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Best Way To Clean Your Colon - Exclusive Tips & Techniques

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					                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Colon cleansing is a normal health manner to eradicate one of the main causes of colon cancer as easily as a
               kind of new ailments. The colon is the fatal level of the digestive structure in our system.
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                            Best Way To Clean Your Colon - Exclusive Tips & Techniques
                                                         By Dr.Eswararamanan VR

  We all brush our teeth, don’t we? May be we gargle with brine to soothe our throats too. But how
many of us bother to keep our colons clean? How many even know what the colon is, what it does and
why it’s important for the upkeep of body hygiene. Let’s find out …

 We don’t know much about the colon because it’s a silent organ that’s completely out of sight. The
body has four parts that help eliminate toxins and waste: the skin (by evaporation of sweat), the lungs
(by exhalation), the kidneys (by urinary discharge) and the colon (by solid waste discharge via bowel
movement). The colon’s a muscle wrapped around the last five feet -- yes, five feet! – of the large
intestine that constricts regularly to help solid waste move along the last intestinal portion for its
ultimate discharge.

 As you can well imagine, the sheer importance of the colon makes its regular cleansing important for
ensuring good health. A malfunctioning colon can lead to serious ailments: colitis, ileitis or diverticulitis
or even, in extreme cases,colon-rectal cancer. If you don’t want any of these to happen to you, you’d
do well to cleanse your colon regularly.

Well, how do you do so? Luckily it isn’t too hard a task. It’s the awareness about it that matters.

 Basically there are three ways by which colon cleansing can be performed. We’ll describe these
options below; you take your pick. The first and easiest option is to rely on naturopathy. In other words,
use natural products only, no medication. Pure drinking water is an excellent colon cleansing material.
Remember, water is one thing whose excess intake does you good, not harm! Along with water,
ensure a regular intake of vegetables, fruits and herbs. These give your tummy what’s known as
‘roughage’ – it keeps the colon happy by ensuring easy bowel movement.

 Your second option is to go in for a cotton cleanse product available over the counter with your
favorite chemist. These cleansers are medically approved and normally cause your bodily system no
harm. However these cleansers contain chemicals that could possibly be unkind for your constitution. If
you don’t want to take chances, keep to naturopathy.

 If you’re in a real hurry to get your colon cleaned up, you can use the quickest method, namely,
intervention by a trained and qualified paramedic who will manually clean the colon with use a colonic,
though you should be aware this method is also quite harsh. It involves manual the use of water and

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flush away any of the debris that may be stuck in the colon. Not a terribly endearing prospect, what,
endearing though it might be? Besides, there are two risks here. You have to be sure that the person
administering the colonic is thoroughly competent for the task and, secondly, that he’s using clean
water. The plus side is that it’s a sure quick cleanse neither needing the patience of naturopathy nor
risking possible chemical infiltration by medical cleansers.

Discover more about: Colon Cleanse Diet & How to do Colon Cleansing At Home? at my
dedicated Colon Cleansing Tips Blog.

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                                  Common Myths Associated With Colon Cleansing
                                                       By Stacey Zimmerman

 Keeping the colon clean and healthy is very important in order to keep your body totally healthy inside
and out. Most doctors recommend the use of colon cleansing treatments to achieve this kind of
wellness because it could effectively remove toxins that have accumulated in the colon and the
digestive track. But there are people who are having second thoughts about trying colon cleansing
treatments because of something they have read from the web or something they have heard from
other people.

It is true that there are certain sources that will tell you that colon cleansing is not a very good choice
for keeping your colon clean and there are also some that will give you wrong information about what
colon cleansing can really do. These are called myths that are not proven to be true. You can find lots
of these myths if you will search the web about colon cleansing.

One of the most common myths about colon cleansing is that the colon doesn't need colon cleansing
or any help because it is self cleaning and it will automatically clean itself the way nature intended it to
be. The colon's main function is really to keep the body clean from the inside and others will use this
fact to convince you that colon cleansing will just be a waste of time, money, and effort. But the truth is
that colon could only do this task if it is in good condition and is functioning well. Constipation could
affect the ability of the colon to perform its function so it will definitely need the help of colon cleansing
to flush out waste materials and help restore the normal function of the colon.

Another common myth says that colon cleansing can give you all of its known benefits in just a single
treatment. This is exaggerated and simply impossible. The number of treatments that will give you the
best results will generally be based on your condition. You will feel better and lighter with the first
treatment but it could not give you all of the benefits you are expecting on the same day. Some cases
will require regular and multiple treatments in order to achieve desired results.

Some say that colon cleansing is only for the rich people who can afford the expensive treatment. This
is not true. There are lots of colon cleansing home kits out in the market today that are very affordable
or you could even make your own colon cleansing recipe that will even save you more money. These
recipes can easily be found on the internet and in lifestyle magazines.

There are also some who fear that colon cleansing might cause them pain and might be dangerous for
their health. Doctors have proven that colon cleansing therapy has no side effects and is not
dangerous for your health or your body. You might feel a mild pain but this is very tolerable and this is
just a sign that the treatment is taking effect. You don't have to worry that you will have to rest for some
days after the treatment to hasten the recovery because there is no recovery period required for colon

Knowing what to and what not to believe could greatly affect our decision making and these myths
could prevent us from doing what is right and what is beneficial for our colon and for our body.

Stacey Zimmerman is the author of many health and fitness related articles, and runs numerous

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