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                   SOCIAL CARE COUNCIL



NOTICE is hereby given to:

The Registrant, Mr Masekamela Gaseitsewe

Registration Number: 1124553

and to

The General Social Care Council

Address: Goldings House, 2 Hay’s Lane, London, SE1 2HB

THAT, following the decision made by the General Social Care Council on 20
November 2009 to refer a complaint against you to the Conduct Committee, a
hearing date has now been arranged.

The Conduct Committee will consider the complaint at a hearing on 12
January 2010. The hearing is scheduled to last one day. The hearing
will begin at 10:00 am and will be held at: -

The offices of the General Social Care Council, Goldings House, 2 Hay’s Lane,
London, SE1 2HB.


The hearing will proceed under the Conduct Procedure. The Conduct Committee
will consider the following Formal Allegation at the hearing:

      You were

      1.     on 18 September 2009 at Stoke on Trent Crown Court you were
             convicted of two offences:

             i.     with intent, knowingly possessing false/improperly obtained/
                    anothers ID documents;

             ii.    Dishonestly making false representation to make gain for
                    self/ another or cause loss to other/expose others to risk.

   And in relation to the above, you have committed Misconduct.

The Registrant and the Council both have the right to attend the hearing and
give evidence to the Committee and to make oral submissions to the Committee
in person or through a representative. The Registrant may be represented by a
barrister, a solicitor, or a representative from a Trade Union or Professional
Body. If acting in person the Registrant may be accompanied and advised by
some other representative. However, such representative shall not be entitled to
address the Committee without permission. The person presenting the case for
the Council can include an officer of the Council or a solicitor engaged for this
purpose. Both parties are entitled to call their own witnesses and to cross-
examine the witnesses of the other party.

It would be helpful if the Registrant could inform the Clerk whether or not he
intends to attend the hearing. The Registrant should note that if he does not
attend or is not represented at the hearing the Committee may proceed in his

In the event of a finding of Misconduct, the Committee may:

      (a) admonish the Registrant and direct that a record of the admonishment
          is placed on the Registrant’s Entry in the Register for a period of up to
          five years; or

      (b) make an Order suspending the Registrant’s registration for a period
          not exceeding two years (‘a Suspension Order’); or

      (c) make an Order for removal of the Registrant’s registration from the
          Register (‘a Removal Order’)


      (d) revoke any Interim Suspension Order imposed by the Preliminary
          Proceedings Committee.

You will find enclosed with this Notice a copy of the General Social Care Council’s
(Conduct) Rules 2008. The documents that the Committee will have before it will
be sent to the Registrant and the Council once they have been agreed by the
parties and provided to the Clerk.

A Notice of Decision containing the reasons for the Committee’s decision will be
sent to the Registrant and the Council and to the Registrant’s Employer, if any,
and the Complainant within seven days of conclusion of the hearing.

A copy of this notice is being sent to the Complainant, and to the Registrant’s
employer (if any).

Signed       Clerk to the Conduct Committee

Dated        7 December 2009