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The Homeless Families Foundation

from the Director
There are few things more inspiring than the artwork of a child, especially when the child is experiencing homelessness. You might expect the picture to be dark, or to portray unhappiness. Quite the opposite is true. A nine-year-old drew a bridge that is brightly colored with blue skies and white, fluffy clouds. The bridge began at HFF, but the destination was a home, complete with a dog in the yard and a mom standing at the door with open arms. This bridge symbolizes the journey from heartache to hope; from dependence to independence; from despair to happiness. The HFF staff, together with the families, design the most effective road map of carefully planned steps that lead to the final destination: a permanent home. This bridge travels through links to partner community agencies, relationships that strengthen self-esteem, life skill guidance, and education and enrichment programs nurturing our children to be successful in school and in life. Although much of the journey is hard work, we get to share good times with our families too. This year, 250 volunteers, in collaboration with KaBOOM! and Build-aBear, created a state-of-the-art playground. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, and trips to the zoo. We cry tears of pride as the HFF children reach their goals and warm our hearts. Helping families navigate this sometimes arduous bridge is possible because of the generosity of our donors, the commitment of time, resources and expertise of our board and volunteers, and the tireless efforts of the entire staff. Thank you for allowing us to transform a child’s heartache into a sense of hope!

from the Chair
My first year as Board Chair at The Homeless Families Foundation has been an enjoyable and learning experience for me. At the same time, we have been challenged in many areas of the foundation. I would like to thank our staff, our board with its many committees, and our volunteers for their commitment to our cause of helping homeless children and their families. One of our many goals at HFF is to add to our contributors more people who have the means and heart to support our great cause. Please share our mission with your family and friends.

Mission Statement
To provide shelter, support, stability and nurturing for homeless children and their families as they prepare to acquire and maintain permanent housing.

About The Homeless Families Foundation
HFF is an emergency shelter for families with children under 18 years of age. HFF maintains furnished apartments and provides case management, support and referrals to help families secure permanent housing. The program offers life skills training, budgeting and support for employment interviews. The Dowd Education Center provides after-school support for the children’s studies, a full meal, and a recreation program for middle and high school students. During the summer, the program is full-day, including morning studies and afternoon enrichment activities.
2007 Families sheltered 345 Children in sheltered families 733 Average age of children 7 Average monthly income $414 Families moving into permanent housing 74% Average length of stay, days 86 Typical family – mother and 3.5 children 2006 190 463 7 $328 70.5% 82

HFF Statistics At A Glance:


Wonderful Year Center! at The Dowd

From September 2007 through August 2008, the Dowd Center served 205 children from kindergarten through middle school. Children participated for 33,193 hours in homework club, academic skill work, reading and comprehension, tutoring, enrichment and recreational activities. In conjunction with Columbus Public Schools and Project Connect, the Virtual High School returned to the Dowd Center as well as the Career and Mentoring Program for the middle school youth. Through collaboration, the children experience art, music, theater, dance, storytelling, poetry classes, writing workshops, science projects, WeJoySing for K-1, and Boy and Girl Scouts. Both boys and girls participated in Scouting’s Pinewood Derby. In the spring, the first Olympics took place and everyone was a winner. A volunteer recruited a personal trainer for the participants and practice was held for a month prior to the event. Gale Hacker, the director at the Dowd Center, received the Community Partner Award from the Ohio Council of Girl Scouts and spoke at their annual luncheon. Columbus Zoo presents the Habitat Hollow Program which includes two Family Day trips to the Zoo and a Zoo Lights experience. Camp Wyandot in Hocking Hills provided a perfect site for a mini sleep-away camp for the children. Making a difference: 205—the number of children served (includes HFF and at-risk children from the area) 33,193—hours in homework club, academic skill work, reading comprehension tutoring, enrichment and recreational activities Virtual High School—cooperative project with Columbus Public Schools and Project Connect Career and Mentoring Program for middle school youth

Statement of Activities
For the years ended December 31, 2007 and 2006 Temporarily Unrestricted Restricted Public Support and Revenue: Contributions $ 679,805 $ 47,096 Donated Services 90,536 0 Family Reimbursement 60 0 Interest Income 17,618 0 Miscellaneous 13,379 0 Restricted Operating Grants 0 1,414,313 801,398 1,461,409 Net Assets Released from Restrictions 1,314,976 (1,314,976) Total Public Support and Revenue $2,116,374 $ 146,433 Expenses: Program Services Administrative and General Fund Raising Total Expenses Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year 2007 $ 726,901 90,536 60 17,618 13,379 1,414,313 2,262,807 0 $2,262,807

$1,866,760 137,687 91,667 $2,096,114 $ 20,260 1,408,930 $1,429,190

$0 0 0 $0 $146,433 204,137 $350,570

$1,866,760 137,687 91,667 $2,096,114 $ 166,693 1,613,067 $1,779,760

Statement of Financial Position
For the years ended December 31, 2007 and 2006 Assets Cash Accounts Receivable Pledges Receivable
(future payments of grants have been discounted at 5%)

2007 $449,760 $154,110 $128,858 $1,650

2006 $517,731 $45,194 $79,399 $16,650

Deposits Fixed Assets Land Building Leasehold Improvements Equipment Less: Accumulated Depreciation Net Fixed Assets Total Assets

$91,378 $1,299,956 $435,872 $166,812 $(616,416) $1,377,602 $2,111,980

$79,251 $1,192,212 $362,803 $215,478 $(540,895) $1,308,849 $1,952,823

Income and Expenses


01 36 60 18 79 13 07 0 07

$ 761,683 49,998 1,630 15,895 25,388 1,127,859 1,982,453 0 $1,982,453

Donated Services Interest Income Miscellaneous Family Reimbursement Restricted Operating Grants

60 87 67 14

$1,542,296 102,432 96,897 $1,741,625 $ 240,828 1,372,293 $1,631,067

Administrative Fund Raising Program Services

93 67 60

06 31 94 99


Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Payroll Accrued Payroll Taxes Security Deposits Mortgage Payable Total Liabilities

2007 $21,939 $38,205 $17,582 $1,000 $253,494 $332,220

2006 $8,096 $32,719 $14,808 $1,090 $283,043 $339,756

51 12 03 78 95) 49

Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets $1,429,190 $350,570 $1,779,760 $2,111,980 $1,408,930 $204,137 $1,613,067 $1,952,823


The Homeless Families Foundation

2007 major supporters
$50,000 and Above
Anonymous • Barbara and Bill Bonner Family Foundation • Build-A-Bear • Community Shelter Board • Ingram-White Castle Foundation • Moritz Family Foundation • State of Ohio Office of Housing and Community Development

Anonymous • American Electric Power • Auditor of State Mary Taylor • Catholic Social Services, Inc. • Amy L. and James S. Chapman • Harry C. Moores Foundation • JPMorgan Chase Foundation • Lifestyle Communities • Limited Brands Foundation • New Albany Community Foundation • Scotts Miracle-Gro Company • Siemer Famly Foundation

Anonymous • Abercrombie & Fitch Management Co. • Battelle • Bird Houk Collaborative • Cardinal Health • City of Columbus • Casey and Rod Clark • Grange Insurance Companies • Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. • KaBOOM! • Suzi and Steve McVoy • The FG Foundation • Wood Foundation

Monie and Thomas Berger Fund of the Columbus Foundation • Bob Evans Farms, Inc. • Boulevard Presbyterian Church • CD 101 • Columbia Gas • The Columbus Academy • Columbus Blue Jackets • Columbus Youth Foundation • Dublin-Worthington Rotarians • Edwards Companies • Hazelbaker Foundation • Robin and Peter Hersha • Hopkins Printing • Armande and James Hopkins • Huntington Bank • Members of St. Joan of Arc • Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. • Playworld Systems • Porter, Wright, Morris, & Arthur LLP • H.R. and Lou Ann Moritz Ransom • Lynne and Steve Smith • St. Peter’s Church • Upper Arlington Rotary • Ingram White Castle • Sarah and Matthew Zirwas

Anonymous • Suzanne and Peter Accetta • Suzanne and Anthony Ahern • All Saints Episcopal Church • American Corrugated Products • Clare and Raymond Anderson • Anthem Blue Cross • B.E.B. Realty Association • Capital University Student Bar Association • Jill James and J. Craig Baker • Barbara and Michael Benham • BMW Financial Services • Victoria A. Bonner • Deborah and Ronald Brooks • Charles A. Bush, M.D. • Business First of Columbus • Evelyn and Joseph Casselli • Charming Shoppes of Delaware, Inc. • Chef Bob Burns of the Columbus Country Club • LaJune and Bernard Cohen • Columbus Board of Realtors Fund • Columbus City Board of Education • Columbus Rotary Foundation, Inc. • Debbie and L. Thomas Comer • Commerce National Bank • Converse Electrical, Inc. • Randall M. and Nancy Dana Family Foundation • Jeanne D. Dodd • Lynne and Michael Doyle • Bridget and Steven Dritz • Kevin Duffy • Edwards Communities • MariLu and Timothy Faber • Melissa and Michael Falter • First Community Church • Foster Business Communications • Franklin Foundation • Harold J. Fryer • Edie and Donald Garlikov • Don R. Gepfert • Dareth Gerlach • Philip J. Glandon • Donna and Gary Glanzman • Melinda and Michael Graney • Group Benefits Specialists, Inc. • Robert M. Harbrecht • Michael D. Harrington • Lynda Huey • The Huntington Foundation • Mary Kathleen and R. Steven Jackson • Jane H. Zimmerman Fund for At Risk Youth • Dawn and Edward Kendall, Jr. • Mary and Robert Kidder • Dorothy L. Klass • Eileen and Gregory Kramer • Teresa and Jeffrey Kroll • Lawrence and Sarah Stanley Fund • Susan and James Lawrie • Cynthia and Charles Lucius • Barbara A. Main • Judith and Tom Maish • Donna and Jay Margolis • Nancy and Dr. J. Nick Marzella • Yvonne Mason • Tracie and Tom McGarity • Members of St. Alban’s of Bexley • Members of St. Peter’s Church • Mercator Club of Columbus • Mettler-Toledo, Inc. • Susan N. Miggo • Lucille and Robert Mone • Murphey Family Fund • Nacht Hilbrands Rackoff Families Fund • Northwest Printing • Paula and John E. Orban • Mary Ann Murphy and Gregory Otterson • Jodi and John Patton • Patton Wall Coverings • Duke M. Rackick, D.D.S. • Margaret and John Rafferty • Ralph W. Fallon Builder, Inc. • Jill and Kevin Reardon • Kathleen and Jamie Richardson • Rod’s Western Palace • Kathleen and James Rutherford • Safelite Charitable Foundation • Sharon Weiss Gallery • Nancy and William Sheridan • Elizabeth and Donald Spoelker • St. Brigid of Kildare • St. Michael’s School • Gloria and Fred Sumka • Star Leasing Company • Stat Communications, Inc. • Lu and Brad Stauffer • Mary and Jon Tabor • Time Warner Cable • Barbara Trueman • Upper Arlington Schools • Louise and Michael Weiner • Willis S. White, Jr. • Vorys, Sater, Seymour, and Pease LLP • Worthington Community Women

Anonymous • All Shepherds Lutheran Church • Lois and James Allen • Alliance Bernstein • Stacie and Jim Aman • Bank of America • JoAnn and William H. Barnett • Christine and Robert Baumann • Be More Fit, Inc. • George P. Benua • Bishop Watterson Interior Decorating • Georgia A. Bishop • Barbara and John Bowers • Dale and Mary Brinkman • Kate and John Brodie • Brookside Golf and Country Club Executive Chef James Kluesener • Barbara and Michael Bugosh • Church of the Resurrection Women’s Group • Julie and Douglas Cohen • Columbus Zoo Promotions Department • Michale and Thomas Copeland • Cornucopia Comestibles, Inc. • DEFASDA • Marilyn and Ralph Denisco • Deanne and Robert Dorwart • Anne Mastin Dotson • Joseph and Teresa Dowd • Robert Dunn • Eastminster Presbyterian Church • Flo Ann and C. John Easton •

Edward Warren Jewelers • First Community Church Women’s Guild 7 • Jean and Thomas Flesch • Franklin County Auditor • Kevin L. Futryk • Jennifer and Douglas Gleichauf • Marcia and William Goldberger • Bethanie and Mark Goodson • Emily and Henry Hall • Janet and Robert Hanson • Scot Hawthorne • Heritage Middle School • Cynthia and Lawrence Hilsheimer • Linda and Mark Hiltz • Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church • Mary and Mark Hollinger • Pamela and James Huebner • Dolores and John Igel • Mary K. Jackson • Nancy and Richard Jackson • Betty Anne and Malcolm Jeffrey • Ashley and Gabe Jones • Briana and John Jones • Melissa and Jonathon Kass • Carole and Thomas Kelley • Marilyn and Philip Kiep • Margaret and John Kissel • James Klun • KPMG • Helen Liebman and Tom Battenberg • Limited Brands • A. Anne Mackin • Marie Luise and Michael Marx • Kathleen and Patrick McCurdy Foundation • Laura and Paul McDonald • Microsoft Corporation • Patty and Bill Mielke • Ann Foster Miller and Pat Miller • Mitchell Family Fund • Anthony Mollica • National Organization Cupidettes • Nationwide Better Health • Neace Lukens & Associates • Marita and Donald Nowe • Betsy and Tod Ortlip • Carmenceta and Darnell Perkins • Susanne and Thad Perry • Kelly and Michael Platte • Reminger and Reminger Co., LPA • Renier Construction • Anne and Thomas Ritchie • Patrick Rogers • Royal Document Destruction, Inc. • Judi and Gary Rutledge • Scioto Darby PTO • Joanne Sisia • Ellen and Philip Smith • Susan Spencer • Bethann and Dr. Michael Sprague • Glory Sumka-Stack and J. Fred Stack • Steele Investment Counsel Ltd. • Debbie and Michael Steele • Tracy Steinbrenner • Steinmart • Sunbury United Methodist Women • Valerie and Frank Swiatek • Kate and Tony Thomas • Susan and Scott Tikson • Christa and Dr. Evan Tobin • Sherry and Chuck Torson • Marisela and Mark Torson • Elizabeth and John Turner • Wendy and Roger Vaughn • Natasha and Joseph Western • Sara and Randy Wilcox • Margaret Wildi • Rita and Gery Wilkowski

2007 Playground Build Day Excitement!
Early in the morning in June, over 250 volunteers from The Homeless Families Foundation, Build-A-Bear Workshop, and KaBOOM! arrived at an empty and uninviting lot behind the Dowd Education Center; within hours, the space was transformed into a vibrant neighborhood gathering place, complete with slides, swings, benches, picnic tables, and more. All this in less than eight hours! The playground is the first one of ten created across North America in conjunction with Build-A-Bear Workshop's tenth anniversary, and one of 230 playground builds that KaBOOM! led in 2007. The goal of this partnership? To provide great places to play within walking distance of every child in Amer ica. By creating this safe play area just for children, volunteers provided HFF kids with countless hours of recreation and physical activity. It is a day that HFF staff and volunteers will never forget. Thank you to Build-A-Bear Workshop, KaBOOM!, the volunteers, and all who collaborated to make this effort an enor mous success.

The Homeless Families Foundation 651 W. Broad St. Columbus, Ohio 43215

Phone: (614) 461-9247 Fax: (614) 461-9234 www.homelessfamiliesfoundation.org

NON PROFIT U.S. POSTAGE PAID Columbus, OH Permit #1177


Board of Trustees & Officers June 2008 – June 2009

Jim Hopkins, President and Chair James M. Houk, First Vice Chair Nancy Young, Secretary Darnell Perkins, Treasurer

J. Craig Baker Barbara Benham Jim Chapman Casey Clark Alistair Firmin Harry Hallowell David A. Hammond Lynda Huey Ed Kendall Charles E. Lucius Steve McVoy

Ann Foster Miller Richard Miller Richard R. Murphey, III Sara Neikirk Lou Ann Moritz Ransom Kevin Reardon Kathy Rutherford Gary R. Rutledge Erin Shannon Louise R. Seipel Janet Wagner Margaret Wildi Kimberly Williams Nancy B. Young Teresa A. Dowd, Trustee Emeritus

The Homeless Families Foundation receives support from the Community Shelter Board and its funders, which include the City of Columbus, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and the United Way of Central Ohio, supplementing the generous donations of numerous individuals, corporations, foundations and community organizations.

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