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					PRODUCT BROCHURE                                                                          PRODUCT BROCHURE
                                         HyperBac for Microsoft SQL Server
BENEFITS                                       Backup Software for Microsoft SQL Server
Up to 90% Reduction in Backup       HyperBac for SQL Server significantly improves the performance of your SQL
Storage Requirements                Server backup and restore operations. Whether you are using TSQL, SQL Server
                                    Management Studio, Enterprise Manager, BCP, SSIS or DTS, HyperBac for SQL
Backup Windows Reduced by 50%       Server simply integrates with all backup techniques and delivers the following:
or More
                                    •   Up to 90% compression, irrespective of the backup method used
Industry Standard ZIP Compatible    •   A reduction of up to 75% on your backup window
Non-Proprietary Output File         •   Higher transaction throughput during backup operations
Format with speed equivalent or     •   Integrated AES encryption, increasing security and statutory compliance
better than other third party SQL   •   Industry Standard, non-proprietary output file format (ZIP compatible)
Server backup vendors.              Ensuring maximum portability and royalty free, vendor independent access to
Unique to HyperBac                  your data at all times and under all circumstances - Unique to HyperBac
                                    •   Integrated compression and encryption for BCP, SSIS and DTS operations
Integrated AES Data Encryption of   Unique to HyperBac
Backup and Export Files             •    Ability to SELECT and restore individual objects and data from Native or
                                    HyperBac SQL Server backup devices - Unique to HyperBac
Integrated Compression and AES
Encryption for BCP, SSIS and DTS    All of this coupled with an investment that is unrivaled for value, makes
Unique to HyperBac                  HyperBac for SQL Server the most flexible and cost effective SQL Server backup
                                    solution on the market today.
Seamless Integration and Support
for Native Backup Commands          Integration with SQL Server is rapid, seamless and simple irrespective of how
no extended stored procedures       you perform your backups. Whether you are using native BACKUP or RESTORE
Unique to HyperBac                  DATABASE commands, Database Maintenance Plans, SSIS, BCP or DTS you will
                                    get instant results for speed and compression.        This native integration is
Flexible Backup Object Recovery     unparalleled in the SQL Server backup software market.
                                    HyperBac for SQL Server is unique, extensible, cost effective and a great leap
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                 forward in simplicity, security and performance for SQL Server backups.
Microsoft SQL Server 2000           Download a fully functional evaluation copy today and see for yourself how
Microsoft SQL Server 2005           HyperBac is clearly different from every other solution on the market today.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008

HyperBac for Microsoft SQL Server
High Performance Backup Software for Microsoft SQL Server
                                                                                            conventional backup

                                                        Aggregate Storage Costs
                                                                                            hyperbac backup
HyperBac for SQL Server significantly reduces your
storage needs for backup and archival operations.
This means savings on your SAN, NAS, local DASD
and tape storage media. An added benefit of these
savings is a reduction in the future cost of
infrastructure growth, even allowing you to defer
expenditure where appropriate. This is all delivered
without impact upon your system and database
performance and throughput. Greater infrastructure
capacity also means more online recovery points,
                                                                                   Year 0          Year 1      Year 2       Year 3
reducing down time and improving availability.
                                                                                                  Storage Cost Profile

It's SQL Server compressed backup, but not as you know it...

PERFORMANCE                                                                       DATA SECURITY
HyperBac for SQL Server delivers a clear balance                                  Compliance standards such as HIPAA, GLB and SOX
between compression and resource management to                                    place great emphasis on the protection of corporate
eliminate CPU bottlenecks and minimize disk I/O. All                              and personal information. Unprotected backup data
this is achieved without the need for a working area                              can diminish a company's capacity to comply with
as all compression is streamed. As importantly,                                   these standards. HyperBac provides integrated AES
hyperbac minimizes bandwidth demand for log                                       Encryption for backup and archival data ensuring
shipping, hence assuring network performance.                                     these statutory compliance obligations can be met.

INTEGRATION                                                                       AVAILABILITY
Integration is as simple as configuring the HyperBac                              Spiraling data volumes have left many businesses
Control Service for the destination path or file for                              with no option but to backup directly to offline tape
your SQL Server backups. There is no training,                                    media. This not only jeopardizes recoverability of
learning curve or change management required.                                     data but extends the recovery process substantially,
Moreover, restoring of backups can be done with                                   therefore reducing system availability. With the
native utilities such as RESTORE T-SQL commands                                   integrated compression attained with HyperBac,
and should you need to port your backup files to                                  businesses are afforded the ability to store their
native format at any stage, you can use an industry                               latest recovery points online, thereby reducing
standard decompression utilities such as Zip (without                             recovery times and increasing availability and
reliance on a third parties proprietary utility).                                 productivity.