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									Volume 3, Issue 6 July 2008


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District 13 Meeting/Election of Officers & Picnic July 20 at Newcomerstown #1337
Former notorious members of the Newcomerstown Moose include Denton True Young. Denton, also known as Cy Young, was raised and later died in Newcomerstown. A park in Newcomerstown bears his name and a memorial stands. Cy (Cyclone) Young was inducted in to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1937. Another former member of the Lodge was the great Ohio State Football Coach Woody Hayes. Coach Hayes attended Newcomerstown High School and played center for the football team. The District Meeting begins at 1:00 pm with the Officer’s Meeting, followed by the Member’s Meeting at 1:30 pm. The election of District Officers for the 2008-2009 term will take place during the member’s meeting. The annual district picnic will be held following the membership meeting. All food is supplied by the District. Come and join us for an afternoon of good food and fellowship.

District Officers & Chair- 2 men June’s Meeting Highlights Awards Announced 2 3

Gimmefive Hall of Fame 3 District Karaoke Premier Lodge Award Requirements District Lodge Events 3 4 5

Special points of interest:
 District Meeting & Picnic July 20 @ Newcomerstown  Zanesville Lodge Earns Premier Lodge Award  Cambridge has a new shelter house  Mary Ann Winsor earns Collegiate Degree  Car shows at Amsterdam & Zanesville  Zanesville golf outing Oct.11

Newcomerstown Moose Family Center 1337 is located at 115 West Canal Street in Newcomerstown, Ohio.

Zanesville’s Carolyn Arbuckle Named Deputy Grand Regent
Carolyn Arbuckle has been selected as Deputy Grand Regent for the State of Ohio. This honor was bestowed on Carolyn at the recently completed International Moose Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Carolyn was nominated for this position by Past Deputy Grand Regent, Kathy Kenny, also a member of the Zanesville Chapter. Carolyn has been a member of Zanesville Chapter 663 for eleven years, and has served as Chapter Recorder for the past seven years. Carolyn’s new duties include visiting other Chapters throughout the State and helping Chapters that may be having problems. She is also responsible for coordinating WOTM meetings and activities at the State Annual and Mid-Year Conventions. Carolyn and her husband Bill have seven children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Carolyn Arbuckle

 Gahanna Sponsors Founder’s Day Bus Trip

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District 13 Lodge Quota Report
Lodge Name St Clairsville Zanesville Cambridge Coshocton Lafferty Steubenville Newcomerstown Amsterdam District Total 2007-08 Quota 17 89 53 122 24 24 30 30 389 Applications Year-to-Date 6 19 8 15 2 1 1 1 53 % of Quota Reached 35.3 % 21.4 % 15.1 % 12.3 % 8.3 % 4.2 % 3.3 % 3.3 % 13.6 %

District 13 Officers/Meeting Schedules

June’s Meeting Highlights
The June District meeting was held at Cambridge Lodge #631 on June 15, 2008. Thirty men and twenty-four women attended the meeting and were treated to a tasty baked steak dinner after the meeting, Zanesville Lodge #867 took home the traveling trophy by having the most members in attendance from a visiting Lodge with fifteen. The auction for the District Child Fund was postponed until the July meeting at Newcomerstown. The final nomination meeting and election of District Officers will take place on July 20, 2008, at the Newcomerstown meeting and picnic.

Cambridge recently completed their outdoor bar/shelter house. You can almost hear the ocean while sitting at the bar.

In the above pictures, members socialize before the District Meeting at Cambridge in June.

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Mary Ann Winsor Receives College of Regents Degree
During the International Moose Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada in June, Mary Ann Winsor, of Zanesville Chapter #663 was conferred with the College of Regents Degree. Congratulations Mary Ann and thank you for all you do for your Lodge, Chapter and Fraternity.

Gimmefive District 13 Hall of Fame
The following District 13 lodges and members have contributed to the Moose Gimmefive Program and are registered in the Ohio and District 13 Hall of Fame: Coshocton Chapter 357 Ronald Paine Lafferty Lodge 1462 Greg Batross Zanesville Lodge 867 Brooks Yeater Steubenville Lodge 619 Bob Tush Lafferty Lodge 1462 David Zienta Zanesville Lodge 867 John O. Rinner Steubenville Lodge 610 Donald Freed Coshocton Lodge 935 James Ludwig Newcomerstown Lodge 1337 Mary J. Ludwig Newcomerstown Chapter 29 Michael T. Thatcher Lafferty Lodge 1462 Robert O. Woods Coshocton Lodge 935 Newcomerstown Lodge 1337 Brenda K. Russell Newcomerstown Chapter 29 Coshocton Lodge 935 Daniel Cheatham Lafferty Lodge 1462 Ed H. Benes Coshocton Lodge 935 Herb Farrell Zanesville Lodge 867 Kenneth L. Ourant Newcomerstown Lodge 1337 Michael T. Puskarich Lafferty Lodge 1462 Steven R. Ward Zanesville Lodge 867 Nancy A. Ward Zanesville Chapter 663 Thanks so much for your support of this most important and worthwhile program. Let’s see how much we can grow this list in the coming months.

Awards Announced
The following District 13 Chapters and Lodges were recipients of the Moose International 2007-2008 Chapter Award of Achievement and Lodge Premier Lodge Award.

Award of Achievement
Newcomerstown Chapter 29 Coshocton Chapter 357 St. Clairsville Chapter 2161

Premier Lodge Award
Zanesville Lodge 867 Congratulations to these WOTM and LOOM members for this outstanding accomplishment.

District Karaoke Contest Held at Zanesville
in June, Zanesville Moose hosted the District 13 American Moose Idol Contest, with six contestants competing. Winners were Sue Hittle, 1st place and Daniel Spiker, 2nd place. Sue and Dan will compete in the OSMA Karaoke Contest in Independence in August. The two winners were each awarded $50 and both will receive one paid motel night in Independence, Ohio, courtesy of the District. Best of luck Sue and Dan.
Sue Hittle, District 13 Karaoke Contest Winner Dan Spiker, District 13 Karaoke Contest Runner-up

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Premier Lodge Award is a Year-Long Process
The responsibility and credit for earning the Moose International “Premier Lodge Award” is shared by all lodge members. But it is the direct responsibility of the Lodge Administrator to provide information regarding the requirements, and the direction for achieving this award to the membership. I consider myself only an average and fairly inexperienced lodge Administrator, serving Zanesville Lodge 867 for only 18 months. The Zanesville Lodge earned the 2007-2008 Award, but my intent is not to brag, but to provide a few tips to our District 13 Administrators and members to help them enjoy the same success this year. The road to success starts today. You cannot possibly achieve the necessary requirements by waiting to start during the second half of the fiscal year or later. The strategy that worked for us was to first know and underststand the criteria, both Mandatory and Alternate. Then share this information early on with the lodge Officers and membership. Then track your progress monthly or weekly if necessary. And share the tracking information with the membership. By frequently posting your progress in newsletters, your members will soon buy in and work hard to reach the necessary goals. Let’s review the Mandatory Criteria: 1. Increase in active membership over prior fiscal year. The lodge Administrator must monitor the number of active members in LCL.net weekly. Your lodge must provide activities to retain current members and entice them to invite their family and friends to join with us. Post an arrearage list in the social quarters and instruct all personnel to review this list and not serve anyone with expired dues. The result is dues being paid. 2. Increase in net assets over prior fiscal year. One way to increase net assets is for lodge Administrators to keep their inventory current in QuickBooks. If you replace a thirty year old cooler valued at $50 with an new one costing $1,800, or old bar stools valued at $10 with new ones costing $125, you have increased your net assets. It takes only a few minutes to keep this inventory current and the advantages are worth the time. 3. Endowment Fund In April 2008 this requirement was changed from an increase over the prior year, to exceeding the average per capita contribution for the fraternity. I had no idea what this average was, so I called Moose International and asked. When they advised me what the average was, I was then able to ensure we exceeded this amount. 4. Lodge representation at International, State and Mid-Year Conventions (2 of 3) It costs very little to send a representative to attend one day at the State and Mid-Year Conventions. The information presented is well worth your time and dollars spent. 5. Submission of “Moose of the Year” by July 1st. If you don’t take the few minutes to do this, then you don’t deserve the “Premier Lodge Award”. There is no better way to acknowledge the good works of a member of your lodge then nominating him for “Moose of the Year”. As for the Alternate Criteria, many of these are easy to meet. Just complete your four Community Service reports, two Family Activities reports, submit your “Rookie of the Year” and “Moose Legionnaire of the Year” nomination forms by the due date, and you are well on your way to achieving this most prestigious award. As a District 13 Past President, I could probably sit back and play a passive role and no one would notice. But I choose not to do this. I want to stay active in our District. So, if I can help any of our District Administrators develop a plan to achieve the “Premier Lodge Award”, I am most willing to do so. A realistic goal would be to see four of our lodges on the Award’s list for the current year.

Steve Ward, Jr. Past President
OSMA District 13

Ed Cox, Pilgrim from Coshocton Lodge has been admitted to a nursing home. Cards would be appreciated:

Ed Cox C/O Autumn Health Care 1991 Otsego Ave. Coshocton, OH 43812

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Zanesville Receives Superior Rating for 24th Consecutive Quarters
The Moose International Community Service program has always been a priority for Zanesville Lodge 867. The Lodge recently received their 4th quarter report for the 2007-2008 fiscal year, and it was a Superior rating. This represents 24 consecutive quarters Zanesville has received a Superior rating. I wish to congratulate the Zanesville members for this most outstanding accomplishment. Caring for others in the community demonstrates our fraternity's commitment to aiding all mankind. While we continue to support our children at Mooseheart and seniors at Moosehaven, we must always keep in mind we also have a responsibility to our local communities.


Tee Time Starts 9:00 am

1st Place $200 / 2nd Place $100

Brady Brandom, Chairman
OSMA District 13 Community Service Chairman


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