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									                                           Accessorizing Your Holiday Gadgets

The holidays have blown by us once again, with high-tech gizmos topping the gift-giving list for 2005.
Now it’s time to deck out your new gifts with all the accessories Santa might have forgotten. From digital
cameras and iPods to wireless phones, home theater systems and even gaming consoles, RadioShack
offers a wide assortment of the best accessories to help you get the most out of your new gear.

Digital Cameras
If you received a new digital camera for the holidays, you undoubtedly captured a ton of great memories.
But do you have everything you need to save and share those photos and keep your camera working as
well as it should? The digital photography gurus at RadioShack suggest the following must-have

   •   Memory Cards – The beauty of a digital camera is that you can take hundreds, even thousands of
       photos and store them on a tiny memory card. You’ll want to pick up a few extra so that you don’t
       run out of memory at a “picture-perfect” moment. Memory cards range in size from 16 MB to 1 GB,
       so just check with your RadioShack associate to select one that’s right for your camera and your
   •   Memory Card Reader/Writer – This little device makes it fast and easy to transfer photos to
       your computer. It preserves your digital camera battery, and can even help you to organize your
       images into photo albums and slide shows.
   •   Batteries & Charger Set – Don’t let dead batteries keep you from capturing life’s special
       moments. Be sure to grab extra batteries and a charger for your digital camera. If you like to
       travel, consider the iGo universal power adapter from RadioShack, which can charge your digital
       camera from a car, plane or wall outlet.
   •   Cases & Cleaning Kits – A good case and cleaning kit are essential for taking proper care of your
       new digital camera. RadioShack offers several starter kits that include everything you need to get
       started, including a camera case, memory card case, cleaning tools and LCD protectors.

The iPod was one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, and its popularity has spawned a proliferation
of accessories. RadioShack offers some of the best!

   •   Speck Skins for iPod – These tough, rubberized skins provide protection from bumps and
       scratches. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, they’re also a great way to personalize
       your new player.
   •   Headphones & Earbuds – If you’re looking to upgrade the headphones that came with your iPod,
       RadioShack offers options in varying sizes and styles that provide high-quality sound and a
       comfortable fit.
   •   Armbands – Rock out while you work out with an adjustable armband for your iPod. There’s no
       better way to hit the track or treadmill with your tunes.
   •   Camera Connector – If you’re among the lucky ones to score a new iPod with video, this handy
       connector will enable you to transfer photos directly from your digital camera to your player.

Wireless Phones
New technology makes it easier than ever to get connected without being attached. As the leading retailer
of wireless phones and services, RadioShack offers a wide array of wireless accessories that make your
time on the phone safe, convenient and enjoyable.
   •   Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset – Bluetooth technology has revolutionized the way people
       talk on their phones, allowing them the freedom of wire-free, on-the-go communications. The new
       Motorola H500 Bluetooth Headset at RadioShack is a hands-free solution that offers up to eight
       hours of talk time and enhanced comfort from a design that fits to your ear.
   •   Cardo Bluetooth Adapter – If you don’t have a Bluetooth phone, you can still make it compatible
       with Bluetooth headsets with this handy adapter. Now, you too can be wireless and carefree.
   •   Clips, Holsters and Cases – Keep your wireless phone close with a clip or holster that can attach
       to your belt or car console. And don’t forget to pick up a case. RadioShack offers a great selection
       ranging from black leather to bright pink that fit the shape and contour of your wireless phone.

Home Theater Systems
New home theater gear is much more fun to receive than it is to set up. If you’re like most consumers,
you’re probably realizing that you may not have everything you need to connect and get the most out of
your new system. RadioShack is a great resource for home entertainment accessories to complete your
home theater in time for the next big game or release of your favorite DVD.

   •   RF Modulator – Having trouble connecting your DVD player, your stereo AND your gaming system
       to your TV? Pick up an RF Modulator from RadioShack – an easy solution for connecting the
       various components of your home entertainment center. It’s particularly helpful when connecting
       to an older TV that may not have enough A/V inputs.
   •   Universal Remote – Do you have three, four or five remotes on your living room coffee table?
       Simplify your home entertainment center with the right remote control from RadioShack. The 8-in-
       1 Kameleon Universal Remote allows you to control your entire home theater from one remote,
       with convenient touch-screen capability.
   •   Wireless Headphones - With Sony Wireless Headphones you can pump up the volume on your
       favorite DVD or CD without disrupting others … No strings attached!
   •   Cables, Splitters, Amps and More - Every home theater setup is unique. Even if you don’t know
       the name of the “doo-dad” or “thing-a-ma-jig” you need, just stop by your neighborhood
       RadioShack. A knowledgeable sales associate can help you find what you need to make it all work.

Gaming Consoles
Whether you waited in line for a new Xbox or got a Nintendo DS, Sony PSP or other gaming console,
RadioShack has the accessories you need to take your game to the next level.

   •   Wireless Controllers - Gaming is no longer a couch potato sport! Get into the action with
       wireless controllers that let you walk, jump and move around while playing your favorite game.
   •   Glow-in-the-Dark Controllers - Don’t let the darkness get you down. Gear up for your next all-
       night gaming marathon with fully-lit, glow-in-the-dark controllers.
   •   Accessory Starter Kits & Carrying Cases - Game on the go! RadioShack has accessory starter
       kits and carrying cases for Xbox, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and other systems so you can “get your
       game on” wherever you go.

Find these and other accessories at RadioShack’s 5,000 convenient neighborhood locations. For more
information, stop by your local RadioShack or visit

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