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									Jocelyn Elizabeth Hueber
Written by Her mother, Jolene Samanatha (Fine) Hueber Jocelyn was the first pregnancy that Jason and Jolene had planned. It was a different experience for the parents, choosing to a have a baby- knowing the responsibility that it held. The babies nursery was set up 3 months before she was conceived. Madeline and Gwendolynn were moved out of their room into the playroom to make a room for the baby. This room was chosen because the baby bedding, John Lennon’s print from Baby Depot of Elephants, Tigers, Giraffes with a blue and white star print went best with the orange room with the yellow wrap-around stripe. The furniture and bedding was the same at it had been for the previous two girls. One dresser was orange with alternating orange and blue drawers, the other blue with orange panel doors. Both had sponged pictures of giraffes and elephants with added hand details. The dressers were both painted by Jolene Hueber. Also, there was a matching toy box in the room. All the baby and toddler safe toys had been put in this room and cleaned before conception and again later before Jocelyn’s birth. Jason and Jolene were both 26 and living at 262 Allen Road in Porter Corners, NY when they decided to have a third child. Jason was an electrician mate- first class in the Navy and stationed in the area for shore duty. Jolene was a stay-at-home mother of two pretty little girls. March and April of 2005, Jolene charted her period to see when she was most fertile. With Madeline four and Gwendolyn two, it felt like the perfect time to have another child. Two months after trying, the couple happily found out that they were pregnant. Jolene’s friend Deanna Steele was the first one to know. The first couple of months pregnant with Jocelyn felt joyous, thirsty, and slightly sleepy. In June, Mommy felt nausous. Her stomache felt unsettled, but felt better if she ate meat and nuts. She threw up four times. In July, she wished for an “eternal sleep” (without being interrupted with tending to the children or bath trips). By August, Jolene felt very comfortable being pregnant with Jocelyn. She could feel the baby moving a lot and she felt the baby kicking and blowing bubbles in her tummy. She only threw up twice. Mother, Jolene (Fine) Hueber, had an easy pregnancy. There were three other friends at church pregnant with her. The four pregnant women are pictured on the left: Suzanne Law, Natalie Tufts, Jolene Hueber (with the flower in her hair), and Deanna Steele. This picture was taken on Labor Day 2005. Though the Hueber family originally wanted a boy after already having two girls, they found out through a second ultrasound that they were having a girl. The news of the third girl was in the 6 month and only two months before she would deliver baby Jocelyn. Jocelyn Elizabeth was the only name considered for the little girl. The “lynn” at the end of the name went with the previous named children, Madeline and Gwendolynn. Moreover, Jocelyn was a name that was not common, yet beautiful. Both Mom, Jolene (Fine) Hueber, and Dad, Jason Hueber liked it. Elizabeth was chosen

because Jolene wanted to name the child after her adopted mother, Susan Elizabeth Lindsey, but she only liked the name “Elizabeth.” Upon watching the movie, A Knights Tale, the couple had stumbled upon the name Jocelyn and had even considered naming Gwendolynn that. After learning that they were having another girl, they were happy and even relieved. They knew what they were doing with a girl. The familiar was very comforting. Jocelyn’s mother was given a baby shower by Mormon friend Zoila Schank on Tues. Dec 6, 2005. At the baby shower were friends, Jen Woodruff, Stephanie Arnold, Bonnie Arnold, Aurora Lamperetta, Deanna Steele, and Zoila Schank. The day before Jocelyn’s arrival, Jolene received a $500 check from Papa, her adopted father (Van Priest Russell) for needed babies clothes and supplies. It came just in time. Had it come one day later, little Jocelyn would have had only one outfit to fit her little body and a lots of blankets. Jocelyn was the third child born to mother, Jolene Hueber and second child born to Jason Hueber. With the love of two older siblings and two very happy parents, she was born three weeks early on Dec 17, 2005. The due date was Jan 6, 2006. Mother had gained 60 pounds by the delivery date. The delivery occurred after a long morning of baby shopping alone by her mother who had continued to shop during all the contractions. At the checkout, she asked for a chair to sit in because the pain of standing was too much. She was at the checkout for an hour because her and another expectant mother wanted the same rocking chair, but there was only one chair in that make in stock. But, Jolene said that the other lady could have the rocking chair , but she insisted that they open all the boxes in the back that had rocking chairs in them to make sure that a rocking chair hadn’t been put in the wrong box. She waited while they looked. An hour later, they found her the rocking chair she had wanted and it was loaded in her car. Mother, Jolene, unloaded all the baby clothes and supplies, including the rocking chair. She told Jason that she was in labor and that she would meet him at the hospital after he found somewhere to leave the children. She drove herself 30 minutes to the hospital and walked in. After her husband arrived, the nurse informed her that she had come into the hospital 9 centimeters dilated. It was too late for an epidural. Jolene insisted on something. They gave her a local shot and waited for the doctor to arrive. When the doctor arrived, he broke her water and the labor was over in 30 minutes after that. Jolene felt nothing that last hour of the 17 ½ hour labor. Baby Jocelyn was a healthy little blonde girl of 7 lbs and 5.4 ounces. At four days old she weighed 6 lbs, 15 ounces. She was 19 ¾ inches long.She was greeted into this world by older siblings, Gwendolynn (3) and Madeline (5). Mother, Jolene (Fine) Hueber wrote on 12/29/05 in her journal: “She is sweet and precious…She’s 2 weeks old and spends most of the day attached to my breasts. I love her. I am so ecstatic that she is part of our family & finally here.” Jason took two weeks leave from work to help with the older siblings. Jason’s mother, Joyce, was the only family to come see little Jocelyn the year she was born. She arrived three weeks after Jocelyn was born (the expected due date) and stayed for two weeks- helping out with meals. Her father, Jason Paul Hueber, gave her a baby blessing on Jan 8, 2006. In the Blessing Circle were Mike Andreadakis, Sr., Dan Blood, Ryan Barzee, Samson Tufts, Michael Steele, and Bishop David Nimmo. She was dressed in the same white gown her

sisters had worn for their blessing days. Jocelyn Elizabeth Hueber’s blessing stated: “You will be physically fit, You will love thy family, You will have a glow around you, You will know and love Thee, You will have a strong urge to serve a mission.” She weighed 8 lbs, 7 ounces at one month. At two months, Jocelyn slept through the night. While taking a bath with Mom and Gwendolyn, little Jocelyn laughed for the first time at four months. Gwendolynn splashed and Jocelyn laughed, then Gwendolynn kept doing it in order to keep her little sister laughing. At her 4 month check-up she weighed 11 lbs, 2 ounces. Her height was 23 inches. Her doctor was Dr. Celloti. By seven months old, little Jocelyn kicked her feet and was distracted when breastfeeding. Gwendolynn still was the only one to get her to laugh, by hitting herself in the head. Jocelyn found that hilarious. She was mainly nursing, with the occasional bottle if left with Daddy. Older sister, Madeline took right to holding the baby. Between, Jason, Madeline, and Jolene… Jocelyn was not put down by herself until she could sit alone. By August 6, Jocelyn can sit up by herself and babbles. She goes everywhere with mother, Jolene. Jolene is sewing, Jocelyn is on her lap. Jolene is gardening, Jocelyn is eating dirt beside her. Jolene is bathing, Jocelyn is playing in the tub, too. Jocelyn didn’t like those backpacks, so thankfully she was a light little child. To the left is a picture of the family together in August of 2006. when Jocelyn is six months old. Mom and Dad are Jolene and Jason Hueber. Madeline is in the back (5). Dad holds Jocelyn, the only one who wouldn’t smile, so they stuck a pacifier in her mouth. Mother holds Gwendolynn (3). On August 29th, Jocelyn’s two bottom teeth came through. Mother, Jolene, held up the supermarket line showing everyone her baby’s new teeth. She returned home from the store to tell husband, Jason. He was thrilled and smiled too! September of 2006, Jolene wrote, “Jocelyn’s such a sweet girl. She loves her sisters, Madeline and Gwendolynn so much & they love her…She really wants to crawl & struggles to get things out of her reach...We go places & everyone stops like she’s a supermodel & comments on her beauty, her smile, her laugh. She loves the attention & loves strangers.” By Labor Day of 2006, Jolene and her friends had had their babies. They are pictured in the same order with babies: Haley Law, Jackson Tufts, Jocelyn Hueber, and Hayden

Steele. This was the Laws first child, but for the other three women on the right… this was the third child in the family. On October 6, Jocelyn started crawling. Six days later, she was pulling up to stand. By the end of the month, she was crawling from one side of the house to the next. (Crawling to mommy legs whenever her diaper was dirty.) Jason and Jolene love telling each other what they observe her doing. Gwendolynn and Jocelyn crawl around on the floor together. Big sister, Gwendolynn plays like she is puppy. Jocelyn loves this! Throughout the year, we have had to replace about 12 pacifiers for Jocelyn because Gwendolynn kept taking the babies pacifier and hiding it for later, but it was such a good hiding place that most of the time no one ever found it.

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