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									Downtown Business Improvement District of Missoula Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, December 18, 2007 ALPS Conference Room 111 N. Higgins Ave Present: Charlie Beaton, Ellen Buchanan, Dan Cederberg, Carma Gilligan, Virginia Iverson, Tim France Absent: Kim Browne Guests: Laurie Johnson, Deidre Haggerty, Linda McCarthy, Julie Weaver, Rod Austin, Matt Ellis, Kim Murray, Kim Klages-Johns, Bill Buseman 1. Meeting Commencement: Noting a quorum was present, Dan Cederberg called the meeting to order at 3:11 pm. 2. Introduction of Guests: The Missoula Downtown Association executive committee was present: Rod Austin, Matt Ellis, Kim Murray, Kim Klages-Johns, and Bill Buseman. 3. Meet with MDA Exec Committee on BID Staffing: A discussion commenced concerning BID staffing needs. Dan reported he sent the MDA executive committee an email outlining the BID Board’s staffing needs and proposal. The information includes Linda’s staffing proposal of the addition of a Downtown Project Manager, a summary of additional board discussion and comments, and the Downtown Spokane Partnership organizational chart. Dan emphasized two points: 1) The BID board is not dissatisfied with the MDA staff’s performance of the administration contract. 2) Any staff changes or contract changes need to work for both organizations. He expressed that the BID Board is committed to continuing the close association and synergy between the BID and the MDA in order to achieve the goal of making Downtown Missoula the best it can be. Discussion ensued concerning the different community roles of the BID and MDA and the Downtown Spokane Partnership model. Dan presented that the BID is considering hiring a full-time administrator while contracting marketing, BID renewal administration and financial services with the MDA. The BID board is looking into renting the office space adjacent to the MDA office. Discussion ensued concerning the best long-term option for Downtown Missoula. If the boards see the organizations working together in the next 10 years and possibly joining as a partnership, separation of the organizations in the short-term may not lead toward the goal. Carma commented that she cannot imagine the BID and the MDA not being in a partnership in 10 years. Everyone agreed the current contract is not sufficient for BID productivity. Discussion concerning BID identity ensued. Tim believes the organizations will continue to evolve and coalesce. The MDA executive committee commented that the BID currently has a body of experienced individuals working for the organization and keeping them involved is beneficial. Kim Murray asked the BID board about staffing transition especially regarding training, resources, and connections. Kim Johns commented that the BID has large expectations for the BID staff person. Ellen expressed that the first 5 years of the BID can be seen as an experiment and as renewal approaches, it is important for the BID to have its own identity in order to get re-renewed for 10 years. The BID is moving into more complex projects such as business recruitment and retention and streetscapes and the Master Plan will require serious staff time. Matt recommends the BID focus on results if renewal is the number one goal. He believes the Downtown Partnership model is the best structure for Downtown

and the community as the whole. Creating a partnership organization would be more about the MDA joining the BID and changing its identity. This partnership would be better run by one leader versus two overseeing one staff. Ellen described the BID’s current staff relationship as solely administrative. The staff is not leading the board. Matt would like to see what the MDA staff could do if they were given authority to make decisions and lead the board. Yet, everyone agreed that a BID Project Manager is necessary to head BID programs and projects. Linda expressed that no one on the MDA staff is interested in applying for the BID position at this time. It was suggested to create a joint BID/MDA committee for the staffing addition and transition. The committee can also modify the current contract to include new staff training and leadership. Both boards believe Linda should be on the hiring committee. The board discussed office space available in the MDA office. Discussion also ensued concerning supervision and leadership of the new hire. Jinny revisited Linda’s original proposal of a Downtown Project Manager that works under her direction but focuses on BID work and projects. The BID board would like this position to have a BID title (BID Project Director), have Linda’s leadership, but ultimately report to the BID board. This would provide the BID with an organizational face while being trained under the MDA’s experience and expertise. This is also a step closer to the Downtown Partnership model where Linda would be the president of both organizations with MDA and BID staff under her. Carma commented that the BID still needs its own identity. Dan expressed that he is comfortable not renting additional space for the BID office. The discussion concluded with a charge for the BID and MDA to appoint a staffing committee from those present. 4. Proposed Revisions to BID Grant Policy: The Business Recruitment and Retention committee, charged with revisiting the BID grant policy, decided to permanently abandon the grant program. The members did not feel comfortable with many aspects of the program and would prefer to use that money to accomplish projects under the BID’s mission versus granting BID monies outside of that scope. The grants budget will be used in other areas; possibly streetscapes or business recruitment and retention. Charlie moved to permanently suspend the BID grant program and to redistribute the budgeted amount to other areas. Jinny seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 5. Bitterroot Economic Impact Study: Dan attended the report by the Bitterroot Economic Impact Study consultants on November 8, 2007. The study was presented with two Lolo Peak developments in mind: a large, destination-sized resort or a small, private club comparable to the Yellowstone Club. The study looked at possible economic impact and output of both possibilities. The larger resort is predicted to add 4,672 jobs and $300 million into the economy in the first ten years. The smaller club development would add 806 jobs and $41.9 million. The consultants compared the development to adding another St. Patrick Hospital or university to the area, although wages at the resort would be less than these other organizations. Economic impact would be gained through the developers, construction and vacationers. This impact would be achieved with minimal public investment. The consultants reported that this kind of development is something communities try to recruit and encourage to build. Dan noted that the impact study did not address transportation issues or the impact on infrastructure. 6. Proposed Breakfast for BID Ratepayers: Julie reported that the BID Marketing committee is planning a breakfast for ratepayers on Thursday, January 24 at 8 am. The BID will give a summary of the year’s accomplishments and projects and the Master Plan consultants will also present. The event will gauge which ratepayers are interested and involved. Julie is looking into MCT as a potential location. She will invite the Clean Team and Ambassadors to attend.

7. Committee & Program Reports a. Downtown Master Plan (Buchanan): Ellen reported the steering committee decided on Crandall Arambula after interviewing the final four firms. The firm was attractive due to their Downtown planning and development experience and they are the only firm who has done work in Montana. The consultants will be in town January 23-24. The steering committee is working with Crandall Arambula on the scope of work and the budget. The planning process is estimated to take six to eight months. b. Ambassadors (Johnson): Laurie reported that the committee is looking into having an ambassador cart built that would hold visitor information, maps, etc. The bid is approximately $5,200. The committee will bring a proposal to the board in January. c. Clean Team & Ambassador Committee (Gilligan): Carma reported that the older garbage cans were refurbished and powdercoated. The Clean Team will be installing these in the coming weeks. d. Business Recruitment & Retention (Browne): none. e. Marketing & Communications (Weaver): Julie referred again to the ratepayer breakfast. She also passed around a copy of the BID ad that ran in Missoulian as a small holiday campaign. f. Streetscapes (Iverson): Jinny reported the committee is considering planting boulevard trees where there are empty holes with and without grates. They would also like to hire someone to water the new trees for the first two years. Jinny moved to move forward with planting trees. Charlie seconded the motion and all were in favor. g. City Panhandling Task Force (Weaver): Julie reported that the City Panhandling Task Force held its initial meeting. The parties that were present, including City representatives, Poverello Center employees, MDA representatives, decided the organizations that serve and deal with the transient and homeless population need to learn more about each other and the services, resources and programs that are available. 8. Approval of November Board Minutes: Ellen moved to approve the November minutes. Charlie seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 9. Status on audit: Dan reported that he and Kim determined with the City that the BID does not need to undergo a full audit, but that a practice and procedure audit is sufficient. The BID is looking into joining the City’s audit with AZ Accountants. It was noted that the MDA accountant’s husband is an employee of AZ, although he does not work in the auditing department. 10. Financial Report: Kim reported via email that she sees nothing in the financials to be concerned about. The allocating of revenues from the City has not happened yet. She and Jennifer, the MDA accountant, are moving toward an accrual form of accounting that will be reflected in upcoming month’s financials. 11. Trustee Comment: Linda reported there is still more work to be done concerning the Downtown Holiday décor. Brackets need to be added to poles with electricity and the electricity needs to be checked as some decorations are not lighting. Dan reported that the BID’s bylaws indicate that a chairperson should be elected in the first meeting of the year. He is removing himself from the running as he believes change is beneficial for every organization. 12. Meeting Adjournment: 5:35 pm.

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