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					         Move It. Hang It. Rack It. Stack It.

CoolCube 10:
Modular Air Conditioning
 that changes with your
    Today’s Outline
•   MaxPower Corporation Overview
•   Modular Air Conditioning
•   Server Closet
•   Rental Advantages
•   Universal Advantages
•   Operations
•   Marketing/Coop Program
•   Product Promotion
     MaxPower Corporation
• Reseller’s single source for critical power and infrastructure solutions
• Sell to Precision Cooling and Power Quality resellers across the country
• Products: Modular A/C, UPS, Power Distribution, & Power-Related
    – Strengths: Product Availability, Pricing,
      Marketing & Sales Support, Online Ordering,
      and Exceptional Service and Experience
• $20 million annual U.S. Sales
• Headquarters: Denver, CO
    – 30,500 Sq. Ft. stocking warehouse
• Service Center: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
    – Fully staffed customer call center
       • Technical Support, Distributor Referrals,
          Engineering Applications, Warranty Support
Modular Air Conditioning
                              + Portable Kit   =                Move it.

 Start with the
 module …                 + Ceiling Kit   =    Hang It.

                                       + Rack Kit   =               Rack It.

                  + Stack Kit
                  +Additional Module
                                                        Stack It.
CoolCube 10 Specifications*
•   Cooling Capacity:     10,000 Btu/h                                   Exhaust Air
•   Voltage requirement:  115 VAC
•   Recommended fuse:     15 amps
•   Power consumption:    1.15 kW
•   Power cord length:    10 feet              Cold Air                          Air Intake
•   NEMA Plug:            5-15P
•   Air Flow-Evaporator:  (High/Med/Low)
                          325/310/290 CFM        Air Intake
•   Air Flow-Condenser: 400 CFM
•   Sound Level:          58 dB
•   Condensate Tank:      2.5 gallons          * Specifications are subject to change.
•   Net Wt./Shipping Wt.: 110/135 lbs.
•   Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.25 x 24 x 20 inches
    Modular Air Conditioning –
•   Server Closet
•   Rental
•   Factory people/process cooling
•   Emergency back-up
  Modular Air Conditioning – Server Closet
• Server Closet
   – Small Room with Servers / Telecom / Electrical
     Equipment / UPS
   – Floor Space is a Premium: Room is usually < 100 sq. ft.
   – Average Heat Load per Rack: 1-2 kW (3413 Btu/hr to
     6826 Btu/hr.)
• Cooling Solutions
   –   Primary Cooling for Equipment
   –   Nights & Weekends when Building AC is off
   –   Supplemental Cooling – Building AC is not adequate
   –   Redundancy / Emergency Back-up to
       Primary Cooling
   Modular Air Conditioning: Server Closet Benefits

Move It … Stack It!
                       • Space-saving design is half the size of leading
                       • Footprint: 17.25”W x 24”D
                       • Only grow-as-you-go cooling solution
                           – Increase capacity and/or redundancy simply by
                             adding additional modules
                           – No additional floor space required
                       • Simple to install – Plug it in, add accessories,
                         turn it on
                       • Cost-effective
                           – Initial Purchase Cost $3250 list + accessories
                           – Installed Cost less than traditional cooling
                           – Customer Benefits – no loss from lease hold
                           – Energy Savings – allows building ac to run only
                             during normal office hours
   Modular Air Conditioning: Server Closet Benefits

Hang It!
                        • Uses no floor space
                        • Hang above drop ceiling
                        • Hang below drop ceiling
   Modular Air Conditioning: Server Closet Benefits

Rack It!                 • Fits any standard 19” Rack
                         • 2-Post or 4-Post Open Rack
                         • Unit requires 12U Space (13U w/ shelf)
                         • Warm air discharge duct through back
                           or top of rack
                         • Condensate Removal by tank, gravity
                           or pump
                         • Rack Diffuser Kit, Rack Kit, 90 deg
                           Flange, and Ceiling Kit
   Modular Air Conditioning: Server Closet Benefits

Shelf It!

                              • Uses no Floor or Rack Space
                              • Remote Control Operation
                              • Gravity Drain or Pump
                              • Ceiling Kit, 90 deg Flange,
                                Feet Kit and 6” Nozzle
           Modular Air Conditioning: Rental

Rent It!
                   • Stackable – reduced footprint – UL Listed for up
                     to three high configuration
                   • 10,000 … 20,000 … 30,000 Btu/hr all at 115 V
                   • Reduced warehouse space – packaged for
                     stacking to save space
                   • Universal Accessories – nozzles and flanges fit
                     evaporator/condenser supply/return
                   • One trip rental
                      – Bring the right unit(s) for any application
                      – Fits in regular SUV – no truck with liftgate required
     Modular Air Conditioning: Universal Accessories
Accessorize It!                                                Cold Air Discharge
Air Handling Accessories

                                       6-Inch Nozzle
6-Inch Nozzle     8-Inch 90° Flange                                    8-Inch Flange
                                                                                                     8-Inch 90° Flange

                                                       6-Inch Flange                    Diffuser

  Diffuser           8-Inch Flange
                                                              Warm Air Discharge

 6-Inch Flange    Evaporator Plenum

                                      6-Inch Nozzle                     8-Inch Flange                8-Inch 90° Flange
   Ceiling Tile        Ceiling Tile
                                                       6-Inch Flange
CoolCube 10 Operations
• Manufactured in the U.S.A. (Denver, CO)
• Product and Kits are in stock – ready to ship
• Ensures quick reaction time for distributors
  – get product when you need it
• High-quality parts
• UL-Listed
• Distributors will be able to:
   – Place orders online and check
      availability 24/7 at
   – Receive order confirmation and
      tracking info
    CoolCube 10 Marketing
• MaxPower promotes product through a variety of means
   – Industry trade show participation
   – Direct mail
   – Search engine optimization
• Lead generation for resellers
• Coop program for stocking distributors
   – Receive 2% of purchases to use toward marketing programs
• MaxPower’s in-house team can help with all of your
  marketing activities
   – Variety of customizable mailers/post cards available
• Product data sheets available
   – Online warranty registration for end users
   – Password-protected distributor section
CoolCube 10 Questions?