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					MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: DATE: RE: Board of Selectmen Jim Malloy, Town Administrator May 16, 2008 Administrator’s Report

The following is for the Board’s information and/or action: 1) Picadilly Pub Liquor License – Attached (1st red tab) please find an Action Summary on a liquor license application from MPG Sturbridge LLC for a Transfer and Pledge of the liquor license for the Picadilly Pub. I am attached a pre-approval from the ABCC that has already reviewed the master file in relation to the 13 restaurants involved in this transfer. I have included the most pertinent parts of the application, the full application is on my conference table for the Board’s review. Recommended Action: Move to approve the Transfer and Pledge of License for MPG Sturbridge LLC d/b/a the Picadilly Pub as per the attached application. 2) Applebees Live Entertainment License – Attached (1st blue tab) please find an application for Applebees for live entertainment suited to their “family” clientele. Recommended Action: Move to approve the Live Entertainment license for Applebees Neighborhood Grill and Bar during their regular hours of operation (11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Sunday – Thursday and 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM Friday & Saturday). 3) St. Anne’s Water Tank Painting – Attached (1st green tab) please find the recommendation from John Walsh, P.E. at Tighe & Bond regarding the repainting of the St. Anne’s Water Tower. The recommendation is to award the bid to the low bidder, Hemi Enterprises, Inc. for $114,750.

Recommended Action: Move to award the St. Anne’s Water Tower repainting bid to Hemi Enterprises, Inc. for $114,750 as per their bid and further to authorize the Town Administrator to execute all necessary agreements in relation to this bid award. 4) City Line Taxi – Attached (1st yellow tab) please find an application for a business certificate from Beth and Richard Barriere to locate a taxi business at 272 Holland Road and a May 7, 2008 letter from Harold Nichols, Building Inspector indicating that this is not an allowed use in the Rural Residential Zone. I have not heard from the applicants whether they will still be attending the Selectmen’s meeting, but based upon the zoning determination, I have the following recommendation. Recommended Action: Move to deny the taxi license of Beth and Richard Barriere of 272 Holland Road. 5) Hitchcock Dock Permit – Attached (2nd blue tab) please find several items of correspondence between myself, Barbara Hitchcock and the Paradise Lane Beach Association. As of today’s date, Mrs. Hitchcock has moved her dock approximately 4’ from the property line of her property and the Paradise Lane Beach Association. I inspected it this week and asked the Paradise Lane Beach Association to review it to see if it would still be blocking their access. As a result I have asked Mrs. Hitchcock to move it another 4’ from the shared property line which I believe will resolve the issue and for her to contact me on May 19th as to whether this has been done. I have sought an amiable solution to the close proximity of the two docks and the problems that have been created. In a summary, the problem with the dock is that the original dock was an “L” shaped dock (see attached photo) which only project about 8-10’ into the lake. The new dock is a straight dock that projects approximately 20’ into the lake at an angle (see attached photo) which with Mrs. Hitchcock’s boat being docked on the north side of the dock, is blocking access to the abutting property owners dock. At this point I do not have a recommendation other than stated above, which if it is undertaken (or agreed) by Monday will likely eliminate the need for this item on the agenda. Otherwise, it will require further discussion 6) Peter Polo Water Bill – Mr. Polo is a resident at 33 Audobon Way who has asked to be placed on the agenda to discuss his water bill with the Board of Selectmen. Mr. Polo purchased his home in August of 2005 and during the

3rd quarter of 2006 it appears that the water meter began malfunctioning. Mr. Polo was contacted by the water department to replace the meter, however, this was not accomplished until 2/28/08. As a result, during this period, Mr. Polo paid estimated bills that totaled $989.65. A new meter was installed on 2/28/08 and was read at the quarter end and on 5/5/08. For the period 2/8/08 – 5/5/08 (66 days) Mr. Polo used 1,671 cubic feet of water. This averages to 25.3 c.f./day or 2,310 c.f./qtr. The Finance Director reviewed this with Mr. Polo and indicated that she was recalculating his bill for the period of estimated water/sewer use and was going to use an estimate of 2,000 c.f./qtr for this period, which appears to be a conservative and reasonable estimate given the use since the new meter was put in (the estimate the Finance Director used is 15% less than actual usage since a working meter was installed). Given this estimate, the Finance Director recalculated Mr. Polo’s bills for the quarters ending 9/30/06 through 3/31/06 and applied a credit to Mr. Polo’s bill so that for the current quarter, he will receive a $55.45 credit. Our Finance Director and I have both attempted to explain this to Mr. Polo, he has indicated that although he may currently be using this amount of water that he was using less during the period that bills were being estimated and is seeking a larger credit. The Finance Director and I do not agree and he is appealing this to the Board of Selectmen. I am attaching (2nd green tab) the consumption printout from the billing system as well as calculations from both the Finance Director and myself.

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