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									                                                                                         Fact Sheet


                  SUPPLY CHAIN                     SPS Commerce for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV is an
                                                   integrated, service based solution that allows your
               INTEGRATION FOR                     organization to seamlessly exchange business
           MICROSOFT DYNAMICS                      information such as purchase orders and invoices,
                                                   directly into and out of MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV .
                          NAV                      The service is ideal for companies that need to trade data
                                                   using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), eXtensible
                                                   Markup Language (XML) or any similar format with one or
                                                   more of its trading partners or customers. The result is a
                                                   solution that can process hundreds or thousands of
                                                   transactions per month and eliminate the need to
                                                   manually key data into MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV.

                SPSCOMMERCE.NET:                   For years, large companies have been reaping the
                                                   benefits of exchanging fast, accurate order information
                 THE EDI SOFTWARE                  with their customers and suppliers utilizing EDI software.
                      ALTERNATIVE                  However, the costs of purchasing EDI software licenses,
                                                   hardware and network services as well as paying internal
                                                   staff or consultants to implement, monitor, support and
                                                   maintain the system put technology out of reach for most
                                                   small and mid-sized companies. Until now!

                                                   SPSCommerce.net provides everything your company
                                                   needs to trade EDI with customers and other trading
                                                   partners – without the expense and hassle associated
                                                   with software implementations. Instead, SPS
                                                   Commerce’s world-class data center hosts an EDI
                                                   translator and mapping software, hardware, and
                                                   networking / communications infrastructure along with an
                                                   experienced team to implement, support and maintain
                                                   your environment all for a predictable, low, monthly fee.

          Automate the Process of Receiving &
          Sending Order Information With Ease

   SPS Commerce for MAS 90 / 200

333 South Seventh Street, Suite 1000   Minneapolis, MN 55402   P: 612-435-9400 F: 612-435-9401   www.spscommerce.com
                                                SPS Commerce for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV

       WORKS FOR ALL OF YOUR                        SPSCommerce.net has the largest network of connected
                                                    retailers in the industry. With over 1,200 retailers
                 CUSTOMERS                          currently connected, you will most likely find that your
                                                    customers are already available. If you have a customer
                                                    that isn’t already on SPSCommerce.net, you simply need
                                                    to ask your SPS Commerce account manager for an
                                                    additional connection and we will connect that retailer to
                                                    you within 2-4 weeks.

         OPEN DATA TRANSPORT                        SPS Commerce’s service is based on modern, open
                                                    network platforms rather than proprietary Value Added
                                                    Networks (VANs) to transport data from your company to
                                                    SPSCommerce.net. In addition, SPSCommerce.net can
                                                    communicate with your trading partners via their preferred
                                                    method such as VAN, AS2, VPN, SecureFTP, HTTPS,

           EXTENSIVE DOCUMENT                       Our flexible technology allows SPS Commerce to easily
                                                    support existing EDI documents, as well as new XML-
                       LIBRARY                      based documents so your SPSCommerce.net solution
                                                    can grow with the ongoing demands of your customers
                                                    and trading community. SPSCommerce.net supports the
                                                    following documents and more.

                                                    •   ASN w/ Multiple P.O.s
                                                    •   Blanket P.O. w/ P.O. Releases
                                                    •   Credit/ Debit Adjustment
                                                    •   Free Form Text Messaging
                                                    •   Order Inquiry
                                                    •   Organization Relationship w/ Cross Dock
                                                        (Location Name & Addresses)
                                                    •   Planning Schedule w/Release
                                                    •   P.O. w/ Multiple Ship To
                                                    •   Price Tags/ Tickets
                                                    •   Private Label Packing Slip
                                                    •   Product Activity Data
                                                    •   Remittance Advice
                                                    •   Standalone Credit Invoice
                                                    •   And many more.


333 South Seventh Street, Suite 1000   Minneapolis, MN 55402   P: 612-435-9400 F: 612-435-9401    www.spscommerce.com
                                                SPS Commerce for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV

          ONE SERVICE PROVIDER                     Even if a single customer’s compliance requirements
                                                   initially brought you to SPS, you will quickly discover that
           FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS                      you can extend your investment in SPS Commerce for
                                                   additional supply chain needs with:

                                                   •   UPC Catalog: SPSCommerce.net’s Item
                                                       Synchronization Service is specifically designed to
                                                       help small and mid-sized companies satisfy their
                                                       customer’s electronic compliance requirements for the
                                                       electronic delivery of UPC item information, pricing
                                                       data, and more.

                                                   •   Online Ordering: SPS’ Online Ordering Service is
                                                       designed to help manufacturers and distributors lower
                                                       their dependency on customer support
                                                       representatives, thereby reducing costs from errors
                                                       introduced by manual order entry. At the same time, it
                                                       increases customer satisfaction by providing
                                                       customers a 24X7 accessible, self-service web site for
                                                       placing orders.

                                                   •   Leverages Existing Investments: Seamless
            FEATURES & BENEFITS                        integration with MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV.

                                                   •   Outsourced: Allows you to focus on your core
                                                       competencies while SPS Commerce takes
                                                       responsibility for your EDI resources.

                                                   •   Available anytime: As a member of
                                                       SPSCommerce.net, you have a self-service
                                                       environment available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

                                                   •   Supported: If you have any problems, SPS
                                                       Commerce’s customer representatives provide one-on-
                                                       one support via phone, web chat, or email.

                                                   •   Real-Time, Document Router guarantees each
                                                       document is delivered to the correct destination without
                                                       waiting for overnight batch updates.

                                                   •   Any-to-Any Transformation Engine ensures
                                                       interoperability between any buyer and supplier
                                                       regardless of their own unique I.T. standards –
                                                       including EDI, XML, and Flat File formats.


333 South Seventh Street, Suite 1000   Minneapolis, MN 55402   P: 612-435-9400 F: 612-435-9401   www.spscommerce.com
                                                SPS Commerce for MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV

                                                   •   Sophisticated Business Rules metadata to capture,
                                                       represent and enforce the unique business processes
                                                       of each buyer’s supply chain – at a level far beyond the
                                                       syntax capabilities of traditional EDI.

                                                   •   Centralized Document Repository to archive each
                                                       transaction and its data content for dispute resolution,
                                                       exception reporting, and supply chain performance

                        TELL ME MORE               For detailed product information or pricing, please contact
                                                   SPS Commerce at 866-245-8100 or


333 South Seventh Street, Suite 1000   Minneapolis, MN 55402   P: 612-435-9400 F: 612-435-9401   www.spscommerce.com

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