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									The Arts
Joseph Giunta: A Silent Triumph Pepita Ferrari, Films Piche´ Ferrari Inc.

Frontier Visionary: George Catlin and the Plains Indians Northern Light Productions The Life and Times of Barbara Frum CBC News: The Life and Times The Ballad of Bering Strait Nina Gilden Seavey Born to Be Wild: The Leading Men of American Ballet Theatre Judy Kinberg / Thirteen / WNET

Hearing Voices: The Lives and Times of Rich Little Michael McNamara, Real To Reel Productions, Inc. Criminal Acts Tony Snowsill, National Film Board of Canada Defiant Requiem Phil Byrd, Oregon Public Broadcasting AMC Backstory: Sophie’s Choice Lauren F. Cardillo Dancers Mississippi Broadcasting Networks Reri Grist - Opera Is Theatre Marieke Schroeder, Pars Media

A Dream in Hanoi (short version) Tom Weidlinger, Bullfrog Films Making The Modern Trinity Films, Harry Lynch Lily Yeh’s Legend Wei Jane Chir, New Tang Dynasty Television Life Class: Seeking Shadows Abigail Davies, Carlton TV - HTV West Region Moving On: Creative Spirit Aaron Lewis, CBC Opening Night: MacKinnon’s Brook Suite Ted Regan Jack Kellum, CBC

Les Ramoneurs Cerebraux / The Brainwashers Patrick Bouchard, National Film Board of Canada Flux Chris Hinton, National Film Board of Canada, Dancing Bodies program 1: Living Histories Gallant Productions, Learning and Skills Television Of Alberta AMC Backstory: Sex, Lies, and Videotape Lauren F. Cardillo, Newsweek Carlton Art of PeaceMaking Peter Campbell, Penelope Joy, Gumboot Productions The Anatomy of Burlesque Lindalee Tracey, Magnolia Movies, White Pine Pictures The Power Of Balance Israel Film Service Chistopher Plummer: A Man for All Stages GAPC Entertainment

George Washington: A National Treasure Hillmann & Carr Inc., National Portrait Gallery 900 Hands Ann Carol Grossman, Umbrella Films Singing In The Shadow: The Children of Rock Royalty Tom Puchniak,Alan Handel, Handel Productions, CBC Every Body Paperny Films In The Making, programme 1 Jane Wales, Carlton TV - HTV West Region The Art Of War Series Canadian Broadcasting Corporation On The Road Agian: Pinhole Photographer Lauren Sawatsky, CBC


Arts continued
CBC News - Canada Now: Carol Shields Christian Cote, Barbara Brunzell, CBC CBC Artspots Mary Elizabeth Luka, CBC The Life and Times of Juliette CBC News: The Life and Times CBC News: Sunday - Bruce Cockburn Douglas Arrowsmith, CBC CBC News: Sunday - Marina’s Ar Sarah Kapoor, Ian Hannah, CBC CBC News: Sunday - The Survivor Of Tuol Sleng Roger Beattie, CBC Rhapsody In Black John Rahme, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Art of War Lorna Sandberg, CBC Making the Ordinary Extraordinary Mary Elizabeth Luka - CBC Halifax

B.A. in Speech/Theatre from The Ohio State University. Ms. Long has been Coordinator for The Ohio State Awards, and promotion manager and development editor for a textbook publisher, editor of a monthly health news publication and freelance actress. Ms. Long was a juror in the Business & Industry Division from 1973-89 when she became Awards Administrator for the Film Council. Ms. Long is also a film critic for WOSU radio.

Seaside: A Town By Design Karen Monzel, University of Cincinnati

Normal Development in the First Ten Years of Life Geri Fox

Retired president and owner of three production companies in Film, Sound, and TV news. Lindquist holds degrees from Bowling Green State and Ohio State Universities. He served as chairman of the Business & Industry Division, and Vice President of the Council. Lindquist is now a computer consultant, teaching senior citizens how to operate computers.

The Proliferation Threat Masaya Media


Business & Industry
DCGEF Overview: New Possibilities Noboa, Richard, Sese & Kraft, Discovery Production Group, Discovery Channel Global Education Fund

Legacy of Achievement American Red Cross Nathan Douglas Suzie Rebecca Hollingshead, Plano Television Network

Global Impact Dick Young Productions, LTD.

New Meaning For Life Dick Young Productions, LTD. Take It Off With Julia Timothy R. Hawthorne, Hawthorne Direct, Inc. Boomerang Denny Lawrance, Ash Quarry Productions On The Road Again: Fruit Man Malcolm Hamilton, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC News: Venture- Doug Hall: Entrepreneur 911 Tracie Tighe, CBC News CBC News: Venture - Friedman Investigations Dianne Bruckner, Robert Lack, CBC News

Engaged in a Different Way: The Teacher’s Institute Program Kenny Dalsheimer, The North Carolina Humanities Council Your Power To Choose The Cresta Group and Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. Terror In The Front Row NBC News Productions Welcome to Virginia Beach - Destination Video Greg Ward, Marie Zoll, Ron Kuhlman, Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau Interurban Railway Museum Brandon Jennings, Plano Television Network Scrapbook Factory Randal K. West, Margaret Clair, Hawthorne Direct, Inc. Dent Out Randal K. West, Margaret Clair, Hawthorne Direct, Inc. ePower & Profits Randal K. West, Robert Lemlin, Hawthorne Direct, Inc. Entry Mate Randal K. West, Silvia Hawkins, Hawthorne Direct, Inc. Maryland Fights Tobacco and Cancer William A. Whiteford, Susan H. Hadary, Video Press, University. Of MD GE Wind Energy Tom Gliserman, Mountain View Productions, GE Power Systems

President of Video & Communications Design, Martin holds a M.S. from Miami of Ohio in Radio-TV-Film. Experienced in corporate and university environments, Martin has taught television production at the college level. He was the founding president of the Columbus Chapter of the International Television Association. He previously was a juror for several years.


Education & Information
Scanning the Movies: The Matrix Reloaded Tiina Soomet, CLARE Productions, Inc.

Reading Rainbow Series --Program #144- Enemy Pie GPN, Nebraska ETV Network and WNED-TV, Buffalo LifeSteps: Responsibility and Bouncing Back Jim Watson, Heartland Media The Journey Of Lesra Martin Cheryl Foggo, National Film Board of Canada Dying High: Teens in the ER Scott Sniffen, Human Relations Media Fashioning Women In Law Cheryl B. Preston The Hungry Squid John Weldon, National Film Board of Canada

Reading Rainbow Series - Program #142- Tin Forest GPN/ Nebraska ETV Network and WNED-TV, Buffalo Reading Rainbow Series -- Program #145 Our Big Home- An Earth Poem GPN, Nebraska ETV Network and WNED-TV, Buffalo Ticktock Minutes Marie Antoon, Mississippi Educational Television Leader of the Pack Randy Douglas, Human Relations Media The Earth: It’s In Our Hands Naomi Wise, Real To Reel Productions, Inc. ABC News Classroom Edition: The Women’s Rights Movement Part 2 Kathleen Ryan, Disney Educational Productions Fight For Freedom: The Inspiring Story of African American Civil War Soldiers Joe Geraghty, Close Up Foundation

Plumpton High Babies Aviva Ziegler, Film Australia in association with 220 Productions Hidden Scars, Silent Wounds: Understanding Self-Injury Eric Marciano, Hourglass Productions, Inc. The Chinese Violin Joe Chang, National Film Board of Canada CBC News - Disclosure: Ka-boom Harvey Cashore, Kathleen Coughlin, Lesley Cameron, Mark Kelley, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Beyond the Page: I Love Saturdays Y Domingas Phil Scarpachi, Disney Educational Productions Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale Of A Vocal Virtuosa Gary McGivney, Weston Woods Studio Merry Chrismas, Space Case Virginia Wilkos, Weston Woods Studio I Want A Dog Sheldon Cohen, National Film Board of Canada

M.A. from Michigan State University. Assistant Director of Student Services and an academic advisor at Franklin University, he teaches courses in film history and film appreciation. Mr. Miller is a reviewer on “World Film Classics” on Educable TV25 and a presenter at the Columbus Museum of Art’s film series, “Movies on Media” and associate editor of the Movies on Media catalog.


Education & Information continued
Clubs Go To College Jeff Schwartz, Mutual Of America Foundation Cyberchase Sandra Sheppard, Kristan Laskas Martin, Larry Jacobs, Thirteen, WNET Apples and Oranges Lynne Fernie, National Film Board of Canada Operation Cuckoo Pierre M. Trudeau, National Film Board of Canada Little Armadillos John Forrest, Debra Dawson, National Film Board of Canada Pirouette TALI, National Film Board of Canada Wise Rider: Ryan Leech Glenn Curtis, Co-op TV, The Co-operators Making Better Choices David Culp, Comprehensive Health Education Foudation Expressing Concern David Culp, Comprehensive Health Education Foudation Charting Our Destiny: The Campaign for William and Mary Hugh Drescher, Drescher Films, Inc. Terrorism In Our World Schlessinger Media, Inc. Grammar for Children Schlessinger Media, Inc. Beyond the Page: Float Like a Butterfly Phil Scarpachi, Disney Educational Productions Beyond the Page: Henry’s First-Moon Birthday Phil Scarpachi, Disney Educational Productions ABC News Classroom Edition: The Final Frontier Part 2 Kathleen Ryan, Disney Educational Productions Small Business Diaries: Growing And Changing Scott Parker, Mike Quellette, New Picture Crew for Learning and Skills Television Of Alberta Limited Careers HELP: Survive Without a Salary Learning and Skills Television Of Alberta Limited Stress In The Family Sunburst Visual Media What Would I Be Good At? Exploring Carreers Sunburst Visual Media Real People How Not to Be A Victim: Violence Prevention Sunburst Visual Media Own Your Anger Sunburst Visual Media Reading Rainbow Series- Program #143- Max GPN/ Nebraska ETV Network and WNED-TV, Buffalo Dancing Circles: Strong Hoop, Strong Spirit John Ogresko, Saskatoon Catholic School Board In The Blink of An Eye Brandon Jennings, Plano Television Network Come On, Rain! Leigh Corra, Weston Woods Studio ABC News Classroom Edition, Global Human Rights Part 2: South Africa, A Case Study Kathleen Ryan, Disney Educational Productions Dealing with Differences: Opening Dialogue about Lesbian, Gay and Straight Issues John G. Young, Human Relations Media Social Skills Workshop: Developing Confidence and Self Esteem John G. Young, Human Relations Media Mia’s Music Marie Antoon, Mississippi Educational Television On Durwood’s Pond Jackie Watson Foster Kids, Our Kids NEWIST, CESA 7 Bread Comes To Life George Levenson, Informed Democracy Lobster Tale Richard Phillips, IM Systems Parenting in the Real World: Kids Don’t Come With Instructions Pamela Weddington, Alicia Jackson, MEE Productions Inc. Nowhere To Hide T. William Schroeder, Fallingstar Films Inc. The NASA SciFiles - The Case of the Galactic Vacation Lauren Yee, Crewestone Technologies, Inc. Marketplace: Acrylamide Wendy Mesley, Michael Gruzuk, Colman Jones, CBC CBC News - Canada Now: Trench Teacher Wendy Parker, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation It’s A Living (Transportation Module - Grades 4-6) It’s A Living - CBC Television CBC News - Country Canada: On Guard For Thee Glen Kirby, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


the Remembering Movies Christopher N. Rowley, Drop Of Water Productions

Flyfishing David Williams, Shooting Pictures ABC News Productions- Gangs of New York ABC News Productions Penguins Behind Bars Janet Pearlman, National Film Board of Canada

Idaho Rhapsody Jim Peck, Alan Austin, Idaho Public Television Worst Best Friends Kate Woods, Steve Jodrell, Cox/Knight Productions She Got Game Abbey Neidik, Bobbi Jo Krals

2002 Natinal Memorial Day Concert Jerry Colbert, Walter Millers ABC News Productions- The Court TV/Ladies Home Journal Safety Challenge: Back To School ABC News Productions Journey To Harmony Martin L. Anderson Rule of Twenty-One Manick Sorcar Waiting Room Mike Gibson GAYDAR Terry Ray, Larry LaFond Best Sellers Rick Klein, Mississippi Educational Broadcasting Chicago’s Harlem Globetrotters Jay T. Smith, WTTW Chicago

Sumo East and West Ferne Pearlstein, Robert Edwards Killing Pedro Rivera Austin Stark, Jeff Karp Margery & Gladys Geoffrey Sax, Carlton Television It’s A Living Dog Show-Romeo Peter Jordan, It’s A Living The Nature of Things: Up Close & Toxic Caroline Underwood, Michael Allder Sports Journal CBC Newsworld Hockey Night In Canada: Part of Us All Paul Harrington, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Dinotopia: Night of the Wartosa David Winning He Sees You When You’re Sleeping David Winning


B.A. in Cinema and Broadcasting from The Ohio State University, Mr. Carwile was a film editor for WCMH-TV from 1983-85 and was a director for several years. He is also Convention AV Coordinator for the Ohio Association of Broadcasters as well as advisor for the Summer Movie Series at the Ohio Theatre for the Columbus Association of the Performing Arts. He is currently Program Director at WWHO-TV.


Entertainment continued
ABC News Productions- Evidence: Special 1 ABC News Productions ABC News Productions- Evidence: Special 2 ABC News Productions ABC News Productions- Court TV Safety Challenge: Traveling Safe ABC News Productions The World Poker Tour Steven Lipscomb At The Post 90th Parallel Productions Ltd. Lonnie’s Wonderful World of Disney Melissa Peachy, Plano Television Network KHYI-FM Alan Petty, Plano Television Network Facing Ali Janet Thomson, Hot Type, CBC Newsworld Karaoke Night at the Plains David Hansen, Jackie Dzuba, Cooper Rock Pictures Inc. Leather and Iron James Archer Softball Stories Jay T. Smith, WTTW Chicago Special Breakfast Eggroll- 99¢ Ben Ross, STE Productions, Inc. KINK II-Episode 7 Paperny Films KINK II-Episode 10 Paperny Films Smash The Kitty Brian David Cange, Dash Productions Salt Lake City Here We Come CBC Newsworld Calgary On The Road Again: Welcome To Love Wendy Robbins, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation It’s A Living Peter Jordan, CBC Television It’s A Living Peter Jordan, CBC Television CBC News: Venture- Hockey Night in the Highlands James Dunne, CBC News The Nature of Things: Recovering Krystal David Tucker, Michael Allder, CBC The Nature of Things: Biomimicry: Learning From Nature, Part III Paul Lang, David Springbett, Michael Allder, CBC Sports Journal: Druzhba ‘78 Paul Barsanti, Renee Pellerin, CBC Sports Journal: Ray Scapinello, Life on the Line Lisa Bowes, Renee Pellerin, CBC Sports Journal: The People of the Broom Renee Pellerin, Sports Journal, CBC Manitoba From Highway to Hardcourt: Carl English’s Quest for the NBA Simon Dingley, CBC TV Sports CBC News: Sunday- Canuck Cricketers Robin Benger Legacy of the Silver Shadow Pino Amenta, Ray Boseley, The Australian Children’s Television Foundation Dinotopia: Handful of Dust David Winning

The Silver Chris Award

The “Silver Chris Award” will be presented to the the production deemed over-all best in each division. The “Silver Chris” winners competed for the “Best of Festival.”

The Humanities
Winton’s Children-The British Schindler Robin Bextor, A Carlton, Wilcox Production, Carlton Television

Undying Love Ina Fichman, Rock Demers, Productions La Fete Showa Shinzan Alison Reiko Loader, National Film Board of Canada Young Dr. Freud David Grubin, David Grubin Productions, Inc. ONE CHILD-ONE VOICE Barbara Pyle Productions A Royal Family eps 2,3 Marcus Mandal and Anna Lerche Nordisk Film TV

Benjamin Franklin Catherine Allen, Twin Cities Public Television Muffie Meyer, Ellen Hovde, Middlemarch Films A Royal Family, eps 5/4 Marcus Mandal, Anna Lerche, Nordisk Film TV Return To Nagasaki: The John Ford Story Reg Sherren, CBC Country Canada Running The Gauntlet Carlton TV-HTV West Region, Crispin Sadler The Journey Of Sacagawea Idanha Films And Idaho Public Television Locked Horns: The Fate Of Old Crow Andrew Greeg, 90th Parallel Productions Ltd, To Free The Slaves The May Street Group Film, Video, & Animation Ltd. Set In Stone Howard Perks, Carlton TV-HTV West Region Claude Jutra: An Unfinished Story Paul Baillargeon, National Film Board of Canada The Many Trials of Alpna Patel Steve Pasqualotto, CBC Born Again Construction Laszlo Barna, Liam O’Rinn, Barna-Alper Productions Inc. Misty Keasler: Promising Photographer Brandon Jennings, Plano Television Network


A professor at Columbus State Community College, she teaches courses in film, video art production, literature and performance studies. Her M. A. is in Literature and Language from the University of Cincinnati. She is a regular presenter on film, video, and literature at numerous national academic conventions. Prof. Hopkins serves on the Thurber House Evenings with Authors Committee and has been a juror for the Chris awards Humanities Division since 1997.


The Humanities continued
Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story Jari Osborne, National Film Board of Canada Lustron: The House America’s Been Waiting For WOSU.TV Sweatin’ It! Lalita Krishna, In Sync Video Tales of the Bow Alba Communications, Greg Moodie Keeper of The Flame Sterling Films, LTD. On The Road Again: Boxing Coach Jonathan Craven, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation So They May Speak Ideas In Motion, California Tomorrow White Thunder Victoria King, National Film Board of Canada Making Television History: Aunt Fran and Her Playmates June Mack, Norma Pecora Tribal Journey: Celebrating Our Ancestors Scott Macklin Under One Sky University of Nevada Oral History Program Looking Back- Series Paul Dederick, Bill Waiser, CBC Saskatchewan Competition Without Medals- Folk Sports in Taiwan Kwang Hwa Mass Communications Bloodlines: The DNA Dilemma Annette Clarke, Ruby Line Productions CBC News: Sunday - Maggies Dilemma Aaron Lewis, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation New Morning Faith and Values Media, Lightworks Producing Group Mississippi Roads #2404 Key Ivy, Mississippi Educational Television Sublime Suburbia: South Carlton Television, London Region Freedom to Choose How School Choice Revitalized Education In An American City American Education Reform Council

Best of Festival
This award is presented to the production voted “Best of Festival.” It was selected as the best of the Silver Chris winners by a blue-ribbon panel that was not affiliated with any specific division and chaired by the executive director of the Festival.


Media of Print
The Ben Franklin Award
The “Ben Franklin Award” is presented to the most creative and distinguished print material submitted with a film or video entered in the festival.

Beyond The Page: Float Like A Butterfly Brigid La Bonge, Disney Educational Productions

Kink II Paperny Films Suspino- A Cry For Roma Stewart Jung, Tamarin Productions, Inc. Rhapsody in Black Chris Jackson, Robert Evans, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Dancing Circles: Strong Hoop, Strong Spirit Saskatoon Catholic School Board Beyond The Page: Henry’s First-Moon Birthday Brigid La Bonge, Disney Educational Productions

Beyond The Page: Float Like A Butterfly

Past president and owner of R Graphics, Inc., graphic designer/print broker. Mr. Richardson has served on the board of directors of the Printing Industry of Central and Southern Ohio; the Advisory Committee for Harry E. Tolles Technical Center; and the Advisory Committee for the Ohio Vocational Industrial Clubs of America. He has been with the festival since 1979.


Mental Health
Rage Against The Darkness John Kastner, J.S. Kastner Productions LTD.

The Nature of Things: Recovering Krystal David Tucker, Michael Allder, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Embracing Butterflies Larry M. Foreman, Sunmark Productions

Healing With Animals- Adult Offenders Mary Bissell, Mystique Films Ltd

Well Into Your Future Grady Watts, State of The Art, Inc.

FAS: When The Children Grow Up Knowledge Network Living With Addiction: A Family Disease Sunburst Visual Media

CBC News: Sunday- Upright Grand Tim Wilson, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Real People Abstinence: Choosing To Wait Sunburst Visual Media

A registered Art Therapist, a Licensed Professional Supervising Counselor, the Supervisor of the undergraduate art therapy program at Capital University in Columbus, she has served as president of the Buckeye Art Therapy Association, Ohio affiliate of the American Art Therapy Association. Her active participation in the G.C. Jung Association has provided more intense focus on creativity theory applied with counseling technique. Her lifelong interest in theater and film has been a source of professional growth.

The Chris Award

“The Chris Statuette” is the highest award given to productions in each of the subject matter categories. Entries are judged on a seven point rating system. A superior rating of seven is required for winning the Chris. Ties are possible, if in the opinion of the panel, different styles of production merit more than one winner Productions are competitively evaluated against other productions in their division and category as well as on the merits stated above. Chris winners are widely recognized as receiving the hallmark of superior quality.


Physical Health & Medicine
ABC News: Primetime Thursday- ICU: Arkansas Children’s Hospital ABC News

Fellow Travelers Laszlo Barna, Liam O’Rinn, Barna-Alper Productions, Inc. Men Don’t Cry: Prostate Cancer Stories John Zaritsky, Terence McKeown, Big Deal Productions Ltd. MSNBC Special: Alzheimer’s: My Mom, Our Journey Julie Meisner Eagle, MSNBC

ABC News Special: The Brain Game: What’s Sex Got To Do With It? Sheila Sitomer, ABC Alcohol: True Stories David Skillicorn

Living With It Bruce Postman, Cancervive ABC News Special: Living Longer, Looking Younger Sheila Sitomer, ABC News Moment By Moment Concentric Media, Aquarius Productions Supercharge Your Immune System Gary Null Transplanting Memories NHNZ

The Meaning Of Lice Laszlo Barna, David Langer, Barna-Alper Productions Inc. The Worm’s Turn Laszlo Barna, Tim Wolochatiuk, Barna-Alper Productions Inc. The Nature of Things: A Disease Called Pain Vishnu Mathur, Michael Allder, CBC The Nature of Things: Up Close & Toxic Caroline Underwood, Michael Allder, CBC CBC News- Disclosure: Two for One Marie Caloz, Andreas Wesley, Diana Swain, CBC

Fat Is Bad- Or So They Say Sinisa Hajduk, Daria Marjanovic, HTV- Croatian Television Freedom Chasers Aquarius Productions 2003 CPR Blowout Alan Petty, Plano Television Network In Our Midst Richard Kahn, Fanlight Productions Angel of Mine: A Story About Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood Carvin Eison, Metro Council For Teen Potential

Let’s Clear the Air: What Smoking Says About You GO Media, The Bureau For At-Risk Youth The Demon In The Freezer Janet Thomson, Hot Type, CBC Newsworld A + E Investigative Reports: The Supersized Generation: Kids & Obesity Lauren F. Cardillo Babies on the Brink Lauren F. Cardillo, Jennifer Hyde, CNN Getting Stupid: How Drugs Damage Your Brain John G. Young, Human Relations Media Understanding Eating Disorders John G. Young, Human Relations Media

A film editor at The Ohio State University, Department of Photography and Cinema for 25 years, Mr. Snider edited on a series of physical medicine films, and was an adjunct assistant professor in cinema production. He was an independent producer and film editor, served as an audio-visual specialist for the US Army, and was a film editor at WTVN-TV. Served as a juror 196989 in the Business & Industry category.


Physical Health & Medicine continued
To the Max: Eating and Exercising for Maximum Health Peter Cochran, Human Relations Media Latina Salud: Body, Mind & Spirit WHYY-TV Healing With Animals- Pain Management Christine Brandt, Mystique Films Ltd. Catching Rays Richard Phillips, IM Systems BABYWATCH: A Man’s 30 Minute Guide To Having A Baby J. J. Barmettler, New Integrity Films West Eye View: Coming Up For Air Vicky Marriot, Carlton TV- HTV West Region Marketplace: Guarana Wendy Mesley, Ines Colabrese, Sarah Stevens, CBC CBC News- Canada Now: The Dream of A Dying Man Terry Reith Moving On: Open Wide April Stevens, CBC Angela’s Journey Health Matters, CBC The Myth of Early Detection Health Matters, CBC Oxycontin Addiction Health Matters, CBC Forced Labour Health Matters, CBC CBC News: Sunday- Matthew Drake Mike Hennigar, Mike Downie

The Chris Awards Collection
A brief history...
The Columbus Film Council was founded in 1950, by the late Dr. Edgar Dale, Professor Emeritus of The Ohio State University and others interested in promoting the use of 16mm motion pictures. Two years later, the Columbus Film Festival was born. Since its inception 53 years ago, the object of the Film Council has been to encourage and promote the use of motion-based media in all forms of education and communication, not only in the local community, but throughout the world. In 1985 the Chris Awards Film Collection was established at The Ohio State University’s Department of Photography & Cinema. It’s purpose is to encourage scholarly study of the photographic and electronic media of information, art, and entertainment genres. It contains a wealth of documentary and informational film and video research. The collection has been used as a data base for Master’s theses and Ph.D. dissertations as well as general research.


With One Heart: The Benedictine Monks of Western Priory David Skillicorn God and the Inner City Michael Pack, Manifold Productions Inc. The Existence of God Stephen McVey, Faith Videos In the Arms of Angels T. C. Christiansen, Vision Video Inc. Saints and Strangers Bernie Harris, Vision Video Inc. Outrageous Keith Deltano - Live! Bill Curtis, Vision Video Inc. Sowing Seeds Faith and Values Media Reluctant Saint: Francis Of Assisi Faith and Values Media, Lightworks Producing Group Training Bereavement Ministers: Responding to Grief St. Anthony Messenger Press and Franciscian Communications CBC News: Sunday- Buried Alive David Ridgen The Qur’an: Fact Vs. Fiction: A Special Hot Type One Hour Documentary & Panel Janet Thomson, Senior Producer Hot Type, CBC Newsworld America At Worship Faith and Values Media, Lightworks Producing Group New Morning Faith and Values Media, Lightworks Producing Group False Fire: China’s Tragic New Standard in State Deception Bing He, Jimmy Zhou, New Tang Dynasty Television The Gospel According to John Judy Piercey, Grant Gelinas, Glen Kugelstadt, CBC CBC News: Sunday- Qur’an Special Janet Thomson Life and Times: John Paul II Mark Starowicz, Terence McKenna, CBC

Birthright Leonard Pearl, 12 Tribes Productions The Mestiza Virgin Carlos M. Castaneda, HTN Productions The Trial Dale L. Radomski, REM Productions Faith and Foreign Affairs Marcia Franklin, “Dialogue” Staff The National Catholic Mission Alive But Alone Belonging Where? Michael McManus, National Catholic Broadcasting Council Walking From The Shadows Missionary Society of St. Coloban, Chvala & Co. Productions

Retired Audio-Visual Supervisor of Augsburg Fortress, a Christian publishing house, Ms. Sherwood has been active as a volunteer, juror, chair, and trustee with The Columbus International Film & Video Festival since 1964.

The Bronze Plaque
“The Bronze Plaque” award is presented only to productions of high merit, which in the opinion of the judges will be effective and useful contributions to their subject area. Bronze Plaques are presented to productions receiving a rating of six.


Science & Technology
The Nature of Things: The Flight of the Whooping Crane Bill Lishman, Peter Shatalow, Michael Allder, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


Fire Wars Judith Vecchione, Rushmore DeNooyer, Kirk Wolfinger WGBH Educational Foundation Biomimicry: Learning From Nature Pt 1 Paul Lang Deconstructing Supper Leonard Terhoch, Marianne Kaplan, MSK Productions

Hornets From Hell Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Red Devils Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Against The Sea Laszlo Barna, Christine McLean, Barna-Alper Productions

Global Warning: Canada’s Changing Climate Knowledge Network The Classification Of Living Things Peter Cochran, Human Relations Media Net Loss: The Storm Over Salmon Farming Melissa Young, Mark Dworkin Empty Oceans, Empty Nets Steve Cowan Living With Lions Maya Laurinaitis, National Geographic TV & Film Coral Reef Adventure MacGillivray Freeman Films Microbe Invasion David Green, NHNZ The Ultimate Crocodile Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Cheetahs: A Race To Survive Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Snake Hunters: North America Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Radioactive: The Story Of Mme Curie Laszlo Barna, Nadine Pequeneza, Barna-Alper Productions CBC News: Sunday- Destination North Ian Hannah, CBC News: Sunday

Mr. Crawford was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He served as radar technician in the British Navy at the end of World War II. Since 1949 he has worked on new product development for companies in Buenos Aires, Boston, and Columbus, gaining six patents. After emigrating to the United States in 1960 he earned BS and MS degrees in mechanical engineering at MIT, and an MBA from Ohio State. This is his second year of involvement in the Chris Awards program.


Science & Technology continued
AfriCan Solutions eps 1 and 3 Robin Newell, Thought Films Deciphering Nature’s Alphabet: A Conversation Gerardine Wurzburg, State of the Art, Inc. Hiding From The Wind Knowledge Network Spaceship Earth “Satoyama Insect Story” Aya Gotoh, ASAMOTO Kaori (TV Asahi) Mita Yutaka (TV MAN UNION, INC.) Outdoor Idaho: 20th Anniversary Show Idaho Public Television Scott Aquarium Electronic Field Trip Lucy Ferron, Mississippi Broadcasting Networks Mississippi Outdoors #1317 Mississippi Broadcasting Networks The Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced Lawrence Hott, Florentine Films/Hott Productions Nanga Parbat: Naked Mountain Doug Prose, Diane LaMacchia, Earth Images Foundation In Hot Water New England Aquarium, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Reinventing the Wheel Smithsonian Lemelson Center, Hillmann & Carr Storm Warning, programme 1, series III David Atkins, Carlton Television- West Country Region Wolf Pack Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Walking With Lions Keenan Smart, National Geographic Television And FilmNatural History Unit Fire Down Below Laszlo Barna, Elliot Shiff, Barna-Alper Productions Harnessing The Wind Laszlo Barna, Robert Scott, Barna-Alper Productions Bears and Whales Peter Jordan, It’s A Living, CBC CBC News: Venture- The Iceland Experiment Dianne Buckner, Caroline Harvey The Nature of Things: Biomimicry: Learning From Nature- Part III Paul Lang, David Springbett, Michael Allder The Nature of Things: Jo’Burg: A View From The Summit Hadley Obodiac, Michael Allder The Nature of Things: The Investigation of Swiss Air 111 Howard Green, Kurt Schaad, Michael Allder Canada Now: Deaf Belugas Kristy Snell Country Canada: Poison On Ice Margo McDiarmid Country Canada: Who Killed Mary? Margo McDiarmid Country Canada: Glaciers Gary Hunter All- Terrain Deer Ellis Vision Incorporated Awesome Opossum Ellis Vision Incorporated The Seeds Of A New Era Jack Micay, MediCinema Ltd. Microscopes & Mutants Jack Micay, MediCinema Ltd.

Honorable Mention

“The Certificate of Honorable Mention” is awarded to an entry based on its overall quality or based on particular production values that are notable. Honorable Mention is presented to productions with a rating of five.


China In The Red Sue Williams, Ambrica Productions

The Supersized Generation: Kids & Obesity Lauren F. Cardillo, Richard Clemmon

The top awards presented are the “Edgar Dale Award” for informational screenwriting, inaugurated in 1986 and the “Robert W. Wagner Award” for the narrative form, inaugurated in 1991.

An award-winning writer-director with more than twenty years’ experience in film, TV and theatre. Ms. Thornburg has taught screenwriting at The Evergreen State College and The Ohio State University. Her work has been funded by the NEA, the NEH, the Ohio Arts Council, the Ohio Humanities Council, the Ohio Joint Program in the Arts and Humanities and the Greater Columbus Arts Council, among others.


Social Issues
The Wall Street Fix Hedrick L. Smith, Hedrick Smith Productions

Making Sense of Place Phonenix: The Urban Desert Northern Light Productions Margaret Sanger: The Woman Rebel Laszlo Barna, Leslie Fruman, Barna-Alper Productions Inc. CNN Presents: 16 Acres Phil Hirschkorn, CNN Arctic Dreamer: The Lonely Quest of Vilhjalmur Stefansson Peter Raymont, White Pine Pictures Peanuts Martin Harbury, BarHarbour Films Boston 24/7 Terence Wrong, ABC News Kofi Annan: Center of the Storm David Grubin, David Grubin Productions, Inc. Miracle At The Mine With Stone Phillips NBC News Productions

China In The Red Sue Williams, Ambrica Productions Almost Real: Connecting in a Wired World Ann Shin, National Film Board of Canada Earth To Mouth Yung Chang, National Film Board of Canada Fair Phyllis Beth Portman, National Film Board of Canada The Spirit Of Annie Mae Catherine Anne Martin Joe Jill Haras, National Film Board of Canada ABC News: Primetime Thursday- Arctic Rose Harry Phillips,Jay Schadler ABC News Special: Independence Day 2001 ABC News ABC News Special: State V. Michael Bicks MSNBC Special Presentation: In A Child’s Best Interest MSNBC, Karen Grau, Bill Hussung Manhunt: The Search For Eric Rudolph NBC News Productions Silence of the Strings: A Community Movement for Music Sher Morgan, Morgan/Moonbeam Productions Casting Calls Lauren F. Cardillo, Running Down Dreams Productions Denan Dick Young Productions, LTD. Drowned Out Franny Armstrong LIVABLE LANDSCAPES: By Chance or By Choice? Melissa Paly The Tree That Remembers Masoud Raouf, National Film Board of Canada Who Counts? Election Reform In America Fred Silverman, Issues TV Bloody Disgrace Laszlo Barna, Mary Anne Alton, Barna-Alper Productions Inc. A Day In The Life Of Canada Geoff D’Eon, CBC


Social Issues continued
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Social Issues continued
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Emeritus Director of the Ohio Humanities Council, he was Associate Dean at Columbia University, Professor of History, Dean and Provost of Lafayette College and President of Wilson College. He appears on Channel 3 in “Conversations in the Humanities” and received the 2001 Bjornson Award for distinguished service in the humanities.


War & Peace
Berga Soldier of Another War Charles Guggenheim

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His personal documentary work has, for the last two decades, focused on issues of identity and displacement. The projects have taken him from one combat zone to another, from Cambodia to Gaza and include Refugee Road, Native Sons: Palestinians in Exile, and People and The Land. Hayes currently serves as Assistant Professor of Digital Post Production in the Ohio University School of Film.


Student Competion
Sunday Paper p.2b Eric Towner

The Alumni Society Award
This is Our Slaughterhouse Matthew Broerman, DAAP University of Cincinnati The Dark Maori Stanton, School Of Visual Arts Jimbo’s A’ Comin’ Kevin McShane, Florida State University Film School

The OSU Photography & Cinema Alumni Society Award
This award is presented in conjunction with the Alumni Society of the Department of Photography and Cinema, The Ohio State University. This is the student competition’s top award.

Ants Cory Claffey-Koller, Florida State University Film School A Work In Progress Wes Ball, Florida State University Film School My Josephine Barry Jenkins, Florida State University Film School Match Scratch Fever Kristin C.Solid, UCLA Dept of Film and TV Free Line Keum- Taek Jung, RIT

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Nameless, Endless Erwin Lian, CCAD The Nisei Farmer Dean Yamada, USC School of TV Tough Girl Leilani T. Abad, USC School of Cinema-TV We Got Next Tricia Creason Valencia, SFSU U.A.I.L. Go Back Angad Bhalla, Stanford

A Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cinema Production from The Ohio State University, Mr. Burbach is an Ohio Arts Council funded screenwriter and has worked on a dozen independent films in Los Angeles as well as producing and writing his own feature film. He is president of the board of directors of the Ohio State University, Department of Photography & Cinema Alumni Society.


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