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Golden Orchid Productions Inc. DGC and DGA First Assistant Director Canadian Citizenship/Passport 2936 Waterloo St.; Vancouver, BC; Canada V6R 3J5 PHONE: 604-733-2391 1st AD Credits *each credit was shot in Vancouver unless otherwise noted
Psych Producers: Steve Franks, Kelly Kulchak, Paolo de Oliveira Line Producer: Tracey Jeffrey PM: Erin Smith Director: Michael Engler She’s The Man Producers: Lauren Shuler Donner, Jack Leslie, Marty Ewing PM: Wayne Bennett Director: Andy Fickman Once Upon A Mattress (musical) Producers: Marc Platt,Marty Tudor, John Kousakis,Carol Burnett PM: Lily Hui Director/Choreographer:Kathleen Marshall Reefer Madness (the musical) Producers: Kevin Murphy,Dan Studney, Rose Lam PM: Kim Steer Choreographer: Mary Ann Kellogg Director: Andy Fickman The Chronicles of Riddick (2nd unit) Producers: David Womark, Scott Kroopf PM: Wendy Williams UPM: Mandy Spencer-Phillips Director: EJ Foerster My Baby’s Daddy Producers: Happy Walter, Matt Weaver, Jeremy Kramer, Jake Myers PM: Nan Skiba Director: Cheryl Dunye Location: Toronto A Very Muppet Christmas Producers: Brian Henson, Juliet Blake, Martin Baker PM/Co-Prod: Warren Carr Director: Kirk R. Thatcher Oct-Nov 2005 pilot NBC/Universal

Apr-Aug 2005 feature Dreamworks SKG

Aug-Oct 2004 MOW ABC

Feb-Jun 2004 cable feature Showtime *premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2005 Apr-Oct 2003 feature Universal

Sept-Nov 2002 feature Miramax

Apr-Jun 2002 MOW NBC/ Jim Henson Co.


The Snow Queen Producer: Matthew O’Connor Location: Vancouver, Cranbrook Director: David Wu A Wrinkle In Time Producer: Fitch Cady, Jordan Kerner PM: David Hauka Director: John Kent Harrison Door To Door Producer: David Rosemont PM/Producer: Warren Carr Director: Steven Schachter Like Cats and Dogs Producers: Chris deFaria, Andrew Lazar PM: Wendy Williams Animals: Boone Narr Puppets: David Barclay Director: Larry Guterman Final Destination (ending reshoot) Producers: Art Shaeffer, Craig Perry PM: Mary Eilts Director: James Wong

Sept 2001-Feb 2002 miniseries Hallmark Entertainment

Apr-Jun 2001 miniseries Miramax

Jan-Mar 2001 cable feature TNT Emmy awards for Best Directing, Writing, Lead Actor, & Best Movie Mar-Nov 2000 feature Warner Bros. VFX: Ed Jones Jan 2000 feature New Line Cinema

Chain of Fools Apr-Aug 1999 feature Producers: Steve Reuther, Richard Ulfvengren Bel Air Entertainment PM: Wendy Williams Directors: Pontus Lowenhielm, Patrik Von Krusenstjerna Pirates of the Plain Producer/Director: John Cherry Location: Capetown, South Africa Double Jeopardy (stunt/2nd unit) Producer: Richard Rothchild PM: Casey Grant 2nd unit Director: Glenn Randall The New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy Producer/Director: John Cherry Location: Capetown, South Africa Plea Bargain Producer: Carol Trussel PM: Mary Anne McCarthy (Waterhouse) Director: Rob Fresco Aug-Nov 1998 feature Emshell Producers Group July 1998 feature Paramount

Jan-Apr 1998 feature Emshell Producers Group Nov-Dec 1997 MOW USA Network

The Baby Dance Sept-Oct 1997 cable feature Producers: Meg LeFauve,Vicky Herman,Jodie Foster, Showtime Matthew O’Connor PM/Producer: Lisa Towers Director: Jane Anderson


5 Desperate Hours Producer: Penelope Foster PM: Shawn Williamson Director: Dan Lerner

May-June 1997 MOW NBC

Stormin’ Ernest and Ernest Goes To Africa Oct 1996-Apr 1997 features Producer/Director: John Cherry Emshell Producers Group Location: Capetown and Johannesburg, South Africa The Spree Producers: Marcy Gross, Ann Weston PM: David Hauka Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Harvey Producers: Don Gregory, Lisa Towers PM: David Hauka Director: George Schaefer Dr Who Producers: Alex Beaton, Peter Ware PM: Fran Rosati Director: Geoffrey Sax Remembrance Producer: Dennis Hammer PM: Mark Winemaker Location: Toronto Director: Bethany Rooney Bye Bye Birdie Producer: Boyce Harman PM: Fran Rosati Choreographer: Ann Reinking Musical director: Irwin Fisch Director: Gene Saks Mixed Blessings Producer: Dennis Hammer PM: David Shepherd Director: Bethany Rooney The Omen Producer/PM: George Horie Director: Jack Sholder Slam Dunk Ernest Producer: Stacy Williams PM: George Horie Director: John Cherry A Pyromaniac’s Love Story Producer: Mark Gordon PM: Barbara Kelly Location: Toronto Director: Joshua Brand May-Aug 1996 cable feature Showtime

Apr-May 1996 MOW CBS

Dec 1995-Feb 1996 MOW Fox/BBC

Oct-Dec 1995 MOW NBC

Jun-Aug 1995 MOW (musical) ABC

Apr-Jun 1995 MOW NBC

Feb-Apr 1995 pilot NBC/Fox Sept-Nov 1994 MOW ABC

Mar-July 1994 feature Hollywood Pictures


Sin & Redemption Producer: Dick Berg PM: Andrew McLean Director: Neema Barnette This Can’t Be Love Producers: Merrill Karpf, Tom Rowe PM: George Horie Director: Anthony Harvey Ernest Goes To School and Ernest Rides Again Producer: Stacy Williams PM: George Hories Directors: Coke Sams, John Cherry Roommates Producers: Michael Filerman, Tom Rowe PM: George Horie Director: Alan Metzger The Commish (one episode) Producer: John Kousakis PM: Ron French Director: Kim Manners When A Stranger Calls Back Producers: Barry Greenfield, Tom Rowe PM: Lisa Richardson Director: Fred Walton Friends To The End Producers: Jim Green, Alan Epstein, Matthew O’Connor PM: Andrew McLean Director: Charles Carner Mortal Sins Producers: Tom Rowe, Jeff Auerbach, Barry Weitz PM: Lisa Richardson Director: Bradford May The Heights Producer: Tony Spiridakis PM: Lisa Richardson Director: Donald Petrie Beyond The Bounds Producer: Carol Polakoff PM: Matthew O’Connor Director: Donna Deitch The Comrades of Summer Producers: Jack Grossbart, Joan Barnett, David Pritchard PM: Andrew McLean Location: Vancouver and Moscow Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Nov-Dec 1993 MOW CBS

Sept-Nov 1993 MOW NBC

Apr-Aug 1993 features Emshell Producers Group

Feb-Apr 1993 MOW NBC

Dec 1992-Jan 1993 episodic ABC

Oct-Nov 1992 cable feature Showtime

July-Aug 1992 MOW CBS

May-June 1991 MOW USA Network

Mar-Apr 1992 presentation Spelling Entertainment

Jan-Mar 1992 MOW ABC

Aug-Oct 1991 cable feature HBO


Ernest Scared Stupid Producer: Stacy Williams PM: Carol Sue Byron Location: Nashville Director: John Cherry Scene of the Crime Producer: Bryan Hickox PM: Fran Rosati Directors: Various True Confections Producer: Roy Krost PM: Vonnie von Helmont Director: Gail Singer

Apr-July 1991 feature Touchstone Dec 1990-Jan 1991 episodic Cannell

Sept-Nov 1990 feature Astral Location: Winnipeg Mar-July 1990 miniseries ABC

IT Producers: Jim Green, Alan Epstein, Matthew O’Connor PM: George Horie Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Glory Days Producer: Justis Greene PM: Fran Rosati Directors: Various Ernest Goes To Jail Producer: Stacy Williams PM: Carol Sue Byron Location: Nashville Director: John Cherry Wings Producers: Mark Ovitz, Patrick Hasburgh PM: Justis Greene Location: Vancouver, Ashcroft Director: James Whitmore Jr. I Love You Perfect Producers: Marcy Gross, Ann Weston, Susan Dey PM: Hugh Spencer-Phillips Director: Harry Winer The Kids Are All Right Producers: Mark Ovitz, Patrick Hasburgh PM: Justis Greene Director: Roger Young Various episodes of 21 Jump Street, Davy Crockett, CBC Family Pictures Bye Bye Blues Producer: Arvi Liimatainen PM: Tom Dent-Cox Location: Edmonton, Rawley Director: Anne Wheeler

Feb-Mar 1990 episodic Hasburgh Productions

Aug-Nov 1989 feature Touchstone

Jun-Aug 1989 MOW Disney

Apr-Jun 1989 MOW Cannell

Feb-Mar 1989 pilot Hasburgh Productions

Sept 1988-Jan 1989 episodics

June-Aug 1988 feature Allarcom/True Blue Films


Ernest Saves Christmas Producer: Stacy Williams PM: Justis Greene Location: Nashville, Orlando Director: John Cherry Laura Lansing Slept Here Producers: Merrill Karpf, Stacy Williams PM: Justis Greene Director: George Schaefer The Return of the Shaggy Dog PM: Justis Greene Director: Stuart Gillard Earth Star Voyager PM: Justis Greene Director: James Goldstone The Room Upstairs Producers: Marion Rees, Bob Huddleston PM: Justis Greene Director: Stuart Margolin Ernest Goes To Camp Producer: Stacy Williams PM: Tara Sad Director: John Cherry

Feb-Jun 1988 feature Touchstone

Nov-Dec 1987 MOW Gaylord Productions

Aug-Oct 1987 MOW Disney Feb-June 1987 miniseries Disney Oct-Dec 1986 MOW Hallmark

Aug-Oct 1986 feature Touchstone


2nd AD credits
The Accused Producers: Stanley Jaffe, Sherry Lansing PM: Warren Carr 1st AD: David Rose Director: Jonathon Kaplan Hero in the Family PM: Fitch Cady 1st AD: Rob Cowan Director: Mel Damski Firefighter 1st AD: Michael Steele Director: Robert Lewis Perry Mason: Case of the Notorious Nun PM: Grace Gilroy 1st AD: Jacques Methe Director: Ron Satlof Mrs Delafield Wants To Marry Producer: Merrill Karpf PM: Jim Margellos 1st AD: Don Hauer Director: George Schaefer Love Is Never Silent Producer: Marion Rees, Dorothea Petrie PM: Justis Greene 1st AD: Jacques Methe Director: Joseph Sargent The Boy Who Could Fly Producers: Gary Adelson, Brian Frankish PM: Warren Carr 1st AD: Michael Steele Director: Nick Castle July-Aug 1987 feature Paramount

July 1986 MOW Disney May 1986 MOW

Mar 1986 MOW

Nov 1985 MOW Gaylord Productions

Oct 1985 MOW Hallmark

May-Aug 1985 feature Lorimar

3rd AD credits
Rainbow War 1st AD: Gordie Mark Director: Bob Rogers 2nd AD: David Rose Mar 1985 short film for Expo ‘86 GM Aug-Nov 1984 feature Disney

The Journey of Natty Gann Producer: Mike Lobell PM: Les Kimber 1st AD: Michael Steele 2nd AD: Tom Rowe Location: Vancouver and Alberta Director: Jeremy Kagan Runaway Producer: Michael Rachmil PM: Lorin Salob 1st AD: Arne Schmidt 2nd AD: David Rose Director: Michael Crichton

May-Aug 1984 feature Tri-Star

Trainee credits
The Beachcombers Producer: Bob Frederick PM: Nick Orchard 1st AD: Alex Pappas 2nd AD: Gary Johnson Location: Gibsons Mar-Sept 1982 episodic CBC


COMPUTER PROGRAM: Movie Magic SAFETY CERTIFICATE: Whmis DRIVER’S LICENSE: Class 4 DGC Pension Committee 2001-2002. Directed a 10min short for Cap College script supervisor’s course Dec 2000. Directed and Produced 50min documentary entitled Womyn Warriors 1999. DGC AD Caucus Rep 1996-1997. Two short stories published in anthology “The Very Inside” June 1994. Short story published in anthology “OutRage” Nov 1993. Short story published in anthology “The Skin of Our Tongues” Board Member of Vancouver Women In Film/Video 1992-1993. Essay published in anthology “Piece of My Heart” Article published in “Kinesis” Spring 1991. 1985. Directed three PSA’s for UBC Alumni Association Fall 1991. Spring 1993.

Directed and Produced 11min documentary entitled Paces 1984. P.A. from Sept 1983-Feb 1984 on various CBC shows: Newscentre, Pacific Report, Gallagher’s Gardens, Constable, Constable, and The Neverending Story. Ran the 1983 Vancouver International Marathon. Graduated B.A. Psychology (First Class) from University of British Columbia 1982. Directed and Produced one minute film entitled Reformation 1981. Placed 2nd in Vancouver Sun Short Story contest 1980. Operated a Nagra, Arri BL, Arri SR, Eclair ACL and NPR, Steenbeck, Kem, Canon Scoopic, Bolex EBM, and SBM while working on various student productions at UBC 1979-1982.



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