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									October 2008

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What You Need to Know About Community Health In Montrose
Thursday, November 6th 7:00 P.M. Montrose County Health and Human Services Building 1845 S. Townsend Ave. (one block south of Niagara) Presenter: Karen Connor, Montrose County Health Educator and League Member
People often do not realize that “Public Health” services touch every person living in Montrose County. With services ranging from immunizations to child and family support services to disease prevention to emergency preparedness in case of epidemics, Montrose County Health and Human Services provides a program that you need. Karen has developed a PowerPoint presentation that she will use to make community groups more aware of the breadth of services offered. Invite a neighbor. Come and find out why you, too, are a patient of Montrose County Health and Human Services.

No On Amendment 46
“M!a!n!y! !p!e!o!p!l!e! !t!h!i!n!k! !t!h!a!t! !A!f!f!i!r!m!a!t!i!v!e! !A!c!t!i!o!n! !i!s! !j!u!s!t! !a!b!o!u!t! !g!i!v!i!n!g! !u!n!f!a!i!r! !p!r!e!f!e!r!e!n!c!e! !t!o! !m!i!n!o!r!i!t!i!e!s! !f!o!r! !j!o!b!s!,! !c!o!l!l!e!g!e! !a!d!m!i!t!t!a!n!c!e!,! !e!t!c!.! ! T!h!i!s! !i!s! !n!o!t! !s!o!.! ! !I! !a!m! !a! !w!h!i!t!e! !f!e!m!a!l!e!.! ! !I!n! !t!h!e! !1!9!8!0!’s! !I! !w!a!s! !w!o!r!k!i!n!g! !i!n! !e!n!g!i!n!e!e!r!i!n!g! !f!o!r! !a! !l!a!r!g!e! !a!e!r!o!s!p!a!c!e! !c!o!r!p!o!r!a!t!i!o!n!.! ! !I! !w!a!s! !a! !s!i!n!g!l!e! !m!o!t!h!e!r! !o!f! !t!h!r!e!e! !s!o!n!s!,! !a!n!d! !r!e!a!l!l!y! !s!t!r!u!g!g!l!i!n!g! !t!o! !m!a!k!e! !e!n!d!s! !m!e!e!t!.! ! ! A! !f!e!w! !y!e!a!r!s! !a!f!t!e!r! !I! !h!a!d! !b!e!e!n! !w!o!r!k!i!n!g! !t!h!e!r!e!,! !t!w!o! !y!o!u!n!g! !(!w!h!i!t!e!)! !t!w!i!n! !b!r!o!t!h!e!r!s! !w!e!r!e! !h!i!r!e!d!.! ! !T!h!e!s!e! !t!w!o! !y!o!u!n!g! !m!e!n! !s!o!o!n! !w!e!r!e! !a!t! !t!h!e! !s!a!m!e! !c!l!a!s!s!i!f!i!c!a!t!i!o!n! !a!s! !I! !w!a!s!,! !a!l!t!h!o!u!g!h! !t!h!e!y! !d!i!d! !n!o!t! !h!a!v!e! !c!o!l!l!e!g!e! !d!e!g!r!e!e!s!,! !a!n!d! !I! !d!i!d!.! ! ! ! !O!n!e! !d!a!y! !a!t! !w!o!r!k!,! !I! !g!o!t! !a! !p!h!o!n!e! !c!a!l!l! !f!r!o!m! !t!h!e! !A!f!f!i!r!m!a!t!i!v!e! !A!c!t!i!o!n! !o!f!f!i!c!e! !(!I! !d!i!d!n!’t! !e!v!e!n! !k!n!o!w! !w!e! !h!a!d! !s!u!c!h! !a! !t!h!i!n!g!)!.! ! !T!h!e!y! !a!s!k!e!d! !m!e! !t!o! !c!o!m!e! !t!o! !t!h!e!i!r! !o!f!f!i!c!e!.! ! !W!h!e!n! !I! !w!a!l!k!e!d! !i!n! !I! !w!a!s! !h!a!n!d!e!d! !a! !c!h!e!c!k! !f!o!r! !$!7,!0!0!0!.!0!0! !a!n!d! !a! !l!e!t!t!e!r! !s!a!y!i!n!g! !I! !w!o!u!l!d! !g!e!t! !a! !$!9!0!.!0!0! !a! !w!e!e!k! !r!a!i!s!e! !i!f! !I! !s!i!g!n!e!d! !t!h!e! !l!e!t!t!e!r! !p!r!o!m!i!s!i!n!g! !n!o!t! !t!o! !s!u!e! !t!h!e! !c!o!m!p!a!n!y! !f!o!r! !d!i!s!c!r!i!m!i!n!a!t!i!o!n!.! ! !I!t! !t!u!r!n!s! !o!u!t! !t!h!a!t! !c!o!m!p!a!n!i!e!s! !t!h!a!t! !d!o! !w!o!r!k! !f!o!r! !t!h!e! !g!o!v!e!r!n!m!e!n!t! !g!e!t! !a!u!d!i!t!e!d! !t!o! !s!e!e! !i!f! !s!a!l!a!r!i!e!s! !a!r!e! !f!a!i!r!.! ! !I! !h!a!d! !b!e!e!n! !u!n!d!e!r!p!a!i!d! !f!o!r! !t!h!r!e!e! !y!e!a!r!s! !i!n! !c!o!m!p!a!r!i!s!o!n! !t!o! !t!h!o!s!e! !t!w!o! !y!o!u!n!g! !m!e!n!,! !w!h!o! !h!a!d! !l!e!s!s! !e!x!p!e!r!i!e!n!c!e!,! !a!n!d! !l!e!s!s! !e!d!u!c!a!t!i!o!n!,! !e!v!e!n! !t!h!o!u!g!h! !m!y! !p!e!r!f!o!r!m!a!n!c!e! !a!p!p!r!a!i!s!a!l!s! !h!a!d! !b!e!e!n! !a!b!o!v!e! !a!v!e!r!a!g!e! !t!h!e! !w!h!o!l!e! !t!i!m!e!.! ! ! A!f!f!i!r!m!a!t!i!v!e! !A!c!t!i!o!n! !w!o!u!l!d! !n!o!t! !b!e! !n!e!e!d!e!d! !i!f! !p!e!o!p!l!e! !w!e!r!e! !f!a!i!r!,! !b!u!t! !n!o!t! !e!v!e!r!y!b!o!d!y! !i!s! !f!a!i!r!,! !I! !f!o!u!n!d! !t!h!a!t! !o!u!t!.! ! !A!s! !I! !c!o!n!t!i!n!u!e!d! !i!n! !m!y! !c!a!r!e!e!r!,! !i!t! !d!i!d! !s!e!e!m! !t!h!a!t! !t!h!i!n!g!s! !g!o!t! !b!e!t!t!e!r!,! !b!u!t! !I! !s!t!i!l!l! !f!e!a!r! !t!h!a!t! !t!h!e!r!e! !a!r!e! !p!e!o!p!l!e! !o!u!t! !t!h!e!r!e! !t!r!y!i!n!g! !t!o! !d!o! !a! !g!o!o!d! !j!o!b!,! !w!h!o! !w!i!l!l! !b!e! !t!a!k!e!n! !a!d!v!a!n!t!a!g!e! !o!f! !i!f! !t!h!e!r!e! !i!s! !n!o!t!h!i!n!g! !t!h!a!t! !p!r!o!t!e!c!t!s! !t!h!e!m!.”
Montrose League member Lisa Jennings tells the above story. You or someone you know may also have experienced the positive effects of affirmative action programs on your life. Unfortunately, the passage of Constitutional Amendment 46 on the November ballot may deny some Colorado citizens the same positive effects of affirmative action programs. Amendment 46 will effect public education, state hiring and contracts by eliminating the consideration of “race, sex, color ethnicity, or national origin”. In California, where this amendment was originally passed in 1996 as Proposition 209, women-owned businesses saw a 40 percent decrease in contracts from the state of California in the following decade. (UC Berkley Law School report). The League of Women Voters of Colorado opposes Amendment 46 and is involved in a coalition that is actively working to defeat it. (Continued on Page 2)

National Popular Vote
Delegates at LWVUS Convention 2008 voted to study the advisability of using the National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact among the states as a method for electing the U.S. President. This method would reform the Electoral College by guaranteeing the Presidency to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes. Research materials will be available on the National League website as well as the opportunity to participate in an online study discussion group. Presentation of materials to the Montrose League would occur in March or April. Consensus needs to be turned in to the National League in May. If this topic interests you, and you would like to help gather information for our League members and/or present them, please contact Bonnie Koch, 252 1110 or

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(Amendment 46 Continued)

Montrose League Of Women Voters
What can you do?

Some of the No on 46 Endorsements
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) Coloradoans for Immigrant Rights (CFIR) American Jewish Committee (AJC) Fighting Abuse In The Home (FAITH) Senate President Peter Groff Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff Kay Norton, President, University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees, University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees, Metropolitan State College Nancy McCallin, President, Colorado Community College system The Minority and Women’s Chamber Coalition

We urge you to help Montrose voters understand what the impact of this constitutional amendment will be on the citizens of Colorado by writing letters expressing the negatives of this initiative to the editor of the Montrose Daily Press, Grand Junction Sentinel, or any other media in the area. The letter should come from you as an individual and not identify yourself as a League member. You could send the same letter to different entities. Google “Amendment 46” for additional ideas about the possible effects or contact Bonnie Koch or Nancy Ball. The language of Amendment 46 suggests that affirmative action programs provide an unfair advantage to citizens who were perceived as under-qualified. Please help correct this perception.

Jessie Ulibarri from Colorado Unity presents cons at a well attended Amendment 46 meeting. Spanish interpretation provided by One Community was available. Photo by Nancy Ball

League Website Is a “Hit”
The new Montrose County League website has proven to be a valuable resource during this election season. As of October 5th, it had received 1,044 hits averaging 23 a day since its inception. The biggest date was September 7th, with 237 visitors followed by September 28th with 211 visitors. Our website now has direct links to the County Clerk’s website where mail-in ballot applications can be downloaded and precinct voting sites identified as well as the State League website where there is a downloadable ballot issues file. Users can also directly access websites belonging to candidates for County Commissioner and House District 58. If you haven’t had a chance, visit us at

Hispanic Contractors of Colorado Hispanic Bar Association The Asian Pacific American Bar Association 9to5 Working Women The League of Women Voters American Association of University Women The Latina Initiative Colorado Council of Churches Colorado Springs NAACP The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Women’s Foundation of Colorado Colorado Center on Law and Policy Women’s Resource Agency – Colorado Springs All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition AFL-CIO Denver Area Labor Federation West Chamber of Commerce and the Jefferson County Business Lobby Citizens Project LARASA – Latin American Research and Service Agency Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLORR) Service Employees International Union African American Voter Registration and Information Project ACLU of Colorado Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute Colorado Environmental Coalition Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Colorado Common Cause Mi Familia Vota Education Fund New Era Colorado All Families Deserve a Chance Coalition Women’s Advocacy Consortium -- Larimer County Project WISE

Vote on Judges - Election Day – Nov. 4
First, learn about their judicial performance at: • • • the Montrose County Regional Library Reference Desk where there are hardcopies of surveys and ratings that were gathered to determine a pro or con recommendation for each judge.

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Montrose League Of Women Voters

Fall has arrived, and so has the annual League Membership Drive.
Check page 8 of The Voter for membership levels and join our newest 2008 members by sending your check to Treasurer Meg Bernens, 20608 Tulip Circle West Rd., Montrose CO 81403. If you are able, we encourage you to go beyond the regular levels and make an additional donation. National League has raised their dues for 2009 and will do so again in 2010 leaving our local league with only $4 for an individual membership and $21 for a household membership. This requires a great deal of time and energy going into outside fundraising to balance our minimal budget. Think about how you have benefited from League membership in just this last year: • National research on immigration and input from people in the local educational, agricultural and health fields as to how Montrose County is affected. • The opportunity to participate in a consensus to form a national League position on immigration. • The chance to hear a nonpartisan presentation on recreation and county sales tax proposals on the 2007 November ballot. • Participation in a debate by candidates for City Council. • The opportunity to hear local input on severance taxes being discussed in the state legislature. • Participation in a community dialogue on the United States’ foreign policy direction. And, of course, there are the social benefits and enjoyment of talking with people who share common ideas and concerns.

Where do you fit into League? Something For Everyone
Our growing numbers of members are looking for diverse ways that they can fit into the Montrose County League of Women Voters. We welcome everyone’s commitment to the League and recognize that members may join for different reasons and interests and with different time availability. With this in mind we encourage you to “plug in” in a way that best suits you and become part of a greater effort to make democracy work.

Bigger Time Commitment:
Observe and record information at City and County meetings, Health Care for All, FORU, etc. Serve as a League speaker for local groups on topics such as ballot issues Serve on the Montrose County LWV Board Help to fund raise Head or serve on a study group – National Popular Vote, Compact and Clean Campaigns Colorado

Periodic Time Commitment:
Register voters Help to gather information for a Citizens’ Guide on our website Plan a fundraiser Telephone members to remind them of meetings

Minimal Time Commitment:
Serve as mentor to a new member Distribute flyers for a meeting Assist at a forum – time, collect questions, sort questions, moderate Suggest a topic that League should address Attend meetings and socialize with people who share common ideas and concerns Educate others by inviting people in the community to meetings Educate yourself with information from the national, state and local Voters. Join us in making democracy work through financial support Contact a board member (See page 8) and offer your hands to help make the Montrose County League of Women Voters a creative, positive and lasting influence on our community. This is one of the slides used in the presentation made at the August “Meet the League” day at the Montrose library. It was developed by the LWVUS to emphasize that a League Member has an impact on decisions made in the local community, at the state level and nationally.

Take out your checkbook and join today.

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Montrose League Of Women Voters

COLORADO The State We’re In
Bonnie Koch and Nancy Ball represented the Montrose County League at the September 9th meeting of the Montrose County District Re-1J School Board to present the district with two classroom sets of COLORADO The State We’re In, a publication of the League of Women Voters of Colorado . The books were made possible by funding from the LWVCO Education Fund, the Colorado Bar Association and the Gill Foundation. They are designed to be used by students in civics or government classes. The information includes a brief state history, the political process in the state, how citizens can impact state decision making, and state government structure. Karen Connor made all of the arrangements for the presentation and also picked up extra copies at the LWVCO League Day to be distributed at the middle school level and put in school and the public libraries. Last spring the Montrose League sent to members of the social studies department of all secondary schools a copy of Electing The President, a guide to the election process made available by the LWVUS.

Linda Gann, District Communications Director, presents Bonnie Koch with a calculator as a thank you gift for donating the sets of COLORADO The State We’re In. Photo by Nancy Ball

League Calendar
League members are available to speak to groups about ballot issues. If you know of a group who would like to have a presentation, please contact Bonnie Koch, 252-1110, October 6th: Mail-in ballots begin going out. October 31st: Last day to pick up a mail-in ballot at the County Clerk’s office. October 16th, 2:00 P.M., Sunrise Creek Assisted Living Residence: Presentation on State Ballot Issues October 20th: Early voting begins. November 4th: General Election November 6th, 7:00 P.M. Montrose Library Community Room: What You Need To Know About Community Health. Presenter: Karen Connor, Health Educator

Montrose Community Support
The Montrose County League of Women Voters thanks the local businesses and organizations of have lent us financial support in 2008. Please add your thank you when you visit these businesses or participate in these organizations.

Alpine Bank City Market Hartman Brothers Jeans Westerner Montrose Bank Montrose County Democratic Party Montrose County Republican Party One Community The Rotary Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors Timberline Bank Western Colorado Justice for Immigrants
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." —Margaret Mead

Making Democracy Work
League members work hard to insure that democracy is alive and well in Montrose County. Dale Reed is working with a group formed by Appellate Judge Russell Carparelli when he was in Montrose in September to speak at the “Our Courts” presentation. The group is contacting community organizations to make arrangements for presentations on the Colorado judicial system. It is the first organized group in the state to work on disseminating information on this topic.

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Montrose League Of Women Voters

LWVCO Positions On StateWide Ballot Issues
Amendment 46 Discrimination and Preferential Treatment by Governments Oppose Amendment 48 Definition of Person Oppose Amendment 52 Use of Severance Tax Revenue For Highways Oppose Amendment 54 Campaign Contributions from Certain Government Contractors Oppose Amendment 59 Education Funding and TABOR Rebates Support

Volunteer Fair
The Montrose Regional Library’s Volunteer Fair on September 13th drew a good crowd who explored services offered in our county. Above, Bonnie Koch and Eleanor Thomas give out election information to some of many who stopped by our League’s booth.
Photo by Nancy Ball

Referendum M Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Concerning Land Value Increases Support Referendum N Obsolete Constitutional Provisions Relating to Alcoholic Beverages Support Referendum O Citizen-Initiated State Laws and Constitutional Amendments Support The League of Women Voters only makes recommendations on Initiatives and Referenda on which they have a position based on consensus gathered during in-depth study. If they do not have a position, they do not recommend either support or opposition. Please note that Amendments 53, 55, 56 and 57 have been withdrawn. They will appear on the ballot since they were pulled after ballots had already been printed. However, any votes on them will not be tabulated.

Below, Lisa Jennings helps children make “Get Out The Vote” refrigerator magnets to remind their families to vote in this fall’s election. Photo by Nancy Ball

Voters’ Choice Tea Available
Want to encourage a friend or neighbor to vote? There are only 17 boxes of Voters’ Choice Tea remaining. Get your highly recommended boxes before they are all gone. Call Bonnie Koch, 252-1110.

$3.50 for a box of 18 Teabags Citizen Grey Grassroots Green Eleanor’s (Roosevelt) Breakfast Blend

For Your Book Club? Recent Book Published by North Carolina League Member
Dawn Shamp’s (LWV of Orange, Durham, Chatham Counties, NC) debut novel, On Account of Conspicuous Women, is historically set in 1920s Roxboro, NC, where issues of women’s suffrage and racial equality are explored through the experiences and friendship of four women. Shamp recently received her local League’s “Making Democracy Work” award, and League volunteers are providing membership talks and voter registration at Shamp’s readings and other events.

2008-2009 Board Members
President/Voter: Bonnie Koch, 2521110 Vice President: Karen Connor, 2492135 Treasurer: Meg Bernens, 252-0170 Secretary: Nancy Ball, 249-8963 Voters Service: Rod Britten, 2401119 Membership: Dale Reed, 249-9623; Kathie Stigall, 249-6648 Member At Large: Barb Krebs 249-3989

Join Montrose County League of Women Voters 2008
Not for Women Only! Name(s)__________________________________________________ Address_________________________________________ Phone (H)____________________(Cell)______________ E-mail__________________________________________

___Individual $50 (Of this amount $28 goes to National League; $18 goes to ___Household $90 – Two members in one household (National League ___I understand that I can join without being active, and this is my intent at the
present time. ___I would like to make a contribution beyond regular dues – It will go directly to our local League (Thank You!). ___ Sustaining Member $100 ___I would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the Montrose League. Write a separate check to LWVEF - League of Women Voters Education Fund –
check memo line: CO122 (our local league). $42; State League $27; $21 is retained by the Montrose League) State League; $4 is retained by the Montrose League)

Please make checks payable to Montrose County LWV. Mail to Treasurer Meg Bernens, 20608 Tulip Circle West, Montrose, CO 81403 Questions? Call Kathie Stigall at 249-6648 or e-mail her at


Box 3321 Montrose, CO 81402
The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

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