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									Press Release

“CubeHead, Return Of The King! Available now at Apple’s App Store”

      CubeHead is FairPlay Labs second published game for the Apple iPhone and iPod
      Enter the crazy kingdom of king CubeHead, where your puzzle skills will be
      CubeHead is sold in Apple’s App Store

San José, November 26, 2009. Fair Play Labs releases CubeHead, a puzzle game with
addictive fast paced action where fast thinking and slick sliding are the only ways to

Having been exiled many years ago by his unhappy subjects, the wily king CubeHead has
returned and seeks to recover his throne. You must help the Cubies fight back and protect
the Kingdom before it is too late!

Beware though… you play against the clock and have a limited amount of energy.
Special tiles can help you in your quest, or get in your way. By successfully completing
each level, you will achieve a place in the high score tables.

CubeHead is a puzzle game with addictive, fast-paced action.

If you can match Cubies in lines or columns of 3 or more, you can score points and defeat
king CubeHead. You will encounter funny little animated Cubies, bombs, hidden prizes
and booby traps, as you play against time limits! But you must also be careful to conserve
your energy and avoid unnecessary moves.

Expect to develop an uncanny ability to speedily maneuver tiles... CubeHead challenges
your mind!

   Simple and easy to learn, fun and challenging
   In game tips to help you get started
   Three difficulty levels to choose from
   Automatic save/resume allows you to quickly pick up and play whenever you
     have a few spare seconds, and never interrupt your game because of an incoming
     call or an alarm
   High scores table
   Settings menu to change difficulty level and other features

CubeHead was originally released for Windows® PocketPC in 2002, where it was very
successful and developed a large player base, Fair Play Labs is bringing it to the Apple
iPhone under a licensing agreement with White Hart Media Limited.
Fair Play Labs previously released WackyLands: Green, a collection of casual games,
which was featured in the App Store and has been ranked in the Top 10 of Family and
Kids games in many countries around the world for many months.

For further information you can visit or, the App Store from iTunes® at, your
iPhone™ or your iPod® touch to download the games. You can also follow us on with the hashtag #cubehead.

About Fair Play Labs:

Fair Play Labs is a Costa Rican company founded 5 years ago, focused on the
development of digital interactive entertainment for the Internet and platforms like
Nintendo® DS™, Sony® PlayStation® Portable (PSP®) and Apple® iPhone™ or iPod®
touch. It is currently integrated by a team of 24 professionals in software engineering,
digital art and music.

For further information you can visit or email us at

About the App Store from Apple Inc.:

The App Store from Apple Inc. Is an accessible online store via the cellular Networks ad
the Wi-Fi, that allows users to download applications directly to their iPhoneTM o iPod®
touch and start using them immediately. It is also accessible through iTunes
( for Mac® or PC, and then synchronized to the iPhoneTM or iPod®
touch using an USB cable. Applications can be free or charged to the user’s iTunes®
account. It was released on July 11, 2009 and by September 9th of the same year Apple®
announced that it had reached 100 million applications downloads world wide.

About White Hart Media:

White Hart Media Limited is a UK company founded just 12 months ago and is focused
on the creation and development of innovative gaming concepts for the Internet and
mobile platforms. For further information you can visit

Press Contacts:
Claudio Pinto
Fair Play Labs
(506) 2226-1250

Pilar Portela
Fair Play Labs
(506) 2226-1250




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