First General Meeting Wednesyda, September 19th, 2007

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					Engineers Without Borders

General Meeting – Wednesday, November 7h, 2007 SERC – 207, 8:15 pm – 9:15pm 1. Attendance and Personal Statement. a. Kevin Tevis, former president, spoke about progress we have made. i. There may be an opportunity to help on the construction of a ramp, locally. ii. Suggested blood drive. 2. Committee Reports a. Bridge Committee i. Surveying Information Subcommittee (Tom, Diane)Group will be constructing a packet that includes details of the site of the surveying as well as a sample surveying packet. ii. Structure Fundraiser Subcommittee (Eugene)Group will be contacting administration, coming up with designs, and making plans to raise money for Bridge Project through construction of permanent structure. b. Solar Committee (Ronn) i. Made a presentation on the designs that the committee has come up with and what future steps they will be taking. c. Community Service (Pheobe) i. Pheobe is now running committee solo. ii. Looking for new members to step up and help out with leadership roles. iii. Plans to set up Katrina Relief Project, Soup Kitchen, events with NJPIRG. d. Fundraising Committee (Jenna, Stephanie) i. Canning was success- 3 hours over $180 raised. ii. Looking for Filmmakers. 3. Buddy System a. Friday November 9th 7:00pm b. Meet at International Lounge BCC c. FREE Dinner at Applebees/Fridays 4. Local Project- Playground Construction/Repair. i. Surprise Guest Speaker- Last year’s President Kevin Tevis: Spoke on how far our society has come, and what he hopes to see us accomplish (too much to list…you missed a good speech). ii. Tom speaks of new committee being formed to work with FIMRC.

iii. Goals: to make this a continuous, year to year project. Work with local disadvantaged communities to bring them the playgrounds they want. iv. Great opportunity to take a leadership role in what will become our main local project. v. First steps: working in Newark with the Beautification Project on old rundown playgrounds. Gain experience with hands on work. 5. Idea/Suggestions from the society- Facebook Group (XinXin). 6. Workshop - How to represent EWB. (See PowerPoint) 7. International Conference. i. March 28-30, 2008 (Friday-Sunday). ii. $150 Registration Fee. iii. Members interested signed up. iv. Working on getting the overall price level down (Registration Fee, Air Fare, Accomodations). v. Two lucky members may win contest to go free. Meeting Adjourned: 9:15pm

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