The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Don Sender. Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence Roll Call: Don Sender, Stanley Luboff, Tom Bird, Edward Hausknecht, Rick Schwerdtner, Sid Bergh, Frank Kish. A quorum was present. Also attending: Joseph Craig, Bill Brophy Human Services: Elaine Moss Guests: Bob Bohr Excused: Dennis Speck President’s Opening Remarks: Secretary Ed Hausknecht to send a letter to Vance Hallmann asking him to attend the Board Meetings if Dennis Speck is unable to attend. Insurance documents have been given to Frank Kish to examine. Don Sender has photographs of the improvements at the Posts done with the grant money last year. He will talk to Tammy Duckworth about the availability of grant money for this year. A letter will be sent to the Posts asking them what they need and an estimation of cost in order to draw up a grant proposal. Don Sender met with Phil Smith and Francis Cermak to discuss the Intergovernmental Agreement and came to an agreement. A copy of the new IGA was given to the Board Members to review before it is signed. There was a discussion of residency requirements for veterans seeking help from the VAC, but that will be covered in the Program. The Program is being revised, and it may be ready by next month. Tammy Duckworth administered a $128,000 state grant for the veterans’ homeless shelter. The new recorder purchased for the recording secretary is not digital, because tape recordings of the meetings must be kept. The DuPage County Fair will take place July 26-29, 2007, and Board Members are asked to volunteer at the VAC table. Treasurer’s Report: Petty Cash Account (500), Checking: $118.38; Savings: $3668.25. Education Account (700), Checking: $67.65; Savings: $2054.19. A motion was made by Rick Schwerdtner and seconded by Stan Luboff to accept the treasurer’s report, subject to audit, and was passed unanimously. Secretary’s Report: A motion was made by Tom Bird and seconded by Stan Luboff to accept the minutes of the March 21, 2007 board meeting. Don Sender corrected the term “digital recorder” to “recorder.” A motion was made by Tom Bird and seconded by Stan Luboff to accept the minutes of the March 21, 2007 board meeting, as amended, and was passed unanimously. Superintendent’s Report: Intergovernmental Agreement: Met with Francis Cermak, Phil Smith and Don Sender. Organizations Paying Dues: There are 32 paid. Reminders have been sent. Budget: To-date budget was submitted. Insurance: Policies have been received, and monies paid out from VAC funds have been reimbursed. Created line items in the budget for insurance purposes. Caseworker: Still waiting for a response from Human Resources. Cemetery Lots: Waiting for Power of Attorney. American Legion Commander seems to have some concerns. Superintendent’s Vacation: Tentative June 26-30, firm August 6-10, 2007 VSO Training: Week of June 2-9, 2007 in Milwaukee. Board members are requested to cover the office while Joe Craig and Bill Brophy attend.

Page Two –VAC of DuPage meeting of April 18, 2007 Ethics Statements: Due May 1, 2007 at the County Clerk’s Office. Attended meeting with the Homeless Prevention Partnership Group, PADS, and the Homeless Shelter. Joe Craig and Bill Brophy attended a training session on the CMIS system. A motion was made by Frank Kish and seconded by Ed Hausknecht to approve the Superintendent’s Report, and was passed unanimously. Discussion: Rick Schwerdtner stated that documents have been found indicating that the American Legion transferred management of the cemetery lots to the VAC in 1993. The documents will be given to the Legion to clarify the issue. Discussion: Frank Kish stated that the IGA should make clear that Joe Craig and Bill Brophy are not county employees but have insurance coverage through the county. Rick Schwerdtner stated that the VAC contracts with the county to provide payroll processing. The VAC provides pay and benefits for its employees. The county pays for and administers the benefits. Frank Kish stated that that should be in writing. Don Sender directed Joe Craig to find out the costs of pay and benefits for Joe and Bill, and the Board will decide whether to make that a line item in the budget. Old Business: No Old Business. New Business: Elaine Moss’ mother has passed away. The Board offered a moment of silence and their condolences to Elaine. Good of the Commission: Sid Bergh thanked the Board for their support during his eye operation. Stan Luboff stated that a VAC client thanked the VAC for a Target card that allowed him to buy work boots, but he still needs tools. Public Comments and Concerns: No public comments. Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 Adjournment: A motion was made by Stan Luboff and seconded by Ed Hausknecht to adjourn the meeting, and was passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Respectfully submitted by:

Don Sender President, Executive Board

Transcribed by: Claudia Hausknecht Recording Secretary


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