Music – more than just a song by ahd19113


									Music – more than just a song

    Niki Joseph
    APPI Lisbon 2007
Today we’re going to

   Look at other aspects of music i.e. not just
    singing songs– although these are
    extrememly valuable.
    Beat /rhythm
      Musical instruments
            Body percussion
                 Making Instruments from junk
                   Percussion instruments

   Rhythm
   Tempo
   Dancing
   Listening
   Coordination
   Social aspect of playing/singing together
  think   listen

respond   think
What are the learning objectives for
preschool music?
Listening skills                Language skills
 Marking time

 to a tune/ to a tune with        Communication
   words                           Listening and following
 Exploring sounds                 Active listening
 Loud /quiet                      Giving feedback
 Clap short rhythmic phrases

 Explore their own voices         Rhythm
 Be aware of other                Specific pronunciation
   performers                       aspects
 structure – beginning/           Structure of language
Let’s warm up!

Ground squirrel
Animal /name alliteration
Dance your name

   Say your name
   Divide up the syllables - ‘ni / ki
    And think of an action for each one:
             Ni               Ki
           Clap hands / jump

Teach the rest of your group – and put all the
  names together for a choreography
Rhythm/beat /tempo

   Being able to mark the beat

       Body        percussion
To do

   Stamp your feet and clap your hands
   Rain storm

Make a musical instrument
from junk
Make your instrument

Can you make up some music in your
There’s a tiny caterpillar on a leaf

   Link to a story
    Billy goats Gruff
        Sounds to accompany the story
Why music for the children ?

   Feel good
   Everyone can sing – in chorus!
   Everyone can hum
   Everyone can have fun
   Music not just about playing a musical instrument to
    grade 8.
   MI . Right brain activity
   Develops listening & concentration skills
   When you are losing control, start singing a
    chant/song – it brings everyone back
Skills involved

   Collaboration
   Concentration
   Practice
   Coordination
   Listening
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Music works, Barrs, K (1999) Belair Publications Ltd, Dunstable - great
   ideas from Jennifer Uhler – especially for drama.
UK National Curriculum;level=1;vie
Thank you !

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