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									Apple IPad Accessories

Many fans of the Apple iPhone, have considered since it's
launch whether Apple would release a larger, tablet-sized
version. Today, the uber-fans for Apple were put out of their
misery as the iPad was announced to great fanfare.

The iPad is the latest thinking in Multi-Touch technology,
which gives users the beautiful touch screen experience now
on a much larger display. The iPad is far thinner and lighter
than a laptop or netbook, but has the advantage of a larger
screen than the iPhone.

At its foundation, the iPad features completely re-written
applications to showcase the usability of this fantastic new
product. In addition to this, we are told that it will be able to
run pretty much all of the applications available at the app
store. A SDK is being released to developers, which means
that a large amount of applications are probably going to
explode on to the market over the next few months.

There are also several accessories that will be available for
this new product from launch. Firstly, as with many Apple
products this is beautifully designed, and therefore you want
to make sure that you protect it fully. The case becoming
available will do that for you. Also, as this is a tablet
computer, it has a touch keyboard, but for people who want
the traditional keyboard experience a docking station with
keyboard will be made available.

It looks like Apple are once again on to a winner with this
new product, and we can be sure that there will be a real
shift to this kind of device in the market. It's another great
leap forward in the technology world, courtesy of Apple
                         Apple IPad Accessories
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Apple is still looking for consumers to test the Ipad
before their launch date.

Sign up here to demo the IPad before everyone else.

                      Apple IPad Accessories
                        Copyright @ 2010

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