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									                  Ohio College Tech Prep (CTP)
                     Consortium Operations
                    DACUM Research Chart

Michael Beaver, Director
Ohio Valley Tech Prep Consortium
Rio Grande, OH
                                    Produced for
Nadine Cornett, Director
Upper Miami Valley Tech Prep
Piqua, OH
                                         Ohio Board of Regents
                                         Ohio Department of Education
Edmund Harper, Director
Work Force Development Tech Prep
                                         Columbus, OH
Fremont, OH

Ronald Kindell, Director
Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium
Dayton, OH

Nancy Pietras, Executive Director
Greater Northwest Tech Prep
Toledo, OH

Jennie Royer, Director
Stark County College Tech Prep
North Canton, OH
                                    Developed by
Christina Wanat, Director
Eastern Ohio Valley College Tech
  Prep Consortium
Steubenville, OH

DACUM Facilitator

Christine Wagner, Team Consultant

                                                   December 18-19, 2006
DACUM Research Chart for College Tech Prep (CTP) Consortium Operations

    Provide Strategic    A-1 Promote         A-2 Facilitate development       A-3 Convene partners A-4 Serve as
    Leadership to        collaboration       of consortium vision, mission, (business, secondary,      liaison between
A   Consortium           among               strategic plans with             college) to formulate    consortium and
    Stakeholders         stakeholders        Consortium Board                 consortium policies      state agencies
                         B-1 Create internal and B-2                  B-3           B-4 Collect      B-5 Ensure
    Administer           external planning             Implement      Evaluate/ data for             compliance with
B Consortium             documents with                strategic and multi-year reporting &          by-laws & other
                         stakeholders (i.e., CCIP) action plans       plan          decision making formal documents
  Manage                 C-1 Request budget          C-2 Develop C-3 Obtain budget              C-4 Leverage funding
                         priorities from             budgets        approval(s) (e.g., local,   through partnerships
C Consortium             stakeholders                               state, foundations)

                         D-1 Analyze D-2 Identify        D-3 Secure      D-4 Facilitate local    D-5 Establish
  Lead                   labor market new program        local           Business, Industr&,     secondary and
D Pathway                data         areas              approvals       Labor curriculum        postsecondary
  Development                                                            validation              instructional teams
                         D-12 Assist with developing
                         courses of study

    Manage               E-1 Provide targeted                E-2 Assist E-3 Facilitate on-going           E-4 Facilitate
    Pathway              professional development for        in obtaining collaboration of                CTP program
E                        stakeholders (e.g., conferences,    instructional secondary/postsecondary reviews
                         workshops, externships, classes) resources         instructional teams
                         E-10 Support          E-11 Coordinate early academic        E-12 Provide college
                         senior/capstone       assessment (e.g., 11th grade ACT      preparedness activities
                         projects              COMPASS testing)

    Assist with          F-1 Coordinate activities to assure         F-2 Assist CTP students F-3 Assist CTP students
    College Transition   academic readiness (e.g., success           with college planning     with college application
F                        courses, individual tutoring, bridge        services                  processes
                         F-9 Assist with college          F-10 Provide system(s) for F-11 Work with College
                         orientation activities (e.g.,    transfer of student records     Success Centers to improve
                         campus visits)                   (articulated credit/dual credit CTP student retention
                                                          earned in high school)
    Manage Data          G-1 Collect G-2 Monitor G-3 Organize G-4 Maintain                       G-5 Manage input of
    Collection and       student data validity of         student data     student information student data into state
G                                        student data                      data systems          information systems
    Evaluation Systems
                                                                                                 (e.g., HEI)
                         G-12 Explore G-13 Conduct research based on
                         new sources of student data (e.g., successful
                         information        practices, replicable models)

  Pilot                  H-1 Develop innovative H- 2 Create blended H-3 Share resources among high schools
                         delivery sites/models for college-high school & colleges (e.g., facilities, instructional
H Innovative             CTP programs (e.g.,        instructional teams materials, faculty, equipment)
                         college, industry on-line)
This research chart contains duties and tasks for operating and managing Ohio’s College Tech Prep
(CTP) Consortia. CTP Consortia facilitate student transitions between secondary and postsecondary
education as well as transitions to employment. CTP Consortia work to improve academic performance
at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.

A-5 Analyze data for      A-6 Make policy
strategic leadership      recommendations to
decisions                 Consortium Board

B-6 Develop            B-7 Disseminate        B-8 Employ         B-9 Supervise       B-10 Evaluate     B-11 Represent
agendas and            information to         consortium         consortium          consortium staff  consortium at official
facilitate meetings    stakeholders           personnel          personnel           performance       meetings (external &
of stakeholders                                                                                        internal)
C-5 Monitor            C-6 Process         C-7 Develop internal consortium       C-8 Complete required
consortium             consortium          budget reports (e.g., governing       fiscal reports (e.g.,
expenditures           expenditures        board steering team)                  quarterly, year-end)

D-6 Facilitate local      D-7 Complete            D-8 Develop     D-9 Secure state     D-10 Identify       D-11 Identify
secondary and             secondary and           articulation    approval for         instructional       professional
postsecondary             postsecondary           agreements      programs             resource needs      development needs
curriculum alignment      pathway templates

E-5 Conduct           E-6 Review      E-7 Facilitate            E-8 Support work-           E-9 Support participation in
pathway               articulation    opportunities for earning based experiences for       external student competitions and
curriculum            agreements      college credit in high    CTP students                organizations (e.g., Showcase,
review(s)                             school                                                First Robotics, CTSO)

F-4 Work with               F-5 Assist with the    F-6 Assist with the           F-7 Support               F-8 Coordinate
postsecondary partners to awarding of CTP          dissemination of CTP          implementation of         assessment for
secure scholarship          scholarships           scholarship information       articulation              academic placement
funding                                                                          agreements
F-12 Provide data to secondary
& college partners on transition
& retention rates of CTP students

G-6 Analyze       G-7 Generate        G-8 Monitor          G-9 Monitor      G-10 Disseminate G-11 Make continuous
student data to   reports based on    student academic     student          data reports to  improvement
determine         data (e.g.,         progress             completion rates stakeholders     recommendations based
trends            accountability)                                                            on data analysis

H-4 Form business,            H-5 Pilot new              H-6 Design college      H-7 Design college                H-8 Develop
secondary & postsecondary     instructional strategies   bridging programs/      transition strategies for         new models
instructional teams for       as demonstration sites     activities to improve   target populations (e.g., first   for dual
authentic learning projects   (e.g., R&D grants)         college readiness       generation college students)      enrollment

I   Manage                      I-1 Collaborate with I-2 Collaborate       I-3 Collaborate with       I-4 Collaborate with
    External                    other workforce        with other school college access initiatives   state, national and
    Partnerships                development            reform initiatives (e.g., OCAN)                international partners
                                initiatives                                                           (e.g., NTPN)
                                J-1 Define    J-2 Analyze             J-3 Develop     J-4 Assist        J-5 Sponsor CTP
                                the target    marketing needs         consortium      with student      awareness activities
J   College                     market        (e.g., focus groups) marketing plans recruitment
    Tech Prep
                                J-6 Interact with         J-7 Promote consortium        J-8 Promote              J-9 Sponsor
                                career development        programs to                   consortium programs student
                                personnel to promote      underrepresented              to non-traditional       recognition
                                K-8 CTP awareness         populations                   populations              activities
                                J-10 Purchase J-11 Maintain J-12 Develop marketing              J-13 Submit J-14 Purchase
                                mass media        consortium      publications (e.g.,           news releases promotional
                                advertising       website         brochures, newsletters,                        items
                                                                  annual reports, posters)
  Continue Personal             K-1 Analyze K-2 Participate in K-3 Present K-4 Read                   K-5 Maintain
                                professional state & national       at state &       related          memberships in related
K Professional                  development meetings &              national         professional     professional
                                needs           conferences         conferences literature            organizations
                                K-6 Participate in     K-7 Visit other
                                continuing education CTP sites

CCIP =        Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan
CFTCS =       Career Field Technical Content Standards
CTE =         Career Technical Education
CTSO =        Career Technical Student Organizations
DACUM =       Developing a Curriculum (Job Task Analysis Process)
HEI =         Higher Education Information System
HSTW =        High Schools that Work
IACP =        Individual Academic and Career Plan (Ohio)
MMGW =        Making Middle Grades Work
NSF =         National Science Foundation
NTPN =        National Tech Prep Network
OCAN =        Ohio College Access Network
TCP =         Technical Competency Profile

ACT COMPASS = Computer adaptive testing system measuring math, reading, and writing skills. Used by two-year
  colleges for diagnostics and placement in academic courses.
First Robotics = High school engineering competition that involves student teams working with industry mentors to build
  robots from a standard “kit of parts” and common set of rules. Teams progress from local competitions to national
Showcase = Annual College Tech Prep student competition.
College Tech Prep Pathways = A coherent, articulated sequence of rigorous academic and technical courses that includes
  at least two years of high school and two years of college education leading to an associate degree, baccalaureate
  degree, postsecondary certification, completed apprenticeship program.
General Knowledge and Skills                                           Worker Behaviors

Curriculum development                 Computer literacy               Self-motivated           Dependable
Workforce development                  Negotiation skills              Independent              Accessible
Educational reform                     Organizational skills           Flexible                 Creative
Educational administration             Project management skills       Team player              Adaptable
Career and technical education         Supervisory skills              Negotiator               Tactful
Financial management                   Communication (oral,            Planner                  Responsible
Career pathways                          written, presentation)        Coordinator              Change agent
Current trends in education            Team building skills            Organized                Non-biased
Legislative issues                     Interpersonal skills            Analytical               Detail oriented
Academic content standards (P-16)      Time management skills          Innovative               Ethical
Secondary and postsecondary            Facilitation skills             Visionary                Professional
  educational systems                  Grant proposal skills           Enthusiastic             Efficient
                                       Problem solving skills          Good communicator        Patient
                                                                       Dedicated                Persistent
                                                                       Good listener

Tools, Equipment, Supplies and Materials                  Future Trends and Concerns

Computers                    Presentation software        Trends:
Copiers                      Computer projector           Distance Learning
Scanners                     Telephone (cell)             Emerging (new careers)
Printers                     Fax                          On-line learning
E-mail                       Marketing displays           Industry standards
Word processing software     Internet                     Increased accountability
Database software            Digital camera               Performance measures
Spreadsheet software
                                                          Changing state and local leadership
                                                          Uncertainty of state and federal funding
                                                          Rapidly changing technology
                                                          Increasing job responsibilities of CTP directors
                                                          Meeting industry standards
                                                          Image of College Tech Prep
                                                          Difficulty in efficiently tracking students
                                                          Remediation rates
                                                          Limited instructional models for the delivery of College
                                                            Tech Prep

This is a listing of College Tech Prep (CTP) Consortium functions developed by a panel of experienced CTP
Directors. Not every task is performed in every consortium, nor necessarily in the order presented, but the
tasks collectively represent a comprehensive profile of CTP consortium functions across the state of Ohio.

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