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Veterans of Modern Warfare, Inc.
December 14, 2007 Dear Advocate, Veterans of Modern Warfare, Inc. (VMW) is kicking-off student veteran outreach at the first conference of Student Veterans of America (SVA) in Chicago on January 11 and 12, 2008.

VMW and Student Veterans CHICAGO - The Student Veterans of America (SVA), a national association comprised of campus student veterans organizations, will be holding its first conference on Friday and Saturday January 11 and 12, 2007, at the Hyatt Place Chicago in Hoffman Estates. The conference will begin at 2:00 p.m. Friday, with a welcoming address from Tammy Duckworth, director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs. Student veterans from campuses across the country will attend. Conference participants are expected from universities in Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Florida, Mississippi, Columbia and Dartmouth. Representatives are also expected from several other organizations, including the National Association of Veteran Program Administrators, the VFW, the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, Small Business Administration, Department of Labor (VETS), and the Veterans Administration. United States Senators Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and Jarrod Brown (D-OH) (invited) may also attend. The conference will be sponsored by VetJobs (, the leading internet job board for veterans seeking employment. Attendees plan to discuss student veterans' issues such as the growing need for student veteran resources on college campuses, the inception of veterans groups at universities, and the representation of student veterans in Washington. "There is no collective voice for student veterans. Because of the lack of concern, lack of knowledge, or lack of action by many of our representatives in Washington, the need to have someone looking out for our interests has grown," noted Derek Blumke, president of the Student Veterans Association at the University of Michigan, Air Force OEF veteran, and co-founder of SVA. "Many veterans transitioning to campus will find they no longer have the sense of purpose or camaraderie they used to have. A network of individuals who share similar experiences waiting for student veterans when they arrive on campus is something veterans need." Conference attendees, most of whom are leaders of student veterans' organizations at their respective campuses, also plan to participate in discussions geared toward improving campus climate for student veterans.

"We are in a moment where this country has a decision to make about how it is going to support, or not support, those people who have served," said Luke Stalcup, president of MilVets at Columbia University, Iraq war veteran, and co-founder of SVA. "As a generation, we are deciding for ourselves that we need not wait for this decision to be made. We are building a movement that is based on reliance on each other, and on the common bonds that exist among us, that will advance this generation of veterans. We cannot wait for someone to do it for us." The conference will include a dinner sponsored by VetJobs Friday evening, and will conclude early Saturday afternoon. For more information about the conference agenda or Student Veterans of America, please contact John Mikelson (University of Iowa) at (319) 384-2020.


Hyatt Place Chicago
2750 Greenspoint Parkway Hoffman Estates, Illinois


Friday, January 11, 2007 Starting at 2:00 p.m.

and Saturday, January 12, 2007
For more information regarding Veterans of Modern Warfare, Inc. please contact VMW at 888.445.9891. Julie Mock, President Veterans of Modern Warfare, Inc.

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