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Led by former Congressman J.C. Watts, GOPAC’s mission to train and help Republicans get elected to local and state level offices will surely be recognized. Within its first decade, it grew to be one of the country’s largest and most influential political action committees. And through its diligence and hard work this is the status it enjoys today. Donors have given very generously with average gifts of $27. This list would work well for all conservative mailers including pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, Anti-Tax, and all Republican campaigns! ITS A MUST TEST!!!

14,514 Universe
$5+ Donors This is a nationwide list of conservative donors.

Competitive Base rate: $115/M Charitable/Commercial/Publication: $75/M

- 20% commission to recognized brokers CD = $50/F Email = $40/F State = $5/M Dollar=$10/M SCF = $5/M Telemarketing = $10/M CONTINUATIONS: Catherine Davis for Congress, Citizens Against Government Waste, Judicial Watch, Butler for Senate, Black Republican Freedom Fund, Michael Steele for Senate, Honeycutt for Congress, Claire Booth Luce, Keep Our Majority, Lynn Swann for Governor, Ada Fisher for Congress, Chavez-Ochoa for Congress, Heritage Foundation, etc.

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