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					Report Month: January 2008 Officer Information Name: Catherine Roedel Position: Vice President of Public Relations Program Of Work Actions: POW Goal 1: (Membership, Recognition, Adviser Recruitment)
I have been conversing with chapters that have just started. I am planning chapter visits later this month so I can do some P.R. for FCCLA. Also, I talked to the FCS Teacher at MSU and later this month we are going to set up a meeting so I can talk to college students majoring in FCS.

POW Goal 2: (PR, Corporate Relations, Member and Legislator Interaction)
I haven’t talked to my legislatures since we met with them in Washington D.C. but my adviser and I are planning on writing some letters this month. Also, tonight I’m going to my school board meeting to do some more P.R. and stress the importance of FCCLA and why going to National Leadership Meeting and Clusters are a positive experience for students. No corporate stuff yet but I have been trying to think hard so we could get some partnerships. There are a lot of rich people lol who live in Big Sky and the Yellowstone Club so hopefully I can have a chance to meet with them. (Bill Gates is up there all the time!)

POW Goal 3: (Invest in Youth, National Outreach Project, Individual Programs, STAR Events)
I am about to e-mail Sonja about DTV because I have been pushing that in MT especially since no one knows about it! We don’t have regional STAR Events but everyone is working hard on their events and we should have a good turnout at State.

National Program Efforts:
Well, since MT is not doing Feed The Children that isn’t going so well. However our fundraising for March of Dimes is successful and we are raising awareness as well as funds!

Development Efforts:

Actions for Next Month:
Other plans include trying to start Middle Level Chapters except it is going to be difficult because a lot of the schools in Montana don’t have Middle Level FCS classes, so hopefully I can find some!

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