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Athletic Trainers Cover Figure
Skating Championships
district    one                                                to Children’s Hospital Boston, where                                 for Crippled Children, wrote papers and
  The First Annual Ullucci Sports                              Micheli is director of the sports medicine                           presented numerous programs nation-
Medicine Scholarship Golf Tournament                           division, where FitzGerald also works.                               ally and served the NATA on the origi-
will be held July 16 at Beaver River                             ATOM members who helped provide                                    nal Athletic Injuries Committee. As a
Country Club.                                                  athletic training services include Chris                             Fellow in the American College of
  The tournament eventually will fund                          Troyanos, ATC; Frank Mastrangelo,                                    Sports Medicine, he was extremely
a scholarship for athletic training stu-                       ATC, EMT, LAT; Janet Kennedy, ATC;                                   interested in research, injury preven-
dents in District One. As the event                            Jodie Humphrey, PT, ATC; Laura Darby-                                tion and conditioning. Block served as a
grows, a scholarship for District Two                          McNally, ATC; Lois Farrell, PT, ATC;                                 consultant to NASA beginning with the
students will be added. The scholarship                        Michelle Phelan, MS, ATC; Stephanie                                  original in-space flight training pro-
will be administered by the EATA                               Hart, MS, ATC; and Kai Aboulian, ATC.                                gram in 1967. In 1973 he started
Scholarship Committee, and organizers                                                                                               research on the use of diagnostic ultra-

                                                                                                                   Courtesy Photo
hope funding is available to offer the                                                                                              sound to evaluate musculoskeletal
initial award in 2007.                                                                                                              injuries.
                                                                                                                                       Welliver was the team physician for
news from massachusetts                                                                                                             McDaniel College, now Western
  In February, the Children’s Hospital                                                                                              Maryland College, from 1958-98. He also
Boston, Division of Sports Medicine,                                                                                                served as the WMC Medical Director for
with the volunteer support of the                                                                                                   Health Services from 1975-98. Always
Athletic Trainers of Massachusetts, pro-                                                                                            there to serve the athletes and to sup-
vided medical coverage for the 2005                                                                                                 port the athletic trainers, “Dr. Dan” was
U.S. Figure Skating Synchronized Team                                                                                               fondly referred to as “the saint of
Skating National Championships.                                                                                                     Western Maryland College” by former
                                                                 The president of the Colonial Figure Skating
  More than 2,400 skaters on 111                               Club, which hosted the championships, presents                       WMC President Robert Chambers.
teams competed in eight divisions dur-                         a $15,000 donation to children’s Hospital Boston,                       Chronister joined the U.S. Navy in 1960
ing the Feb. 22-26 event in Tsongas                                       accepted by Lyle Micheli.                                 and served for 22 years in the medical
Arena in Lowell, Mass. Lyle Micheli,                                                                                                department on shore stations and at sea,
MD, an ATOM Hall of Fame member,                               district     three                                                   responsible for the health care, preven-
served as medical director while Brian                         news from maryland                                                   tion and recognition of illnesses/injuries
FitzGerald, BSN, ATC, LAT, was assis-                            In May, the Maryland Athletic Trainers’                            of service members. His active duty
tant medical director.                                         Association announced its inaugural                                  included four tours at the U. S. Naval
  More than $15,000 in proceeds went                           Hall of Fame class: Ralph Salvon, Eddie                              Academy, serving as a certified athletic
                                                               Block, Daniel Welliver, MD; JJ Bush,                                 trainer for a variety of athletic teams. He
                                              Courtesy Photo

                                                               John Lopez, Ray Chronister and Pat                                   primarily covers men’s soccer and men’s
                                                               Lamboni.                                                             track and field, and he is a first aid instruc-
                                                                 Salvon was the head athletic trainer                               tor and researcher. He is the primary
                                                               for the Baltimore Orioles from 1968-87.                              health care provider for the U.S. Handball
                                                               During his tenure, the team produced                                 Association. In the fall of 2001, he earned
                                                               six Cy Young winners and boasted 19                                  a commendation for helping save a life
                                                               pitchers who won 20 games in a sea-                                  with the use of an AED.
                                                               son. He also worked on four American                                    Bush is the head athletic trainer for
                                                               League MVPs and six future Hall of                                   men’s basketball at the University of
                                                               Fame members.                                                        Maryland, where he has worked since
                                                                 Block was the head athletic trainer for                            1972. He’s also an assistant athletics direc-
                                                               the Baltimore Colts from 1957-77. He                                 tor. Bush, past-president of the MATA, is
   Medical Director Lyle Micheli works with
   Jane Gruber, DPT, MS, OCS; Lois Farrell;
                                                               was inducted in the NATA Hall of Fame                                an active member of the profession.
            and Brian FitzGerald.                              in 1974. He worked for 13 years as a                                    Lopez is the director of Chesapeake
                                                               physical therapist for Kernan’s Hospital                             Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

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                                                                                                                              CROSS COUNTRY

Center. A certified athletic trainer for         the legislature to discuss their research                    ed IU, Indiana State University, University
more than 30 years, Lopez has worked at          projects and to promote the profession                       of Evansville, University of Wisconsin,
all levels of athletic competition. From         of athletic training. Western Carolina                       Ohio State University, University of
1976-79 he was with the Tampa Bay                University Coordinator of Clinical                           Northern Michigan and Penn State
Buccaneers, and from 1979-84 he was              Education Jill Manners, ATC, accompa-                        University.
head       athletic    trainer    for     the    nied the students at the conference.
Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts. Lopez then                                                                      news from ohio

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co-founded and served as the director of                                                                        The OATA congratulates the 2005
Towson          Sports      Medicine        &                                                                 OATA Award Recipients:
Rehabilitation Center for 19 years. He                                                                        — Hall of Fame: Greg Behrens, MSEd,
has consulted with Baltimore County                                                                              ATC, LAT, and Gerry Rishel, ATC;
Public Schools in trying to hire certified                                                                    — Athletic Trainer of the Year: Clinical/
athletic trainers and has been a member                                                                          Professional category, Mary Kay
of the Maryland Public Secondary                                                                                 Rohrkemper, ATC, PT; high school
Schools Athletic Association’s Athletic                                                                          category, Kim Stercula, ATC; and
Health Care Advisory Committee. Lopez                Amanda Cope           Amelia Upright                        college/university category, Pat
co-founded the Ed Block Courage                                                                                  Graman, ATC
Award, a national honor dedicated to             news from south carolina
fighting child abuse.                               SCATA will host its Annual Symposium                      news from wisconsin
   Lamboni has been head athletic trainer        July 7-8 at the Columbia Hotel and                              The WATA hosted a successful meet-
at Salisbury University since 1982, taking       Conference Center. Cost is $60 for mem-                      ing in Oshkosh in April, thanks to organ-
the job after a two-year stint as head ath-      bers prior to June 15 or $100 after; $90 for                 izers Hal Strough, ATC; Jeff Barnes, ATC,
letic trainer for Catholic University. He is a   non-members; $45 for college students                        LAT; Anna Linstedt, ATC; Dan Gehri,
past-president of MATA and recipient of          before June 15 or $70 after. Participants                    ATC; Julie Zuleger, ATC; Tina Koyen,
the NATA Most Distinguished Athletic             can earn 11 CEUs. For more information,                      ATC; Stacey Heberer, ATC; and Melissa
Trainer award.                                   visit or call Jerry Shadbolt                   Johnston, ATC, LAT. The 2006 meeting
                                                 at (803) 778-5223.                                           will be held at the Embassy Suites in
news from north carolina                                                                                      Brookfield, April 28-29.
   The NCATA Sports Medicine Sym-                district    four                                                The 2005 WATA College Quiz Bowl
posium for Students will be July 18-21 at        news from illinois                                           was won by the team from UW-Osh-
Greensboro College. Cost is $195, and                The IATA is calling for nominations                      kosh, including James Rudolph, Jeff
students in grades eight through 12 are          for president, vice president, secretary                     Hermsen and Lindsey Toman.
welcome. For registration information,           and Region 3 and Region 4 representa-                           The WATA congratulates its 2005
go to or con-          tives. Nominations close August 15. For                      scholarship winners:
tact Randy Pridgen, MS, ATC, at rprid-           more information, contact past presi-                        — Stephanie Lopez, UW-Eau Claire:                                  dent Rochel Rittgers, MS, ATC, at                                Founding Fathers Award;
 Two Western Carolina University athletic or (309) 794-                       — Toni Marousek, UW-Eau Claire, and
training students presented posters to           7573 or visit the IATA Web site at www.                          Thomas Krahn, UW-Stevens Point:
members of the North Carolina House and                                    Mueller Academic Achievement
Senate in Raleigh on April 12. The                   The deadline to apply for IATA scholar-                      Award.
“Research in the Capitol” event was spon-        ships is August 15. Available IATA schol-                       The scholarship recipients will be rec-
sored by the UNC Undergraduate                   arships include the Richard Dominguez                        ognized at an awards dinner following
Research Consortium to promote under-            Undergraduate Memorial Scholarship,                          the golf outing July 29. The Ninth
graduate research at the 16 state institu-       the Graduate Scholarship, Offspring                          Annual Golf Outing will be held at Lake
tions. About 95 undergraduate students           Awards and two Dr. John Jevitz                               Arrowhead Golf Course in Nekoosa.
from 16 institutions presented at the con-       Continuing Education Scholarships.                           Registration runs 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.,
ference.                                         Contact Tory Lindley, MA, ATC, at                            with a shotgun start at noon.
   Sophomore Amanda Cope, EMT, pre-     or (847) 491-                             The golf event costs $75, dinner
sented her original research entitled            8867, or visit the IATA Web site for more                    included. To register, call (608) 265-1208
“Current Personal & Professional                 information.                                                 or e-mail
Challenges Facing Women in Athletic                                                                           Proceeds benefit the Founding Fathers
Training,” while sophomore Amelia                news from indiana                                            Scholarship Foundation.
Upright presented a case study entitled            The second GLATA educational video-                           The WATA needs new photos for the
“Delayed Onset Unilateral Upper                  conference, hosted by Indiana University,                    state association Web site. Send athlet-
Extremity Paralysis in a Collegiate              was presented April 13. Sue Finkam, ATC,                     ic training action shots to WATA
Football Player.” Each had the opportu-          CEA, spoke about athletic training in CIC                    Webmaster Nate Weiler, MS, ATC, LAT,
nity to meet with individual member of           settings. The participating schools includ-                  at nn

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