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									WPTO Newsletter, Ellington, CT

February 2008

Applebees Flapjack Breakfast
On Saturday, March 8th, 2008, the WPTO is partnering up with Applebees in Manchester to provide Windermere families with a delicious flapjack breakfast. Applebees will provide the food and dining facilities but we need to supply the volunteers to help take orders and serve the food. We’ll need quite a few volunteers so please call Tabetha Avtges if you can help.

School Composites are Coming
The class composites will be distributed to students the by the end of the first week in February. Thanks for your patience.

Reading is Dino-Mite - RAH
Did you know that there were no dinosaurs that could fly? A Pteranodon, which means “winged and toothless”, was actually a flying reptile that lived during the time of the dinosaurs. It had a wingspan of 2533 feet. That is longer than that of any known bird!

Nathan S., Simon B., Brenna G., Tristan L., Lauren P., Sydney A. Grade 3: Jacob B., Mathew N., Daniel B., Thomas A., Nathan G., Zachary M., Caroline G., Erik N., Lokesh N., Julie B., Shannon M., Lacey C., Chris B., Jared F., Samantha J., Christopher O., Kelly W., Randy P., Jordan S., Colby U. Grade 4: Faith N., Lauren R., Megan S., Evan W., Alyssa P., Shaun L., Macy D., Danielle G., Kyle F., Kevin B., Allison G., Kurt S., Leah G., Mikayla B., Tyler C., Michael D., Bailey B. Wow…that’s quite a list of Dinomite readers! Keep on reading!

2007 – 2008

Co-Presidents Julie Bartlett Deb Rosa Treasurer Deneen DeBaise Secretary Kathy Broding

Our Windermere students have really been soaring with their Reading at Home. The following students have reached the 40 hour mark. Kindergarten: Marissa C., William F., Matthew K., Brandon W., Eva C., Emily F., Kate B., Aaron H., Noah H., Valerie W., Cole A., Talal S. Grade 1: Zachary J., John O., Jackson N., Ryan L., Olivia G., Andrew D., Michael C., Riley B., Dan B., Lauren K., Marissa L., Jake H., Ben R., Lillian D., Evan S., Anthony C., Mireya L., Elizabeth G., Ryan J. Grade 2: Samantha H., Katie O., Sarah O., Anthony R., Caroline K., Chloe T., Joel H., Danielle B., Julia D., Stephano D., Nick M., Jack N., Hunter B.,

PTO Minutes
Page Highlights 2 of 4 1/8/2008
• Tom Oravits has been volunteering his time in the mornings to help direct traffic in the “loop” (on Windsorville Rd.) where parents drop off their children. He will be sending a flyer home detailing this issue. • Thank you to Glo Webber, Linda Gorman, Christine Brunelle, and all the volunteers who helped make the Fall Book Fair and Holiday Boutique a success for the students! • Windermere families raised over $XXX for the Hockanum Valley Community Council, who were able to help families in need this past holiday season. • In preparation for the CMT’s in March, we are focusing on stamina and prediction skills. In the past, our weakest area has been the open-ended written response section. • Stephen C. Cullinan addressed the parents and discussed in great detail the search process and timeline for the new principals for Windermere and Center Schools. • The Pasta Supper is set for January 31st and Lisa Heaney & Noele Kidney will look into what is required, in terms of cafeteria assistance, for the evening. • Each class has a parent volunteer for the Gift Basket Raffle. These parents will help coordinate all the collected items in time for the event. Each teacher has chosen a theme for their class and the Raffle will follow the Pasta Supper. Families do not need to attend the Pasta Supper in order to attend the Raffle. Selections for your favorite basket will begin at 6:30 pm and the Raffle winners will start to be announced at 7:00 pm. • National Breakfast Week is the week of March 3-7. Since CMT’s are going on during this time, Lisa Heaney will coordinate with WIPTO about which day to give the students free breakfast bars. • Fall Book Fair: Glo Webber would like to know if we would like to participate in Scholastic’s program “One for Books” again next year. With the money raised from “One for Books”, we were able to purchase materials for the library and give each K-4 teacher a book of their choice for their classroom libraries. Additionally, Scholastic donated $XXX worth of books for our Family Fun Night and a student from each class was randomly selected to receive a free book. • In December, Windermere received about $XXX from Kiddy Korner as part of the proceeds from families who visited the store. The owner, Michael Lanz, would like to do this again next year. • The Spring Fair has been cancelled. The next WPTO meeting is Tues., February 12th at 7pm.
Minutes were respectively submitted by Kathy Broding, WPTO Secretary. A complete copy can be found on our website.

This delicious fundraiser will run February 25th through March 7th with a delivery date of March 18th, just in time for the holidays. A flyer will be forthcoming with more information.

Wolfpack Hockey Game
Ready for some Hockey? Windermere Family Fun Night will be held at the Wolfpack Hockey game on Friday, February 29th. Tickets will be $13 each and they will be playing Norfolk. A flyer

with more details will be coming. Mark your calendars now for this fun evening.

Upcoming Dates
Fri, 2/1 Tues, 2/12 2/18-2/22 Mon, 2/25 2/27-2/29 Half Day – Teacher Inservice WPTO mtg, 7pm in cafeteria No School – President’s Day & Winter Break Butterbraids fundraiser begin CMT Practice Testing, grades 3 & 4 Wolfpack Hockey game

3/3-3/14 Sat, 3/8 Tues, 3/11 Tues, 3/18 Fri, 3/21 CMT Testing, grades 3 & 4 Applebees Breakfast 8-10am WPTO mtg, 7pm Butterbraids delivery No School

Fri, 2/29

The March Whaler’s deadline is February 25, 2008. Please submit to Kathy Broding

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