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									HERB J. WESSON, JR.

WINTER 2006 Volume 1, Issue 5

Eye on the Tenth
Councilmember Tenth District

“We are asking for peace. Violence is never the answer. In fact, it is said that the individual that throws the first blow is the first person to run out of ideas.” Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr.

Councilmembers Cardenas and Rosendahl addressed the impact and pain gang violence has on the community and family members. Several family members spoke of the pain caused by losing fathers, brothers/sisters, daughters/sons to gang violence. One mother spoke of her grief over the death of her two sons and the senselessness of gang violence. Speaking directly to those who have a tendency towards violence, Rabbi Allen Freehling asked that they reach out to someone and talk. “It is far more easy for us to talk than for you to resort to violence,” he said. The conference concluded with a collective call for peace and an end to the senseless violence and gang slayings which defy the hope, joy and love that the holiday season conveys.

“Season of Peace” : A community gathers together to entreat for a peaceful holiday season

It was an unusually chilly but bright morning in Los Angeles, when Councilmembers Wesson, Cardenas, and Rosendahl, LAPD Captain James Craig joined community leaders and families who have lost loved ones due to gang violence on the steps of City Hall to ask all Angelenos for a season of peace during the holidays. “We are asking for peace,” entreated Councilmember Wesson. “Violence is never the answer. In fact, it is said that the individual who throws the first blow is the first person to run out of ideas.” Capt. Craig stated that “one homicide , one shooting is just one too many”, credited the partnerships between city officials, community activists and the Los Angeles Police Department for the decrease in gang homicides and called for a “season of peace”.

A family’s grief: Councilmember Cardenas spoke of the pain of losing loved ones to gang violence.

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Eye on the Tenth

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projects which will benefit and improve the quality of life for residents of CD10. To effectively utilize commission members in service to the district, the commissions are organized into four teams that correlate with the critical needs of the 10th District and Councilmember Wesson's priorities: the Quality of Life Team which includes the Education, Early Childhood, Seniors, Youth, and Parks and Green Space Commissions; the Economic Development Team includes the Housing, Business, Transportation, and Technology Commissions; the Emergency Preparedness Team includes the Public Safety Commission; and the Marketing Team made up of the Convention & Tourism, Entertainment, Arts/Music/Culture Commission. Councilmember Wesson reviews present and future CD10 All of the CD10 commission chairs will be working in collaboration with Councilmember Wesson and his staff projects with his commission chairs to organize meetings, plan and hold events. CommisCouncilmember Wesson met with Commission Chairs sion chairs will begin contacting members in order to finalize the commission projects’ agenda for 2006- to plan meetings and discuss CD10 projects. 07. The Councilmember along with CD10 commission chairs have been meeting regularly to set and prioritize

On October 30, Councilmember Herb J. Wesson, Jr. met with the executive board members of the Neighborhood Councils (NC) in CD10. The purpose of the meeting was to brief NC’s leaders on projects throughout the district and answer specific questions regarding neighborhood council projects. The quarterly meetings facilitate dialogue among neighborhood council leaders and the council office. These meetings help to inform Councilmember Wesson of the neighborhood council’s priorities within their neighborhood council area and allows the Councilman to foster a strong relationship between himself and his neighborhood council leaders. “Coming to your neighborhood.” The CD10 Neighborhood Council Executive Board listen to the projects planned for their communities The Councilmember also took this opportunity to introduce members of his staff who spoke on the various communities they oversee and the current projects in their respective areas.

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Taking Care of the Tenth (continued)


A “sinkhole in Baldwin Village? Baldwin Village residents were puzzled by these photos of a sinkhole reported to be in Baldwin Village, but was actually located two miles away

Constructed in 1925, the LCIS is one of the oldest sewer lines in the City of Los Angeles. As part of its sewer maintenance program, the City had planned on rehabilitating approximately 4,050 feet of the LCIS – between the intersection of La Cienega Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue and the intersection of Rodeo Road and Jefferson Boulevard. Construction was to begin in At 1:30 that morning, a sinkhole was reported at 5939 August, 2007. But due to the recent collapse, the City Rodeo Road (northwest corner of Rodeo Road and will now expedite the planned rehabilitation of the LCIS. Jefferson Boulevard) – two miles away from Baldwin Village. The Bureau of Sanitation subsequently For now, one westbound lane of Jefferson Boulevard determined that the 63-inch interceptor sewer known between National Boulevard and Rodeo Road will as the La Cienega Interceptor Sewer (LCIS) had remain closed for the duration of the current repair partially collapsed, causing the sinkhole inside the auto work. CD10 staff remains in constant communication with the Board of Public Works on the status of the repair shop. LCIS emergency repairs and the overall rehabilitation. City staff from the Fire Department, Board of Public Works, Department of Building and Safety and the Transportation Department immediately responded to assuage the situation and minimize the impact on the residents in the area. Councilmember Wesson and his staff, who were also joined by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, spent most of that day at the site of the collapse. To show his appreciation at their swift response, Councilmember Wesson provided a warm dinner to the city staff who had worked around the clock to stabilize the sewer line and begin emergency repairs. On November 1, 2006, the local TV morning news reported on what they termed a “sinkhole” in Baldwin Village accompanied by a photo of a van “sinking” into the concrete. Many Baldwin Village residents were mystified by the reports because the location pictured was not in Baldwin Village. So, what’s the scoop? On November 15, 2006, Councilmember Wesson moved – and the Los Angeles City Council concurred – to provide emergency assistance to the businesses Good job! Councilmember Wesson and Mayor Villaraigosa directly affected by the sewer collapse. thank City workers for their quick response

Eye on the Tenth
Taking Care of the Tenth (continued)

BAPLA provides technical assistance and financial support to small, local, minority and women owned contractors through a variety of program services and hands-on training through individual counseling and group workshops focusing on bonding, financing and business management. This support is provided to contractors and subcontractors bidding on City of Los Angeles projects with the Department of Public Works, Los Angeles World Airports, the DWP and the Port of Los Angeles.

Here to help. Councilmember Wesson welcomes participants to the first bond assistance program workshop

Councilmember Wesson welcomed representatives from Mayor Villaraigosa’s Office, Public Works Commissioner Valerie Shaw and City department representatives to inaugurate the first in a series of workshops to promote the city-wide expansion of the Bond Assistance Program LA (BAPLA). “Today in the City of Los Angeles we have invested in our local, minority and small business community with this bonding program,” stated Councilmember Wesson.

CD10 contractors listen to the benefits provided by BAPLA

They came with brooms, rakes and an unrelenting determination to clean and beautify the community! On Saturday, October 7th, Councilmember Wesson joined the residents of Harvard Heights & Sugar Hill in cleaning up litter-strewn streets, storm drains and repairing eyesores. Not only did this contribute to cleaner streets, it also demonstrated community pride and the positive impact CD10 residents can have when they work in unison to improve their community. The City’s Sanitation department and Clean and Green were also out in full force. Councilmember Wesson thanked everyone for their united efforts and commitment to improving the quality of life in CD10.

Sweep it up! Councilmember Wesson prepares to clean up CD10

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Taking Care of the Tenth (continued)

Over a hundred and twenty parents and students learned about how Hamilton High School is prepared in the event of an emergency and how to protect our children from gang violence, drugs and abduction. The Human Relations Commission moderated diverse panels of speakers to address how to keep our kids safe. The speakers included Hamilton High’s Principal Mr. Garcia, LAPD Captain Aborn Khoury and Lt. Manny Romeral, representatives from the City Attorney’s Office, Neighborhood Prosecutor Susan Strick, LAUSD Schools Police Lt. Santome, Hamilton High Deans Mr. Smith and Mr. Davilla.

Many parents and students came out to participate through the collaborations of Hamilton High School faculty, Hamilton HS Booster Club, Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, City Attorney, NeighborCD10 along with Hamilton High School Principal, Mr. hood Prosecutor, LAUSD, LAPD, LASUD Police, Gary Garcia and the LA Human Relations Commission Councilmembers Herb J. Wesson Jr. and Jack Weiss, hosted “Safety Night” at the Hamilton High School LAUSD Board Member Marguerite LaMotte and the Cafeteria. South Robertson Neighborhood Council.
Safety first. Students and parents were educated in selfpreparedness and emergency procedures at Hamilton High


Rallying together, the residents of Roosevelt Avenue dedicated Saturday, December 2nd to beautifying their Neighbors United, the community group that represents the Faircrest Heights Community in CD10, block. hosted a tree planting on Saturday, November 18th. The pride in their neighborhood was evident as the resi- Los Angeles Conservation Corp., Tree People and dents, instilled with a united goal, raked leaves, trimmed community volunteers were out in full force to imbushes, swept up sidewalks, and collected trash. prove the environment.

Eye on the Tenth
Taking Care of the Tenth (continued)


Los Angeles Conservation Corps responds to CD10‘s request for alley clean up and graffiti removal along Crenshaw Boulevard

In November, Public Works Street Services were out on Cadillac Avenue removing hanging tree limbs from the parkway

Los Angeles Fire Department respond quickly to a fire in CD10

A traffic measuring 'pipe' monitors traffic along Adams Boulevard to determine if the street qualifies for traffic mitigation

Construction is underway for a smart crosswalk signal at 24th Street and Arlington Avenue. Completion of this signal is anticipated to be in the first quarter of 2007

LAPD impounds a car without proper DMV registration. To alleviate traffic, Councilmember Wesson ensures constant monitoring and enforcement of parking regulations throughout CD10

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Taking Care of the Tenth (continued)

Eye on the Tenth AT YOUR SERVICE (continued)

Medians are being placed on Washington Boulevard between Manhattan Place and St. Andrews Place

To prolong the life and quality of the street, Regent Street is being slurry sealed, a process which grounds down the top layer of the street and a new surface is placed over it

Los Angeles City Street Services trim trees in Jefferson Park

CALTRANS crews trim trees and removes debris from pedestrian walkways which border the I-10 freeway

The Crenshaw Corridor (the Corridor) is a beacon of the rich diversity that is Los Angeles and the gateway to the dynamic commercial and cultural life of southwest Los Angeles. It is also the main access point to major religious institutions such as the West Angeles Cathedral and surrounding churches on West Adams Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard; the vital commercial hub at the Crenshaw-Baldwin Hills Mall; and the rich cultural mélange featuring the Lula Washington Dance Theater and the music and art scene in Leimert Park Village. It is home to several of the city’s largest civic events including the MLK Kingdom Day Parade, which draws over 500,000 people annually and the hugely successful “Taste of Soul” (see page 15 for more details). And with the impending arrival of the Exposition Light Rail Line/ Crenshaw Station, the Corridor has the potential to become an even more vibrant corridor and a key to the economic success of the area. Councilmember Wesson recognizing the importance of the Corridor has made its development a top priority. Encouraged by the success of the recently opened Coliseum Center, the Councilmember secured funding for the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to evaluate the potential of and possibilities for the Corridor. Working in consultation with CD10 and the West Angeles Community DevelopReenergizing the Crenshaw Corridor (cont. page 10)

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Councilmember Wesson's efforts to designate CD10 as an Enterprise Zone (EZ) have paid off! On November 20, 2006, the State of California conditionally designated Hollywood and Central L.A. as the City's newest Enterprise Zones. In the past, only small and narrow portions of CD10 were included in the EZ designation. In 1986, the EZ program was established in California to stimulate business investment and create jobs in selected economically depressed areas throughout the state designated as Enterprise Zones. This year, Councilmember Wesson and his staff fought hard to include a significantly bigger portion of CD10 in the designation. This designation is significant because the EZ Program will attract companies looking to expand or locate operations in CD10 as well as help bring new retailcommercial development to the area and as a result create jobs. Businesses already located in the EZ are now eligible to receive an array of tax incentives, including hiring credits for eligible employees hired after November 19, 2006. Some of the EZ Program benefits given to businesses located in an EZ include: Hiring Credit of up to $11,700 per employee; Sales or Use Tax Credit for qualified equipment purchases; Business Expense Deduction for the cost of qualified property purchased; Net Operating Loss Carryover for individuals and corporations; Net Interest Deduction for Lenders on loans made to a trade or business; Discount on Utility Bills of at least 35%. The EZ Program also offers employees an incentive to claim a tax credit to reduce the amount of their income tax on wages earned in an EZ Local agencies and organizations offer additional incentives to businesses in an EZ including exemptions from certain fees or reviews and free expedited services on planning, land development, and construction issues, as well as low-cost financing and job training. The Community Development Department (CDD) administers the Enterprise Zone program in the City of Los Angeles. Interested parties should contact Robert Valdez at 213-744-9350 for more information.


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Legislative Highlights (continued)

Under the leadership of Councilmember Wesson, Chair of the City Council's Housing, Community, and Economic Development Committee, unspent federal block grant dollars have been reprogrammed into a variety of housing and economic development projects throughout South Los Angeles. In CD10, two projects were singled out for funding, the Adams/La Brea project and the Crenshaw Gateway Project. The Adams/La Brea project is a proposed retail project at the intersection of Adams Boulevard and La Brea Avenue. This project has been in the planning process for over seven years and Councilmember Wesson has pushed the City to begin acquiring land for the project. The reprogrammed block grant will provide $2 million dollars to begin the land acquisition process.

The Crenshaw Gateway project is a proposed mixedincome housing project on the block bordered by Crenshaw and Adams Boulevards, Bronson Avenue and the I-10. A total of $1.75 million dollars was also made available to continue the land acquisition process of this project. The Crenshaw Gateway project also includes the Mayor Villaraigosa joined Councilmember Wesson to announce Rosa Parks Villas, a senior housing project development led by the Ward Economic Development Corporation. the funding of several CD10 projects

ment Corporation – the economic development arm of the largest property owner on the Corridor, the West Angeles Church – the CRA responded to Councilmember Wesson’s interest by issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for urban design and market consultant services. Selected consultants will perform urban planning, design work and a market demand/feasibility analysis along a designated portion of the Corridor: from the I-10 on the north to Coliseum Street on both sides of Crenshaw and the east side of Crenshaw from Coliseum Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard. The consultants are expected to take into account projects already in progress along the Corridor, including the Crenshaw Gateway Project (a mixed-income housing project on the block bordered by Crenshaw, Adams Boulevard, Bronson Avenue, and the I-10); the West Angeles Plaza (a mixed retail-office project on Crenshaw and Jefferson Boulevard); and the Expo Crenshaw Station. The design group will focus on land use planning, architectural massing, streetscape design and infrastructure analysis. Market consultants will project over the next three to ten years the types and size of retail, office, housing and mixed-use developments the target area can handle. They will also develop an inventory of current land uses, provide business retention recommendations, conduct cost analysis, site specific revenue and income projections. Assessment of the local labor market, anticipated jobs and the work skills essential for applicants to obtain employment will also be addressed. The RFP requires at least three general meetings to elicit the community’s input. The first community meeting will be conducted during the initial phase of data gathering; the second, at the completion of data gathering; and the third during the conceptual design discussions. Councilmember Wesson expects the consultants’ findings and recommendations to become a key resource in his efforts to reenergize the Crenshaw Corridor.

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On November 1, 2006, the City Council approved a plan to install Automated Red Light Enforcement Digital Cameras at 22 more intersections throughout Los Angeles in order to reduce the number of red light related accidents. In May 2006, 10 cameras were installed in the City including one at Rodeo and La Brea in CD10. CD10 will see the installation of three new red light enforcement cameras at the intersections of:
• •

Arlington Avenue and Venice Boulevard Highland Avenue and (which borders CD4) Olympic Boulevard
Out of Business: CD10 Task Force cites an illegal vendor


Western Avenue and Washington Boulevard

Last year, over 2500 people were injured and 9 people were killed due to red light infractions. The camera installation is scheduled to be completed by the end of fiscal year 2006-07.

The CD10 Vendor Task Force and the City Attorney Neighborhood Prosecutor's Office were out issuing citations to produce trucks, ice cream vendors, and fruit carts for improperly storing perishable items such as fruits and vegetables which rot quickly in excessive temperatures and thus, become a health risk to our community. Please report illegal vending locations to Deputy John Harmon at our district office.

The holidays are a great opportunity to surprise a loved one with a cuddly and lovable kitten or pup. Councilmember Wesson encourages you to visit your local animal shelter and find that perfect holiday pet. All pets are groomed and examined by a veterinarian and include a personality test. The Councilmember continues to present an animal for adoption from one of the many City of Los Angeles Animal Shelters on the first and third Friday of each month. Since its inception, all pets presented at Council have been adopted. For more information on pet adoption, please contact 888-4-LAPET1 or 888-452-7381 or visit their website www.laanimalservices.com. ANIMAL SERVICES SHELTER HOURS OF OPERATION Monday & Holidays: Closed Tues. & Thurs.: 8am to 7pm Wed., Fri. & Sat.: 8am to 5pm Sun.: 11am to 5pm www.laanimalservices.com South LA Shelter 3612 11th Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90018 West LA Shelter 11950 Missouri Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025 North Central Shelter 3201 Lacy Street Los Angeles, CA 90031
The perfect gift: an adorable pup or kitten

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Eye on the Tenth



The majority of the Los Angeles City Council were on hand to congratulate Dodgers’ great Don Newcombe on the 50th anniversary of being named MVP and the first Cy Young Award winner

Councilmember Wesson led the City Council in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Don Newcombe being honored as Major League Baseball’s Most Valuable Player and the first Cy Young Award winner. Wesson and members of the City Council also paid tribute to Newcombe for his work in the community and being an outstanding rolemodel for our youth. “Don Newcombe is one of the greatest ball players to ever play the game. However, his legendary achievements extend beyond baseball. When he joined Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella on the Dodgers in the 1940’s, not only did they break the color line, they blazed a civil rights trail that was later followed by Rosa Parks, Dr.

Award, given to the single best pitcher in both major leagues. Newcombe is the only major league player to achieve recognition as Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young Award winNewcombe, who began his career ner. with the Newark Eagles of the Negro Leagues, joined the Brooklyn Ten years after his retirement as a Dodgers in 1949. That year he led player in 1960, Don Newcombe the Dodgers to the National League started the Dodgers’ Community Pennant, was named to the All-Star Relations Department in 1970, and team and was voted Rookie of the still serves as its Director today. Year. It was in 1956 that Newcombe Now 80, Newcombe continues to registered a record 27 wins, a 3.60 make dozens of appearances ERA, 5 shutouts, and 18 complete throughout the Los Angeles area games. each season, speaking to youngsters and participating in the Dodgers’ For his exemplary record in 1956, Speakers Bureau. Newcombe was named the National League’s Most Valuable Player, and awarded the first-ever Cy Young

Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall,” said Wesson. “Don is the only one who survives to this day, and we owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.”

Eye on the Tenth
Herb Honors...(continued)

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Councilmember Wesson acknowledged the contribution of the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department for its efforts to help build better neighborhoods. Recent activities include an appreciation ceremony held at the South Seas House where Renee Gunter, landscape designer and United Neighborhoods Neighborhood Council board member, presented Certificates of Appreciation from Councilmember Herb Wesson to the South West Recreation and Parks maintenance crew for their work creating the xericscape garden at the South Seas House. Xericscape means little or no moisture, resulting in reduced water costs for maintaining the landscape. Plants were sponsored by the UNNC and West Adams Avenues Association. On hand as part of the ceremony were Recreation and Parks Tree Services Department, Community Harvest Charter School students, Mark Mariscal West Region Superintendant RAP and South Seas House and CD10 staff members. The South Seas House serves as the

An oasis for our community. Councilmember Wesson strolls the garden at South Seas House

community center for the Benny H Potter West Adams Avenues Memorial Park. For more information on the South Seas House pick up Volume 1, Issue 3 of “Eye on the Tenth”.



Councilmember Wesson joined Council President Eric Garcetti in commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising against Soviet rule. Participating in the presentation was His Excellency Andras Simonyi, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States and members of our local Hungarian-American community.

Councilmember Wesson was recently the keynote speaker at the Carson-Torrance NAACP’s Freedom Fund Awards Dinner. Joining him were over 300 members and activists who honored Assemblywoman Karen Bass and civil rights activist Willis Edwards for their exceptional work in the community.

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Eye on the Tenth



Los Angeles towards their destination, the Councilmember provided the CD10 stargazers with a On Wednesday, October 11, 2006, Councilmember small meal to fortify them for their journey to the stars. Wesson invited approximately 300 friends from CD10 When they arrived Councilmember Wesson and his wife to join him for “An Evening Under The Stars”, a Fabian greeted the visitors upon their arrival. sneak peek of the newly renovated Griffith Park After marveling at the wonders of the universe and an Observatory. informative tour of the Observatory itself and its recent The evening began with everyone meeting at the renovations, the CD10 star gazers, as they boarded the CD10 district office at 1819 South Western Avenue to buses for home, were treated to a spectacular view of the board tour buses, chartered by Councilmember City of Angels twinkling below and the stars up above. Wesson, which carried the CD10 star gazers to the A special “thank you” to Councilmember LaBonge of Griffith Park Observatory. As they traveled through CD4 and his staff who arranged the preview tours.
What a view! Councilmember Wesson views the creation of the universe

LA Stars! Councilmember Wesson thanks Councilmember LaBonge for arranging the tours

Councilmember Wesson and his wife, Fabian, greet the CD10 star gazers as they arrive

Eye on the Tenth
Out & About (continued)

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cooking booth demonstrations, children's pavilion with pony rides, dance performances by the LuLa Washington Dance Company and performances from India Arie, Boney James, Vesta, Lelah Hathaway, Lenny Williams, Angie Stone and Howard Hewitt who were introduced by radio celebrities Tom Joyner and Cliff Winston. Special thanks to the many city employees working a long day to make “A Taste of Soul” a festive and safe event including the Dept. of Transportation, Street Services, the Dept. of Sanitation, Los Angeles Fire and South West Police Department, who provided professional and courteous supervision.


Mmmm! Councilmember Wesson samples one of the delicious treats at “Taste of Soul”

Councilmembers Wesson and Parks present "A Taste of Soul" for the Crenshaw Community and has become one of the most well attended events in Los Angeles. Sponsored by The Sentinel, Mothers in Action and 100.3 The Beat, more than 35,000 people came out to stroll along Crenshaw Boulevard and sample more then 50 food vendors and shopping at the more than 100 specialty vendors. The event also included a beer and wine tasting garden, Our community. An aerial shot of the festivities along Crenshaw

Councilmember Wesson was on hand along with his colleagues Councilmembers Huizar and Rosendahl for the groundbreaking ceremony of the Central Los Angeles Learning Center #1. The Learning Center will be comprised of three schools: an elementary school (Grades K-3); a middle school (Grades 4-8); and a high school (Grades 9-12) on a 23.9 acre site. The site is the location of the former Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard. The Wilshire Center area has the highest density of children. The Learning Center will relieve overcrowding at surrounding schools. “In this historic place where Presidents were once entertained, we will now educate future presidents,” extolled Wesson. “We will educate doctors and nurses, Educating future presidents. Councilmember Wesson and children lawyers and judges and create a new future for our chil- from the Wilshire Center community celebrate the beginning of construction for the Central Los Angeles Learning Center dren.”

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Out & About (continued)

Since 1996, the NFL has conducted regional flag football tournaments in various cities throughout the country for girls and boys ages 5-17. The program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship. Teams came from Fresno and Las Vegas as well as CD10 teams from our own Jim Gilliam and Baldwin Village Recreation Center. There were 3 age groups that competed: 9-11 Co-ed, 12-14 Boys and 12-14 Girls. We are proud to announce that the girls team from Jim Gilliam Recreation Center won in their division and will be flying to Florida for the 2006 National Tournament of Champions representing the City of Los Angeles and Recreation and Parks.

A big note of thanks to the Dept. of Recreation and Councilmember Wesson joined Recreation and Parks Parks, Ms. Rolland and Mr. James Yates for his tireless Superintendent Debby Rolland to welcome the National efforts in planning, promoting and hosting the 2006 Football League (NFL) Youth Flag football tournament Southern California NFL Flag Football Tournament to the LACES Recreation and Parks facility.

Herb and the Jim Gilliam Team welcome the NFL to CD10



Herb and friends get ready to test their biking skills

Councilmember Wesson joined the Palms Neighborhood Council and LAPD Pacific Division for the 2006 bike rodeo. The bike rodeo included a bicycle safety course, safety inspection, radar speed test and a bike giveaway. Kids from all over the Palms community ages 7-14 participated. Participants enjoyed a wonderful lunch and had the opportunity to win one of 15 bikes that were raffled off.

Herb is joined by the surviving relatives of founder Daniel W. Blue including the Reverend Joe Gates

Blues Barbershop, one of the oldest African American and family-owned businesses in Los Angeles, is undergoing major redevelopment to include a modern hair salon, taco eatery and professional office space. Councilmember Wesson was on hand for the recent groundbreaking ceremony of the new construction along Adams Boulvard near Buckingham Road.

Eye on the Tenth
Out & About (continued)

lery, Home Grown Store, Pinky Rose, Sky’s, Darren’s Gifts, Live Well, Bink’n Heads, Bois, Nobody Jones and Creative Seeds all decorated their store fronts and welcomed everyone for caroling and holiday snacks.
Councilmember Wesson La Maison Du Pain French Bakery owners Carmen Salindong and Josphine Santos

“We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”

To kick off the holiday season, Councilmember Wesson joined carolers, constituents and merchants for a festive stroll along Pico Boulevard to admire the holiday decorations and offer holiday cheer and best wishes. La Maison Du Pain, Essentials by Gina, Sierra Bonita Cleaners, Tilford Art Group, Bloom Cafe, Addis Art Gal-



Councilmember Wesson became the 155 member to join the Crenshaw Chamber of Commerce. Chamber President Michael Jones welcomed the Councilmember who spoke about business development along the Crenshaw Corridor, new construction at San Vicente and Pico and the soon to be constructed Expo Line.

The Windsor Village neighborhood held a “Meet and Greet” for Councilmember Wesson on November 4, 2006 to discuss HPOZ and down-zoning for Windsor Village and the Wilshire Ebell Theater. Councilmember Wesson was extremely pleased that so many residents cared about and expressed support for long term projects that aid their community.

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Eye on the Tenth


Eye on the Tenth
Parting Shots (continued)

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Eye on the Tenth

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