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Inside the Mind of a Killer
Law Final Project
For the final project this semester you will be researching and investigating on a focus of much study in the criminal justice system, serial killers. Or more specifically you will be focusing on one serial killer in depth. This will give you the opportunity to take all of the law knowledge that you have gained this semester and focus it one case. This report will be an in depth case study. All of our subjects are killers. Therefore be aware that you may come across some shocking acts, be prepared. The project will have two components a paper and a PowerPoint presentation. However, you will be able to combine your research.

Paper- A 3-5 page research paper on your topic. The paper should be typed, 12 point font and double spaced. In the paper you should focus on the following; subjects history (upbringing), crimes that were committed, how was subject caught, important people involved (victims, witnesses, law enforcement, lawyers), punishment if any. Also, try to uncover the motivation that the subject had. Would the subject be considered a psychopath or a sociopath? In the paper you should focus in depth on each of these topics. Make sure that your paper is clear and concise and is well organized. This should be an in depth case study. You will need to have a bibliography as well. Presentation: A 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation on your subject. In this presentation you will need to cover the same topics that you covered in your paper. However, you will need to present the information in an interesting and informative way. Your presentation will be graded on the following; content, visual appeal, presentation energy and subject knowledge. All information that is presented in class must be school appropriate. If there are any questions with this please see me. This project will make or break your 4th quarter grade, make sure you work hard! Paper Due: Thursday, May 22nd Presentations begin: Friday, May 22nd

Your Topic_____________________________________

1. Edward Gein – Graveyard Ghoul 2. Harvey Glatman- Cheesecake Photographer 3. Albert Desalvo- Boston Strangler 4. Jerome Brudos- Shoe Fetishist 5. Zodiac Killer- As yet Unresolved 6. Henry Lee Lucas- I hate everybody 7. Edmund Kemper- Co-ed Killer 8. Arthur Shawcross- Rochester Rampager 9. John Wayne Gacy- Killer Clown 10. Ted Bundy- Betrayed by his bite 11. David Berkowitz- Son of Sam 12. Dean Coril & Wayne Henley- The Candyman 13. Donald Henry Gaskins- Lethal Pee Wee 14. Ken Bianchi & Angelo Buono- The Hillside Stranglers 15. Richard Trenton Chase- Vampire of Sacramento 16. Donald Harvey- Always a good boy 17. Wayne Williams- Music Biz Talent scout 18. Gary Ridgway- Green River Machine 19. Genene Jones- Deadly Machine 20. Leonard Lake & Charles Ng- Snuff Tapers 21. Richard Ramirez- Night Stalker 22. Aileen Wuornos- Highway monster 23. Jeffrey Dahmer- Milwaukee Canibal

24. John Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo- Beltway Snipers 25. Dennis Rader- BTK Killer 26. Richard Speck- Nurse Killer 27. Charles Manson- Manson Family

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