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									Volume 1, Issue 1

April 2005

A message from our Chairman:
reetings fellow Republicans. You’ll notice that the format of our newsletter has changed. We are now using a newspaper type theme. Here’s why. It’s no surprise that Republicans can’t seem to get fair and balanced coverage from some of our local and statewide media sources. You’ll see some examples in this very newsletter. Even our good Governor Bob Ehrlich has had to fight petty and unnecessary battles simply to get his own message out. Just imagine how tough it is for us in Montgomery County? While Democrats like to whine about problems, Republicans simply fix them. So instead of whining about the press not getting our message out, we’ve decided to do it ourselves. With over 130,000 Republicans in Montgomery County who are NOT hearing both sides of the story, we think there is a market for what we have to say. As we build our local party, we’ll strive to reach each and every one of our members. This party will grow, and we will challenge the Democrats, despite what you might have read in the local papers. We hope you like our new format. Montgomery County desperately needs a vibrant two party system, and we need you to make that happen. Thank you, and enjoy our newsletter.

News from Annapolis & across the state
ell, the big news is the Democrats like to raise taxes, and Republicans do their best to stop them. In related news, the sun also rose this morning, and sadly, your taxes are going up in Maryland, despite Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s best efforts to stop them. Yes, we are talking about the HMO tax. With medical malpractice insurance rates skyrocketing 33%, Bob Ehrlich figured out there was a problem that needed fixing. Democrats, however, figured there was a business that needed taxing. Instead of going broke or being forced to charge their patients outrageous fees, doctors were threatening to leave their practice and/or the state. Emergency rooms in Garrett County were threatening to close, which would have sent pregnant women on an hour long car ride on icy winter roads to deliver their babies. How compassionate! Let’s see. This is a tough one. Doctors are going broke, patients can’t find or afford medical care, and trial lawyers are getting rich. How ever shall we fix this? Can you say, “tort reform?” Republicans can say it, and Bob Ehrlich said it, but the Democrat’s said no. The Democrats, led by trial lawyers Mike Miller and Brian Frosh, butchered Bob Ehrlich’s tort reform initiative, turned it into a 2% HMO tax, and passed it over his veto. Poor old Bob stood his ground, but he got flattened by a steamroller. Now, mysteriously, several health care providers are raising their rates by about 2%. Democrats are, of course, doing what they do best: blaming Bob Ehrlich. If Bob had a few more Republicans in Annapolis like Delegate Jean Cryor, who did her best to support him, the Governor might have prevailed. Even some so-called “conservative” Democrats from Anne Arundel County put party above principle, and sided with their trial lawyer colleagues. So instead of meaningful tort reform, we now have a “superfund for trial lawyers,” which will postpone Maryland’s medical malpractice crisis, not solve it. Maryland’s doctors aren’t the problem. Frivolous lawsuits are. Trial lawyers: heal thyselves. 



Lt. Gov. Steele calls on Dean to apologize
Lt. Governor Michael Steele has called on DNC chairman Howard Dean to apologize for his racially insensitive and intolerable remarks to the congressional black caucus. Dean, known as "The Mouth That Roared" since the screaming outburst that ended his presidential quest, told the Democratic legislators recently that the only way the RNC could get this many people of color in a single room would be to include the hotel staff. See STEELE page 2

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STEELE from page 1

Speaking on "Hannity and Colmes" on Fox News, an irritated Lieutenant Governor said it is "rather presumptive to presume that the staff in the hotel is African-American." Steele added, "It's just that mindset that still exists in some parts of America and certainly within the Democratic Party." So, is the Deaniac going to apologize? Don't hold your breath!! 

What your local party is up to:

than it is now, what with congressional candidate Chuck Floyd garnering just 25 percent of the vote in November and just three Republicans holding elected office -- the relatively liberal County Councilman (and former state senator) Howard Denis, Delegate Jean Cryor and county school board member Steve Abrams. But in the wishful thinking category, RNC member Joyce Lyons Terhes, a new Monty resident, predicted that the county could flip from D to R "with several years of hard work."  Feb. 4, 2005.

Our big news was our local convention in
January. The local press had incorrectly called this a “Chuck Floyd Rally.” After the event, we sent out a press release to correct their error, and to let them know how it went. Below, you’ll see a copy of our press release, and below that, you’ll see what they actually printed. Now you tell me. Is this fair and balanced? Approximately 250 Montgomery County Republicans attended an enthusiastic "Election 2006 Kickoff Rally" in Rockville on Saturday, Jan 29, from 10:00 to 12:00. Local GOP leaders, including County Chairman Tom Reinheimer and First Vice Chair Dan Willard, vowed that, with the help of grass-roots Republican activists, the Montgomery County Republican Party would make significant gains in 2006. Maryland State Party Chairman John Kane gave an overview of the emerging GOP's relevance in Annapolis. National Committeewoman Joyce Lyons Terhes, a longtime Republican Party activist from Calvert County, now a new resident of Montgomery County, shared her observations on the stark political differences between Montgomery and Calvert Counties, but vowed that over time, and with several years of hard work, Montgomery County could "flip" from Democrat to Republican, just as Calvert County did under her leadership. Organization Committee Chair Sylvia Darrow honored each Republican precinct worker by calling their name and handing them a certificate of appreciation. At the conclusion of the rally, dozens of registered Republicans signed up as volunteers to assist the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee. Here is an article from the Gazette:

You tell me. Is that fair coverage? You can see why we need our own paper. -- Steven T. Dennis

Democrats say the strangest things

Baltimore Mayor and Gubernatorial
wannabe Martin O’Malley actually compared George Bush to Al Qaeda. O'Malley said: "Back on September 11, terrorists attacked our metropolitan cores, two of America's great cities. They did that because they knew that was where they could do the most damage and weaken us the most. Years later, we are given a budget proposal by our commander in chief, the President of the United States. And with a budget ax, he is attacking America's cities. He is attacking our metropolitan core.“ Democrats like Washington Mayor Anthony Williams criticized O’Malley’s remarks. In response, Montgomery GOP chair Tom Reinheimer said: "Martin O'Malley's shrill partisan invective comparison of the Bush budget proposals to al Qaeda hijackers insults both the memory of the victims of 9-11 and the intelligence of Marylanders. I question whether O'Malley has the temperament to be taken seriously as a leader in the state. By comparison, DNC Chair Howard Dean is now the calm voice of reason of the Democrat party!” Attention readers: Please submit your own examples for “Democrats say the strangest things.” If your quote is used, we’ll give you a prize. Folks, this is easy. Just read the papers and wait for a Democrat to open their mouth! 

Sisyphus voted GOP
ccording to the MoCo GOP, about 250 diehard supporters attended an "Election 2006 Kickoff Rally" Saturday morning, promising that the party would "make significant gains in 2006." GOP Chairman John Kane (aka a Potomac trucking magnate) talked up the party's newfound Annapolis relevance. As for the definition of "significant gains," it's hard to see the county party in worse shape electorally


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Duncan Toots His Own Horn
We borrowed it from The Washington Post (2/10/05). That’s what they had to say about the recent opening of the Music Center at Strathmore. Even the committed women working behind the counters of the souvenir shop bursted out laughing when this reporter suggested that one of these days the place will be renamed the DUNCAN Music Center at Strathmore. Just to make sure that no one missed it, Montgomery County ( has a five-page discussion of the opening of the Music Center on its Web site. It directs the reader to a Web site entitled “Montgomery County Executive Douglas M. Duncan’s Role in the Music Center at Strathmore.” Toottoot! Yet no one has persuasively answered some very fundamental questions like, “Why does Montgomery County even need such a hall in the first place?” The Music Hall is just ten miles up Wisconsin Avenue from the Kennedy Center, where you’ll find two of the most important musical auditoriums in the United States. Then, there is the little item of cost. Construction costs alone were $98.6 million, shared equally by Montgomery County and the State of Maryland. Such costs are perhaps “normal” for a county and a state full of liberals and “sophisticates,” but some of us would like to keep some of our money, thank you. Of course, Montgomery County, being one of the wealthiest jurisdictions in Maryland, is actually paying a substantial part of the State’s costs as well. This writer asked a member of the County Executive’s office if the public had ever had a chance to vote directly on whether to spend all that money for the Music Center for instance, in a bond referendum. After some checking, she told me that there had been no bond referendum on the Music Center, but added that, as far as she knew, Montgomery County never put bond referendums on the ballot. She pointed out that the County Council would have had to approve all necessary expenditures. And that $98.6 million, divided by the number of seats in the auditorium, 1,976, is almost exactly $50,000 per seat. One could build a lot of affordable housing for that kind of money! Luckily, the Strathmore Web page ( declares that Strathmore’s programs, including those of the Music Center, are “affordable.” The only problem with that is The Post, in an article appropriately titled “Music—and Competition—in the Air” (2/6/05), says that the top ticket price for the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center costs $77— and the same for the Baltimore Symphony at Strathmore costs $78! At the Kennedy Center, during the intermissions, you are in the capital of the free world. You can walk out on the terrace and see the Potomac River in all its glory, with the lights of Georgetown nearby.

That’s not our headline.

At the Strathmore Music Center you can see, well, a grass field and a 30-yard-long artificial pond. That is ambiance, Duncan style! The Baltimore Symphony may be playing at Strathmore partly because its own hall in downtown Baltimore is filled only to about 55-60 percent capacity. Why couldn’t individual Montgomery County residents simply drive up to Baltimore if they wanted to hear the Baltimore Symphony? Why should EVERY Montgomery County citizen be forced to pay $50 a piece for “Duncan Hall?” Nearly one million Montgomery County residents and taxpayers paid more that $50 million for the hall, yet most of us will never even see the inside of it. We want our $50 back! There is also the matter of transportation. County officials expect “at least 15 percent” of the audience to arrive by Metro, and indeed the Grosvenor Metro station is very convenient to Strathmore. For most residents of Montgomery County, however, using the Metro to get to Strathmore is ridiculous. This writer lives in West Bethesda, perhaps three miles away. His closest Metro station is Grosvenor itself. Of course, DC and Virginia customers, who didn’t pay a dime for the facility, will find it more convenient to come up by Metro. Isn’t that neighborly of us? Perhaps we would make even better neighbors if each of us simply mailed a $50 check to our wealthy and sophisticated friends outside the county! Inside the hall is beautiful, no doubt, but according to several commentators, its acoustics are only slightly better than average. The outside is plain, even boring. It looks like an airplane hangar! This huge, ugly, hangar-like facility completely overwhelms the elegant one-hundred-year old residence which was the original reason for the whole Strathmore complex in the first place. Emperor Douglas Duncan has built a befitting monument to commemorate his twelve glorious years as head of the County. The Pharaoh’s of Egypt would be jealous! It is enormous, expensive, unnecessary, and ugly. Only a select few of us “little people” will ever use it. Contrast that with the ICC, which will be part of Governor Bob Ehrlich’s legacy. The ICC languished during Duncan’s first 8 years as he made excuses for his party’s Governor. After two short years of an Ehrlich administration, we are perhaps a year or two away from breaking ground on the ICC, despite Duncan’s incessant criticism and yapping. So the next time you are stuck in traffic, just think about how grateful you are for Strathmore Hall. It only costs YOU $50. Emperor Duncan will be thinking of how to spend all of Maryland’s money as he dreams of being a future Governor of Maryland. Governor Bob Ehrlich may have something to say about that.  Patrick W. Murphy, Ph.D.

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