too dry. If this is the case, add small amounts of water to soften icing before
adding Tylose. (If icing is too soft, gum paste will be too sticky.) Add Tylose and beat for a couple of
minutes more. Remove from mixer and knead well on a surface dusted with powdered sugar. Wrap in
plastic wrap and place in airtight container. Gum paste can be used immediately, but is easier to work with if
allowed to sit for 5 or 6 hours.

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