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									December 5, 2007

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Subject: A.P. Psychology guest speaker The Social Science Department is pleased to announce that Mr. Gregg McCrary, a former criminal profiler for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Behavioral Science Unit, a forensic expert/consultant for many law enforcement agencies, and occasional Court T.V. personality, will be conducting a presentation on December 18th for the Advanced Placement Psychology and regular Psychology students as well as the Advanced Placement Biology and Independent Science Research students. The presentation will focus on the some the high-profile criminal cases; Mr. McCrary was instrumental in the apprehension of serial killer Arthur Shawcross and finally put to rest any speculation about Dr. Sam Sheppard’s innocence with regard to the murder of his wife in 1954. Mr. McCrary testified as the forensic expert for the State of Ohio in a trial brought by Dr. Sheppard’s son, who alleged that his father was wrongfully imprisoned and was innocent in the death of Mrs. Sheppard. Through forensic analysis, Mr. McCrary proved otherwise. The Social Science Department would like make both students and parents/guardians aware that Mr. McCrary’s presentation will likely include crime scene photos which were utilized by law enforcement as well as forensic psychologists to both document and assist with the above mentioned investigations. Some of these photographs may prove graphic in nature and students who are uncomfortable with the presentation content are free to leave the library at any time and report to an alternate location. However, it is both the Social Science and Science Department’s contention that this presentation will prove beneficial and informative for those students seeking a career in law enforcement, the forensic sciences, or psychology. However, if this is a presentation that you prefer your child not attend, please notify either: 1. Ms. Hill-Wagner, ( 2. Ms. Guzman, ( 3. Ms. Wingfield ( Notification should be received no later than December 14 th by 3:30 p.m. Mr. McCrary will be available for questions following his presentation and is looking forward to the opportunity to introduce the students to the art of criminal profiling and the sophistication of forensic science.


Aimee E. Hill-Wagner Advanced Placement Psychology Instructor

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