2007 Community Perception Survey Results

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					City of Rockford

2007 Community Perception Survey Results

Presented: March, 2008

City of Rockford 2007 Community Perception Survey Presented: March, 2008

Survey Results: The 2007 Community Perception Survey was distributed to all taxpayers of the City as part of the 2007 winter tax bill. A total of 299 surveys were returned to the City Offices, which represented a 17% return rate. This is in comparison to 2006, where 315 surveys were returned representing 19%. This survey was developed by staff to gauge the perception of our taxpayers as to the level of service we are providing. A key component of this survey was to ask taxpayers how responsive they feel the City Manager/Administrative Office, Police Department, Public Services, and Fire Department are to requests for assistance and complaints. The survey also asked for feedback on important issues facing the City. Question #1: How would you rate overall responsiveness of the City Departments (Manager/Administrative Office, Department of Public Services, Police Department and Fire Department) to your inquires, requests for assistance and complaints? Of the total (249) that responded to this question, (57) indicated that they had no opinion or never called. Of those who had contacted the offices, a total of (175) or 91%, said that the departments had been very responsive or responsive to inquires, requests for assistance, and complaints. A total of (16), or 8%, felt the departments had been sometimes responsive to inquires, requests for assistance, and complaints. A total of (1), or < 1% felt the departments are not responsive. The following information represents the raw data for this year's survey with respect to this question. Please note that this data has factored out those respondents who did not have an opinion or never called this office. Response Very Responsive Responsive Sometimes Responsive Not Responsive No Opinion 2007 108 responses (56%) 67 responses (35%) 16 responses (8%) 1 response (<1%) 57 responses 2006 129 responses (50%) 102 responses (40%) 23 responses (9%) 2 responses (<1%) 59 responses

Additional comments provided to question #1: (Responses are recorded as written on the surveys.)
Great work! Leaf pick up is very inconsistent. Leaves not picked up and sit all winter next to road both last year and this year. The City’s response to removal of yard waste has significantly decreased. Why isn’t west side streets cleaned like the rest? We pay the same or higher taxes. When the corner of E Main and Wolverine St was redone, 2 utility poles were cut off and replaced. We and our former neighbor have asked if this could be done. We thought it would be a good time because the area was tore up again. The Poles are still there. They certainly don’t add to our attractive town. It is too late to get this done now that grass is growing again, but someone should have been watching to see that all work was carried out when the corner was done and have checked it our this summer. Excellent resident communication. Police and Fire have demonstrated above normal duty responsiveness to my property. I would like longer hours and the library on Wed I am a working mom. Departments of Public Service, police and fire are prompt. Administrative and manager are not. Mike Bouwkamp and his team do an excellent job. Pleased and proud of our city! You are doing a great job. Thank you. Speeding & drivers “rolling stops” are a big concern of ours! Everyone is always very nice. Dick Johnston is very helpful. Please check streetlights more often. My neighbor doesn’t want it on –I do. And polite! The only department I feel could use great improvement is the Police Dept. They are really getting a bad reputation. What happened with the street cleaning machines? Only saw them once. Overall decorations (flowerpots, lights, etc) are Fantastic! Police & Fire Dept very helpful when I fell and injured my head in Peppler Park. My impression is that responsiveness is effective! Thanks for all you do! th Can we extend the leaf pick up til Nov 30 every year? It worked well this year with the late trees in our neighborhood. Mike Young is very responsive to any inquiries we have had – he’s a keeper. Like the community policing program also. Michcon gas leak. City never reseeded parkway after complaint. DPS – after a promise to get back to me, the never did Getting better. Thank you. Rude, lacking in PR – administration, Police selective enforcement. I have only the highest praise for our Dept of Public Works, Police, Fire. I don’t think they get enough credit for all they do. Snow removal has improved slightly – keep going! Water main broke on our street – it was fixed, but then the road began to sink not too long after. We were told some nice topsoil would be brought in and grass seed to finish the water main job in our parkway but no one ever returned. Norwood St. Have needed the police for various complaints – fast & courteous – love that they unlock car doors. City manager & office assistants very helpful! Please clear the bridge sidewalk of snow immediately after snowfall, so people don’t have to risk their lives on the slippery street with cars. Thank you. Difficulty getting DPS to respond. I would appreciate it if the city would cut off less branches from our trees by the road. They look like they have been hacked.

Whenever I’ve called the Administrative Office everyone is very helpful. Polite. We had an issue over whose property “our” park was and the city was willing to work with us. City mgr has been very good! We need to have better enforcement of leash law (dogs running loose in neighborhoods).

Question #2: Do the hours of the Krause Memorial Library meet your needs?
Yes No No Opinion 183 20 56 90% 10%

Question #3: Would you be in favor of the City levying 1 mill on your tax bill to finance an expansion to the Krause Memorial Library? 1 mil would cost a homeowner of a $200,000 home $100.00 per year.
Yes No 64 183 26% 74%

Question #4: Are you interested in becoming a member of the Police Volunteer Services Unit or staffing the Rockford Welcome Center? If so, please give your name and a daytime phone number.
Names were provided to the Police Department. Five (5) people offered to volunteer. List provided to Council

Question #5: The City is currently updating its Five (5) Year Parks and Recreation Master Plan. What would be your top three (3) wishes, improvements, additions or changes to the City’s park system?
Top Three Choices: 1.) 2.) 3.) Playground Equipment (18 responses) Skate Park (18) Benches/Grills/Picnic Tables (17)

Other items listed: Restrooms (14) More trails, connections to trails (12) Dog park (12) Trees, flowers, landscaping (11) Safety Officers/Security (11) Maintenance (10) Ice Rink (9) Splash Park (7) Outdoor pool (5) Parking (4) Control Dogs (4) Lights (3) Soccer Fields (3) Drinking Fountains (3) Sledding Hill (2) Maps (2) Handicap Access (2)

Additional comments provided to question #5: (Responses are recorded as written on the surveys.)
Covered areas w/restrooms More playground equipment Skate Park Soccer fields Park near 12 Mile/Northland Dr. Promote enhance WPT Develop conservation easement below MVP More benches to Garden Club Park More shade trees Help the washouts at Rotary Park Stop spending money on Glen Park Heritage park Lots of handicap parking Extra benches/tables Plant more trees Off leash dog park Dog waste bag dispensers More lights

Splash Park Maintenance Try to control vandalism More picnic tables Better maintenance & removal of trash Access to trails from Shaw Creek Estates City Pool More benches for parents Greener grass less weeds More swings Cut more often Primary focus on fiscal responsibility plus $ relocation if a certain direction is chosen that is not similar to the status quo regarding financial/tax needs. Restrooms Parking More cooperation with RPS. We have too many parks. I think all government agencies should cut spending when so many people in our state and area are in poor financial conditions. This is unnecessary spending. A dog park Park for kids with a splash pad More artistic look to a park More access WPT More seating casual. I don’t have much time to spend in the parks. Just keep them as pretty as they are. Parking More lighting along river & trail More safety officers Vending machines outside More usage Keep it safe Maintain natural work Control pets Pave trails linking all parks More public bathrooms Better landscaping in parks Patrolling No pesticide treatments on grass More shade for picnic tables More public restrooms Additional picnic tables Grills Restrooms Picnic tables Please post signs at the farmers market showing laws that state pets and any food products aren’t allowed together in a public place. These signs are common at most farmer’s markets Sledding hill Glen Park – rear entrance of Rockford Highlands. The equipment is fine, but the layout looks like an after thought. Shouldn’t parks have some grass? Its new but it already looks old. Security officers More connecting trails Dog Park, splash park, Ice rink Extended board walk along river. Continued landscape maintenance. More flowers. Repair fence at the east end of the foot bridge over the river between Richardson & Pickett parks. Replace some bridge boards also. Dog Park away from town. More benches along river & trail. Splash Pad. Continue walkway linkages, swimming pool –outdoor, skating rink Parking Take care of what exist. Repair properly don’t replace.

Get rid of new blinding fluorescent lights at WPT by Promenade they’re too low can’t see! Build a legitimate skate park. Plow east side of WPT south of Rockford (not east!) because sewage warms west side & melts snow reserved for skiers. New larger park with multiple baseball fields, soccer fields and a playground. More sidewalks – ie Summit Skate Park would be very nice addition. Skate park Dog park fenced A map locating the parks and the streets to get to the parks. You continue to do wonderful work in this area! You guys have been doing wonderful with the parks!! I love our parks! More benches along WPT, skate park, birdhouses/bathouses Maps of the parks, additional ice skating rink More swings, skateboarding Increased patrol or monitoring, play equipment, continued emphasis on landscaping Dog park this would be a great addition to our many parks. Drinking fountains, more shaded areas, more seating. Public restrooms, dog park, community outdoor pool. More seating for older folk, trails cleaned in winter, brochures on parks – how to get to them. No changes parks are fine. Handicap accessible Ice rink outdoors, dog park, splash pad Skate park, wildlife education Doing a great job! Bathrooms Skate park! Local dog park Skate park – sure downtown “looks” great. But what about our kids? The preteen age group – what have you done for them? Nothing except harass them! Give them a place to go after school. Give them a skate park. Skate park for teenagers, teen center, dam clean up Watch the long term operating budgets & maintenance costs. Parks & trails are great when new but get “tired” very quickly. I would love to see splash park (like millennium) somewhere! Skate park might be helpful for pre teens/teens. A merry-go-round. Bathrooms, dog park, ice rink Trees & flowers, picnic tables, continue the path you are already on –great job! I think it would be nice to install a skate park so the kids have somewhere to skate instead of the streets & regular parks. Clean parks. Nice playgrounds, White Pine Trail keep it nice! Large park along river (north of dam), more “nature trails”, marked canoe access areas. None needed, maintenance, safety in existing parks. Longer/more dirt/gravel nature trails. More activities geared to pre teen/teens skating rink ice/roller, tennis courts, soccer fields. Sledding hill. Plant trees for shade on playground equipment slides get too hot in summer for kids. Pick up garbage or provide cans along Rogue River Trail. Easier access to park off Fremont. We live off Monroe and have to walk all the way round on to Fremont where it is busy – an easement off Ogden or Monroe or Division would be nice. Stroller/handicap access to Peppler Park from Summit St sidewalk. Emergency phones. Portable (bathrooms) restrooms would be nice Doggie bag dispensers on all trails. Lighting on White Pine Trail in the City. More park development/green space in newly developed parts of city, partnership with schools and neighboring townships for ice arena. More preschooler/toddler appropriate equipment. Bathroom upgrades/better maintenance. Continue the good work you are already doing. Lighting of dam (laser lights) nightly, improve east side of land along dam Well satisfied. I think city has done an excellent job on the parks & welcome signs!

Benches along the trail. Water play area-pool, drinking fountains, ice skating rink Paved sidewalk 12 Mile to WPT, more benches along WPT & water fountains, more info posted on canoe & tubing Concerned over park expansions, especially Glen Park; every expansion or additional park requires more $$ for upkeep. Internet, basketball courts, nature trails None – spend elsewhere Would like dog park area. No new parks, maintain natural beauty, no more lights, bricks, & glitz. Bathrooms Dog park, dog park, dog park Add a bike/skate park so these kids have a place to ride since they seem to be banned from the city. None – need $ toward other city services! Parks just fine the way they are! Skate park Signage, directory, adult oriented park None – save the $ Open bath rooms earlier in the season Community pool for summer! With small kids, splash area! Skate park (like Grand Haven theirs is great!) Play equipment that is under shade, more benches near play equipment No more parks or trails – they aren’t used now. Skate park – keep young boys off city property, quit ice skating doesn’t get used nice idea, but not used, dog park, indoor park for kids Never use the parks Bathrooms at Pickett park, more parking at Pickett Park, bathroom improvements at Sowerby Park, better clean up of goose waste at Garden Park, a few more garbage cans at each park, more benches/tables at Garden Park More baby swings, more benches Security of WPT, Cleaner current parks, No more trails behind peoples houses for security purposes. More bathrooms. Security cameras, Skateboard park, wooden playground equipment Few and larger parks Add more parkland and keep it undeveloped I’m very pleased with the improvements & changes already made. Keep up the good work. More trash cans, better lighting More diversified playground equipment for children Improved restrooms at park by 10 Mile Bridge, shade trees planted Heritage park needs irrigation, more trees in parks, leave sled hill open! Video surveillance WPT on west side of river to 12 Mile, continue on develop walking trails in Highland, sidewalks on 10 Mile both sides of the road. Revamping Old Mill Pond for skating including warm up shed. The parks are excellent – no suggestions. New sidewalk from 10 Mile/Main St down to Richardson Sowerby Park, better (nicer looking) stage at Garden Club Park, add a new active toy/slide/etc each park the kids keeps them interested in the parks. Indoor and/or outdoor roller hockey rinks Enforce dogs on leash law. I think the City Parks are not in need of improvements –everything is a little over the top. Sell park at Clayton Ct (It is just a vacant lot) Doing a wonderful job. Skateboard facility, additional lighting Peppler Park

Question #6:

The City is currently under a non-exclusive contract with a waste hauler for garbage pickup and disposal, which means residents are free to choose whoever they want for garbage service. If the City could negotiate a City wide exclusive contract with a single hauler with lower rates, would you be in favor of an exclusive garbage hauling contract in the City?
Yes No 138 100 58% 42%

Question #7: What other retail businesses would you like to see in the City?
Top Three Desired Businesses: 1.) 2.) 3.) Book Store New (29 responses) Clothing Stores (22) Bakery (21)

Other items listed: Nice Quality Restaurant (20) Chain restaurants – Applebees, etc. (18) Knit/Yarn/Craft – (14) Music Store (10) Fast Food (10) Hotel (8) Walgreen/RX (8) Gourmet foods/specialty/natural (6) Walmart/Target (6) Sporting Goods (6) Deli (6) Meat Market (5) Game Rm/teens (5) Jewelry (4) Electronics (3) Parking (3) Kohl’s/Younkers (2) Souvenir Store (2)

Additional comments provided to question #7: (Responses are recorded as written on the surveys.)
Knit shop Deli Hotel Med Center/Hospital Clothing Store plus sizes Men’s clothing store Home Depot Games, cards, etc to keep teens busy Taco Bell/KFC

Coffee Shop that stays open late Upscale men’s apparel store Lodging Music store Kids clothing New Books Trader Joe Jimmy Johns Bakery Quilt-fabric store would fit nicely with the yarn shop More restaurants Book store/coffee shop combo None. Keep the small town atmosphere Book/magazine store I already miss the Smokehouse Craft Store Downtown Bakery Chain Restaurant (Applebee’s Chili’s etc) Sporting goods Book store Book/music store Sporting goods Chain restaurant Bookstore Bookstore Deli/Bakery Fabric/craft store Gymboree or children’s activity center Health Food store Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menards Kohls or Younkers Chilis, Applebees, TGI Friday Holiday Express type motel Salad bar type restaurant Walgreen Lowe Walmart-super More with wifi Book store Jewelry store Bakery Retail for Tween age (reasonable price) Clothing store for young business women (reasonable price) Parking Ramp Bakery Economical Resale store ie Goodwill, etc. Senior housing apartments/condo Cheaper restaurants National chain restaurants Burger King/Pizza Hut More restaurants mid scale Gourmet food store/deli Real butcher shop, not just a smokehouse Sporting goods not just apparel and trophies Bakery/pastry shop not like Arnies, a specialized place Outback restaurant Fabric store Not retail but a hotel

European style bakery (scratch-made) Live music venue (small club) Restaurants Toy stores Large nat’l chain stores like Home Depot, Walmart Walmart, Target Kohls Reputable & clean lodging for out of town guests Small electronics JC Penny and a Sears Store Transportation service Walgrens Meat market Store like Michaels and book store Bargain books or Schuler’s books. Downtown Trinnies II (like Sparta) Mexican, Taco Bell, Boston Market More restaurants-nice sit down ones. More clothing maybe larger chain type out by Meijers. More daycare centers Smokehouse – we miss it. Card shop and souvenir store Don’t ask, when you can not provide Restaurants, book store, hardware Book store with new books. Clean up the used book store. Ladies Store size 14 and Up. Bakery, supervised hangout spot for teens Brew pub, book store, move car dealership out of the city limits! Jeweler Deli – soup and sandwich shop Lumber company, fabric store Nature store, birdhouses, bat houses, books, etc. Specialty shops maybe small unique stores that teach needle felting, trolley for central parking maybe Men’s clothing, deli More fine dining, casual clothiers More food choices, it is getting better Sit down dining Pet grooming (dogs), ER vet service Lodging, night life club/music, restaurants Bakery Better cable company-competition. Book store, bakery, convenience foods like Boston Market, Electronics/music/movies, Home, clothing, Art Gallery, A Mall! Restaurants mid level price, family type (Applebees), Women’s clothing mid range price everyday where Clothing store, book store, Casual restaurant, natural foods market, bakery Fruit/veg market year round, high end beer store, live music venue I think we have a good mix perhaps too many “décor stores” in competition. Men’s clothing I miss the candy store. We need better parking and install a stop sign at Squires St and Bridge St. You can’t see cars coming when coming off of Squires St with vehicles parked to the left. Papa Johns Pizza Outdoor type stores, more nature than sporting goods, a decent coffee store, bakery like Wealthy bakery in GR Restaurants by freeway I refuse to shop in Rockford. If the city cannot honor our continued request for skate parks, why support the city. Many more parents are beginning to do the same. KFC Pool hall Music store- I think its awful that someone bought the building where Picks Music store is and then raises the rent and requires a 2-year lease. One weekend the heat was turned off and could have destroyed his inventory. Lousy landlord! Now Pick’s is moving out of downtown.

Specialty food & drink ala Russo’s. Men’s clothing? Men’s clothing, cd/music store, electronics, a current bookstore Book store No more stores-over crowded now. More restaurants-Arbys, Big Boy, etc. Reds is terrible. Hotel Mexican restaurant, Book store, specialty foods Applebees, not fancy but basic, hotel, motel, kmart, walmart None just more reasonable prices as you can see we have been priced out of the market by having less tour buses stop. Bakery, outdoor shop (fishing, hunting, woodsmanship), feed store-birds, Starbucks coffee shop Mainstream bookstore Shoe Store, Deli –better cheese/meats, spice store Target More restaurants and no more banks. Video store downtown Bookstore Home Improvement, Target, Dollar Store Fast food other than McDonalds, greeting card type store Shoes Casual dining (Applebees etc) Bookstore, health food store Grocery other than D & W Leather shop, bird feeder/seed shop, candy store Butcher, bakery, donut, muffin shop (not coffee shop) Book store, Cabelas, movie theater Bakery, Meat Market, Grand Traverse Pie Tatoo artist, art supply, pet supply Bookstore, bakery – donut shop, grocery w/pharmacy Book store, hobby shop, fabric store More restaurants (unique – not chains), more shops – clothing, furniture, music/cd, Aveda hair salon/spa New book store, downtown bakery shop Videocam store, Qudoba, Quizno’s Art dealer, deli, bakery Wendys, Jimmy Johns, Three Dog Bakery Fabric store, gourmet foods, no more duplication – home décor, clothing Jewelry store Men’s clothing New bookstore, shoes, outerwear, parking structure—not a lot Trader Joe’s Fabric shop No more duplication of what’s in town ie coffee shops, gift shops, etc. Want men’s clothing, fine jewelry, gourmet foods, fabric store Antiques, office supplies, books/music store, bakery Clothing store/dept store/nice clothes More restaurants, office supply, Target, Walmart Affordable kids clothes, candy store, book store(new)/newspapers Micro brew pub/restaurants More restaurants like Grill 111, not as expensive as Reds, although like Reds for special occasions, but serve drinks, good food, & bit nicer than Arnies & Corner Bar, etc. Walgreens, Recreation for youngsters, Christian gift shop Good variety now. Another restaurant – perhaps Arby’s, Clothing Store-geared toward mature people Book/music store upscale, running fitness Book store independent Mexican restaurant Walmart w/food Another hotel/motel

Hobby store Fast food – Taco Bell & KFC Pharmacy/dime store Costco Trader Joe’s I’d love another store like Paper Doll/Jade w/cheaper prices, kids play place indoors, shoes, discount name brands Book/music store, Natural health food store Golf store w/simulators Jets pizza, Taco Bell, Outback Steak House Bakery More food/restaurants, more bars w/food Natural food – health food store Burger King, Panera bread, Pet Store-Fish & Birds Pharmacy Men’s clothing, another shoe store Card shop/gift shop Book Store – not a chain Pharmacy downtown

Question #8: List of residents willing to serve on various boards and commissions. List provided to Council List of residents willing to volunteer to participate in special events or festivals. List provided to Council Question #9: Are there any programs or projects that you would like to have initiated that the City is not currently providing? If so, what are these programs or projects? (Responses are recorded as written on the surveys.)
Art classes Public transportation Door mail box service Find a way to enforce Dog “poo…” ordinance etc. Incentives, tax or otherwise that would be an incentive to upgrade and improve looks of the exteriors of residential housing stock. Enforce ordinance relating to timely finishing of undertaken exterior improvements! I wish there was a way to lower our tax burden on homeowners. Dial a Ride type service. More parking. We have two handicapped children & there is very little available for us.

Adequate snowplowing & plowing of sidewalks. For some reason plows did not run after storm 11/30 in our neighborhood. This is unacceptable by the time they plowed Sunday afternoon the roads were and still are ice-in fact today 12/4 our road still has not been plowed. Everything looks so nice (downtown) now. Parking is always wanted! A few more handicapped spots. Keep up the great work! City wide food drive for needy families in our community. We really need a decent “safe” sidewalk along 10 Mile Rd from the west side of town. The current extended shoulder is not safe to walk on – yet it is the best route for Highlands residents to walk downtown, City wide wifi for residents, metro bus service to Grand Rapids. New post office w/more parking. Either more social services or program to distribute the information regarding the current ones. The City staff is doing a good job. Parking enforcement for downtown. Too many downtown Rockford employees are parking on the main streets so there is not room for customers to park. Stop spending so much money on signs, landscaping, camera’s and segways! Let’s try becoming more efficient and try reducing taxes. City wide wireless internet Could the Police Volunteer Services unit be activated when the power goes out? This way they could help keep an eye on our beautiful city. Just like rats and roaches, vandals come out at the darkest times. We need better sewer drainage on Norwood St. We are in a lake for days after a rain storm. No – Great Job!! I think the city has done a great job with beautification to do much more would be too much. Not to mention the taxpayer $ that goes toward it all. Improved sidewalks along 10 Mile/Division Keep up the great work! Wifi Lower taxes Better water system Recycle waste – free for all residents A person for certain streets (probably in their neighborhood) to pick up small trash – as candy covers or gum paper) put in own trash Plowing all city sidewalks. Hate the canned music.

More local history programs – pioneers, civil war speakers etc. Historical cook book, historical Rockford word & photo map, cemetery, epitaphs book, founders complete history book, history dam book, ghost stories, advise in local stores, fundraiser to sell at festivals. Annual or biannual clean up for the Rogue River Downtown summer street performers (arts). How about another community cabin venue that could be used for performing & gathering-smaller than HS Auditorium and not affiliated with a church? Enforce current codes. Don’t add more programs. Chili dog cook off—west Michigan wide. Please consider a holiday (Christmas) market in the style of the Christmas Market in Holland, MI. This would go over huge in Rockford. Revamp offerings during Start of Summer Festival. Historical Markers for residential homes in the City. Thanks for all you do to make Rockford such a great place to live. The Christmas lights are just beautiful! No, the city has many worthwhile programs/projects. Safety boxes on White Pine Trail. Continued safety features. The city is near perfect. Christmas decorations are top notch. I’m proud! If you enforce the sidewalk shoveling ordinance all will be well for this homeowner. I love your tree program – we have three lovely maples. Skywalk across 10 Mile/Wolverine for NRMS students and pedestrians. Newcomers group – when we lived in Traverse City we got a visit from the committee with coupons, maps and list of churches/services/etc which was really helpful! More active & financial support for the arts. More cooperation between schools and community theater so HS auditorium could be used for community theatre productions. Teen center, ice rink needs to be bigger and taken care of better or provide shovels close by, so we can shovel when we go there. Skate Park! Need I say more. This battle has been going for years. I feel all of you are doing a great job. Building a skate park either indoor or outdoor. The kids have to go all the way to 28 St to skate. Go back to 1 come 1 serve parking for everyone. This is more important – get city wide wireless. Quicker response to snow removal (mounds of snow in business district) I heard a rumor the Celtic Fest is not happening. Say it isn’t so! Please stop discouraging new businesses! We need the jobs and tax base. This is a city not a little country town. Residential is all ready over built due to restrictions on property use. Hence our property value is declining. Please encourage business development. With careful oversight it will enhance the area. Change will come regardless.
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Wireless internet, playground, identifying recognizing historical homes. Tax supported city wide wifi Halloween celebration, Bigger better parades, wi fi Ice skating rink with vendor hot cocoa, something similar to Great Wolf Lodge, theater for plays, Rockford Cooking School, Office supply store, adopt a family community, travel agency The city already does so much! So well!!! Another option for cable. Charter needs competition. I have not had a positive experience with Charter. I want to know why the car dealership is permitted to use prime parking spaces during the day. When we have a parking problem downtown??? City should enforce people who park campers, winnebagos, boats, trailers, etc. that makes neighborhood look dumpy. Odd/even parking – parking situation is very inconvenient. City park on the corner of 12 Mile & Northland (south east corner) What ever happen to a stop light on 10 mile and Childsdale? Or don’t you use that road to enter 10 mile? It takes forever to get onto 10 Mile Rd. Reevaluate street lighting in the whole city – dark/unsafe in some areas. I would like to see the leaf pickup of 1 or 2 weeks longer than what is presently allowed. New city ordinance closing parks at dusk and reducing curfew times. Hotel rooms – none available, Have to go to GR or Walker now, City has nixed all plans for hotels and motels. Neighborhood watch, community clean up Would like refund of $15/mo for WWTP since it is below budget. This $15 is a fraud on taxpayers. More parking A skate park, something that would be teen friendly, a place for teens to hang out & have fun in a safe environment. Have same restriction on cats as there is on dogs- 1 house in my neighborhood has 4 cats & there are always in others yards, garages, etc. Repave the curve on Summit just north of the dam. Filling the pot holes is no longer working. If you could do the stretch between the dam and Riverchase, that would be great. Thanks! Additional sidewalk(s) up 10 Mile. Good quality skateboard park. Harsher punishment for vandalism offenses – Please! Lets use the money on getting a ladder fire truck so they can reach the higher buildings instead calling in neighboring fire service and lest on more parks or paths. Better snow removal, poor traffic (Bridge – River – 10 Mile) force cars to seek way to town. No, but just want to comment on what an asset the Farmer’s Market has been to Rockford. It’s fun to buy produce from local farmers, hard working people that grow produce as a labor or love.

Musicals, adult theater I am for any program which supports government, including city and reduces taxes. Mulit-cultural events, art festival, taste of Rockford I want this to continue to be a quaint small town. Youth/young adult center – activity/community outreach center – alcohol/drugs/abuse/mental illness I once again think the city as a whole had done a great job of bring people to Rockford and offering festive events, shopping and general living. I wish however that they would pay a little more attention to the average local citizens’ problems. More parking The way yard waste is handled – pick up is sporadic and messy. Another minute for pick up would leave the area cleaner. Water softening – more aggressive (glasses, dishes have layers of sediment after washing) Would like sidewalks from condos on Courtland southward towards Division Provide an auto debit option for paying property taxes. We need better parking but otherwise the City does a great job of keeping current & progressive! Fix the hard water problem. My only complaint w/the city is the bike race. I was never asked/consulted. My street, driveway is blocked & people are extremely rude. I have trash in my yard, people walking/sitting on my grass (I have a sidewalk they can use). The volunteers are extremely rude! The pace car goes about 90 mph and if my kids, grandchildren neighbors dogs ever accidentally ran out. They would be killed. I make it a point not to be home that weekend which is a terrible inconvenience sometimes. I walk daily from 10 Mile down by courthouse (Monroe) and I have no safe way to travel. Please clear sidewalk for myself and others (great idea for kids). No you are doing a great job!

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