Best Socks for Running in the Warm Weather

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      Good socks make us look comfortable. Finding and investing in a good pair of boots is important, but you
      might be surprised to find that selecting socks can be even more challenging than finding that perfect boot.
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                                          Best Socks for Running in the Warm Weather
                                                        By Dr Andrew Schneider

   The type of sock that you wear when you run is crucial to the comfort and health of your feet. It is
important that you are running in the right type of socks that can stand up to whatever weather
condition you may be running in. If you are running in cold conditions you will want a sock that will keep
your feet dry and warm. In warmer conditions you want a sock that can keep your feet dry and cool. If
you are a trail runner you will want a thicker more durable sock If you are a short distance runner you
are going to want a more lightweight sock.

The warm weather of summer causes you to sweat more when you run. It is very important to have a
sock that has certain characteristics to deal with the heat. It is essential for the sock to be able to wick
the perspiration away from your foot; otherwise you will trap excess perspiration against yours skin,
which can cause blistering.

The material the sock is made from is the most crucial factor in choosing which sock is right for the
warm months of the year. You want to stay away from anything that is made of mostly cotton. Cotton is
a great lightweight material but does not dry quickly. Cotton socks absorb the moisture from your feet
and remain damp. This can cause blisters to form from the rubbing of the wet socks against your feet
as you run. Some better materials for socks to use during warmer conditions are polyester, acrylic,
and CoolMax. While the socks made from synthetic materials are more expensive than cotton socks,
they really are able to stand up to the heat. These materials will help to wick away your perspiration
while keeping your feet cool and blister free.

Another thing to consider when buying warm weather running socks is to look at the design of the
sock. Most quality running socks is comprised of two layers. The inner layer of the sock should help to
wick the moisture away from your feet and the second outer layer should remove the water from the
first layer and aid in evaporation. This design will keep your feet as dry as possible so blisters will not

Runners are so concerned about running in the right shoe, they don't give much thought to their socks.
 The next time you go to purchase running socks, make sure that you check what the sock is made of
and its design. All socks are not created equal!

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Dr.Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist in private practice in Houston, TX. He is dedicated to maintaining
the health and safety of the feet of athletes and return them to their sport as soon as possible after
injury. For more information about foot health in sports, informative videos, and to order Dr.
Schneider's FREE book, visit and his blog

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                                          Sports Socks And How To Choose Them
                                                              By Sock Shop

 Advances in textile technology have meant that sports socks have developed in leaps and bounds
over the past twenty years. Where there was just a small selection of socks to choose from, there are
now dedicated socks for many different sports, designed to support and protect the user depending on
what sport they’re doing.

Running socks

Changes in running socks have developed alongside changes to running shoes. Air circulation is vital
for this type of sport, as is comfort, and running sock manufacturers have developed vented, shaped
and padded socks for both sprinting, middle-distance and long-distance running.

Horse riding

Sitting inside fitted riding boots, the riding sock has to provide comfort over a long period, ensuring that
the foot and lower leg can flex comfortably during riding and that the foot doesn’t sustain any blisters
from the riding boot. These socks are specially designed for comfort and warmth.


There is a huge range of golfing socks available, from the traditional long socks to more modern short
socks to be worn under long golfing trousers. For men and women, the walk round an 18 hole golf
course can take its toll on the feet, particularly if golf shoes are uncomfortable. Golf socks also have to
be able to adapt to changing weather conditions, remaining comfortable in wet or dry weather. These
socks need to allow comfortable walking for long periods.


A lot of people have walking boots that are properly fitted and capable of taking them for miles across a
variety of terrain. Unless you also have the right socks, however, walking can become extremely
uncomfortable and boots can cause blisters. There’s a wide variety of walking socks available,
depending on what type of walking you’re doing, and the type of boots you have. From lightweight
rambling socks to hi-tec expedition socks, there’s no excuse for not finding the right socks for you.

The design and manufacture of sports socks is a specialist area and you should always try and choose
the right socks for the sport or activity you are doing.

The Sock Shop has a huge range of socks for men, women and children in its online store. Take a look
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