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									BigLeague Previews Big League PreVlews . . . ] hidians ! Exuerts Pick Indians to Meet Giants in FaS erts Fall . IP \IARTY DOME MARTY IARTY DOMEtirely different story with only BIARTY DOME! , frlst \enjoys fust ful1 scaleleague baseball eno s its ill st day of full scale three teams completely out of ofI



to the diamondf- It The pathetic Pittsburgh PIr-io diamonda- it diamond it diamondPir PirPIr ' end 11inthe seasons endT- ates ,, Majors long , 1 Ion ? tick tie ] actlutart of the end- the season's endf- 1the the best Class A team in hel tart art e- start ,, the mcomparable for th or the incomparable mstal1ed installed the New York Giants andt- incomparableChicago < and mcomparableChIcago , ; Glant lcemalels ChIcago Cubs , and the Philadel Tpricemakeis have . , PhIladelPhiladelThe pr he pricemahelsIndIan, > avon t es 0 retam phia Phlls phia the'only theonly " ti Cleveland Indians as favorites to retain their league phIa Phils are the only ones that Cleseland Cle\eJand thatthe he eJand : writers threats wiiteis although a poll of national sports wl tel s picked the present no major threatsI The Dodgers have too many "' " ' manythenmanto upset theothe '" Siluauhee ; ihiAee Braves ftl\laukee jraves yits V\ > laukee "its 1 ifs favorbailer baller Bob Turley gives the "ifs " to put them up as favor fa"orr :fs but if Don Newcombe " re--fa"or faor the- ites ' " \\orld Championsliorld ChamP'o"3 norld ChampIonsorld ChamPo3 rld ChampIons ites New combe re \ Nevcombe re pItchmg they- Ites JUnIorCI- Yankees JuniorC- Yankees all the pitching they Junioras though the JUnIor turns ' Campan-II appears it if Roy Campan Campits the- turns to anotheroanother need , it's hard to see how the ella healsform , Jackie Campan-another, will turn out as anothe- staff has what it takes to over-- an , Circuit I'CUlt if onircuit RobinsonRobinson RobinsonRobm on affairsiaffairsuaffaIrslwhatit overaffairs.over becomes 25 again , ' .of those ttoo team affaIrs come 0 vo . becomes aga1l1 and if hurler one of nerof hurlerIndians IndiansinfInfpacesetters In come the IndIansin' Spooners \lhIch inch . uhlch lhIch hlch fmds hIch finds the Karl Spooner's sore arm perks nch perks\ Manager Al Manager astrononuc- astronomastrononu astronomihas Bob astronomi BobtocDodgerswill tofront -will ront of the will ill toWmnmgpack with astrononu- Lemon , Early \ Lopez Bob Feller- up the Dodgers w III be hard to CaseySCasey CaseyWynn \Vynn Vynn EarlyVynn , Feller catch ca1mnmg percentages pl winning a1 \ i1 \\mnmg 1 catchThe , fora- and torextremely anxious for and Mike Garcia to handle the atchThe Braves , listed at 31h to I- , amIOUS the- The Stengel 1, tengel ( ( lIstedat 3 % Snel beenu- pitching ' been- . tchmg wmner has been Jtchmg for him As J itching

' Cle \

5th4 prf andThe league6
or ' hMajor valor leaffue with all , tv t -tafljuty fljuty- today IY ctlu


By> BIARTY B ] }

'Ith Ith "

Sl '154

Sl\.teen Sl.teen sixteen teams taking .teen teen\1game , to game 5 4-game 54-game








U Siluauheeliorld






favorites ella


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if that wasn't will be 111 the dark horse role wasntwasnt w1l1 wasn'tpennant winner , in roledarh ImeupJulineupjulineuplineup tncks tricks of Imeup enough ., Herb Score , a rookIe in their bid for the crown WIth rookierookIe- 111 WitheXlbIb- - rlghthander , has exibi-ti- nghthander exibiti- righthander exibieXlbI sprmg eXlbIbeen red hot a third place finish last year and hot] fimsh Jast waling JuGGI'1g JuGGI1g during the spring exibi juggling GGI'1g andandggling so far this spring With the added a second place spot 111 1953 many sprmg addedmanyon serIesin tion bon series bi series' RalphPO PO\\ Rizzuto in the power of recently acquired Ralph feel that it's about time for the PO POer ill ther- pov . er theWith Scooter its Mantleno- Kiner MantlenLarryLarry bridesmaid Lanyand Mickey Mantle Kmer, and such veterans as Lany brIdesmaId to become a brIde brIdebriderocking roclong( ocking oclong chair , ockin ' WIlheseeWillienman's Willie Doby and Al Rosen you can see Warren Spahn , a lefthander , Willielefthandernothing nohJng othing ohJng but a poor mans WIlhe thinE ' not takmg nooftofIBurdetteays , there's 1IOt much left of that the bookies are taking no Gene Conley and Lew Burdette nays ; ) Mas theres Mis mstallmg thekthebpitchmg staffsparh spark as- ''spark spark sparh the chances by installing them as 'sparh a top notch pitching staff,, bi ing bl mg htold the he old crowd to bung home favontes favorites favoriteswhIle while Joe Adcock , Eddie Mat-ThoughsoThough even money favontestheI Mat-Mat acon again this year bacon con agam Georgehew flre- The en hews say the addition of fireflre fire The National League is an en--¬ he \ \ s ,, Bob Thompson and George en he\\ some me
Mother another nother




, up pp

to his old







ws hes he at



Crowe will be counted on to sup-sup ¬ sup countedon ply the needed hitting punchhIttmg punch s Leo Durochei's Giants Leo Durocheis areare Duroche1''s hard to discount but they are areareyearthe same old bunch as last year Mag-Magonly one season older Sal Mag' nolie is a ripe 37 and there's no npe lIe theres noe- ¬ one left to take up the slack e\-slach ex exexexex cept Jim Hearn ,, who is reliablerelIablerelIable ' only 111 that hes sure to show he's showin up at the ball park Johnny Johnnyparle JohnnyAntonelli AntonellI , the a mays 1I1g WII-Wil-Wiling WII Wil lie Dark he Mays , and shortstop Al Darkcan carry a good deal of the bur-¬ bur burden but shaky reserves present presenta a problem problemBoth Cmcmnatl andBoth the Cincinnati Reds and Cardmals boastthe St Louis Cardinals boast the powerhouse lineups , but a lack lmeups lackpltchmg themof pitching strength places them a few notches below the other a otherpennant contenders

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