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									DACUM Research Chart for
 CIP# 52.0401, Administrative Assistant & Secretarial Science, General

DACUM Panel (Representing a Cumulative Total of 166 years of
industry experience and 175 years of teaching)

F. Darlene Albaugh, Business Education Teacher/Dept Head               PANEL MEMBERS
Warren County Career Center, Warren, PA

Mark Becker, Business Education Teacher
Titusville Area School District, Titusville, PA

James DiIorio, Business and Marketing Ed Specialist
PA Dept. of Education, Harrisburg, PA

Carmen Dawson, Entrepreneur, President
Advanz, LLC, Erie, PA

Donna Gavitt, Business Ed Teacher/PBEA Board
Selinsgrove High School, Selinsgrove, PA
                                                               Sponsored by
Emily Johnson, Secretary
Warren County Career Center, Warren, PA

Rock Manges, Tech Prep Coordinator
Southern Allegheny Tech Prep Consortium, Everett, PA

Lacey Maze, Assistant Director of Internal Operations
Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit, Edinboro, PA

Angela Stromdahl, Business Education Tchr/Dept.Chair
Titusville Area School District, Titusville, PA

Gary Svetz, Entrepreneur, President and CEO
Svetz Consulting Services, Meadville, PA

Corinne Wieczorek, Business Education Teacher
Erie School District – Central Tech, Erie, PA

Kathy Williams, Business Education Teacher
Erie School District – Central Tech, Erie, PA

DACUM Facilitator

Jan Kennerknecht, Supervisor of Support Services                          Northwest Pennsylvania
Erie County Technical School, Erie, PA                                    Tech Prep Consortium

Workshop Facilitator

Sheri Welsh, Program Coordinator
Northwest PA Tech Prep Consortium                              November 29-30, 2007
Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit, Edinboro, PA
DACUM Research Chart for CIP# 52.0401, Administrative Assistant & Secretarial Science, General

        Units                                                              Competencies

                              A-1                    A-2 Display             A-3 Demonstrate        A-4 Apply          A-5 Function
    Demonstrate               Demonstrate            Positive Work           Critical Thinking      Problem-           as a Team
A   Workforce                 Professional           Habits                  Skills                 Solving            Player
    Readiness                 Appearance                                                            Techniques
                                                                                                    (e.g., Conflict
                              B-1 Apply              B-2 Practice            B-3 Demonstrate        B-4                B-5 Apply
    Manage                    Professional           Professional            Effective Listening    Demonstrate a      Technical
B   Communications            Written                Oral                    Skills                 Focus on           Writing Skills
                              Communication          Communication                                  Customer           (e.g., Policy
                              Skills (e.g., spell-   Skills                                         Service            Procedures Manual,
                              ing, grammar, etc.)                                                                      Technical Manual)
                              C-1 Create a           C-2 Maintain a          C-3 Manage             C-4 Convert        C-5 Plan for
    Manage Records and        File System            File System             Records for            Physical Files     Disaster
C   Files                                                                    Privacy and            to Electronic      Recovery of
                                                                             Security               Files              Records and
                              D-1 Organize           D-2 Manage              D-3 Manage Time        D-4 Manage         D-5 Assemble
    Plan and Schedule         Daily Tasks            Multiple                                       Resources          and Maintain
D   Projects and Activities   (e.g., Tickler         Responsibilities                               (e.g., Supplies,   Policy and
                              File, Outlook)                                                        Staff,             Procedures
                                                                                                    Materials          Manuals
                              E-1 Perform            E-2 Prepare a           E-3 Prepare and        E-4 Manage         E-5 Manage
    Perform Financial         Math                   Budget                  Process Payroll        Office             Petty Cash
E   Functions                 Computations                                   Data                   Expenses

                              F-1 Support and        F-2 Demonstrate         F-3 Follow             F-4 Adhere to      F-5 Develop
    Develop                   Articulate the         Knowledge of            Procedures for         Organizational     and Implement
F   Organizational            Organization’s         Organizational          Building and           Policies and       a Personal
    Awareness                 Mission and            Processes and           Grounds Security       Procedures         Advancement
                              Vision                                                                                   Plan

                              G-1                    G-2 Maintain            G-3 Demonstrate        G-4 Comply         G-5 Develop
    Comply with Legal and     Demonstrate            Confidentiality         Cultural Sensitivity   with Federal and   and Adhere to a
G   Ethical Business          Ethical                                                               State Laws and     Professional
    Standards                                                                                       Regulations
                              Decision-                                                                                Code of Ethics
                                                                                                    (e.g., OSHA,
                              Making                                                                FMLA, FLSA)
                              H-1 Maintain a         H-2                     H-3 Demonstrate        H-4 Rights)
                                                                                                    Civil Use and      H-5 Read and
    Organize and Maintain     Neat, Organized        Demonstrate             Basic Functions of     Maintain           Interpret
H   the Office Equipment      Workspace              Basic                   Components of a        Office Equip-      Technical
                                                     Knowledge of a          LAN                    ment (e.g., Fax,   Manuals
                                                     Computer                                       Scanner, Copier)

                              I-1 Demonstrate        I-2 Create              I-3 Format             I-4 Create         I-5 Create a
    Use Software              Keyboarding            Business                Business               and Maintain       Document
I   Applications To           Skills                 Documents (e.g.,        Documents              an Electronic      Using Desktop
    Manage Documents                                 Letters, Templates,                            Presentation       Publishing
                                                                                             November 30, 2007

A-6 Exhibit         A-7                A-8 Follow and      A-9               A-10 Develop      A-11            A-12 Develop
Self-Directed       Demonstrate        Execute             Demonstrate       Stress            Demonstrate     and Maintain a
Behavior            Attention to       Directives          Safe Working      Management        Initiative to   Professional
                    Detail and                             Practices         Skills            Learn           Portfolio

B-6 Train and       B-7 Utilize        B-8                 B-9 Utilize the   B-10 Process      B-11 Monitor    B-12 Participate
Mentor New          Telephone          Demonstrate E-      Internet for      Incoming and      Information     in Professional
Employees           Etiquette          mail and Instant    Business          Outgoing Mail     Security        Networking
                                       Messaging Skills    Research and                                        Activities

C-6 Follow
Procedures to
Purge or
Archive Files

D-6 Prepare         D-7 Coordinate     D-8 Manage a        D-9 Manage
Meeting             Activities for a   Project             Decisions for a
Agendas and         Meeting                                Project

E-6 Perform         E-7 Manage         E-8 Manage          E-9 Prepare
Basic Account-      Accounts           Accounts            Bank Deposits
ing Functions       Payable (e.g.,     Receivable (e.g.,   and Reconcile
(e.g., Manual and   Purchase Orders,   Invoices, Checks,   Bank Statements
electronic)         Checks)            Credit Card)

F-6 Adhere to       F-7 Participate
Organizational      in a Performance
“Chain of           Review

H-6 Monitor

I- 6 Create and     I-7 Create and     I-8 Manipulate      I-9 Use           I-10              I-11 Revise     I-12 Use
Maintain a          Maintain a         and Maintain a      Acquired Skills   Demonstrate       Documents       Applications for
Spreadsheet         Database (e.g.,    Webpage             in New            Knowledge of                      E-commerce
                    Personnel,                             Applications      Integrated
                    Inventory,                                               Software
                    E.R.P.)                                                  Systems
Worker Behaviors                                     General Knowledge and Skills

Good Attendance             Trustworthy              Interpersonal Skills
Punctual                    Perseverance             Document Creation
Organized                   Attention to Detail      Document Management
Cordial                     Ambitious                Public Relations Abilities
Effective Listener           Team player             Records Management
Prioritizes                  Flexible                Time Management
Loyal                       Professional behavior    Recovery Management
Persuasive                  Multi-tasking            Writing Skills
Pleasant                    Work Ethics              Keyboarding Skills
Open-minded                 Honesty                  Listening
Cooperative                 Integrity                Oral Communication (Telephone Skills)
Meets Deadlines              Sense of Humor          Grammar
Continual Education          Positive Attitude       Problem Solving
Helpful                     Willing to Learn         Strong Understanding of Organizational Roles
Follows Directions           Self-directed              and Functions
Takes Initiative             Motivated               Information Technology Literate (Internet, E-mail,
Cultural Sensitivity         Common Sense            Computer Applications)
Appearance                  Sense of Ethics          Sales Skills
Confidentiality             Global Awareness         Understanding Maintenance Contracts
Patient                     Tactful                  Inventory
Diligent                    Social                   Technical Reading Skills
Critical Thinker             Career Focused          General Office Machine Operation, Maintenance,
Diversity                   Professional             Troubleshooting
Customer Focused                                     General Business Awareness
Willing to Learn a Second Language                   Basic Accounting and Finance
                                                     Research Skills
                                                     Budgeting Skills
                                                     Effective Meeting Skills – Coordination – Scheduling
                                                     Conflict Management
                                                     Leadership Skills
                                                     Dispatch Skills
                                                     Project Management
                                                     Math Skills
                                                     Global Awareness

Tools, Equipment, Supplies and Materials

File Cabinets            Alarm System                Computers        Public Address Systems
Safety Equipment         Telephones/Cell Phones      Digital Cameras   Audio Visual Equipment
Binding Equipment         Calculators                Two-way Radios Software Applications
Machine Transcribers      Fax Machines               Network Servers Typewriters (Limited use)
Tape Recorders           Scanners                   Smart Boards     “Hand Helds”
Copiers                   Postage Meters            Postage Scales    Rolodex
Integrated Fax/Scanner    Projectors                Shredders        Personal Digital Assistant
Automated Security Systems
Statewide High Priority Occupations in Pennsylvania

Supervisors- Office & Administrative Support Workers

Future Trends and Concerns                               Statewide Articulation Agreement Proposals

Constantly Changing Technology
Globalization                                            Bucks County Community College: Credits Toward
Need for Language Translation, Bilingual Capability       Associate's Degree in Office Administration &
Multi-generational cooperation                            Systems Technology
Employees Needing Keyboarding Skills
Voice Activation                                         OADM105 Administrative Office 2000        3 credits
Lack of Grammar and Spelling Skills                      OADM110 Business Communication            3 credits
Distance Learning                                        OADM140 Keyboarding/Typewriting I         3 credits
Cyber Schools                                            OADM150 Office Technology Concepts        3 credits
Need for Innovative Thinkers                             OADM225 MS Word for Windows/Beg.          3 credits
Professional Mobility (Career Ladder)                    OADM226 MS Word for Windows/Adv           3 credits
Creation of New Responsibility
Transitioning                                            Community College of Allegheny County: Credits
Jobs “Meshing” More                                       Toward an Associate's Degree in Administrative
“Blurring” of Job Descriptions                            Assistant
Enhanced Communication Skills
Lack of Fundamental Formatting Skills                    CIT100   Introduction to Computers        3 credits
Need of Understanding Interoperability of Systems        CIT102   Computer Keyboarding             3 credits
                                                         BUS130   Business Communications           3 credits
Home-Based Jobs
                                                         CIT140   Office Productivity Applications  4 credits
Travel Needs Will Increase Mobility                      CIT141   Word Processing                  3 credits
Lifelong Learners                                        CIT142   Desktop Publishing Concepts      3 credits
Emergency Responder Capabilities                         CIT607   Office Management Outlook        1 credit
                                                         CIT206   Administrative Technology &       3 credits
Industry-Recognized Certifications

International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
National Career Readiness Certificate
Project Manager Professional Certification (PMP)
Certified Records Manager (CRM)

NOTE: The panel recommended that the Pennsylvania
Skills Certificate achieved through advanced scores on
the NOCTI Administrative Assistant Test #4001, Version
01 be added as an Industry-Recognized Certificate

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