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					SBBA Quarterly
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Letter from the President
Eamonn McGeady INS IDE TH IS ISSU E 1 Letter from the President 2
Member Spotlight For The Record

We have had a very busy quarter, with some of the highlights listed below:   SBBA was able to influence the zoning process concerning loss of commercial property in Anne Arundel County. Thanks to Dave McKenzie of LTT for providing key testimony. Baltimore City bill 05-0022 was successfully forwarded from the Urban Affairs Committee. This bill further clarified language from the Urban Renewal Plan protecting industry’s right to exist. Thanks to Peg Jeffra and Jack Flynn for doing work in the trenches, and to CTB Government Relations. Improved access to Baltimore City Government, specifically meetings w/ the Comptroller (Ms. Pratt) and her staff. SBBA met w/ Ms. Pratt and had a good meeting to discuss the sale of City land in Anne Arundel County. Ms. Pratt was receptive to our points and understanding of the SBBA’s concerns. SAVE THE DATE! The SBBA and Regional Manufacturing Institute are sponsoring a Candidate Forum on October 11th at Michael’s 8th Avenue. Invitations are extended to all of the major statewide candidates. We look for a good turnout. This is a truly great opportunity to meet the candidates in a small forum and discuss their positions on industry and business in Maryland. Curtis Bay Community Clean-up: 14 October. As usual, SBBA provides significant leadership and resources for this event. I hope we can have an even better turnout than last year, and our goal is to have 100% participation from all SBBA members in some form or another (personnel, equipment, supplies, donations, etc.) Let’s keep showing we are committed to the community. Robert Hutson of Valley Protein will serve as our coordinator, so please be receptive when he asks for your support. The SBBA Job Bank continues to grow! This great tool is up and running on the website. If you have a personnel need, please do not hesitate to forward the description to Peg Jeffra and it will be posted on the web site. Officers and elections. Now is your chance to get involved. Work w/ great people, get free donuts, and influence the process. No experience necessary, just a passion for getting things done…

3 Committee News
Candidate Forum


4 Committee Corner
Community Calendar



“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” _ John Quincy Adams

 

I recently had the opportunity to testify before the Urban Affairs Committee chaired by Councilwoman Paula Johnson Branch. Upon completion of my testimony reference bill 050022, Ms. Branch took the opportunity in the public forum to formally congratulate the SBBA for working hard with the community to resolve differences and promote the area. Councilman Reisinger and Councilwoman Welch also publicly lauded our organization for all of the efforts to improve the community. It made me feel proud to be part of the organization and to know we have the commitment of dedicated members like you. Thanks to each and everyone who contributes in every way. No effort is too small! I hope you had a great summer, and wish you a fun and profitable fall. I strongly urge you make your voice heard at the Candidate Forum on October 11th, and in the general election on November 6th.

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SBBA Quarterly

Member Spotlight
R.E.L. Schneider Co., Inc.

For The Record…
In response to an article in the May 2006 issue of Urbanite Baltimore Magazine, SBBA sent the following letter that was published in the Urbanite Baltimore July 2006 issue. To read the May 2006 article: 4&articleID=369

R. E. L. Schneider Company, Inc. 4804 Curtis Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21226 (410) 355-2120
R. E. L. Schneider Company, Inc. (RELS) is a metal contractor specializing in fabrication and erection of light gauge metal work from 26-gauge up to 3/8” plate. The firm was founded in 1980 and has been located in Curtis Bay since its inception. RELS is a strong family-owned business under the leadership of Bob Schneider, Jr. With more than 45 employees, the majority of whom reside in the Curtis Bay/Brooklyn area, the firm has been able to continually grow its focus market. RELS has outstanding employees with many diverse talents in all facets of metalworking. Key members with more than 110 years of experience are Andy Matthews, Bob Christy, and Wally Jackson. With this kind of experience, RELS has been able to tackle major projects such as HVAC/comfort systems, dust collection, and ventilation systems. Bob Schneider is very proud of the reputation for honesty and fairness his firm has built for more than 25 years. Key clients include Northrop Grumman, Baltimore Gas and Electric, and Johns Hopkins Hospital and University. RELS has also developed much of their business with repeat customers. RELS has been a strong supporting member of the SBBA and the local Curtis Bay community. Bob Schneider has deep roots in the area, and is a graduate of Brooklyn Park High School. SBBA salutes R. E. L. Schneider, Company Inc. for their success and service to the community.

Did you know… SBBA members contribute more than $10,000,000 per year in taxes to local, state, and national governments…

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Candidate Forum
SBBA is partnering with Regional Manufacturing Institute (RMI) to sponsor a candidate forum hosted by noted political commentator, Barry Rascovar on October 11 th 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm at Michael’s 8th Avenue in Glen Burnie. General election candidates for the following offices are invited
     

Governor Lieutenant Governor U.S. Senate 3rd Congressional District Attorney General A. A. County Executive

Gov. Bob Ehrlich and Mayor Martin O’Malley Kristin Cox and Anthony Brown Ben Cardin and Lt. Gov. Michael Steele John Sarbanes and John White Scott Rolle and Doug Gansler Del. John Leopold and Sheriff George Johnson

To Register for the Candidate Forum:

Or go to “Upcoming Events” on lower right corner of the page - Click on “Meet The Candidates”.

Committee News
Community Outreach:
On September 14th, SBBA attended the Community of Curtis Bay Association monthly meeting, which focused on the increasing problem of prostitution in Curtis Bay. Many area politicians, law enforcement officials and representatives from the City were present and are eager to work with the community on this ever-increasing problem. SBBA supports this initiative and will work with CCBA to help improve the community.

Legislative: by Jack Flynn
We continue to track the various hearings and meetings related to zoning, encroachment and development. We continue to make inroads with state and local government and make them aware of the concerns of the SBBA. We are working closely with Baltimore City and Baltimore Development Corporation officials in an effort to expand the boundaries of the Fairfield Enterprise Zone to include a substantial portion of Curtis Bay. Successful completion of this Expansion offers the opportunity for major benefits such as Property Tax Credits, and Employment Tax Credits, directly to businesses in the Zone; and indirectly, to the local community through increased local employment opportunities and related economic spin -off benefits. We will keep our Members advised as this progresses.


Membership is vital to the success of our organization. Welcome to our newest member, Howard Rosenberg of Beltsville Auto Recyclers – 4101 Curtis Ave., Baltimore, MD 21226 (410) 355-1722.

Transportation: by David McKenzie
SBBA’s Transportation committee has been busy. There are two major areas of concern: 1.) The potential effect off added traffic on Pennington Avenue as a result of proposed development. 2.) The tolls for vehicles that travel on Interstate-895 but do not go through the tunnel, the effect this has on local commercial traffic, and potential remedies. The encroaching development is an area of great concern to the SBBA. If some proposed development becomes reality, traffic will be a serious concern. Pennington Avenue is a critical commercial thoroughfare. Any new traffic on Pennington Avenue must be managed so that it does not negatively impact the many thriving businesses that move trucks up and down Pennington Avenue. SBBA’s Transportation Committee views this as our #1 priority and is working hard to make our opinion heard. We are also working with the MMTA to investigate and lobby for a change to current toll policies at the I-895 tunnel. We would like to see a reduced toll for vehicles that travel on I-895 but use the Childs Street exit and on-ramp and do not actually go through the tunnel. We feel that this would ease commercial traffic congestion in the Fairfield, Brooklyn, and Curtis Bay areas.

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SBBA Quarterly

SBBA and Community Calendar
27 Sept: 4 Oct: 11 Oct: 12 Oct: 14 Oct: 25 Oct: 6 Nov: 15 Nov: 29 Nov: SBBA Membership Meeting SBBA Executive Committee Meeting Candidate Forum CCBA Monthly Meeting Brooklyn/Curtis Bay Cleanup SBBA Membership Meeting General Election SBBA Executive Committee Meeting SBBA Membership Meeting

Please email community event information for the calendar to:

Curtis Bay from Prudence St.

Committee Corner
Membership: Chair: Craig Blinke Vice-Chair: Peggy Jeffra Transportation: Chair: David Mitchell Vice-Chair: Dave McKenzie Community Outreach: Civic Associations, Charitable Donations, Safety, Neighborhood clean-ups Baltimore City: Chair: Harry Adler Vice-Chairs: Robert Hutson / Bob Schneider Anne Arundel Co. Chair: Jeff Fraley Vice-Chairs: Robert Hutson / Bob Schneider Legislative / Good Government Action: Political Activism – State/Local Chair: Jack Flynn Vice Chair: Mike Kovaleski

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