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Minutes by trendy3


									ONTARIO BUILDING OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION Board of Directors Meeting November, 29 2006 at the The Fairm ont Chateau Laurier, Ottaw a Executive Board Room (Upper Floor) 9:00 am

1. Call to order @ 9:15 am Terry Hew itson, CBCO: President - absent Lynn Balfour, CBCO: Vice-President - Advocacy Dean Findlay, CBCO: Vice-President –Member Services Ken Andrus, CBCO: Secretary/Treasurer John DeVries, CBCO, I.P.P. Self-Management Richard Ashe, CBCO: OBC / Education / Training Esa Saarela, CBCO: Certification/Maintenance Mike Seiling, CBCO: Self-Management / EABO Fritz Enzlin, CBCO, UCC / Rural Affairs Leo Cusumano, CBCO, Internship / Member Services Al Peach, CBCO, Education / Training / Aw ards Dan Devlin, OPIA - absent Ron Kolbe, CBCO, CAO 2. Addition or Deletion of Items to the Agenda  Item #15 add to Correspondence –OMFPOA letter   Item #16 add to Correspondence –Blair Lancaster letter   Item #17 add to IPP report - ACBOA –PTPA CC Committee letter   Item #18 add to Correspondence –Ontario Budget letter   Item #19 add to discussion Bill 121   Item #20 add to discussion Self-Management   Item #21 JD forum on sustainability add to IPP Report   Item #22 RA Status Toronto & Halton Chapters add to Report  Lynn Balfour

3. Approval of Agenda MOTION# 44 11-29-2006 It w as moved by Mike Seiling and seconded by John DeVries that the agenda be approved as revised CARRIED 4. Approval of the m inutes of the last meeting –October 5, 2006 MOTION# 45 11-29-2006 It w as moved by Dean Findlay and seconded by Leo Cusumano that the previous minutes be approved as revised. CARRIED


 Items to be revised? Add to MS Committee status & LC Internship Committee   Motion to approve mov by DF sec by LC  5. Business arising from the last meeting  Action list Review  6. P e ie t R p r rsd n’ e ot s Self Management: John DeVries w ill provide a more detailed update. Terry Hew itson

Objective Based Codes Training Objective based codes were envisioned to aid designers to design and building officials to evaluate Atrai D s n , urnlrfr dt a ‘ u a n i ’o lo abo d r c l l n te e i s c r t eer o sE i l c s n n ra e s a . e v g e y e q ve e, y e The code w as to include Objective Statements, Functional Statements, Statements of Intent and Application. There are Attribution tables that relate the Objectives and Functional Statements – how ever we have learned that the Intent and Application statements w ill not be available for possibly a couple of years. These statements do not form part of the code, how ever were an integral part of the improved decision making process. New Offices
Construction of the new office space is continuing and is expected to be complete for our occupancy before the end of the year. It now appears that we will successfully sell our current property, effective February 1, 2007.

Government Relations We continue to utilize the Pathw ay Group Pathw ay continues to keep us updated on the progress of the above pieces of legislation as w ell as others including the Bill 121, T eItr r e in r’ c. h nei D sg es A t o Advanced Standing Preliminary discussions w ere undertaken w ith MMAH staff. Early indications are that the Advanced Sa d g M txwirm i a ato frQ af ai ’ Iwile b a‘o igwi o o c us s tn i n ar l e an s o lo ‘u lc tn. t li l e m v i l i o i lk y n n w’f ore d that w ill include new relevant offerings as they become available and some of the older courses will be excluded as they become out of date. Maintenance of Qualifications As , o epei n r d c s i wa h lrg ri wh t l ec n i rdfrh ‘a tn n e o l s m rl ay i u s n s e e ad g awib o s ee o te m i e a c ’ f o mi s o d n l d n c r n ‘u lc tn ’ fpa tn r. i u s ni l e ui i ten w O j teB s dC d s ur tQ af ai s o rci es Ds s i n u d tz g h e e i o i o c o cd ln i b ci a e o e e v Training as one possibility. No decisions are to made w ithout further discussion w ith stakeholders. 7. Vice-Pe ie t - Advocacy rsd n’ s Lynn Balfour An update on the activities of the BAC. This council has met 3 times since it w as created in early summer. The creation of BAC w as the final recommendation from the original BRRAG report to be implemented. The makeup of BAC is from a broad spectrum of stakeholders across the building industry representing both the private and public sectors. These representatives will use their vast areas of expertise to provide recommendations to the Minister w ith consideration given to impacts on public safety, technical feasibility, economic impacts, social impacts, code har monization, policy goals and the underlying purpose of the Building Code. Created 2 w orking groups to look further into the issue of outstanding final inspections for municipalities and to review the perceived inconsistencies in complete applications. The Chair of the Complete Application w orking group is Mike Seiling and the Chair of the Final Inspection w orking group is Michael Steele.


8. Vice-Pe ie t - Member-Serv ices rsd n’ s Dean Findlay Current administrative side, w ork continues on the w eb based Bulletin Board. The number of registered users is increasing each month and the extent of submissions is improving as w ell. The office staff has introduced on-line payment options to improve efficiency in transactions w ith the OBOA, and it has been received very w ell. With regard to my involvement on the Expert Panel for a Provincial Grow Op Registry, the Panel is in the process of forwarding recommendations to the Provincial Government. Members Brief to follow in December 2006. PEO / OAA / MMAH lawsuit summary provided w ith commentary. Parameters of each Association discussed and outlined. Discussion of Jeff Leal, MPP, letter to MMAH Minister discussion. 9. S ceayTe s rr R p r e rtr ra ue’ e ot s Ken Andrus  Budget Draft Requests to be review ed / revised and set for February Board meeting approval.   Summary review and approval at the February 2007 Board Meeting   All Committee expense sheets to be verified by CAO.   All staff expenses to be verified by CAO.   Provide Comparitive Report Actual to Budget for each Board meeting.  10. Immediate Past Presidents Report John DeVries  2006 AMTS Summary Committee Update presented and w ill be summarized in December 2006  Journal.  2007 AMTS Logo / AD  MOTION# 46 11-29-2006 It w as moved by John DeVries and seconded by Al Peach that the 2007 AMTS Theme 007 be approved. CARRIED

MOTION# 47 11-29-2006 It w as moved by John DeVries and seconded by Dean Findlay that the 2007 AMTS logo be approved and that the pin design be in conformance w ith design. CARRIED MOTION# 48 11-29-2006 It w as moved by John DeVries and seconded by Richard Ashe that the 2007 AMTS logo form the basis for the coaster design. CARRIED  2008-Kingston Update  Deposit paid in accordance w ith contract. Ambassador Hotel in Kingston.  2009-Huntsville Request to Host AMTS   2009/2010 Collingw ood Request to Host AMTS  MOTION# 49 11-29-2006 It w as moved by John DeVries and seconded by Al Peach that the application for the 2009/2010 A MTS be directed to the CAO for review and a report back to the Board in February 2007. (ACTION LIST) CARRIED


 ACBOA –PTPACC Committee letter   Forum on sustainability –add to budget request   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration  11. Chief Administrative Officer Report  New Office   Budget Requirements submitted for consideration  12. Comm ittee Reports (a) Dean Findlay  Member Services  Rules of Behavior  Public Relations  Managing Editor OBOA Journal  Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration (b) Leo Cusum ano  Internship   Member Services   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration  (c) Mike Seiling  Self-Management   EABO   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration  (d) Richard Ashe  Objective Based Codes   Chapter Chair Liaison   Education-Training Co- Chair   Status Toronto & Halton Chapters –Richard w ill contact & advise (action list)   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration  MOTION# 50 11-29-2006 It w as moved by Richard Ashe and seconded by Dean Findlay that the Chair of the Objective Based C d sC mmi epe aea“ R F ”etro tePe i n’s n tr t teMiie MM i i tg o e o t rp r D A T l e frh rs e t i aue o h ns r AH n c i t e t d s g t d an that the Ontario Building Code and related training be put in abeyance until the application and intent statements related to Objective Based Codes have been finalized. (ACTION LIST) CARRIED (e) Lynn Balfour  Advocacy   BY-Law Review   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration  (f) Esa Sarrela  Maintenance   Certification 

Ron Kolbe

 Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration   Chair w ill submit Certification article in each Journal.  MOTION# 51 11-29-2006 It w as moved by Lynn Balfour and seconded by Dean Findlay to adjourn and meeting to convene at 8am on Fr iday 1 Dec 06 CARRIED

MOTION# 52 12-01-2006 It w as moved by Lynn Balfour and seconded by Dean Findlay to reconvene meeting at 8:15am on Friday 1 Dec 06 CARRIED (g) Fritz Enzlin  UCC   Rural Affairs   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration   Forum discussion   Clean Water Act   MDS free software available check w ith MMA H.   Member of BAC sub-committee  (h) Al Peach  Education-Training Co- Chair   Awards   Committee Budgetary Requirements submitted for consideration.  MOTION# 53 12-01-2006 I sm v db A P a ha ds c n e b D a F da ta OB AsS l t wa o e y le c n e o d d y e n i l h t O ’ e -Management approach n y f ensure that the direction is total Self-Management. 1. OBOA to administer full representation of members 2. OBOA to administer the regulatory requirements as set dow n by the Government of Ontario 3. OBOA to provide for effective governance of the profession 4. OBOA membership is a requirement to practice as Building Official in Ontario CARRIED (i) Dan Devlin  OPIA update   Committee Budgetary Requirements  13. Liaison Up-dates  None  14. Correspondence (a) John DeVries-Application to offer to host, Simcoe County & Grey Bruce County 2009 or 2010 (Blue Mountian) (action list) (b) John DeVries -Application to offer to host, Muskoka Parry Sound Chapter 2009 ( Deer Hurst) (action list) (c) Al Suleman letter of thanks file (d) Niagara Regional Police Service, letter of thanks file


(e) Minister letter, response regarding draft bill on self-management file (f) Correspondence regarding the merge of Haldimand County Chapter into Brant Chapter RA (action list) (g) FE/DF-ULC Provincial Fire Alarm Service Program response by Fritz Enzlin (action list)

MOTION# 54 12-01-2006 It w as moved by Al Peach and seconded by Esa Saarela to adjourn regular meeting to discussion as noted in item #16 CARRIED 15. Other Business  None  16. Items for Discussion MOTION# 55 12-01-2006 It w as moved by Lynn Balfour and seconded by Dean Findlay regarding discussion at 11:00 am. CARRIED  Bill 121   Self-Management  MOTION# 56 12-01-2006 It w as moved by Lynn Balfour and seconded by Leo Cusamano to adjourn at 1:00 pm. CARRIED 17. Inform ation and Handouts  Board Manual to be distributed at meeting  18. Suggested Date of next meeting?  Board Meeting –Feb 8, 9 2007 at new OBOA office.  19. Meeting dates for 2007  Board Meeting –Feb 8, 9 2007   Board Meeting –April 12, 13 2007   Chapter Chairs –April 14, 2007   Board Meeting –June 14, 15 2007   Board Meeting –Sept 22, 2007   Chapter Chairs –Sept 24, 2007   Board Meeting –Sept 27, 2007   Board Meeting –Dec 1, 2 2007  20. Adjournment @ 1:00 pm MOTION# 57 12-01-2006 It w as moved by Lynn Balfour and seconded by Leo Cusamano for adjournment. CARRIED


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